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Elsa Babe Reveals Anthropomorphic Bunny Doll At ADC Expo

During the 2021 Shanghai Adult-Care Expo, Elsa Babe showcased their first ever anthropomorphic animal sex doll named Morikawa Yuki, which featured a cat head. Surprisingly at the expo, Elsa Babe also revealed another, never-before-seen anthropomorphic animal head which resembles a bunny or rabbit. This new bunny-girl sex doll sat above Morikawa Yuki and looked somewhat similar, but also unique at the same time. Featuring a more angry look (compared to Morikawa Yuki’s more scared look) and rabbit ears, the new bunny-girl sex doll seemed to catch everyone’s attention and brought huge crowds to Elsa Babe’s booth.

Elsa Babe's Booth at the 2021 Shanghai ADC Expo

Photos of the New Bunny Head (ZHB002)

Video of the New Bunny Head Doll

Unlike Morikawa Yuki, who has painted on whiskers, the new bunny head features silicone whiskers molded onto the side of her face. Some might find it strange, almost fish-like, but it shows Elsa Babe’s creativeness in their new head design. I think it looks charming and unique. According to Elsa Babe, there is no official release date on the bunny head just yet. Due to good feedback, it seems Elsa Babe plans to make more and more of these furry-style, animal heads.

Update: The bunny head is named Aida Rina.

More photos here: New Photos of Elsa Babe’s Anthropomorphic Bunny Doll

You can find Elsa Babe dolls at the Elsa Babe Official WebsiteDollto-China, and MyRobotDoll.

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  1. John

    I just wish elsababe made nicer looking bodies. Their faces are outstanding but i wish bodies were more curvy, soft and fertile looking

  2. adam

    Where can I buy one

    1. Steven

      Hi Adam,
      I don’t think the bunny head is for sale yet, but you can buy Elsa Babes at or Dollto-China. Just keep in mind that they have very long production times (over 4 months).

  3. Not surprised

    Something is still missing for the target group to show interest.

    This CatGirl from YL Dolls was also a normal doll where you only swapped eyes, teeth and clothes for plush.

    In order for the right audience to take notice, you will likely need a tail on the body (with screw thread), BodyPaint, some kind of TPE / silicone pseudofello surface (large-scale implantation of hair would be too expensive).

    There are crazy sexdolls (elves, blue skin), but such a topic has been avoided for a long time, Is something new.

  4. Alphaneos

    looks cute but the catgirl is defiantly cuter

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