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New Sex Dolls & Brands, Normon & Starry Doll, Heads & Bodies

August has come to an end with some final bit of news. This week, sex doll brands released many new heads, bodies, and photosets. Two interesting new brands emerged; one is a bit plain, but the other is highly intriguing. If you like weird-looking dolls and aliens then stay tuned. Without further ado, let’s see what August’s final week had to offer.

WM Doll

WM Doll released a new Body 19 (154cm), showcased with Head #153. This fantasy-like body has naturally parted breasts (like Zelex’s X165), an hourglass figure, and round thighs. While I’m not a huge fan of the face, this is an interesting shorter option. However, it’s surprisingly heavy at 36.6 kg (81 lbs) given the height.

WM Doll also shared 2 new photosets. As a change of pace, they showcased more Asian heads this week. Not my favorite heads, but I do like the posing. Below are Heads #399 and #70 on the 159cm C-cup body.

SE Doll

SE Doll shared a new photoset of their 157cm Natalie. With elegant eyeshadow and a defined jaw, she looks very sexy in these bikini photos.

Funwest Doll

Funwest Doll shared a new photoset of their 157cm Bella. As usual, their photographer did an expert job at presenting her.

JY Doll

JY Doll shared two new photosets featuring their less-common 165cm C-cup body. First, we have a cute Asian head called Yunxi on this tall and slim body.

On the same body, they showcased another cute head called Yiran (or Winnie). She looks adorable here and fits the petite, yet busty body.


Irontech released a new silicone 169cm body with new S39 Layla head. She has a pretty and realistic Japanese face with a slight smile. Body-wise, it’s tall and slim with smallish breasts. These dark and shadowy photos are a bit hard to see, but they included an infographic.

Irontech also shared 2 sexy new photosets of their 164cm bodies with Fenny and Eileen heads. Fenny returns as a sexy cowgirl (on the silicone 164cm body), while Eileen is a promiscuous doctor (on the TPE 164cm body).

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe released a new anime head called Shibata Haruka. She has a unique, angry face with a little fang. Although not my style, I like the variety in all their recent anime heads. Keep them coming, Elsa Babe.


Starpery released a new 148cm body with a scaled-down Zoey head. This is their shortest doll thus far, but still busty and curvy. She looks good, with puckered lips for kissing enthusiasts. With weight reduction, she weighs 30-31 kg (66-68 lbs).

They also released a new head called Monique on their 172cm F-cup body. She has a classy face (although angry-looking from some angles). Well-fitted on the body, she looks like a tall and glamorus model.


SHEDOLL released a new silicone head and TPE body. Huayin (or Kanon) has a pretty Asian face, while the new 165cm body is tall and somewhat meaty. Unsurprisingly, she weighs a hefty 44 kg (97 lbs).

New Brands

A few new brands appeared this week. I won’t devote an entire post for them, or show all their dolls. Rather, I’ll just dump a bunch of random photos so you can get an idea of what they offer.

Normon Doll

First, a new brand called Normon Doll joined The Doll Forum recently, and a few vendors have already listed them. They specialize in silicone dolls that remind me a bit of AS Doll (mostly the same photographers). Their faces are very European and old-fashioned, with fairly standard bodies (and relatively bad LHP). Personally, I don’t see anything particularly interesting or unique about them, but it’s all subjective.

Starry Doll

Unlike Normon Doll, the next brand, Starry Doll (not to be confused with Starpery) may be the wildest brand I’ve ever seen. From realistic, fantasy, and anime faces to aliens and straight-up monstrosities, this unique brand does a little of everything. They offer both silicone and TPE dolls, with high emphasis on face and body makeup. Based on several similarities, I’d guess they’re made in the SM Doll factory. However, a photo from Asia Adult Expo 2023 suggests that they’re made by Cosdoll.

Random Tifa Lockhart Figure

We’ll wrap it up with this random silicone 73cm Tifa figurine I found. A sex doll vendor recently listed this, but it’s technically not a sex doll (no cavities according to the specs). Also, I couldn’t find any information about SGD Studio, the supposed brand. Why am I showing this? Well, mainly because it’s a posable doll, and I really wish Game Lady’s Tifa looked like this.

Update: This figurine does, in fact, have a functional vagina. Therefore, it is technically a sex doll. More info about the doll here.


That wraps up yet another photo-packed week of news. This week, there was a little of everything, including some new brands mixing things up. Brands like WM Doll, Starpery, and Shedoll released new bodies which was nice to see, but unfortunately, they were all quite heavy. New brands made their grand entrance, especially Starry Doll with their quirky variety of dolls. Like a crazy mix between many brands, their unpredictability will be interesting to watch. I wasn’t sure if I should show the Tifa figurine; it simply reminded me of Game Lady’s Tifa, but looks more accurate than their version. Game Lady should make another Tifa head that looks like this. 😂 Anyway, enjoy the rest of August, and stay tuned for more sex doll news.

Thoughts on August’s final week of sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. argo

    Not sure if I can trust Normon doll, they use fake reviews on their website(at the time of this writing). A simple reverse image search on the “reviewers” photos at the bottom of the main page of Normon doll’s site, displays several links to random stock images and linkedin accounts. Not only that, one of the female “reviewers” is using a male Indian name…..I could be wrong about Normon dolls legitimacy but, I would be cautious.

    1. Steven

      Hi Argo,
      Yeah, I see that a lot, usually on knockoff doll websites. The obviously fake reviews on the front page using stock photos and fake full names. They’re a legitimate brand (with vendors), but like many Chinese sellers, they use deceptive marketing tactics on their website.

  2. Robert

    The Japanese Kumadoll just put out the Tifa doll for listing:

    They say the manufacturer is “Mini Doll”, the same one that did the 60cm that came out a couple of months ago.

    I don’t know if this is bad translation but it says that it is “sexable” but there is no info on depth length.

    1. Steven

      Hi Robert,
      Thanks for the info. It’s still unclear to me whether “Mini Doll” is a brand or category. The English Kumadoll (as well as OLdoll) puts various brands under their “Mini Doll” section, but do label some dolls specifically as “Mini Doll.” I’m guessing it is a brand, but the Tifa figure isn’t specifically labeled as Mini Doll. It’s probably not the same brand.
      Also apparently, the Tifa figurine is on presale, and won’t be released until December 2023. That’s interesting.

      1. morgan

        Thanks Steven, checking that out now. They must’ve updated the listing since it now states a depth of 15 cm. I’ve seen it on presale a few places but Kumadoll “appears” the most legitimate. I’ve corresponded with them in the past but never followed through with a purchase. Have you found kumadoll to be a reliable vendor?

  3. morgan

    been trying to learn more about the Tifa doll. Sent an email to SGD studios to learn more, but no response yet (only been a day). but from what I can tell, it appears to be manufactured by Manyou studios who has one other Ada Wong figure already on the market. but the info is piecemeal so I could be wrong. SGD might just be another vendor.

  4. hp

    Is the doll in the 3rd and 4th pic in the Starry Doll a seamless doll?

    1. Steven

      Starry Doll doesn’t have any seamless neck dolls.

  5. ItsAme

    I saw the video for that first Starpery and she looks really good, but needs an extra 15~20cm. Interesting that MyRobotDoll is considering the breasts “natural”.

  6. Darren

    I always thought models with down sized heads looked weird because neck size doesnt scale with it… the WM 141cm comes to mind with its 369 (YL) head. But the Starpery Model looks great with this smaller head, maybe the cone shaped neck design they use makes the difference…

  7. Jackson

    You know that Eileen doll looked really good! But some of Starry Dolls, Fantasy dolls actually disturbed me lol!!! Thanks for the new post friend!

  8. Arnold

    The veins are on some way not realistic in mine opinion for the Starry Dolls, skinny body, weight… I should consider the new 168 Jiusheng-doll body over the 168 Starry Doll body.
    But I do like the heads of Starry Dolls, they do lean to some of SM-Dolls… same scupture artist?

  9. Arnold

    Starry Dolls is for sure something to follow, would like to know more about this new brand, I also wonder why SM Doll (if its made by SM Doll) is taking a new brand for.

  10. IconOkee

    I hope sgd studios would make sex dolls based on video games and 3d animated shows.

    1. Steven

      If they make a full-sized version of that Tifa with sexual function, Game Lady is in trouble 😆. I hope they do make sex dolls. Their designs will probably have better resemblance and accuracy than Game Lady’s.

  11. Mat

    I’m glad you’ve showed this Tifa figurine, she looks amazing. Where is she sold?

      1. Xel

        She’s not up for order anywhere really as I don’t think the manufacturer has solicited for it yet. There’s apparently going to be a larger bust version, and she was originally smaller in size as well, iirc.

        1. Steven

          Apparently, there’s a rumor that Starpery made the Tifa figurine, but it’s not confirmed.
          Update: This rumor seems debunked but no one really knows..

          1. Xel

            Oh yeah? Interesting. I’m on a discord for figures and they’ve been talking about this one for a little bit. At least one person is in their Chinese chat(requires a Chinese phone number), can’t remember which app. He’s said they might be trying to make it have a “proper” vagina. So it being Starpery kinda fits here too. There was a video and some images posted of a Boa Hancock from them that has a “proper’ vagina as well. At least I think it’s from them.

          2. Xel

            Sorry, that Boa Hancock is from Daikou Kaigai. My bad.

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