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Game Lady Releases 156cm Rei Ayanami Sex Doll

On May 23, 2023, Game Lady Doll released Head Anime #3, inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion’s Rei Ayanami. Surprisingly, this came only 1 day after they released Head Anime #12 (Violet Evergarden). Similar to Violet in style (which lacks anime features), it doesn’t really resemble the anime character; it looks more like a cosplay. However, as mentioned in my previous post, these heads weren’t originally designed as Game Ladies, which is why they seem slightly off. Having said that, she still looks cute, and will probably appeal to many anime fans.

Game Lady 156cm Body with Head Anime #3

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Like Head Anime #12 (Violet), this head was actually released a long time ago under the Tyofye brand. In fact, it came out last year in December 2022. For whatever reason, Game Lady decided to move these dolls under their own brand now as Anime Series dolls. Like AXB to Zelex, MLW to Jiusheng, Tyofye was that to Game Lady, but recently, Game Lady decided to merge their brands. I’m pretty sure they won’t move the 142cm Tifa and Aerith though. If we learned anything from Game Lady’s numbers, there’s 8 more of these heads coming up.

Expectedly, Anime #12 and #3 have received mixed reviews online. Since they greatly differ from Game Lady’s specialty of replicating faces, many people were disappointed at the “non-resemblance” of the recent heads. Unfortunately, I have to agree with this. These heads are more AXB in style, and should have been kept separate since it dilutes their work. However, brands have always tried to expand their market, so it’s not exactly surprising. To their credit, the Anime Series was a smart way to bring these dolls in. Lucy’s success most likely nudged them in this direction.

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  1. Brad

    ANyone know of a legit website from which to get the other Tyofye product ?

    1. Steven

      Hi Brad,
      For the ones under Game Lady, then any reputable Game Lady vendor like Sexdolls-shop, MyRobotDoll, or SiliconeLovers. For the Tifa/Aerith ones, then probably Kumadoll.

  2. Dog

    Where could I get the 142cm Tifa and Aerith that are still under the Tyofye brand ?
    All i can find are obscure and shady japanese websites.

    1. Steven

      Hi Dog,
      Kumadoll is probably the most trustworthy website that sells them.

  3. Logjammin

    That gamelady has to be one of the most “plain-Jane” faces I’ve seen… All that deliberation, contests, and R&D … For THAT? Is that really the likeness that folks voted for? Decent body though. O well. . first world problems…

    1. Steven

      Technically, this head was made long before the contest (under a different brand). Moving it under Game Lady was an odd choice.

  4. Biden

    I hope they stop making dolls that are based on 2d characters.

    1. Steven

      I think it’s fine as long as the dolls look like the characters. For example, Lucy turned out pretty good. However, they took an odd turn this week by adding random heads that weren’t originally designed to be Game Lady dolls. I think it dilutes their brand (like quantity over quality), but they probably had a reason. I’m guessing to expand their audience and selection.

    2. Odolwa

      If this sells I don’t know they wouldn’t continue doing it. Personally I think this is great, the more waifus the better. I hope they will make Nezuko and Nami at some point.

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