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New Sex Doll Heads, Halloween Photos, Cute Dolls, & More

Halloween week is here, and so are the spooky photos. Although it was quieter than previous weeks, it was far from a ghost town. This week, brands released many new heads, as well as Halloween-themed photosets. If you like Halloween, then you’re in for a treat. Or maybe you prefer tricks? Without further ado, let’s wrap up October in our 2023 Halloween special.

Angel Kiss

Angel Kiss shared a Halloween photoset of their 164cm (AK3) body with Head LS#45. With a red and blue devil-theme, she looks pretty exotic here. However, note that the “blue skin” is from blue lighting or editing. Her actual skin tone is light tan, so these promo photos can be misleading.

SE Doll

After what felt like years, SE Doll finally released a new head called Harper on their 168cm body. She looks pretty cute and similar to SE’s usual style, with fancy futuristic glasses.


Irontech showed off a variety of dolls, including their Real Lady series, at the Venus Berlin 2023 expo. Nothing particularly new, and this was just a small expo for sex dolls. Meanwhile, the big expo will be in Guangzhou this weekend (Nov 3-5), where dozens of brands, including Irontech, will attend.

Irontech also released a special Halloween makeup for their Eileen head. The vein effects are particularly well-done.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe teased a new anime head that’s yet to be named (AHR008). Dressed as Blue Archive’s Kisaki, she looks fairly cute with a sexual or moaning expression.

After wanting more nurse cosplays last week, Elsa Babe dressed up their recent 160cm Mila Bell as a sexy nurse. As expected, she looks very attractive, and will take good care of you.


Starpery released a new head called Oksana on their 3rd Gen 163cm body. Like most of their 3rd Gen dolls, she has a somewhat mature face, and now, with interesting clown makeup. Inspired by Harley Quinn?


TAYU released a new 100cm D-cup Torso with their classic Naimei head. As their 2nd torso doll with arms, she weighs a very reasonable 15.5 kg (34 lbs).


Fanreal released 2 new heads, one young and one mature. First, Jia (on the 155cm body) has a cute Asian face, while Eva (on the 173cm body) looks much more mature. Two interesting and contrasting additions to the Fanreal lineup. 

They also shared a new photoset of their popular Maria head, this time on the 173cm body. Along with Qian, this is one of my favorite Fanreal heads.


MLW shared two new photosets of their 145cm B-cup body with Yume and Ali heads. First, the full-silicone Yume with ROS looks fairly cute. Meanwhile, the hybrid anime-inspired Ali looks equally as adorable.


EXDOLL shared a new photoset of their RealClone Series 166cm A’Zhu, this time in the futuristic mecha suit as seen at the expo. I also found a factory video that shows her off pretty well. A reminder that all RealClone dolls are AIO (seamless neck).


Gynoid opened up a 1,000 sq meters showroom on the first floor of their headquarters. After over a year of development, it’s now opened to the public. Here, people can see their dolls and a bunch of random collectibles. There are many photos, but this sponsored video (from Aidajin) sums it up pretty well.

XT Doll

XT Doll released a new head called Irina (XT-18). Looking sophisticated and intelligent (with glasses), she’s one of the better and more realistic-looking XT heads in my opinion.

They also shared a new photoset of Miss Bing, who looks noticably different in every photoset. In this one, she looks a lot cuter than before.


Jarliet shared a new photoset of their silicone 165cm Fay. I guess this counts for Halloween as she’s dressed as a sexy Columbian football (soccer) player.

Firefly Diary

Firefly Diary released a new student called Lian (I think it’s the 163cm body, but I’m not sure). She reminds me a lot of Irontech’s Suki head. They also shared nude photos for the first time of their 151cm Nanako. Maybe I just have Irontech on my mind, but something looks so familiar about the body – maybe it’s just Irontech’s photographer.


That wraps up a somewhat quiet, yet still eventful week of news. There was quite the variety this week: Halloween cosplays, cute dolls, and mature heads. I’d say, this year’s Halloween special was a success. As for trends, it was more of the same. There was a new brand that I decided not to show because of too much AI-altering. There were also some FU Doll and Tayu teasers that I’ll put off since I don’t have enough info. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your Halloween holiday, and as always, stay tuned for more sex doll news!

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  1. IconOkee

    that MLW Ali looks illegal

    1. Steven

      Probably so in some countries and states. Ali is supposed to be their anime-inspired head, which I think looks more like a doll than a person. However, the clothing, wig, and accessories in that particular photoset does make her look young.

  2. Erick

    I thought the same about Suki and the Firefly Diary model. In fact in certain photos in their page and twitter account, they show a short hair model very similar to Suki which i think is not named as a character, i loved it yet i think is unknown. That brand is so intriguing hahaha.

    We don’t even know the prices but they look so cool in those school uniforms.

  3. Jackson

    Thanks for the post! Irontech looked nice this week.

  4. @Itzthedollover

    I found this week very interesting. I was really waiting for new heads from Fanreal🙏, and I’m becoming more and more interested in XT, they make some very realistic heads.
    This body in the Firefly Diary photos is identical to Irontech’s 1.52 m body, I would even risk saying that they are the same body👀

    1. Rudy (RXQ79)

      At Fanreal, there maybe will be another new head soon ( after few months) – I ordered from them a custom-made head (according to picture) + 172cm body.

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