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Piper Doll’s New Silicone Akira Doll (160cm)

As you may know, Piper Doll is one of my favorite TPE sex doll brands. They have arguably the softest and most luxurious feeling TPE material, as well a unique seamless neck design where the head is permanently attached to the body.

piper doll silicone akira comparison
TPE Akira on the left, Silicone Akira on the right

A few days ago, Mizuwali, the owner, designer, and photographer of Piper Doll teased their newest Akira doll, dubbed Akira 3.0. (1.0 was the original Akira doll, 2.0 was the big breast Akira doll – there technically was also an Akira torso doll which I guess doesn’t count, and 3.0 will be a silicone Akira doll). He has also made it clear that the newest Akira doll will be Silicone material, and not TPE.

This will be the first time Piper Doll has created a silicone doll. Even their parent company Doll-Forever has never made a silicone doll before. Because their dolls and TPE material has always been very soft and high quality, I can only assume their silicone material will also be soft (likely softer than other silicone doll brands). My question is why did Mizuwali decide to make a silicone doll when they already had a near-perfect TPE blend material? I guess we will have to wait to find out.

piper doll silicone akira5
A photo of the new silicone Akira doll from behind

The biggest difference between the new Akira 3.0 and Akira 1.0 will be that the Akira 3.0 is made of silicone material, is 160cm tall opposed to Akira 1.0’s 150cm height, and will have large breasts. Akira 3.0 will also have a seamless neck design, and has been confirmed to weigh 41 kg (noticeably heavier than the TPE model).

piper akira tpe vs silicone
TPE Akira on the left, Silicone Akira on the right

Looking at the photos, the Akira 3.0 looks amazing. Silicone head/faces tend to look a little more realistic compared to TPE heads, so Akira looks even more realistic now, and equally as cute! Do note that silicone material tends to look a little shinier compared to TPE material. I like to say that silicone looks glossy while TPE looks matte in terms of appearance. Silicone also tends to be a bit more durable, as in less tear-resistant, but can still get damaged in different ways compared to TPE. For example, TPE is very good at stretching and restoring its original shape while silicone is not as good at this, but silicone does have its advantages, such as easier to clean, longer-lasting, and more durable, but it also tends to be harder than TPE in softness. Silicone dolls are also generally more expensive than TPE dolls.

I guess we will have to wait and find out just how soft Piper Doll’s newest silicone material is and how much it costs. If you’ve been wanting a slightly taller version of Akira, this may be what you were looking for. Judging from the photos, the new silicone Akira will have equally or larger breasts than the TPE big breast Akira doll. She will also have Piper Doll’s trademark plump, bubble butt!

akira tpe vs silicone
TPE Akira vs Silicone Akira Comparison by notaflyingtoy (TDF)

Note: The Silicone Akira doll will NOT have oral function.

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  1. Keyop

    It would be great if Akira was a 170cm Platnum TPE PiperDoll with Gel breast & shrug shoulders.

  2. Kevin

    Hey Steven,

    How do AF Dolls stand up in terms of quality to WM? The AF dolls seem more affordable, and the faces look amazing on several of them. Thanks!


    1. Steven

      Hi Kevin,
      AF Dolls are more affordable compared to WM Doll, and should still be decent quality. Because of the lower price, it’s possible the quality could be lower, but that could also be because they are not as popular. You can find some reviews and info about AF Dolls here from actual customers: If you have an account on Dollforum, you can also ask them about the quality. Good luck.

  3. Peter

    Hey !I come form Hong Kong ,How much for 160cm girl at one .and I want post this for Hong kong

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