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Sex Doll Highlights at the 2023 Shanghai API Expo

The 2023 Shanghai International API (Adult Products Industry) Exhibition took place in Shanghai, China between April 21-23. After a 1-2 year postponement due to Covid, the popular Chinese expos have finally returned. Once again, top sex doll brands such as Gynoid and Irontech are back with attractive doll displays, as well as some lesser-known brands. Although I wasn’t there, join me as we explore all the pretty sights and sounds of the expo. What interesting things did sex doll brands show off in this year’s Shanghai API Expo?


Irontech showed up with 4 dolls on display. It looks like the 164cm Miya, 165cm Kitty, 164cm Luna, and TPE Miki head (not sure of the body). Surprisingly, they didn’t bring a male doll this time.


Gynoid displayed their Model 13 Deluxe Lori on what looks like a shared booth. Although they didn’t focus on the other doll, it might be the new Model 19 (or maybe Elina).

CST Doll (BBdoll)

CST Doll shared some photos of their booth before the expo started. Funnily, their booth looks the same in every expo they’ve attended, but there’s nothing wrong with that. They brought back the fancy circular doll display.


Qita had a wide variety of dolls including female and male dolls. They also had some mini dolls.

Dolls Castle

Dolls Castle showed off their unique collection of alien dolls and figurine masturbators.

Mozu Doll

Mozu Doll showcased some dolls including their hot-selling Paimon mini doll.


An unknown brand called REALING showed off a variety of silicone dolls, including mini dolls, male dolls, the Joker, and hip toys. Unfortunately, there’s no information on them, and their email domain ( isn’t an actual website. They look similar to JY Doll or Qita.

YouQu Doll (or YouQDoll)

A lesser-known brand called YouQu Doll (or YouQDoll) showcased a bunch of hip toys, sex dolls, and heads.

Random Vendors

In addition to brands, there were some Chinese vendors at the expo. The first is MYDOLL who displayed a bunch of different dolls. The most recognizable being Starpery’s 161cm Ursula.

Next, Aiomi (AiZhiMei) was there, which looks like an Alibaba seller. They had a wide variety of mini, full-sized, and partial dolls. Since Alibaba’s sex dolls are blocked in the US, I don’t know much about them.

A vendor called Arkspace showed off some realistic hip toys and Irontech dolls.

I don’t really know whose booth this was. They had a collection of quirky dolls including a Yearndoll, random monster torso, medusa head, and centaur. Apparently, Shedoll wasn’t the first to make a centaur sex doll.

Overview Video

The 2023 Shanghai API Expo is officially over, and there was quite a lot to see. Nothing particularly innovative, as in no robotics or new features. Just the typical expo-style sex doll displays. Still, it’s nice to see sex dolls at the center of attention, and there were some brands I’ve never seen before. Hopefully, these videos and photos helped immerse you into the magical world of doll expos. If I remember correctly, the next big expo is around October. Until then!

Thoughts on the 2023 Shanghai API Expo so far? Comment below! 

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    1. Arnold

      Hello Steven,
      What does Realing add to Dolls, I mean what sets them apart from other dolls?

      1. Steven

        Hi Arnold,
        Their dolls remind me a lot of Qita (turns out, it’s the same owner). From what I can tell, they have 2 things that set them apart from other brands: weight reduction and male dolls. They claim to have a “patented [weight reduction] technology” (which I highly doubt in China) so their dolls are somewhat lighter. For example, their big muscular 180cm male doll is 100 lbs (45.6 kg), which is heavy but “not bad” for the size. Next, they have a large focus on male dolls compared to other brands. Those seem to be their 2 unique points at the moment.
        Personally, their dolls don’t really appeal to me – same with Qita, which is a more budget brand. There’s something “cheap-looking” about them. Maybe it’s just the grayish photography.

  1. Steven

    After 5 days, this post is finally complete. I hope everyone enjoyed the expo experience. 🙂
    Hopefully, the videos load ok. I might try to find a better host.

  2. Jackson

    How realistic were the dolls from “Realing” compared to brands like Sino, Tayu, and FanREAL?

    1. Steven

      Hi Jackson,
      No clue. However, based on the videos, they look like a more budget brand like JY Doll or Qita.

  3. George

    I guess we won’t be seeing walking dolls in our lifetime.

  4. Jackson

    This is some cool stuff! Though I’d like to see some new robotics technology at this event.

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