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After running a sex doll store for 1 year, I learned a lot about top sex doll brands and manufacturers. This included recognizing all their dolls, specifications, customization options, and more. However, there is always more to learn. Since then, I continued to learn about sex dolls for another 3+ years, eagerly reading about various doll owners’ experiences. I think it’s safe to say I know a lot about sex dolls! I have a wealth of knowledge regarding top doll brands, manufacturers, vendors, industry news, and more! My specialty includes information about manufacturers and brands, identifying trustworthy vendors, and blogging about sex doll news.

Free free to comment below and ask me anything!

If your question is more personal or confidential, you can email me at

If you’re looking for a trustworthy store to order from, here is my list of trusted sex doll vendors: Trusted Sex Doll Websites

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  1. Mark

    Hi Steven,

    what is your opinion about Climax dolls? Quality of TPE-mixture, service…

    Thank you

    1. Steven

      Hi Mark,
      Climax Doll is a brand I never really followed since their aesthetics aren’t for me. Therefore, I don’t know much about them. You should be able to find quite a bit of reviews here though:

  2. Hank

    Which brands have articulated feet ?

    1. Steven

      Hi Hank,
      Some Gynoid models and DS Summit Series have articulated feet (toe joints). I’m not sure if any other brands have it.

  3. Ryan

    Hi, kinda new was wondering whats your opinion on wig vs implant hair?

    How often would would a wig need adjusting during play time?


    1. Steven

      Hi Ryan,
      I personally prefer wigs to implanted hair. Implanted hair looks more realistic (and is nice for photography) but sheds over time and is harder to maintain. You have to be very careful with implanted hair. Meanwhile, wigs can be changed anytime for different styles. Wig quality differs a lot; usually dolls come with low-quality cheap ones. If the wig is on tight, it doesn’t need much adjusting depending on the position and length. If it’s loose, it can move around or even fall off. One other difference is implanted hair requires a hard silicone head. If you want a soft silicone head (usually with oral function), you have to go with wigs.

  4. scott

    is cudoll(r) on a legit brand and vendor

    1. Steven

      Hi Scott,
      Cudoll is a knockoff doll brand. Most of their photos are stolen from other brands like Future Doll, SY, JY, and others. Their head options are also filled with SY and JY heads. Not sure why moon-doll carries them.

  5. Joel

    Are the Zelex Inspiration series of dolls going to have larger breast versions available?

    1. Steven

      Hi Joel,
      It’s possible, but I don’t know what their plans are. Right now, they have the 170cm and 165cm Inspiration Series bodies, both of which are medium-sized breasts.

  6. MT

    Love your blog thank you for the information!
    I got one question as a new doll owner. Will latex or leather stain silicon doll. If so how can I avoid it? They can not be wash.

    1. Steven

      Hi MT,
      For TPE dolls, avoid latex and leather clothing. For silicone dolls, it’s probably ok, but you should still be cautious about it- maybe test an area first. Generally, latex/leather shouldn’t stain silicone but you never know with cheap materials. Better to play it safe and test it first.

      1. MT

        Thank you!

  7. Stephan

    I hear occasionally about new ‘soft silicone’ that is more lifelike. Many companies, like irontech are moving more towards silicone dolls. Do any of the new silicone offerings approach the life-like feel we get from TPE?

    1. Steven

      Hi Stephan,
      Some brands are making their silicone dolls softer. However, it’s not really something new they’re coming out with. Sometimes, they just tweak their blend a little like what TAYU did recently. “Soft silicone” usually refers to the head, such as hard and soft silicone heads. Right now, there aren’t any silicone brands that are as soft as TPE, but TPE brands also differ in softness and feel. “Life-like feel” is subjective because some people don’t think TPE feels realistic, but the same can be said about silicone. In terms of softness, Piper Doll’s silicone is considered soft, Elsa Babe released an ultra soft silicone option recently (but isn’t recommended- very fragile), and I heard TAYU is pretty soft too. However, they’re still not as soft and squishy as TPE. Some popular brands right now in terms of realism is TAYU and Zelex- and probably some other brands- but keep in mind, they probably will never be as soft as TPE.

    1. Steven

      Hi Joshua,
      That website doesn’t look legit to me. Unprofessional name, very little information, fake reviews, and sells a bunch of random sex toys. Looks like a very low effort Chinese seller. Do you really want to buy from a website called “comebuy?”

  8. Monsieur_P

    Hello, I became interested in the CLM brand and believed their descriptions of originality, but then I saw their dolls on another website under the SixHouse brand and moreover, they added 2 new dolls with a full photo shoot to their website that CLM only announces (CLM say that they don’t want to announce all the photos before going on sale and added only one teaser photo of the doll because for no plagiarism)! I’m only talking about 60 cm dolls and I honestly don’t understand how branding works. CLM has some dolls that I don’t find under the SixHouse brand and vice versa. The dolls are very beautiful and I wanted to figure out who really designed them originally. I will also add that the CLM website is more trustworthy than the dolltochina website, where they sell SixHouse dolls without reviews and a normal description, and for some reason the dolls don’t even have names.
    P.S. Anyway still waiting for my blue sailor moon from CLM

    1. Steven

      Hi Monsieur_P,
      It’s the same doll whether you order the Climax Doll or Six House brand. From my understanding, the two brands merged around 2021. Six House is the original brand and used to only sell in China. After they merged, they sell internationally under Climax Doll now. Since they’re from the same factory, they’re basically the same (same doll, 2 different names).

      1. Monsieur_P

        CLM told me on twitter that they sent out photos before the release to their partners, so their dolls are already available on other sites, so let’s believe it 🙂

  9. John

    Can you help me with Some of their prices seem average but some seem way to cheap for being real

    1. Steven

      Hi John,
      It sounds like your scam radar is going off, and rightfully so. They sell knockoff dolls, mostly with stolen WM Doll photos. The low prices are huge red flags, and they have tons of fake reviews. Their reviews and customer photos were basically stolen from other websites, some of which I recognized immediately. Super deceptive tactics that would trick many people. Some of the reviews even mention another vendors’ names (which they forgot to change). I’m glad you weren’t deceived by them. Definitely one of the more shady knockoff doll sellers.

  10. Aaron

    Id like to ask about , thanks

    1. Steven

      Hi John,
      The makeup is almost permanent on silicone heads. Depending on the brand, it may wear off eventually but can sometimes last years. I’m personally not a fan of hybrid dolls but everyone is different. I think the material difference is very noticeable. The head is shinier with a slight skin tone difference, but some people don’t mind it. If the doll is wearing clothes, it’s less noticeable. Even in those photos, you can see the head and body doesn’t fully match in color.

  11. John

    I was looking at Funwest Dolls and I want to know your opinion about this company. There dolls looks gorgeous, but curious about their quality. I couldn’t find much reviews about them.

    1. Steven

      Hi John,
      Funwest Doll is made at the Aibei factory, which make decent lower-end dolls. Any Aibei doll reviews you find should more-or-less apply to Funwest as well. They also have a TDF section here with some reviews:

  12. Kar

    Hi, Steven.
    Recently I came across your blog and now I’m sitting on it, every day I reread old articles and look forward to new ones.
    I read the abbreviation TDF on your website, what does it mean?
    In general, I usually do not write to authors whose articles I read on the Internet, but you have a lot of interesting information on the topic of dolls, and I have questions that are so difficult to find answers to, because the topic of dolls is not fully disclosed.
    I want to hear your opinion on the topic:
    Why do Zelex dolls have such NOT graceful bodies? their legs are too realistic, with such an interesting overall modeling, they have beautiful faces, and their breasts are monotonous, they lack a variety of shapes, but the legs are just beyond words, such a nightmare. which model I don’t look at, they are all too real, I want to choose a model appearance, from Zelex, but I see just pretty aunts – hippos. here’s an example of what I’m talking about, here’s a link to the VM-Doll doll
    she has an amazing figure and all proportions. Please share your opinion.

    1. Steven

      Hi Kar,
      Every brand has a different style. Zelex’s style is tall and realistic dolls, which includes bodies that more closely resemble a real woman. Meanwhile, WM Doll’s bodies has always been a mix of realism with “perfect fantasy” body. This usually means thin waists, round breasts, and smooth/proportional curves for a perfect doll-like body. They’re just two brands with two different styles. It sounds like WM’s style is more for you, but they are just 2 of the many brands out there. Also, TDF is The Doll Forum, which is a doll community website. Lots of good information there.

      1. Kar

        And I also have a question regarding the compatibility of heads from different manufacturers to bodies. The store manager told me that WM Doll is compatible with Zelex. But for example, the head of Starpery is compatible with Zelex or Irontech?
        P.S> I added my previous answer to the wrong post, please move it over this one. Thank you)

        1. Kar

          And one more question. I love slender beauties, but I want them to be real. Which brand is better overall and of the ones I mentioned? And yes, we are talking only about dolls, everything is very difficult with living beauties)

          1. Steven

            Hi Kar,
            For your first question, the head most likely won’t look proportional. That head was designed specifically for a BBW-style body, meaning it will be bigger than other heads. It’s also not a good idea to mix-and-match heads of noticeably different heights otherwise you get the big or small head syndrome.
            As for mixing-and-matching heads between different brands, I personally don’t recommend it (unless they’re from the same factory). Not only will the skin tone differ, but head and neck sizes also differ. It will attach properly if it’s the same connection (usually M16), but I’ve seen many examples of weird combinations where the head or neck looks too big, long, or small between brands. However, many people do successfully mix-and-match heads and bodies so it’s just something you have to research. For example, looking for examples on Dollforum.
            As for slender dolls (and I’m assuming you also want a tall one), I think you already found the right brands. WM Doll, Starpery, and Zelex are the first ones that come to mind. There’s probably some other ones. Maybe visit some vendors and sort by height.

  13. Kittee

    Hi Steven
    I’ve been looking at the DXES Jane doll from the doll channel and they offer a inspection service through customs for $120 is it worth it?
    Also what are your thoughts on DXES dolls?

    1. Steven

      Hi Kittee,
      DXES is a cheaper brand. I believe they have what most cheap brands have like simple skeletons, wire wrists, gooseneck, etc. However, Ricky from TDC says they’re good quality and it fit your criteria, otherwise I wouldn’t have recommended them. You can contact them with more questions. The inspection service is probably not necessary. As for the coupon question, as I said before, there’s no websites with sex doll coupons.

    2. Kar

      Thanks Steven for the detailed answer. The store manager told me the same about WM dolls.
      I already have the next question, now for the Starpery brand, there is a beautiful head , however she comes with a body that I don’t like, for example, I would like to see her on a body that is more attractive to my taste, for example silicone-sex-doll-best-realistic-painting or Tell me, will the head taken from the body at 153 cm look proportional on the body of 174 cm?

  14. Rob

    Is it possible to have a piper doll akira customized with larger breasts? Where I go if I could do that?

    1. Steven

      Hi Rob,
      There are many different versions of Akira. The TPE 150cm B-cup and D-cup (sometimes called Large breast), silicone 160cm G-cup, as well as SAF, ECO, and the new 150cm B-cup one. Other than those, you can’t customize the breast size. The only brand I know of that lets you customize the breast size of existing dolls is Elsa Babe.

  15. Kittee

    Hi, I was wondering if they are any sex dolls that are 4ft and under 5ft and under $1000, is it possible? If so what sites would I use?

    1. Steven

      Hi Kittee,
      The short answer is yes for lesser-known brands and knockoff dolls, but no for name-brand dolls. Kimber Doll for $600 is a good starter doll but is a bit over 5ft. The only well-known brand I can think of with 125-150cm dolls for under $1000 is maybe AXB Doll (TPE). If you live in the US, you can try that cheap brand TheDollChannel sells called DXES. Otherwise, there aren’t many options other than knockoff dolls or dolls from unknown brands.

      1. Kittee

        Thank you! and what doll coupon website do you recommend?

        1. Steven

          What do you mean doll coupon website? There’s no websites with sex doll coupons. Vendors will usually show their promotions on their home page or doll listing.

  16. robert

    Which is a bigger bust size 81cm c cup or 75cm f cup? Sorry I’m bad at these things…..
    Thank you so much.

    1. Steven

      Hi Robert,
      Are 81cm and 75cm the height of the doll or the bust size? If those are the bust sizes, then technically 81cm is bigger, but smaller relative to the size of the doll in comparison to 75cm F-cup. A 75cm F-cup would imply it’s a smaller doll with big breasts. Meanwhile, a 81cm C-cup would be a taller doll with medium-sized breasts.

  17. robert

    Hi I been looking around. I want to get either the 140cm tpe akane or the 140cm tpe Abby from irokebijin. Do you know if thoese dolls have the same body with a different head? Are far as boob and butt ratios are concerned. They look close but just looking to confirm it.

    1. Steven

      Hi Robert,
      The body is the same (there’s only one Irokebijin 140cm TPE body). The heads are just different.

      1. robert

        Great thanks!!

  18. Aiden

    Is a legit site to buy from?

    1. Steven

      Hi Aiden,
      They specialize in younger dolls which some people might find controversial, but I’m pretty sure they’re legit. I don’t have personal experience with them though.

  19. robert

    Is vsdoll and Joyendoll legit?

    1. Steven

      Hi Robert,
      Both websites sell knockoff dolls with stolen photos. Lots of red flags like low prices, no brand names, and fake reviews just to name a few. I would consider them high risk, and you don’t know what you’re going to get.

  20. ryan

    Im looking for a cheaper mini sexdoll with two holes.

    thank you

  21. Tip

    Hi. can you bond large tpe parts together or bond tpe strongly to another material like wood/metal? Not sure if heat or tpe glue will be strong enough. thanks

    1. Steven

      Hi Tip,
      It’s possible to bond large TPE parts together, and probably with metal too (with the right glue), although I never heard of people bonding it with wood. However, I’m not a specialist in doll repair and don’t want to be responsible if someone messes up their doll. I suggest checking out the Dollforum repair section for more information:

      1. Tip

        Thanks for the reply. Would a neoprene rubber adhesive such as Weldwood contact cement work well with TPE?

        1. Steven

          Hi Tip,
          I noticed someone answered your question in The Doll Club discord. They probably know more than me about this.

  22. Mark

    Hello! I was wondering if you could help me verify if the website I’m planning to buy from is legit. Is a trustworthy site to choose from?

    1. Steven

      Hi Mark,
      Yes, Kumadoll is a legit and trustworthy website.

  23. Mayjim

    Hi Steven, hope all’s well with you~ 🙂

    I just wanted to know, is this website (* *) legit?

    1. Steven

      Hi Mayjim,
      That website is most likely legit. They are a Chinese vendor that used to be called fxxxdoll. Despite claiming to be the official Game Lady website and store, they are not actually Game Lady. Probably safe to order from but I don’t know anything else about them, such as whether their customer service is good or not.

        1. Steven

          Yes, that is another website that “pretends” to be Game Lady. They are run by a German vendor called Wunderpuppen. It’s possible they have permission from Game Lady to act as “official” websites; I don’t actually know. Again, most likely legit but they’re not actually Game Lady (doesn’t matter when ordering though).

          1. Mayjim

            Thanks again Steven, really appreciate you letting me know this and hope you have a great day~! 🙂

  24. Ludwig

    Hello Steven,
    I came here to ask if Hanidoll is a legit vendor. Obviously their dolls don’t look as good as those from Starpery, Gynoid etc. but nevertheless their full-sized dolls for less than $600 with free world-wide shipping and free returns seemed a bit too good to be true:

    I did find an article on your blog where you mentioned that a company that produces “knock-off” dolls sells them under this brand name, but I don’t know what that entails.

    Do I have to worry about them using toxic chemicals in their dolls?

    1. Steven

      Hi Ludwig,
      Hanidoll is an interesting vendor. They basically private label dolls from many different factories. They used to sell dolls strictly from the Aibei factory which included many knockoff dolls. Now they sell dolls from many different lesser-known factories. Mainly, the problem is because the brand is unknown, the quality is unknown (Hanidoll is not the real brand). Usually their in-stock dolls are cheap because they mass-ship them by sea. Knockoff dolls are a gamble but surprisingly, I only heard good reviews about Hanidoll so far. Probably the only knockoff dolls worth gambling on. I don’t know all the lab testing requirements in China but usually they need to have some safety reports to export. Generally, it should be safe. Just make sure you wash the doll before using it.

  25. Jammu

    Plan on buying the Marie doll from here, was wondering if it’s a good vendor choice

    1. Steven

      Hi Jammu,
      That is the official AXB Doll website. Most people I talked to had good experiences ordering directly from them (although it’s usually not recommended). Since most vendors won’t carry that 85cm doll, it’s probably fine ordering directly from them.

  26. mark

    I want to order my first doll from was wondering if they are legit, they claim to be out of Los Angeles, cant find anyone that has ordered a doll from them, thanks mark.

    1. Steven

      Hi Mark,
      Based on their low prices, poor grammar, and their About Us section, they’re based in China and not Los Angeles. Many Chinese vendors use a US warehouse address to make it seem like they’re in the US when they’re really not. Anyway, they sell cheap mini dolls including knockoff dolls. On the front page, you can see the knockoff JY and WM Dolls right away. Scroll further down and you see obviously fake customer reviews, so there’s a high chance every review on their website is fake.
      There are dolls from a brand I never heard of such as JH Doll, as well as more well-known brands like 6YE, Irontech, and AXB. For brands like JH Doll, I can’t say much about them (unknown brand + unknown quality + unknown vendor, not a good sign). Some brands like 6YE, Irontech, AXB could possibly be authentic, but as you said, there’s no “real” reviews so no one can confirm it. For those brands, you would actually be better off ordering directly from the brand than that vendor. Overall, it depends which brand you’re looking at and whether you want to take a risk or not.

      1. mark

        wanted to thank you for saving from me getting ripped off, I do read the doll forum and now I found your website, I will just use one of those trusted vendors no sense in taking any chances, I have only 1 shot at this, the bum part is I am after this specific doll its made by irontech, but I cant even find it on their website or even how to buy from them direct, which I heard it better to go through a trusted vendor just in case, the doll I am looking for is this one: if there is anyway you could guide me to a trusted vendor that I can buy this doll from, that would be great, if not I see you have some vetted trusted vendors on your site too, but I really want this doll, but not at the chance of getting ripped off, thanks Mark.

        1. Steven

          Hi Mark,
          Unfortunately, most reputable vendors don’t carry smaller dolls so the Irontech Starter Series dolls are hard to find. I don’t know much about that vendor, but they are probably fine. The other option is The Doll Channel if you live in the US (they are on my vendor list). It’s better to order through a vendor (better customer service and buyer protection) and in this case, it’s cheaper than directly from Irontech.

    1. Steven

      Hi Erick,
      The vendor you linked, MyRobotDoll, is a very good vendor for Gynoid. SiliconeLovers is good too.

  27. Ernest

    Hey Steven. You said here that this site is legal.
    It has “DOM Doll” brand dolls on it. Have you heard anything about them?

    1. Steven

      Hi Ernest,
      Unfortunately, I don’t know much about them. They are a very new brand that Kumadoll just added recently. Since I can’t find any videos or reviews about them, they are still very unknown. Generally, Kumadoll won’t add a low quality brand so it’s probably decent quality. I’m guessing they’re made in the XY Doll factory (looks similar to FU Doll), or maybe the Zelex factory (also looks similar to AXB), but I could be completely wrong. Since they’re so new, the only way to determine their quality is to figure out which factory they’re made in.

      1. Ernest

        Thank you very much, if I find out something, I will share the information.

  28. Rick

    What is the difference between piperdolls #7, 8,9,and 10 vagina structures? Can you pick which one you want built in? Or is the built in a default selection? Which one is more preferred by users?

    1. Steven

      Hi Rick,
      Piper Doll has 4 vaginal texture designs for their TPE dolls. Although it came out years ago, no one has really compared or reviewed the different textures. In other words, no one really knows how different they feel so many vendors don’t even show them as options. If I remember correctly, I believe #7 is the default one. You can choose a texture for both removable and built-in. Most customers get the default one because no one knows the difference. But if understand your textures (maybe from fleshlights), you can choose a different one.

  29. Erick

    Halo Steven, so good to know there are people who can answer questions, so:

    1- What vendor can ship to Mexico? because i’ll be there for several months.
    2- What say you, is required to open a doll factory?, would it be hard? how much? i’d love an articule on that

    1. Steven

      Hi Erick,
      1. You can ask around but most vendors won’t ship to Mexico. It’s considered a risky country where many packages are stolen or lost. There’s someone on Twitter who ships dolls to Mexico, but I heard mixed reviews about him, and one person said he’s a scammer (so I won’t say his name). Basically, ask around, but expect most vendors to say no.
      2. I don’t have experience opening a factory, but yes, I assume it will be hard and expensive. There’s many things you will need like a location, workers, material, doll molds, permits, etc. If you are working with TPE, you need good ventilation and safety equipment. There’s additional talent you need like designers, makeup artists, photographers, logistics, salespeople, and more. I don’t know all the details, but it sounds pretty complicated. Basically, you need a lot of money.

  30. Jerry

    Hi, the dolls coming from Hong Kong selling for $380; are they legit?

    1. Steven

      Hi Jerry,
      I don’t know which dolls you’re talking about but at that price, I would assume they’re cheap, knockoff dolls.

  31. Joe

    Hi Steven

    Do you know anything about the legitimacy of the Swedish vendor ?

    I saw on Irontechs website that docklandet are authorized to sell their dolls. They are registered as a business in Sweden and allow in-store pickup at their warehouse. However, on Dollforum there has been two users that say they got two WM knockoffs.

    Is it safe to order from them or should I skip them?

    1. Steven

      Hi Joe,
      I’m generally not familiar with websites that aren’t in English. From their brand listings and customization options, they seem legit although a bit low in price. Many of the dolls on their front page are the cheap Aibei dolls (which they call Entity Doll), and may not be good quality. They will have cheaper TPE, simpler skeletons, wire fingers, goose neck, etc. Overall, they could be legit but since there are no reviews, it’s all just speculation from me. Do your due diligence. The Aibei factory also makes WM knockoffs so maybe they used to sell knockoffs (as the TDF members mentioned). I can’t confirm if any of their dolls are authentic so the risk is up to you.

  32. Dennis

    I was thinking of getting a WM silicone doll from Silicone Lovers .com with all the add on its around 3k. they seem to have the best price. thanks for your time Steve

    1. Steven

      Hi Dennis,
      I responded to your email. Basically, WM Doll’s silicone dolls are relatively new and don’t have many reviews. However, WM Doll is a good brand so I assume it’s good quality and worth the price. I suggest inquiring with the vendor or silicone WM Doll owners, such as CubikoMandos on Twitter.

  33. Karl


    I was wondering which TPE was softest between WM Doll and Piperdoll?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Steven

      Hi Karl,
      WM Doll has multiple softness options (not always advertised). Piper Doll’s TPE is softer than WM Doll’s standard TPE, but WM’s Ultra-soft TPE is softer than Piper’s. It really depends on how soft you want the doll to be. Some people like soft dolls, and some people don’t. Also the softer the TPE, the more prone to tearing and damage it is so there’s some drawbacks.

  34. Karl

    Are there any dolls that has detachable arms or legs as an option ?

    1. Steven

      Hi Karl,
      JY Doll released a 165cm doll with detachable arms and legs recently. Otherwise, I can’t really think of any other ones. This isn’t a common feature, and most name brands don’t offer this. Some lesser-known brands like EL Doll and Aibei have one. There’s probably more from brands I haven’t heard of.

  35. Ernest

    Hi Steven, is this site legit ?
    I am interested in such brands as “Zelex” and “Future Doll”.

    1. Steven

      Hi Ernest,
      Their prices seem a little low, especially for TPE brands like WM and Piper Doll. However, everything else looks about right and I don’t see much red flags. They could just be a newer or less popular vendor. There isn’t much info about them online and I can’t vouch for them, so it’s at your own risk. Alternatively, many reputable vendors on my Trusted Vendors List also sell Zelex.

  36. Robert

    I’ve seen some images of the standing feet with no bolts option that look pretty bad. The lower leg was seriously deformed. Would you say that is the norm? Standing with bolts a better option?

    1. Steven

      Hi Robert,
      It varies from brand to brand. It looks fairly natural for brands such as Piper Doll, Zelex, and Irontech, but I’m not sure about other brands. I have heard that it looked bad for Sino Doll in the past. I’m not sure if they improved it or not. If you don’t have a foot fetish, standing with bolts is the better option. Although hard feet (standing without bolts) can stand, it’s not meant to stand long-term. Leaving a doll with hard feet standing for a few months will still crush the feet. It’s meant for shorter durations of standing while standing with bolts can stand long-term.

      1. Robert

        Thanks for the info. I’m leaning to one of the game lady dolls. I intend to use it for shibari practice and shibari photos so bolts are just fine I think.

    1. Steven

      Hi John,
      After looking through all their brands, they seem to be legit. Everything looks about right in terms of prices, customization options, and specs. However, their in-stock dolls raises some suspicions. Very cheap Aibei and Irontech dolls although not completely unrealistic. Those brands tend to be cheap due to mass in-stock shipments by sea. There’s still a risk factor since they’re not very well-known and also sell on Aliexpress. I can’t vouch for them so the rest is up to you. Be sure to do your due diligence before ordering.

      1. John

        Thank you Steven

  37. E

    What is your experience on penis inserts? Do they stay in well? What’s the proper way to put it in?

    I ordered a WM doll shemale insert. Thanks for your time!

    1. Steven

      Hi E,
      Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with penis inserts. This video shows you how to insert it (probably easier if the doll was laying down): According to some doll owners, it stays in place as long as you push it in all the way. You can also try water-based lube instead of powder to insert it.

  38. J

    Hi Steven, I have another question. If I select the evo skeleton do I need to also purchase the shrugging shoulders? I’m under the impression that the evo upgrade already does all of that.

    1. Steven

      Hi J,
      Assuming you are referring to Doll4Ever/DH168/Piper Doll, the EVO skeleton has shrugging shoulders. It’s part of the skeleton.

      1. J

        I’m speaking about an AIBEI model from Betty Aibei Doll – 153cm / 5’0″. On the customization I can do the free evo upgrade and at the same time I can upgrade to shrugging shoulders as a different option. So I’m guessing from your response, I don’t need that extra option then.

        1. Steven

          I recommend asking the vendor first to be sure. Never assume vendors or brands know what you mean. Doll4Ever created the term “EVO skeleton” for their enhanced skeleton but some vendors use it interchangeably with other brands. It should include the shrugging shoulders but ask the vendor to be sure. There’s some mistakes with their Aibei customization options so I recommend contacting them so they can fix it.

          1. J

            Thank you!

      1. Steven

        Hi Cristian,
        They are a very obvious knockoff doll seller. No brand names, very low prices on “WM Dolls,” and height options (indicating they all come from the same factory, but not the authentic factory, and the heights don’t match the photos). Lots of full-sized dolls listed at $599 including photos of Game Lady Dolls. This is one of the really bad knockoff vendors that just steals every photo online. None of their dolls will actually look like the photos. Their “Photos Shared By Our Customers” are also all stolen. Overall, they are a very shameless, untrustworthy, and risky vendor to order from. Most likely the same people that run VSDoll.

  39. Wes

    Piperdoll not as good as other brands?

    1. Steven

      Hi Wes,
      I think Piper Doll is a very good brand especially their TPE dolls.

  40. H

    Should I be worried about ordering the JM 65cm Chloe to Sweden? As in, is there a high risk that it will get seized, destroyed and maybe even get me into trouble with the legal system?

    1. Steven

      Hi H,
      Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with Sweden’s laws and I’m not a legal expert. You have to do your own research. I suggest asking a JM Doll vendor. Usually child-like doll laws are vague and unpredictable. I’d assume a clearly scaled down 65cm doll (with hips and breasts) would be legal, but it comes down to what the customs think.

    1. Steven

      Hi Vincent,
      Thanks for the heads-up. According to Linkdolls, they “conceived and photographed” the product so maybe they are the brand owners but it’s hard to tell. Some of their torsos are Irontech torsos but they don’t mention the brand. Since they are a vendor (according to their About Us), I doubt they created the products but are probably selling authentic ones.

  41. Jose

    I’m interested in buying my first doll (trying to get something around $200, preferably less) and I think I found one I like for $230:

    The thing is that I’ve seen the same product listed on other sites for cheaper and although I’d like to go for the cheapest price, I want to avoid a counterfeit or buying from an illegitimate vendor: ($160) ($176) ($170)

    Any advice on which one to get would be much appreciated! Thank you 🙂

      1. Steven

        Hi Jose,
        I am not an expert on torso dolls but I will give my thoughts on this. This is a generic/unbranded torso so many websites are selling it (they are vendors, not manufacturers). It is possible some could be fake since all those websites are Chinese, and most of their reviews are fake. Out of the websites you listed, the safest might be linkdolls (since they are at least TDF-approved) or Amazon. It’s possible they’re selling the same thing since there’s no brand, but many different factories could be making it. No matter what, there will be some risk in ordering this. Also keep in mind the size since that torso is pretty small and not as big as a real person.

  42. Juno

    Ima be real, I’m kind of weird, and I’m looking for something that will be my SUPREME purchase, I’m looking for a goblin girl or a kind of adult ring/grudge girl or something kinda like…monstrous yunno? Where is a safe place for something like that?

    1. Steven

      Hi Juno,
      Everyone has their own fetishes so nothing wrong with that. However, because brands design dolls to appeal to a wide audience, there isn’t too much niche or “weird” stuff out there. There isn’t a specific place to find stuff like that. I know WM Doll, YL Doll, 6YE, and Sanhui has some goblin-like heads (although they don’t really look like goblins), and there could be more in other brands. You just have to look and search around, but don’t expect much. Weird dolls are generally very uncommon. I assume a ring/grudge girl would be more about the wig, costume, and makeup. You just have to find a face that matches. I don’t know what monstrous yunno is.

  43. Jon

    I have a slightly complex question tho.
    Hi. In the future I’d like to get a Sanhui doll. Do you think a doll manufacturer like Sanhui can create a custom doll with a smiling face.
    I dont really want a new face. What I want is if they can add a smiling face to one of their doll heads. Just a modded version with a head they already have but with a smile only. Made specially for a customer.

    1. Steven

      Hi Jon,
      I suggest contacting them to find out. Their official website is If they don’t answer, you can contact a Sanhui vendor. I don’t know if they make custom heads or not, but there was one person on TDF that ordered a custom drow elf doll from them. If they agree, it will probably be expensive.

  44. Gabriel

    Would you consider a trust worthy site ?

    1. Steven

      Hi Gabriel,
      They are a well-known knockoff doll seller. They added some new brands recently like Irontech and Starpery which makes them look more legit. However, they still sell knockoff dolls which makes them risky to order from.

    1. Steven

      Hi Joe,
      Someone brought this up before. I’m not 100% sure but I suspect that website was created by a German vendor called Wunderpuppen pretending to be Game Lady. The domain was also registered in Germany.

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