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Piper Doll Releases 130cm Silicone Phoebe with Human Ears

On August 25, 2021, Mizuwali, owner of Piper Doll, released a new version of the 130cm Silicone Phoebe with human ears. Previously, there was only the 130cm Silicone Phoebe Elf, which had elf ears. According to Mizuwali, many people asked him for a version with human ears, resulting in this human version of Phoebe. Note: This is not the original TPE Phoebe converted into silicone form. The new Piper S 130 Phoebe has the exact same face and body as the Silicone Phoebe Elf, but with human ears instead of elf ears. Everything is the same except for the ears. I guess some people just don’t like elves. Funnily enough, one commenter said he would have preferred longer elf ears than human ears.

Piper Doll 130cm Silicone Phoebe

Comparision between Standard and Super Soft Breasts

In addition to the release of the new Phoebe, Mizuwali shared information about a “super soft” option for his silicone dolls’ breasts (similar to the soft hips option). In the video above, he compares a 130cm Phoebe with “standard softness” breasts (left) to a 130cm Eirian with “super soft” breasts (right). Both dolls are silicone. According to Mizuwali, the “standard softness” is like a real woman’s breasts that are swollen during menstruation, while the “super soft” breasts are like a real woman’s normal breasts. He also stated that they have not promoted this option much because it is easy to break, resulting in after-sale disputes. Therefore, customers must inquire individually about the option. Both the breasts and hips can have the “super soft” option.

You can find the 130cm Phoebe at TheDollChannel, Dollto-China, and SexDolls-Shop.

Thoughts about the new Piper Doll 130cm Phoebe or the “super soft” option? Comment below!

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  1. hachi

    hi… she looks more “beefy” in her intimate area than on the photos i knew from pheobe elf 130cm silicone, therefore i have a question… ive read that the piper silicone dolls tend to tear easily… is this problem solved already? has the pheobe without elfears just a different sculpt? compare and you see it at the first look:

    1. Steven

      Hi Hachi,
      I’m not sure if they fixed the problem, but because the Piper Doll silicone material is fairly soft, it is more prone to tearing. Ultimately, it comes down to how you handle her. Unfortunately, I heard many stories of vaginal/anal tearing in the 130cm silicone Phoebes. From what I understand, the two silicone Phoebes are exactly the same except for the ears. Their specifications are the same.

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