You are currently viewing 2 New Sex Doll Brands: Evas Doll & Top Fire Doll

2 New Sex Doll Brands: Evas Doll & Top Fire Doll

Recently, two new sex doll brands entered the fray: Evas Doll and Top Fire Doll – so let’s talk about them. First, Evas Doll is a new silicone brand that officially launched today. With realistic body details and innovative features like Self-Lubricating Vagina, they may be worth watching. Meanwhile (on the other side of the globe), The Doll Forum approved another controversial brand called Top Fire Doll (TFD) a few days ago. Similar to the previously approved-and-then-removed Ridmii brand and BestRealDoll vendor, TFD has a lot of AI-filtered-and-generated photos. This resulted in heavy backlash from the TDF community, and TFD has since made some changes.

Evas Doll

First, let’s discuss Evas Doll, which just launched globally today. Special thanks to David from Betterlovedoll for sending me info on this brand. Although some Japanese vendors listed this brand, Betterlovedoll seems to be the only global vendor carrying them (also David’s one of my readers).

But different from other brands’ launches, Evas Doll debuted with only 2 dolls. However, their specs list does show more bodies (including TPE), so more is coming soon.

172cm B-cup Elena

First, we have the 172cm Elena. With a rather cute, Western face on a tall and fit body, she looks pretty hot in these office photos. Without the head, the body is relatively heavy at 40 kg (88 lbs).

176cm B-cup Elina

Not to be confused with Elena, their next head, Elina, is on a much thicker 176cm body. At least, I think this is a different head (maybe it’s the same head). At 43 kg (95 lbs), this taller and thicker body only weighs slightly more, but it’s probably around 100 lbs with the head.


One of Evas Doll’s flagship features is their innovative “Self-Lubricating Vagina.” Although I’m not exactly sure how it works, it seems to do as advertised.

They also claim to have the “world’s first capillary replication” (in terms of skin texture). I’m not sure what that means, but I don’t see anything special that higher-end brands don’t have.. The skin texture and body painting looks good though.

Lastly, here are some videos showing the softness, vagina, ROS mouth, and “makeup-removal resistance.”

Top Fire Doll

Next up is Top Fire Doll, a fairly unknown brand that suddenly appeared on TDF one day. After much backlash regarding their AI-filtered or generated promo photos, they removed most of their listings (before I could save the photos). On TDF, they promised to remove all AI photos, and improve their molds with better LHP (love hole placement), which was another common complaint. Below are some of their dolls (without AI), which I think looks pretty decent. They remind me of Yearndoll or SY Doll. 

163cm Bella (Head T05)

Head T05 is fairly interesting. It kind of looks AI, but zoomed in, it’s not actually AI-altered – just your typical photo-editing (or am I wrong? This one is hard to tell..). They gave her an interesting “lip bite” effect.

169cm Bonnie (Head T06)

Next, Head T06 is fairly cute with a natural-looking ROS mouth.

165cm Delores (Head T03)

The next photos must be from SY Doll’s photographer because they look super familiar. The love holes look familiar too.. Overall, this head and body sculpt is quite nice.

163cm Aimee (Head T08)

Another head that looks a bit AI from a distance but isn’t. It’s moreso the eye color and color-editing (or color filters).

158cm Zoe (Head T10)

Last but not least, here’s another Asian head. Technically, they have many more heads (including TPE dolls), but because they removed so many listings (due to backlash), there isn’t much variety at the moment.

Silicone Body Specs

Before they supposedly improve the molds, here are their current body specs. However, something seems off with the weights. For example, the 158cm is 37 kg, while the 163cm is 25 kg. Possibly mistakes or they’re not to-scale.


As the sex doll industry grows, more and more brands continue to emerge. First, Evas Doll has all the standard features of medium-to-high-end silicone dolls nowadays. They have realistic skin details, ROS mouths, are less oily with longer-lasting makeup, but also have innovative features like “Self-Lubricating Vagina.” Currently, they’re priced around $2000 which seems pretty competitive (but of course, there are no reviews).

Meanwhile, Top Fire Doll started off controversial but could be interesting. It definitely stirred things up as TDF members began questioning TDF’s approval process again. Will they be removed like Ridmii? Only time will tell, but they seem to be making an effort to fix things at least. I don’t think any vendors carry them yet, but since they’re on TDF, some may add them soon. While there may be nothing too spectacular about either of these brands, it’s just more variety to choose from.

Thoughts on Evas Doll and Top Fire Doll? Comment below!

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  1. Jackson

    Evas Dolls Self lubricating vagina is nice. I wonder how they did it?
    Also they had many tall female dolls! I’ve never seen that before!!!

    1. Steven

      I’m also curious about how it works.

      They started with their 2 tallest bodies. They also have a silicone 162cm, and TPE 145cm, 149cm, 154cm, and 162cm. However, I’m guessing they don’t have promo photos for the other bodies yet. Kinda odd that they launched with only 2 photosets.

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