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Sex Doll Highlights at the Guangzhou Adult Expo 2020

The 22nd National Sexual Culture & Adult Health Supplies Expo took place in Guangzhou from October 30 – November 1, 2020 where various adult toy manufacturers and brands gathered to display their products. This includes many well-known sex doll manufacturers including WM Doll, JY Doll, and Gynoid Tech who had dolls set up in their booths for people to view and feel. I wasn’t there and it’s difficult to find much information online about it, but thanks to the power of social media, here are a few highlights I found from the event.

wm doll booth3

WM Doll Booth

WM Doll Reveals a New Breathing Feature on Their Dolls

Like the heating and moaning feature (which are not great in my opinion), this will likely be a new optional feature you can choose to purchase with the doll. Looks interesting.

They Had a Demonstration of Their Intelligent Cleaning System

You can’t really see much here but you can somewhat see what WM’s Intelligent Cleaning System looks like and how it works.

JY Doll Booth

JY Doll had some pretty dolls on display.

JY Doll with Gel-Filled Breasts on Display

New JY Doll Robotic Sex Movements

It looks like JY Doll has been working on sex robots. It’s not perfect, and looks very basic at the moment, but could be an interesting feature.

Gynoid Tech Booth

Gynoid had a display of their dolls including their Laura doll in futuristic decoration and a doll in a black Spider-man costume.

That seems to conclude the most noticeable sex doll brands that appeared at the Expo. Many other well-known brands either did not participate or had no media coverage.

Here is a good Japanese video that shows video from the event. It shows JY Doll, Gynoid, and WM Doll.

I plan to cover more Expos in the future, but it’s a bit difficult without actually being there.

Thoughts about the newly revealed features like the WM breathing feature or the JY Doll sex robot, or anything related to this Expo? Comment below!

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