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Game Lady Releases Violet Evergarden Sex Doll

On May 22, 2023, Game Lady Doll released their latest Anime #12 head on their recent 156cm body. Inspired by the anime character, Violet Evergarden, this is Game Lady’s 2nd Anime Series head. However, unlike Lucy, Anime #12 looks more like a mix between anime and realism, so she doesn’t quite resemble the character. It looks more like a cosplay, which is a bit disappointing, but she still looks very pretty and cute.

On the surface, this seems like an unexpected and random release that no one asked for, especially since she had no votes in Game Lady’s recent contest. However, there’s an explanation for this, which I’ll discuss later. For now, I think this doll will still be a hit. Although she doesn’t really look like Violet, she still has a soft and pleasing face to look at.

Game Lady 156cm Body with Head Anime #12

Game Lady 156cm Body's Vagina Design

Edited by MyRobotDoll

Now, for some interesting info about this doll. When I saw the photos earlier, I thought “Why does she look so familiar?” – like I’ve seen her before. Turns out, I did see these exact photos (and this doll on sale) back in early March 2023. This doll first appeared on Tyofye’s website (who I called the “secret brand”) long before Game Lady even released the 156cm body. Since Game Lady doesn’t hide it anymore, I assume most people connected the dots. What’s interesting is this doll was on sale 1 month before the 156cm Lucy even came out. And now for some reason, Game Lady decided to move her under their brand. I think that’s really interesting.

As for Violet, I think she’ll do very well with anime fans. Her face is super adorable, and very “video game-like.” For example, she even looks a bit like Marie Rose or Saber so she’s likely compatible with many different cosplays. Anyway, now we continue the wait for 2B, or any other dolls Game Lady sneaks in in-between.

You can find Game Lady Doll at the trusted vendors: SexDolls-Shop, MyRobotDoll, SiliconeLovers, and TheDollChannel.

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  1. ItsAme

    The wig is doing the heavy lifting for the character here.

  2. Biden

    the cool thing about 2d anime character doll cosplay is you don’t need an expensive brand like game lady to do it. You can just dress up cheaper dolls as anime characters and it would look about good as this.

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