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Trusted Sex Doll Websites

Buying a sex doll isn’t like buying something cheap from Amazon. A majority of top sex doll brands don’t sell on Amazon, Ebay, or Aliexpress (which are free-for-all marketplaces with lots of stolen photos) so it’s best to avoid them. Instead, you want to find a trustworthy vendor, who are authorized distributors of well-known sex doll brands. While it’s possible to order directly from a brand, I highly recommend ordering through a vendor for more buyer protection, better customer service, and sometimes lower prices as well.

Where Do I Buy a Sex Doll?​

With the rise in sex doll popularity, many Chinese stores have opened up to sell imitation or counterfeit dolls. You’ll see this a lot on marketplace websites like Ebay, Amazon, and Aliexpress, as well as their own domains. Basically, they sell cheap copies with another brand’s photos (like selling fake iphones with Apple’s photos). Knockoff dolls won’t look the same as the photo, are made of inferior quality, and will fall apart quickly.

I don’t recommend cheaping out when it comes to a sex doll. Sex dolls aren’t just for sex, but also for love, companionship, cuddling, photography, and so much more. You want something that looks good, feels good, and lasts for years. That’s why it’s important to buy an authentic doll from the original manufacturers and designers.

How Do I Find a Trustworthy Vendor?

Having run my own store in the past selling top sex doll brands, I have a good idea whether a website is legit or not. After scouring through hundreds of vendors, I created this list of my personal favorites. Not only did I personally vet each one, I gathered data and reviews from real customers on The Doll Forum, Reddit, and more. Both the doll community and I can guarantee these stores sell authentic dolls with excellent customer service and reasonable prices. They all have their own specialties, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. I recommend visiting each one because they’re all slightly different.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to contact vendors! Feel free to email them and ask them anything!

Trusted Sex Doll Vendors

Sex Dolls Shop™ is a highly prestigious sex doll vendor to order from. Their customer service is top-notch, and they offer an excellent selection of dolls at great prices. You’re not just getting a doll; you’re getting a team that cares and helps you every step of the way. They’re one of the safest and most trusted websites to order from. You can’t go wrong with them.

My Robot Doll is a trusted vendor that ships worldwide including Europe. They have the most up-to-date selection of top brands, including more elusive brands like Shedoll, TAYU, and Aotume. They’re the leading vendor for Sino Doll, and offer the hyper-realistic Top-Sino series. With excellent customer service, many satisfied customers, and highly reasonable prices, they’re a fantastic vendor to order from.

Silicone Lovers is a very popular and rapidly-growing vendor from the UK. With over 19 top brands to choose from, they have one of the largest catalogs out there. They offer both TPE and silicone sex dolls, and have very friendly and helpful customer service. Combine that with a huge selection of dolls at amazing prices, and you have an almost perfect sex doll store.

The Doll Channel is the only vendor with an active and growing Youtube channel and community. They specialize in smaller sex dolls, and can ship dolls domestically to avoid customs issues. Based in the US, they have many in-stock dolls ready-to-ship including mini dolls. Not the prettiest website, but they have affordable pricing, many in-stock wigs and accessories, and a points/reward program.

Don't Get Ripped off!

When it comes to sex dolls, there are two important things to keep in mind:

  1. Avoid cheap and counterfeit sex dolls from unknown sellers.

As they say, “You get what you pay for.” Most dolls under $1000 (except for mini dolls) are not authentic name-brand dolls. Many stores sell cheap replicas using another brand’s photos to trick customers. Not only will they not match the photos, they’re of inferior quality, and break quickly. More and more of these websites are popping up. A general rule of thumb is don’t purchase sex dolls from Aliexpress, Ebay, or Amazon. Because they are free-for-all marketplaces (both good and bad sellers), you never know what you’ll get.

2. Customer service is as important as price.

Although there are many sketchy websites out there, there are also many trustworthy vendors. But which one should you choose? The one with the lowest prices? Probably not. When it comes to expensive, luxury products like sex dolls, you need a vendor who has your back if something goes wrong. Customer service is extremely important when it comes to sex dolls (because things can be unpredictable). A reputable vendor can resolve problems quickly, and make sure you get what you paid for. Having personally been ghosted by several vendors in the past, sometimes, it’s worth paying a little more for the peace of mind.

Vendors to Avoid

SexDollGenie: Disguised as a TDF-approved US vendor, these thieves scammed me over a year ago. With non-existent customer service, they pretend to “look into” issues (for over a year) but never actually do anything. Once they send you a doll, you’re on your own – you’ll never hear from them again.

FFdolls: A knockoff doll seller who mirrored my entire blog, and changed my name to their name. People have stolen my content before (which is why I watermark everything), but never my entire website. Don’t let them steal your money next. (I contacted the brands they carry, and none of them ever heard of FFdolls)

Now that you know where to buy a sex doll, it’s time to start enjoying life again! Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

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  1. robert

    If anyone has a discord for this hobby let me know or if folks are interested I’ll start one.

    1. Steven

      Hi Robert,
      There’s a few sex doll discords out there. Some are run by vendors while others are run by the community. I think the most popular one is The Doll Club (, which is linked to the Sex Dolls subreddit.

  2. robert

    The top one sex dolls shop site is not online.. bad sign.. >> Go to youtube several xompanies showing actual product by people. Think in going to go with realdollshub

    1. Steven

      Hi Robert,
      The website works fine for me.

  3. Josh

    I wanna know if the site “DollWives” is legit. They seem a little Fishy but there’s a doll on there that I really interested in.

    1. Steven

      Hi Josh,
      They might be legit but their catalog is very outdated. It doesn’t look like they’ve updated it in over 3 years. They mainly sell WM and YL Dolls, which you can find on almost every vendor on my list. Since I never heard of Dollwives nor can I find any reviews about them, there’s some risk involved. If you want to be safe, order the doll from a more reputable vendor.

      1. Josh

        Thanks alot, I was a little skeptical of them anyway. Appreciate your input as this is a bit of a decision on which site and such to go through, I’ll def be using one of your recommend sites as it’s to much of an investment to get ripped.

  4. Graham

    Hey Steven I have question do you know any sites that have silicone head for Irokebijin 95cm I can’t find anything

    1. Steven

      Hi Graham,
      Do you mean a website that sells heads separately, or have full 95cm silicone dolls? Dollto-China is a good website to buy Irokebijin dolls. If you want to buy just a head, you have to contact the vendor. Some brands won’t ship just a head.

      1. Graham

        Ok thanks

  5. Gekkeau

    What about Moon-Doll. I bought a Zelex doll from them (still in process) and they are listed as a vendor on Zelex’s official site.

      1. Matheau

        Okay thank you very much. If everything goes well I’ll come back here and let you know. I also noticed they are on the vendor list of the official Zelex website, so that must be a good sign at the very least.

  6. SteveM

    Hi and thanks for this article.

      1. Kneiert

        Much appreciated!, steven,
        How about
        I found them on

        1. Steven

          The dolls in their brands section might be authentic (except RA Doll). Meanwhile, the dolls in their in-stock section are knockoff dolls. I never heard of them before and they don’t have an About Us section. They’re basically an unknown vendor with no reviews so ordering from them may be risky.

      1. ccrocks

        thanks a bunch

    1. Steven

      Hi Tim,
      Conquerdoll is linked in Gynoid’s official Twitter account (@GynoidDolls) so they are probably legit. They are a vendor but I don’t know who runs it, nor have I heard of anyone who ordered from them. Gynoids are very expensive so you need a really good vendor. Personally, I would choose MyRobotDoll for Gynoid; they have very good customer service. Meanwhile, I heard some bad things about Gynoid’s customer service so that makes me cautious about Conquerdoll.
      SiliconeLovers also carries Gynoid.

  7. Graham

    Hey I was just wondering if there’s any way to find a sex doll that is around 2 feet tall because I don’t have have a lot of room please me any suggestions

    1. Steven

      Hi Graham,
      2 feet is around 60cm. Some brands make 60cm dolls but not many. Off the top of my head, JM Doll and Climax Doll have some. Some lesser-known brands also have them but I’m not too knowledge about dolls that small. Usually they have wire skeletons and only a vaginal hole.

      1. Graham

        Would you know about any that are 3 feet tall also thanks I’ll check JM and Climax

        1. Steven

          The TPE Irokebijin 80cm Shiori and 90cm Akane are good choices if you like anime dolls.

          1. Graham

            One last thing can I trust JM and Climax, thank you for all the help

  8. susan

    hey steven, almost sent $1200+ to zdoll, thinking they are actually a factory and will make a moving doll, can you check on shenzhen komioh factory, their website says 9 year factory and will sell customized moving, talking, heated doll for similar price [ thanks steven ]

    1. Steven

      Hi Susan,
      Sorry, I saw your last comment but I thought it was an ad so I didn’t reply. Komioh doesn’t look legit to me. Their prices are extremely low and suspicious. Their head options are a mix of JY and WM Doll photos so definitely knockoff dolls with stolen photos. Also most vendors aren’t factories (although many Chinese vendors pretend to be). Factories usually don’t speak English, let alone have their own website. Most sex doll sellers are vendors (also known as retailers and distributors). In China, they’re known as trading companies. One exception are brands who design and sell their dolls (but they still contract factories to produce them). Anyway, I would avoid that website. Even if they do send you a robotic doll at that price, it will probably fall apart quickly. Even high-end brands can’t get their electronics right so doll electronics usually aren’t recommended.

      1. susan

        really is a jungle, still trying to get those full feature moving dolls

  9. tim

    I tried looking at and found a doll I like. But it still seems like a scam. There’s alot of red flags, like pricing, height differences for the same doll, long names for dolls. I wanted to see how they accept payment jsut to see if they seemed legitimate. And they sent me a paypal invoice. Super sketchy. I even contacted them to see pictures of the doll i was interested in, and they said they could not provide them

    1. Steven

      Hi Tim,
      I am fairly certain that Kumadoll is legit. They are highly regarded in Japan as well as with the brands they sell. However, you are 100% correct with the red flags as they contain most of the red flags I have talked it. They are one of those exceptions and I have considered removing them because of it. Kuma-doll is based in Japan, and their global website, Kumadoll, is based in China (Same company, different teams). They have many older Japanese/Chinese website practices, which I agree doesn’t look good for them. As for the PayPal invoice, they determined this was the easiest payment method because banks/credit cards commonly blocked international payments due to risk. Kumadoll was added as an experiment because many people asked me where to buy lesser-known brands. Kumadoll is the most legit website that sells them and I did personally vet them beforehand. I will take your concerns into consideration and remove them for the time being (as their website does unfortunately share many similarities with knockoff doll vendors). However, from my discussions with them, and from people who have ordered from them, I have not heard anything bad. It’s a tricky situation but I take reviews very seriously. I appreciate your comment as this is what the comment section is for- discussing the vendors on my list. I want a list that not only I agree with, but the community agrees with.
      If possible, can you let me know which doll you looked at and what Kumadoll specifically said regarding the photos?

  10. Ben


    I recently ordered a Lara Croft doll from
    They confirmed to me by email that their website is managed by the same company that runs as mentioned before.
    They sent me some pre shipment photos of the doll and in my opinion the quality is significantly worse than what the promotional pictures showed, which I wasn’t really expecting because the FAQ of their site says the promotional photos and what I receive should be the same, but that is clearly not the case. Could you take a look at the face of the doll and see if a difference this big is standard? I want to know if I ordered from a different vendor if I would receive about the same quality or not

    1. Steven

      Hi Ben,
      Do you have anymore photos? It looks like the Lara face, but I can’t make a judgment just from that photo.

    1. Steven

      Hi Damon,
      Zlovedoll has many red flags such as their doll listings don’t show brand names, “All pictures are 100% real” line is something knockoff sellers say, the “free gifts delivered together with sex dolls” makes it seem like every doll comes from the same factory, and very cheap in-stock dolls. Although the dolls in their brands section could be legit, they seem risky to order from. Sexymalena is probably legit. They are very up-to-date with Game Lady and Zelex dolls. The only red flags I noticed are their “Kendra” WM Doll has height options and their WM Dolls don’t have all the skin tone options. Otherwise, they’re probably legit but relatively new and unknown.

  11. Dante

    Is sexdollgenie a legit site?

    1. Steven

      Hi Dante,
      They are legit but I personally don’t recommend them. If there are any issues, they take forever to resolve it (if they ever resolve it at all). I’m still waiting 4 months for them to resolve something, and you can’t talk to the owners directly.

  12. Phil Pinkerton

    I found a review highly rated RosemaryDoll’s and I bought one, but I am not finding many reviews since ordering some say not good others say good. Can you give your thoughts about RosemaryDoll’s? the money is spent the Doll has not yet arrived, just want to be prepared for the disappointment if I choose wrong. it says its a WM doll

    1. Steven

      Hi Phil,
      Rosemarydoll is a legit vendor and their customer service seems good from what I can tell. WM Doll is a good brand so I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Just be sure to inspect the doll when it arrives for any damage (before “using the doll”). All WM Dolls also come with an anti-fake code to check the authenticity.

    1. Steven

      Hi Martin,
      I don’t think they are trustworthy. The first thing I noticed are dolls listed as WM Dolls that aren’t actually WM Dolls. There’s lots of knockoff dolls and photos of other brands in their WM Doll section. Some brands like Zelex might be authentic, but otherwise, there’s too many red flags like low prices, too many reviews (fake reviews), and the stretchy WM Doll section (that also has wrong customization options). Very risky website to order from.

      1. Martin

        Thank you! Do you know any other sites that have torso with head dolls? The links you provided are over my current budget.

        1. Steven

          Torsos with heads are generally expensive because mostly name-brands make them. Meanwhile, torsos without heads are much cheaper because those are more common. Usually the only dolls you’ll find for under say $1000 is Kimber Doll, mini dolls (like TPE Irokebijin dolls), knockoff dolls, and torsos/hips (without heads). For people who want to gamble on knockoff dolls, the Hanidoll Ebay store is the only one worth gambling on in my opinion. Otherwise, it’s better to play it safe and go for a more reputable brand. Unfortunately, I don’t know much places that sell torsos (with heads).

          1. Martin

            I’ll look into that, thank you for the insight.

  13. Peter

    Your website tells that and are legit. I’m wondering why they use different favicons (that small icon in your browser tab). The English website uses their own logo as favicon, but the Japanese website uses the logo of as favicon. Are they connected together?

    1. Steven

      Hi Peter,
      Interesting observation. I never noticed that. I will investigate.

    2. Steven

      I talked to Kumadoll. They said they are not related to TheSilverDoll. They said it was a random image they found and used as their favicon (on the Japanese website). Supposedly, TheSilverDoll used the same icon for their logo. Reverse image searching the icon, I found it on various websites including this one: My conclusion is it’s a generic online image that Kuma-doll used as their favicon and TheSilverDoll integrated into their logo.

      1. Peter

        Thanks for your reply.
        I will send you an email soon.

    1. Steven

      Hi zhang,
      They are most likely legit. They have some kind of connection to Game Lady. I think they are one of Game Lady’s photographers, and they also run Game Lady’s social media.

  14. John

    I’ve purchased both a Gynoid Model 11 and WM 164F from Don at Mon Amour Toujours. He’s great with both customer service and very, very competitive pricing. In my opinion, you should consider mon amour toujours as a trusted vendor

    1. Steven

      Hi Steve,
      I wouldn’t recommend either of them. The first one sells knockoff dolls with fake reviews. The second also sells knockoff dolls and has a history of shady business practices (like photoshopping their logo into other companies’ photos). They have a brand section now with dolls that might be authentic, but it’s hard to trust them when their front page is mostly knockoff dolls. Ultimately, the risk is up to you. They’re basically two unknown Chinese vendors.

  15. Bill

    Is VSdolls a legit company?Any information on them would be appreciated,thank you

  16. dcc

    Any idea on Irontech, Zelex, and YL seem to list them as authorized vendors, but unsure how much those “endorsements” are worth at the end of the day.

    1. Steven

      Hi ddc,
      They might be legit. Everything looks about right in terms of brands, prices, customization options, and specs. However, they are very new and I haven’t heard any reviews about them. Some red flags I found are no “About Us” section, and their Return Policy page is unreadable (white text that can’t be highlighted). They do have the authorized reseller letters as you mentioned which is a good sign. Ultimately, it’s up to you, but ordering from a relatively unknown vendor can be risky.

    1. Steven

      Hi Sean,
      I’m guessing they’re legit. They are very up-to-date with new models, and the prices, specs, and customization options look correct. However, I haven’t heard any feedback about them. They are a relatively unknown Chinese vendor so it’s at your own risk.

    1. Steven

      Hi Bilbo,
      Yes, they are legit.

    1. Steven

      Hi Bryan,
      The first website sells knockoff dolls, and looks very weird and unprofessional with random space videos. I wouldn’t trust ordering from a website like that. The second website also sells some knockoff dolls. Their AI-Tech dolls for only $1000 make them seem very suspicious. I know some people that ordered from them and got what they ordered, but the dolls are on the cheaper side. One person told me the full-sized doll he received from them looked similar to the photos but was very heavy, leaked a lot of oil, the wrist broke within the first week (wire wrists), and the TPE split and cracked very quickly. He threw the doll away after 2 months.

  17. Bill

    Do you know sir,if VSdoll are Legit.Thank you

    1. Steven

      Hi Bill,
      They are a well-known knockoff doll seller. The low prices make it obvious, and most of their photos are stolen from other brands like WM or JY Doll. They even stole some Game Lady Doll photos. I really don’t know what you’ll receive if you order from them; probably cheap dolls from Aliexpress.

  18. Dude

    Do you know anything about ?

    1. Steven

      Hi Dude,
      I never heard of them. Some of their brands like Irontech and Aotume might be authentic, but they also sell knockoff dolls with WM/JY Doll photos. Pretty much every doll in their in-stock section are knockoffs based on the price. I don’t know much else about them but they are a Chinese vendor with a German website.

  19. Rich

    Looks like Game Lady has their own website up now. Is that legit theirs? Pricing seems lower than others, so I take it they sell direct?
    Seems they only sell full dolls though. No extra heads.

    1. Steven

      Hi Rich,
      Someone brought this up before. I suspect that website was made by a German vendor called Wunderpuppen pretending to be Game Lady Doll. The domain was registered in Germany as well. Game Lady does not have a website or social media. They are very secretive, and their social media is run by a vendor called Fxxxdoll.

    1. Steven

      Hi Alex,
      Their pages and listings do look similar. For example, their FAQ pages are nearly identical. They both sell knockoff dolls, most likely from the Aibei factory. The doll you linked is Aibei’s imitation of the ‘WM Doll 166cm C-cup with Head #273.’ There are many red flags on their website like claiming to be in business for 15-20 years when their websites were only made 1-3 years ago, height options (which trustworthy vendors don’t have), and no brand names. They both say something like “the doll will 100% look like the photos” or “you will get the exact same doll as the photos” which is a big red flag (It’s the most common thing Aliexpress knockoff sellers write). Some of their dolls could be authentic like the Irontech dolls, but they cost more than reputable stores so why take the risk? Ultimately, it’s up to you, but I would consider them high risk.

      1. Alex

        Hi Steven.
        Thank you very much for taking a look at them.

        The thing is, I already bought one, so I contacted with support from the shop and they responded in about 7 minutes and said that If I wanted to return it there was no problem. I only have to leave it in the box without using it.

        I also talked to them about the second page and the identical FAQ and they said that they own both pages so they can reach more people…

        In the end I will return the doll and I was looking in one of the trusted websites and saw this:

        Looks good, but I would like to see more photos, If I ask the support team they can get them for me?
        What brand would you recomend?

        1. Steven

          Yes, don’t be afraid to contact vendors. You should ask if they have any factory photos of the doll. However, since that is a fairly new head, they might not have any. WM Doll is a good brand.

  20. Dennis

    Hi Casablanca,
    I can confirm that Dollsclub, Dollpark and Wunderpuppen are fine. I bought from each shop a doll and I got them all. You get updates about your order via email (with some photos, too).

    1. Steven

      Hi Jay,
      Kumadoll is a legit vendor although I don’t like how they listed those prices. Required customization options will raise the price. I don’t know much about Cosdoll. There is a Cosdoll that makes knockoff dolls and there is another Cosdoll that makes Silicone Head+TPE body dolls. I don’t know if they are the same, but it doesn’t seem like it. MLW is very popular in Asia and I heard good things about them. Otherwise, I don’t know too much about those brands.

    1. Steven

      Hi Casablanca,
      I’m not very familiar with German vendors. The most recognizable is Dollstudio, which is legit. Wunderpuppen is probably legit too. Dollslounge sells very few dolls so I can’t say much about them. For the rest that I didn’t mention, their prices seem a bit too low.

      1. Casablanca

        thanks! and what could happen if i buy a doll at dollsclub if you say that the prices seem to low?

        1. Steven

          Low prices could indicate knockoff dolls. Their WM Doll prices seem very low even if you choose the correct height. However, they could still be legit; their profit margins could just be very low. As I mentioned before, I don’t know much about German vendors. Their website is one of the harder ones to predict. Ultimately, the risk is up to you.

  21. WILWIL

    Is this site safe and legal?
    How can I find out about their safety?

    1. Steven

      Hi Wilwil,
      It’s hard to tell since I can’t read Japanese. Their brand listings and customization options look correct, but some of the prices seem a bit low unless I converted the currencies wrong. It’s mainly the TPE doll prices that seem a bit low. They could be legit but I don’t really know. I think they only ship to Japan.

      1. WILWIL

        Thanks for your answer.
        I have placed an order at KUMA DOLL.

    1. Steven

      Hi T,
      They could be legit but I’m not a big fan of their website. They are unclear with brand names and missing a lot of customization options like skin tone options. Some of their descriptions were copy-and-pasted from MySiliconeLoveDoll (they forgot to remove the name), and that Yotpo review badge looks fake. Overall, they seem a bit unprofessional to me. I personally wouldn’t order from them but it’s up to you. They are TDF-approved but I don’t agree with every vendor on their list.

  22. J

    Is the website/company Amwama legit?

    1. Steven

      Hi J,
      I never heard of them before and I don’t know much about torso dolls. I was suspicious of their reviews so I pasted some into Google, and found the same reviews on other websites. I don’t know who copied who, but their reviews could be fake. However, they also sell on Amazon and the reviews there seem mostly positive and real, so the risk is up to you. With torsos, a lot of them are usually smaller than a real woman so pay attention to the dimensions. Otherwise, I don’t know much else about them. I know Tantaly is a popular torso website in the doll community, but I don’t know any other ones.

    1. Steven

      Hi Adam,
      They might be legit although the cheap WM-imitation Aibei dolls on their front page don’t leave a good first impression. Looking through the brands they carry, the prices, customization options, and specifications seem about right. Oddly, several brand pages are blank. The Linkooer brand dolls look very familiar, but I don’t recognize the actual brand. Overall, they might be legit but if you want to order a name-brand doll, I would personally choose a more reputable website. The prices are about the same and you’ll get peace of mind ordering from a more established vendor.

      1. Adam

        Thanks for the reply I actually made the order before asking the question and wanted some confirmation and it seems like they are legit. Here are the photos I got for my order [link removed]

        1. Steven

          Hi Adam,
          I don’t recognize the factory in the photos but the doll looks good. I’m guessing it’s one of their Linkooer brand dolls? If those are the actual photos of your doll, it looks good appearance-wise. Quality-wise, I don’t know since I never heard of that brand. Just be on the lookout for any damage or problems when the doll arrives. One issue with those factory photos is they don’t show the vagina or feet. Ideally, you want to see all of the doll before approving it for shipping. I will delete your link because it shows your full name.

            1. Steven

              I suspected that maybe JX Doll was the brand since the SKU for Linkooer dolls has “JX” in it. However, I never heard of JX Doll, and the JX Doll website looks odd and unfinished with placeholder photos and some blank pages. Their About Us section is also copy-and-pasted in different fonts, which looks unprofessional. If they are the actual brand, they are not very well-known. Anyway, it should be fine; just have a back-up plan in case something goes wrong. The metal under the feet are the bolts for “standing feet.” They aren’t meant to be covered up.

              1. Adam

                Yeah very weird that other sites that are selling their stuff have much better sites. What do you mean by a back up plan?

                1. Steven

                  Many brands or manufacturers have bad websites since they don’t specialize in sales. It’s pretty common in China. By back-up plan, I mean understand the return/refund policy, buyer protection from your payment method, and be sure to document any issues with the doll (with photos and videos) in case something goes wrong. Many people are quick to “use” the doll when it arrives, but that usually makes the doll unreturnable. Hopefully, everything works out and you won’t have to do any of that, but it’s better to be prepared.

              2. Adam

                Ahh got it ill make sure to check it properly. And from the faq on the site seems like there is buyer protection . Other than that do you know where I can get a storage case for the doll? Are they all that expensive?

                1. Steven

                  Storage cases are expensive due to the international shipping costs of big and heavy items. They also got much more expensive recently for some reason. Hanging a doll is the best way to store it long-term so a storage case isn’t really necessary, but there’s some advantages like being able to hide your doll short-term and more protection during shipping. Some people build their own or find something locally that can fit the doll. The latter is pretty difficult though. I’ve seen some people store their dolls in Christmas tree bags. I guess you have to be creative to save money. Anyway, all storage cases from China will be expensive.

                2. Adam

                  Yeah the prices are ridiculous. Unfortunately I do not have the space nor privacy to get the hanging rack. Most likely going to make the box myself.

    1. Steven

      Hi Bob,
      Both websites sell knockoff dolls with stolen photos. The biggest red flags are extremely low prices, no brand names, and incorrect customization options. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were somehow connected because they have the same listings and prices. This is also the first time I’ve seen knockoff Game Lady Dolls (listed at $599). Very shameless marketing, and they stole photos from almost every popular brand. I genuinely don’t know what you’ll receive if you order from them.

  23. k.b..

    selam ben bir siparis ettim yanliz bana daha degisikigini gonderdiler cinden ne yapmam gerekli bana yardimci olurmusunuz

    1. Steven

      Hi k.b.,
      Contact the vendor asap with photos. Don’t “use” the doll otherwise you can’t return it.

    1. Steven

      Hi Ryan,
      The first website sells knockoff dolls (with stolen photos) and has lots of fake reviews. The 2nd website is like the first one but on steroids. They all have red flags like extremely low prices and no brand names. Sexindoll has many dolls with over 70 reviews each which is just a huge red flag. Turns out most their reviews are fake. The customer photos were stolen from other websites like RealLoveSexDolls (who publicly displays customer photos). Knockoff dolls are a gamble so the risk is up to you. The 2nd website is much more shady.

      1. Ryan

        Thank you, what are some good questions to ask them to see how legit they are.

        1. Steven

          You can ask to see factory or warehouse photos of the doll you’re interested in (to get a better idea of what it actually looks like). Ask them any other questions you have. I don’t know if there’s any good, specific questions to ask since knockoff sellers will lie and say yes to everything. If you ask if their dolls are authentic, they will say yes even if they’re not. It’s a gamble since these websites usually have fake reviews and there’s no off-site reviews about them. Have a backup plan in case something goes wrong. They usually will send you a doll. The gamble is whether the quality is good or not.

          1. Ryan

            I asked for some pictures and google image searched the images that I got, and they seemed to be original pictures because google didn’t say they were from other sites.

            Does this change your opinion at all?

            Thank you

            1. Steven

              No. The purpose of factory photos (for me) is to see which factory the doll is from. For example, if they are using WM Doll’s promo photos but the background in the photo is not WM Doll’s factory (Jinsan), then they are knockoffs. The prices alone tell the story since they are too cheap to be authentic. However, not all knockoff dolls are bad. They’re just more of a gamble.

  24. Sergey

    Hi! Is this two websites are ok/legit?
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Steven

      Hi Sergey,
      Moon-doll might be legit but they sell some brands I never heard of. Also the prices of their in-stock Irontech and 6YE dolls are suspiciously low. I personally wouldn’t order from them but they could be legit. Some of the dolls at Urdolls might be authentic but I never really liked their website. It’s very messy with different brands and prices all over the place. Their authorization letters are also very strange- every brand’s certificate is written in the same format and looks fake. Both websites could possibly sell authentic dolls, but I’m not really a fan of either of them. There’s enough red flags that I would consider them risky to order from.

  25. David

    This will my first doll. Is this website legit. Spartan specializes in male dolls

    1. Steven

      Hi David,
      Yes, that website is legit but I don’t know much else about them.

    1. Steven

      Hi Erick,
      They are TDF-approved but I don’t particularly like them. They don’t clearly show the brand names, some dolls are priced oddly low, some have breast size options which doesn’t make sense, and their catalog is very outdated. Also their Dollforum section is largely abandoned, and many posts suggest they are unresponsive with poor customer service. I personally would not recommend them.

    1. Steven

      Hi Thomas,
      I can’t access the website. It says “Access Denied.”

  26. Michael

    Hello Steven.
    Is Alright?
    i am planning on buying my first one but i can’t afford 1,000 at the moment

    1. Steven

      Hi Michael,
      That does not look like a good website. It looks like an Aliexpress dropshopping store. Everything there are just random Chinese products. The sales gimmicks like “x people purchased this product” are fake as well as some dolls listed at $69. Judging from the description and censorship on the photos, I’m pretty sure all the dolls are from Aliexpress. Unfortunately, the only dolls you can find for under $1000 are Kimber Doll, mini dolls, and knockoff dolls.

      1. Michael

        Sigh Well That’s just Grand. Not much picky on products though like i mention, can’t really afford 1,000 Doll and Above. But i guess its not meant to be ether way.

        Thanks Steven.

    1. Steven

      Hi BW,
      They might be legit but I’m not a big fan of their website. They have misleading prices due to the lowest height selected by default, incorrect WM skin tone options, fake reviews, and fake sales gimmicks like x sold in 48 hours. Something just feels off about their website. While their dolls could be authentic, there are better websites to order from in my opinion.

  27. Andy

    Is legit? They have some great clearance prices and I kind of want to buy one but I’m unsure of quality.

    1. Steven

      Hi Andy,
      That is the official website of a brand called SiliDoll, which is a real brand. I heard some good things but I don’t know much about them. They had that clearance sale on their website for months now so that’s a bit strange. They are not very well-known. You can probably find more information here:

  28. Bill

    Is legit? I’ve been considering one of their products and I would like to know if they are legit.

    1. Steven

      Hi Bill,
      Some people don’t like YourDoll because they may have sold knockoff dolls in the past. However, nowadays they’re probably legit. A brand (I think it was SE Doll) told me YourDoll was their best vendor so I can only assume they’re legit. Their prices do seem a little low- Not knockoff prices low, but barely any profits low. Maybe it’s just because they’re a Chinese vendor. Ultimately, it’s up to you. They are probably legit but have a controversial history, and I don’t know much about their customer service.

    1. Steven

      Hi Co,
      They are a typical knockoff doll website with stolen photos. Going through their brands section, it’s possible some brands are authentic like Aotume (based on the customization options), but their front page are all knockoff dolls (low prices, no brand names, and stolen WM/JY Doll photos). It’s at your own risk, but I personally wouldn’t order from them.

  29. Kat

    Hi Steven,

    is this site a scam site?
    I tried checking a lot of the information on the site and it looks so far legit.
    But not sure because they’re not on the TDF for some reason.
    Most likely since they have the same name as Realdoll?

    Kind regards,


    1. Steven

      Hi Kat,
      They are most likely legit. Many people on TDF ordered Game Lady Dolls from them. Their customer service is supposedly good although I emailed them weeks ago and they never replied. They’re probably safe to order from but I suggest checking out their customer service first.

      1. Kat

        Ok, thanks Steven!

        Will first check out their customer service. =D

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