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New Sex Dolls, Cute Heads, Halloween Photos, & More

Halfway into October, we approach another somewhat quiet week of news. Despite quite a lot of new releases, half of them were from lesser-known brands like Yearndoll, Real Girl, and Only Love. Since people didn’t mind hearing about these brands, I included quite a bit of them this week. This week, brands also began sharing some Halloween-themed dolls, including one monstrosity that makes the mini horse doll look tame. Without further ado, let’s see what sex doll brands were up to this week.

WM Doll

WM Doll displayed some dolls at the 2023 Eurofame Expo in Germany. This includes a rare orc doll (originally from 2022), a strange, transparent alien doll, and several Angel Kiss dolls. Nothing too special, but interesting to see none-the-less.

SE Doll

SE Doll shared a new photoset of their 158cm Zoey. This beautiful head was only shown once before, and as expected, she looks very attractive here.

Funwest Doll

Funwest Doll shared a new photoset of their 157cm Lily. Promoted as a Halloween shoot, she looks pretty cute and sexy here with fancy colors and lighting.

JY Doll

Last week, I showed JY Doll’s new Ahri head (which is available in China, but not in the West yet). This week, I have some more pretty photos. In case you can’t tell, the tail is photoshopped in.

FU Doll

FU Doll teased an upcoming TPE 158cm body. It has fairly typical slim proportions with wide hips.


Speaking of new bodies, Jiusheng and MLW released two torsos, which don’t have promo photos yet. Both weighing around 16 kg (35 lbs), there’s a 66cm torso with medium-sized breasts and arms, and a 61cm one with small breasts and no arms. 

Piper Doll

Piper Doll teased their new silicone 160cm Ichika. She looks somewhat different here (due to the makeup), and is 5cm taller with smaller breasts (than before). Apparently, she was inspired by the JAV star, Ichika Matsumoto, which I never knew until now.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe released a new head called Akimoto Mami. Technically, she’s not new; she’s actually one of their first heads back in 2020. For whatever reason, they re-released her with new makeup. She looks fairly cute here.

EX Doll

EXDOLL showcased a head called Erin (not 100% sure of her name) with new makeup on the 166SEVO body. Her face is very pretty. Unfortunately, I only have censored photos at the moment.


XYcolo released the AIO 169cm Shelby that they teased last week. Her face is somewhat plain, but still attractive. Meanwhile, the body isn’t as over-the-top as I thought, although there weren’t any nude photos to really tell.

OS Pro Material

XT Doll

XT Doll shared 2 new photosets, one of Elena (XT-4), and the other of “Teacher Bing” from last week, except she’s called “Miss Bing” this time. I’m not sure if Elena was that AI-altered head a while ago (named Nina), but this photoset doesn’t look AI-altered. Meanwhile, Miss Bing looks very different with the new wig.

Since people didn’t mind the lesser-known brands last time, I’ll breeze through them fairly quickly.


Yearndoll released two new heads, Y216 and Y219. First, Head Y216 has a cute face, which reminds me of JY Doll’s popular, WanYu head. She’s on a TPE 160cm body, which has extremely bad LHP..  Next, Head Y219 looks classy on the 158cm silicone body, and Head Y206 returns in a new photoset, without AI this time.

Only Love

OLdoll’s brand, Only Love, released many new heads, but I’ll just show 2 that I liked. Head DS3 looks elegant with tied-back implanted hair. Meanwhile, Head DD12 has two photosets where she also looks charming. Oddly, she looks somewhat different between photosets.

Real Girl

Real Girl released two new heads, R81 and R82. I’ve never covered this brand because they’re one of those weird private label brands; their dolls come from many different factories. However, I really liked this anime, Marie Rose-like head (R81), and R82 is kind of cute too.

SY Doll

In time for Halloween, SY Doll shared a photoset of Head #221 on their TPE 164cm body. Although the head isn’t new, the silicone version of it is, as well as the special makeup. She looks interesting here, and very fitting for Halloween.

They also shared these photos (not sure if the head is new or not), which I could only find 2 photos of. A spooky vampire bride.

Dolls Castle

I never show Dolls Castle, mainly because they make weird stuff, like aliens and monsters. However in the spirit of Halloween, their latest release is so bizarre, I just have to show it. It’s a fish that you can attach onto a doll’s body (<140cm). If you thought the horse doll was weird, this is easily weirdest thing I’ve seen thus far.


Recently, The Doll Forum added a new “manufacturer” called Rosretty. They’re basically SY Doll under a different name – maybe the company behind SY Doll or just related somehow. However, they also sell knockoff dolls on Amazon so it’s surprising and unexpected seeing them on TDF. Maybe we’ll at least get some silicone SY doll reviews as a result- whose silicone quality is still unknown.

That wraps up a quiet week of news (with lots of lesser-known brands). This week, there were lots of new heads, photosets, and fish.. I’d expect to see more Halloween photos soon, especially from Zelex, who usually has special makeup options. There weren’t much trends this week, besides getting a good look at the Japanese/Asian marketplace, and the dolls coming out over there. Otherwise, there isn’t much else to say, other than there are more expos coming up that brands will be attending soon (within the next 1-2 months). Until then, stay tuned for more sex doll news.

Thoughts on mid-October’s sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. Dirtydeeds

    The sedoll Zoey was shown in that Xmas shoot. My god is she hot.

  2. David

    Funwest Doll’s photographer consistently maintains a high level of quality. However, to be honest, I’m beginning to experience some aesthetic fatigue. This could be a personal issue. They stick to a single style for their makeup and photos… At times, I find it challenging to distinguish between the heads in the photos; they all seem quite similar.

  3. Jeb

    Does this “Blowfish-Head” have a sucking option (i’m asking for a friend ofc)

    1. Steven

      Hi Jeb,
      It has no electronic features, but that’s a funny thought of a fish with auto-sucking features. 💀

  4. Brad

    That translucent doll from the expo was interesting. Too bad they didn’t show more of it in the videos you have.

    I’m a fan of learning about the smaller, or less well-known brands. The bigger brands get all the attention on TDF, and it can be hard to find info on smaller companies there. Sometimes the smaller companies will have faces and bodies for sale that the more mainstream brands won’t risk, for better or worse.

    1. Steven

      Hi Brad,
      I agree. It’s nice to see what else is out there besides the typical mainstream brands like WM Doll, Zelex, etc. Especially for people who like Asian and Japanese aesthetics, lesser-known brands usually have a certain look (tailored for the Asian market) that name-brands may not have.

  5. Crazedcat

    Love the sculpt on that Real Girl 148cm!

    1. Steven

      She’s very cute. I usually gloss over stuff from Real Girl, but she definitely caught my attention. 😊

      1. Rudy

        Yes very cute. I am curious how my special order for doll resembling Shadowheart from BG 3 will go.

  6. Mat

    Coincidentally, I’ve learnt about Ichika Matsumoto a few days ago, when doing research. The model is super cute, but the doll doesn’t give justice. It looks like they’ve tried to recreate her face from that picture you’ve included, where she does an awkward smile. Usually her lips look so much better. She looks really good in VR videos, from very up close.
    Btw Steven, what is the best doll based on a pornstar you’ve ever seen?

    1. Steven

      Hi Mat,
      I agree with you on Piper’s Ichika. Due to Piper’s slightly cartoony style, it doesn’t quite match her face (similar with Elsa, supposedly inspired by Elsa Jean). Personally, I don’t think I’ve seen a good pornstar doll. I’ve seen ones from RealDoll, Sino Doll, and True Idol, but they always look slightly off. Although they’re similar, they fail to really capture the essence or life of the faces, which could be a limitation of the material. Ironically, the closest or best imitations I’ve seen are SY Doll’s celebrity heads (or EXDOLL’s RealClone), but they’re not based on pornstars.

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