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New Sex Doll Heads, EXDOLL 165SEVO, Seamless Neck, & More

August is off to a slow start as things were fairly quiet this week. However, two interesting things broke the deathly silence: EXDOLL and seamless neck dolls. EXDOLL took over this week with many new heads and a new 165cm body. Although EXDOLL isn’t very popular (for reasons like price and firmness), they made a big comeback lately with lots of new releases. Meanwhile, there were also seamless-neck dolls this week, as well as regular heads. Therefore, sit back and relax as we explore a quiet, yet surprisingly photo-filled week of news.

WM Doll

WM Doll shared a new photoset of their 175cm B-cup body with Head #394. It’s nice seeing this tall and slender body once again, as well as this head from 2021.

Angel Kiss

Angel Kiss released their first seamless-neck silicone doll: the AK18 (162cm E-cup) body with Head #LS10. This was highly unexpected, but a fairly smart combination. I think they only have one other seamless-neck doll (WM Doll 163C with Head #70) from 2020 so this was surprising to see. This should appeal to many Westerners.

SE Doll

SE Doll shared a new photoset of their 161cm Winola. With a bright contrast from the environment, she looks super sexy in these outdoor photos.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe released a new anime head called Sakura Tsubaba. She looks quite cute with some interesting makeup. Although I left out many of the photos, I really like the action poses with the knives.


Starpery released a 70cm mini version of their 161cm Ivory. This BBW mini doll was unexpected, and looks rather funny. Perhaps, they’re testing the waters of the mini doll market. At least she’s manageable in weight now – from 52.5 kg (116 lbs) to 8kg (18 lbs).

Starpery also shared a new photoset of one of their first dolls, the 171cm A-cup Hedy. This classic doll remains super sexy, and a reminder that Starpery makes more than just BBW dolls.


EXDOLL released a new CyberFusion body called 165 SEVO (165cm) with many new heads. The body is well-proportioned with realistic-looking hands, feet, and vagina (as expected from the Cyberfusion series). Supposedly, it only weighs 29.4 kg (64.8 lbs) but their dolls are known to be very firm. It debuted with 3 new heads, starting with Erine.

Next is Amber, who has a pretty Asian face. Her photoset shows off the realistic hands, vagina and anus (opened and closed).

They also showcased an old head called Judy on the 165SEVO body. She looks quite sexy, and very realistic.

Last but not least, they released a new head called Krista. She looks cute and slightly more cartoony/fantasy than the previous 3 heads. Showing how versatile this body is, these 4 very different heads fit well on the same body.

In contrast to Asian heads, they also released a new head called Rachel for their 167SEVO (166cm) body. She looks slightly more mature, with a Hispanic or Latina look.

But wait, there’s more! Keeping the EXDOLL show going, they teased an upcoming seamless-neck doll called Ariel (Yu Nuo). Currently, the specifications are unknown but she looks fairly tall and slim. She has a pretty face (some might say RBF) with a Western or mixed apperance.

Take a deep breath after all the EXDOLL photos for one final bit of news.

XT Doll

XT Doll released a new silicone head called Jennifer on their TPE 168cm body. Although the head looks good, their bodies still look quite plain and lackluster in comparison.


That wraps up a fairly quiet week of news, half of which were new EXDOLL heads. It’s interesting to see EXDOLL coming back although most people still seem uninterested. In terms of realism, they’re one of the best, but their expensive prices and firmness still set them back. Perhaps, all these new heads and bodies will draw some attention their way. Meanwhile, it’s nice to see more seamless-neck dolls in the works. However, I doubt it will ever become a trend. It’s simply too risky, costly, and inefficient (time and space-wise) for brands to create seamless-neck dolls. The reason Piper Doll can do it is because they only have around 10 heads (and it’s their specialty). Brands that have, or want to have, 100’s of heads or head variety can’t really go that route – especially since customers all have different preferences and want to mix-and-match bodies.

Anyway, Starpery might make more mini dolls in the future, and Elsa Babe will surely make more anime heads. Let’s see if next week has more interesting news.

Thoughts on August’s first week of sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. IconOkee

    Nice. How can Irokebijin compete with elsababe now?

  2. Robert

    Irontech posted the measurements of their Real Lady doll on reddit today including some photos

    1. Steven

      Hi Robert,
      Thanks for the info. News always comes out right after I release my post. 😂
      I’ll just save it for next week. Hopefully by then, it’ll officially release with some promo photos. Same with Piper’s new TPE doll, which revealed shortly after my post. I’ll show them next time. 🙂

  3. Jackson

    This is some very interesting stuff! I really like the EX Doll Judy and Erine heads. I really hope that more brands come out with the seamless neck for their dolls. But it seems more likely that the option will be more for custom made dolls. That or a $500 upcharge for a seamless neck feature. Thanks for this week’s post.

  4. Kar

    wow, Ariel from ExDoll is just awesome, super.
    it would be nice if dolls could replace a living girl in sex and communication, but even in science fiction films it looks unnatural. as someone on TDF noted: “dolls are like protein shakes for me. they are supplements, not replacements” – golden words.

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