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Trusted Sex Doll Websites

Buying a sex doll is not like buying something cheap from Amazon. A majority of top sex doll brands do not sell on Amazon, Ebay, or Aliexpress so it’s best to avoid buying sex dolls from those websites. Because sex doll manufacturers specialize in production and designing rather than sales, their dolls are mostly sold through their distributors, usually known as vendors. As a distributor, vendors get discounts from the factories, and can usually offer better prices, buyer protection, and customer service than buying directly from the factory.

Where Do I Buy a Sex Doll?​

With the rise in sex doll popularity, many Chinese stores have opened up to sell imitation or counterfeit dolls. It’s harder than ever before to find a legit sex doll store. Counterfeiters will take photos from top brands such as WM Doll, and use it as their own. Cheap, imitation dolls won’t look the same as the photo, are made of inferior quality, and will fall apart fairly quickly.

I don’t recommend cheaping out when it comes to a sex doll. Sex dolls are not just for sex but also for love, companionship, cuddling, photography, and so much more. You want something that looks good, feels good, and lasts for years. That’s why it’s important to buy an authentic doll from the original manufacturers and designers.

How Do I Find a Trustworthy Vendor?

Most of the sex doll stores listed below are TDF-approved vendors. They were rigorously vetted by the biggest and most trusted doll community on the internet (The Doll Forum). I have also personally vetted each one of them. Because I ran my own store and worked with top brands in the past, I know for a fact that these websites are legit. The TDF community and I can both guarantee they sell authentic dolls at highly reasonable prices, and have the best customer service available. You simply cannot go wrong with any of these websites. I recommend visiting each one because they all have a slightly different selection of dolls.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to contact vendors! Feel free to email them and ask them anything!

Trusted Sex Doll Vendors

Sex Dolls Shop™ is a highly prestigious sex doll vendor to order from. Their customer service is top-notch and they offer an excellent selection of dolls at great prices. You’re not just getting a doll, you’re getting a team that cares and helps you every step of the way. They are one of the safest and most trusted websites to order from. You simply cannot lose ordering from them. 

Silicone Lovers is a very popular and rapidly-growing vendor from the UK. With over 19 top brands to choose from, they have one of the largest catalogs out there. They offer both TPE and silicone sex dolls, and have very friendly and helpful customer service. Combine that with a huge selection of dolls at amazing prices, and you have an almost perfect sex doll store.

The Doll Channel is the only vendor with an active and growing Youtube channel and community. They specialize in smaller sex dolls, and can ship dolls domestically to avoid customs issues. They have many in-stock dolls ready to ship in the USA including mini dolls. Not the prettiest website, but they have very affordable pricing, many in-stock wigs and accessories, and a points/reward program.

My Robot Doll is a trusted vendor that ships worldwide including Europe. They have a large selection of top brands, including more elusive brands like MZR Doll, TAYU, and Aotume. They are the leading vendor for Sino Doll, and offer the hyper-realistic Top-Sino series. With excellent customer service, many satisfied customers on TDF, and very reasonable prices, they are a fantastic vendor to order from.

Doll to China is a highly popular international vendor well-known in the sex doll community. Their excellent customer service and strong relationship with manufacturers has earned them a strong reputation for over 6 years. They carry a large variety of TPE and silicone brands at excellent prices, but are outdated on some brands such as WM Doll. Overall, they are one of the top global vendors to choose from.

Silicon Wives has been in business since 2015. They offer popular TPE brands such as WM Doll, as well as some silicone brands like Sanhui. With years of sex doll experience, an easy to navigate website, and good customer service, they are a great, reliable website to order a doll from. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and make it easy to find the doll you’re looking for.

Sex Doll Genie is professional and trustworthy sex doll vendor. They have a huge selection of dolls including both TPE and silicone dolls, fast customer service, and a US shipping option (where they clear customs and then ship you the doll domestically). They are a fast-growing company with premium service.

Sexy Sex Doll is a very popular TDF-approved vendor that ships worldwide. They have personally visited the factories of the brands they sell, and are highly experienced in sex dolls. They offer a huge selection of top brand dolls, provide excellent customer service, and have a special reward program to shop and earn points. You can use the points for discounts on future doll purchases.

Real Love Sex Dolls is one of the most popular and most trusted sex doll stores on TDF. They offer a great selection of WM Dolls, and are currently adding more brands such as Piper Doll. They are one of the oldest stores out there, yet continue to be one of the most modern. They also have great seasonal promos and deals often, so be on the lookout!

Don't Get Ripped off!

When it comes to sex dolls, there are two ways to get ripped off:

  1. Buying a cheap or counterfeit/imitation sex doll from an untrustworthy vendor.

As they say, “You get what you pay for.” Most dolls under $1000 (except for mini dolls) are not authentic top-brand dolls. Many stores sell cheap replica dolls using another company’s photos to trick customers. The dolls they sell will not look the same as the photo, are of inferior quality, and break quickly. More and more of these websites are popping up. A general rule of thumb is do not purchase a sex doll from Aliexpress, Ebay, or Amazon. Top doll manufacturers do not sell on any of these websites.

2. Paying overpriced for the same doll you can get elsewhere for less.

With the fear of getting scammed, many people are paying premium prices in hopes of getting an authentic doll. But why pay more for the same doll you get get elsewhere for less? Many trusted stores are taking advantage of people’s fears by raising their prices for extreme profits. Having run a sex doll store in the past, and from my relationships with top brand manufacturers, I can easily tell whether a store is legitimate or not. As long as you buy a doll from one of the websites I shared, you will always get an authentic doll at the lowest prices possible. 

Now that you know where to buy a sex doll, it’s time to start enjoying life again! Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

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  1. bobby

    is a good website for buying dolls or a scam?

  2. XDsloan

    hey, when i went to join the doll form as my own seller, i followed the rules and then did what i thought was right to get my custom made dolls sold, or at least hook up with a vendor to do so, instead, the staff immediately accused me of some bogus claims, stated i was harassing them when i spoke back, then outright banned me, im certain some angsty sjw female and her simp team members were responsible for that, however, its left me flabbergasted as to exactly why they treated me that way? i have no credibility, im starting off legit, i made my own models to be turned into real toys/dolls, a real short and easy process, that was temporarily de-railed thanks to shitty SJW’s and beta male simps (i can only presume, i have the whole email chain which reeks of it), i wouldnt make good comments on thedollform especially if their being shady like that, not until there staff removes those troublesome people and they turn a new page(seriously, my creations are Lucartive, could have then made a small fortune, still can though, just focused on other things, because i have a diverse skill set)

  3. James

    This is my first time considering purchasing. Any recommendations? I’m interested in a mini fantasy sex doll.

    1. Steven

      Hi James,
      Maybe an Irokebijin 80cm Shiori or 90cm Akane. I don’t know much mini dolls since most vendors don’t sell them. If you live in the US, TheDollChannel has a decent selection and some in-stock.

  4. KEI

    「」 is true or fake?

    1. Steven

      Hi KEI,
      They could be legit but they sell a lot of lesser-known and knockoff brands. A commenter ordered a Game Lady doll from them but I haven’t heard back from him yet. I would say it’s a bit of a gamble since they sell a lot of cheap brands. Their name-brands could possibly be authentic but I haven’t heard any reviews about them.

      1. KEI

        Thank you for your reply

  5. Nigel

    I’ve think i may have found a legit website it’s called but for some reason I can’t get my transactions to go thru to save my entire life ..idk if it’s error on their end or if my bank is not allowing authorization without a confirmation

    1. Steven

      Hi Nigel,
      That isn’t what I would consider a legit website. They sell very cheap knockoff dolls. Basically imitations with stolen photos and no brand names. The risk is up to you but you won’t receive the same doll as in the photos. As for the payment issue, that is somewhat common. Your bank sees a large payment to an international website (in this case, China) so they are blocking the transaction. If you are sure about this purchase, you have to contact your bank to approve the transaction.

    1. Steven

      Hi Matta,
      Rosemarydoll is most likely legit. I don’t see any red flags other than that “sales timer” that I’m not a fan of. They have all the brand authorization letters and recently became TDF approved. All their brands, pricing, customization options, etc look correct.

      1. Matta

        Well after much research and several days to consider my options, and price range I decided on a 6YE doll from this website. Due to the the new 6YE dolls “possibly” being lower maintenance and not needing oil or powder! I’ll update as to weather or not it is legit once I receive it.

        1. Matta

          They are most certainly a scam site! The doll I received has no 6YE brand on the head, wrong head neck connection, no vaginal cavity, and the doll itself has the wrong dimensions!

          1. Steven

            Hi Matta,
            Are you referring to Rosemarydoll?

            1. Matta

              Yes, I’m requesting my money back now but I doubt i’ll ever see it again. I’ll fight them to the end over $1,500! I tried to educate myself before buying, thought I was making an educated decision, but I guess I’m still just to naive on this topic to really be able to spot the scams yet!

              1. Steven

                Sorry to hear that. I did not expect this from Rosemarydoll, but there could be more to this story. I recommend contacting the vendor about this first. You should also make a post in the “6YE” or “Dolls in General” on Dollforum with photos and ask if you received a knockoff. You should gather as much information from others first (preferably 6ye owners). Since Rosemarydoll is a TDF vendor, you have a high chance of some kind of resolution whether it’s a refund or a replacement doll.

                1. Matta

                  Oh it’s definitely a fake 100%! it has no vagina. I wish I would have know this sooner but I went to the official 6YEglobal website to check their registered vendors list and just found that Rosemary Doll is not listed as an official vendor for 6YE. But I have to admit they have a very well planed scam site. it looks very legit.

                2. shirely

                  Hello Matta, how are you? This is shirely and I am the official representative of the 6ye factory. We are so sorry to let you confused. We shipped this doll directly from our warehouse, so it must be a 100% genuine 6ye doll. The old mold we used was so worn that there was no logo on the back of your doll’s head. As compensation, we will send you a new 6ye head. RosemaryDoll is our verified vendor and all 6ye dolls on this site are 100% authentic, please rest assured to buy.

                  Our official website is, and 6yedollglobal is one of our vendor that is located in Hong Kong. And our official email is If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

          2. Rose

            Dear friend, we are very sorry to hear that your doll has no 6YE logo on the head. We fully understand how disappointed you are. And we have talked with the 6ye factory seriously and confirmed that this is a genuine 6YE doll. This doll was shipped from the 6YE warehouse directly. Because this old mold is so worn, there’s no logo mark on the back of the head. We have asked the factory to make a new doll head for you as compensation, and we will send it to you as soon as possible.

            We never sell any fake dolls on our site. And 6YE staff will contact you by email to explain this problem and confirm that we are a legit vendor.

            Apologize again!

            1. Rose

              Dear Matta, we have contacted the 6YE and received their reply. They suggest you spread her legs and insert the vagina. Also, you could use some oil. There is not too much oil on their doll’s skin, please be understanding! Please have a try, if it doesn’t work, please contact us at

              Their official website is, and 6yedollglobal is one of their vendor that is located in Hong Kong. That is why you cannot find us on this vendor’s website and we cooperate with their official factory directly. 6YE and HR are in the same factory, so you could contact the HR factory to confirm it. The 6YE official email is They have sent you an email to explain this problem. And we have asked them to make a new doll head for you as compensation. Please notice that the 6yedollglobal in the TDF is their Hong Kong vendor. I am sure that Steven could confirm these as well.

              From my latest information, the brand long will disappear after long-time use.

              We are really so sorry for making you confused. To be honest, we were shocked when we received your feedback.

              Finally, thank you so much, Steven!

  6. Michael Hernandez

    Hi there,
    What about They seem to be legit, just asking. Does anyone know anything about it?

    1. Steven

      Hi Michael,
      They sell knockoff dolls. That website is actually one of the least legit-looking sites I’ve seen. Low-priced knockoff dolls with stolen photos, photoshopped their logo on an easily-recognizable RealDoll photo, weird domain name and misspelled their name in the About Us section, lies about TDF and brand authorizations, has a gif of someone having sex with a doll in their descriptions, etc. Basically a combination of bad business practices and unprofessionalism on the level of scamming. I would not recommend ordering from them.

  7. George

    Silicone Sex Dolls. My apologies!

    1. Steven

      Hi George,
      What’s their link? I can’t find that website.

        1. Steven

          They might be legit. A few of the brands they carry are questionable, such as Maiden doll and Jellynew which look like knockoff brands. Their brands, specs, and customization options look correct but their prices seem a little low. Not too low but “barely any profit” sort of low which is just a little suspicious. I would recommend checking out their customer service first before ordering.

          1. George

            Thanks! I saw some positive reviews on dollforum but not a much as other more well known websites.

          2. George Alayon

            An update on Silicone Sexy Dolls. I checked on the Irontech website and they are listed as a distributor.

  8. George

    Has anyone had any experience with Silicon Sexy Dolls? They seem to have really good prices.

    1. Steven

      Hi Gino,
      They sell cheap knockoff dolls with stolen photos. There are many red flags with that website. Their website logo says “aiomi” which isn’t their website name, their About Us section says “” which doesn’t exist, and the prices are too cheap with Aliexpress-style description and customization options. I personally wouldn’t order from them.

  9. Darren

    Hello, there is 2 Piper Doll Websites…which one is authentic? or Thanks a lot!

    1. Steven

      Hi Darren, (without the s) is the official Piper Doll website. However, I recommend ordering from a vendor (such as the ones listed here) for better prices, buyer protection, and customer service.

      1. Darren

        Thank you for that fast reply! There is 1 more thing, maybe you know. Some guy on Pornhub is making doll reviews and he claims his Piper Ariel had no gel breast implants as advertised… he says Piper Doll is having issues with that factory they are in contract with and that those dolls are made without gel implants. What’s the status on this, do you know? Again, thanks so much for your information!

        1. Steven

          Hi Darren,
          Last I checked, Piper Doll has the gel implant option for both TPE and silicone dolls. I don’t know if something happened recently but most vendors still have the gel breasts option available. I recommend asking a vendor to be sure.

  10. Brennan

    Hello is a shitty site? Just curious. First time buying a sex doll and didnt have a big budget and it seemed appealing to me. Will they actually send me a sex doll or are they just going to take my money and ghost me?

    1. Steven

      Hi Brennan,
      To answer your first question, probably. They will actually send you a doll but it will be a cheap, knockoff doll, like ordering something from AliExpress. If you Google reviews about them online, it’s very mixed ranging from people who didn’t receive anything, getting a different doll from what they ordered, to getting something decent enough. They’re cheaper but it’s really just a big gamble. The photos are stolen so the doll won’t actually look like the photos either. It’s really up to you and how much you’re willing to gamble on a cheap doll.

  11. James

    Hi is legit? They look like it they have contact info and a faqs link but the prices are cheaper than I’ve seen on other sites (like thedollchannel and I’m like 90% sure they are legit)
    First time buyer trying to find a mini or small I could easily store and trying to filter through is difficult

    1. Steven

      Hi James,
      That looks like a typical knockoff doll website. Low prices and no brand names. It’s obvious when they have photos of WM Dolls for under $1000. The risk is up to you. Knockoff dolls are always a gamble in quality, and the photos are just stolen so it won’t look exactly the same. I know it’s hard to find cheap authentic dolls. The Irokebijin Akane or Shiori are popular ones around $500. TheDollChannel and Dollto-China sell them. Otherwise, buying a knockoff doll is at your own risk.

  12. Haru

    do you know where to buy the momo AXBDOLL A95 brand. I asked the Japanese he bought it for 1000$ and it’s pretty good where this doll is said to be made in China. but I can’t find a china site to buy it, do you know any site to buy the AXBDOLL A95 momo sexdoll?

    1. Steven

      Hi Haru, is the official AXB Doll website. You can also find AXB from the vendors TheDollChannel (if you live in the US) and Dollto-China. I’m guessing A95 is the head number.

  13. William

    Hey…haven’t seen anybody mention this one yet.
    Found a full body sexdoll at for under $700,which I find quite bizarre considering it’s a male one(Personal experience trying to find my first doll as of now)
    Wanting to know if it should be trusted before I give in, or if you you could point me to a trusted website where they’re are affordable one?

    1. Steven

      Hi William,
      From my research, JDLover is an Aliexpress seller selling knockoff dolls known as Entity Dolls. Those are the most common knockoff dolls from the Aibei factory. You won’t get scammed, but you’re getting an imitation- the photos are just stolen. Basically, it’s a gamble in quality, like ordering something from Aliexpress. The only authentic dolls you can find for under $700 are mini dolls (from brands like Irokebijin, JM Doll, etc) or Kimber Doll (which is technically also made in the Aibei factory but is ODM/private-labeled).

  14. William

    these stores in TDF, just because they paid. Even though it is a big forum.

    1. Steven

      Hi William,
      Vendors pay a monthly or yearly fee to stay TDF-approved, but they have to go through a rigorous approval process first. TDF vets all the applicants. Not just anyone can pay to be on TDF otherwise there would be a bunch of knockoff sites there. When I applied on TDF 2-3 years ago, they said they had too many vendors and weren’t accepting anymore. It looks like they accepted a few more since then, but they don’t just accept anyone. After getting approved, vendors have to pay a monthly or yearly fee to stay approved. Old vendors had an advantage of getting in first. Most new vendors can’t get in anymore unless they offer something different.

    1. Steven

      Hi Aspenleder,
      That website sells knockoff dolls. They will send you a doll, but the quality is a gamble similar to buying something from Aliexpress. It’s really up to you and how much you’re willing to risk. Sometimes you get something decent but much less likely at that price. It’s basically a gamble. If it’s really in-stock in Europe, then shipping will probably take about a week.

  15. richard

    I talked online from….Suddenlly they were sending me texts from a website called Sex Doll Plus there Phone number is a private residence answered by a middle eastern guy whos response was…You have the wrong Number. need I say more

    1. Steven

      Hi Kel,
      As you mentioned, lack of brand names is usually a red flag. WM Doll is a top brand name that most vendors will proudly and prominently display. Leaving it out is definitely suspicious (probably a sign of a knockoff doll). The prices also seem a little too low to be authentic. Ask them if the doll comes with a WM Doll Anti-Fake code (which all WM Dolls come with). If it doesn’t, then it’s a knockoff. Judging from their mixture and WM and JY photos (the 2 most copied brands), lack of brand names, and low prices, I would guess that they sell knockoffs. And at nearly authentic prices, that’s really getting ripped off.

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