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Trusted Sex Doll Websites

Buying a sex doll isn’t like buying something cheap from Amazon. A majority of top sex doll brands don’t sell on Amazon, Ebay, or Aliexpress (which are free-for-all marketplaces with lots of stolen photos) so it’s best to avoid them. Instead, you want to find a trustworthy vendor, who are authorized distributors of well-known sex doll brands. While it’s possible to order directly from a brand, I highly recommend ordering through a vendor for more buyer protection, better customer service, and sometimes lower prices as well.

Where Do I Buy a Sex Doll?​

With the rise in sex doll popularity, many Chinese stores have opened up to sell imitation or counterfeit dolls. You’ll see this a lot on marketplace websites like Ebay, Amazon, and Aliexpress, as well as their own domains. Basically, they sell cheap copies with another brand’s photos (like selling fake iphones with Apple’s photos). Knockoff dolls won’t look the same as the photo, are made of inferior quality, and will fall apart quickly.

I don’t recommend cheaping out when it comes to a sex doll. Sex dolls aren’t just for sex, but also for love, companionship, cuddling, photography, and so much more. You want something that looks good, feels good, and lasts for years. That’s why it’s important to buy an authentic doll from the original manufacturers and designers.

How Do I Find a Trustworthy Vendor?

Having run my own store in the past selling top sex doll brands, I have a good idea whether a website is legit or not. After scouring through hundreds of vendors, I created this list of my personal favorites. Not only did I personally vet each one, I gathered data and reviews from real customers on The Doll Forum, Reddit, and more. Both the doll community and I can guarantee these stores sell authentic dolls with excellent customer service and reasonable prices. They all have their own specialties, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. I recommend visiting each one because they’re all slightly different.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to contact vendors! Feel free to email them and ask them anything!

Trusted Sex Doll Vendors

Sex Dolls Shop™ is a highly prestigious sex doll vendor to order from. Their customer service is top-notch, and they offer an excellent selection of dolls at great prices. You’re not just getting a doll; you’re getting a team that cares and helps you every step of the way. They’re one of the safest and most trusted websites to order from. You can’t go wrong with them.

My Robot Doll is a trusted vendor that ships worldwide including Europe. They have the most up-to-date selection of top brands, including more elusive brands like Shedoll, TAYU, and Aotume. They’re the leading vendor for Sino Doll, and offer the hyper-realistic Top-Sino series. With excellent customer service, many satisfied customers, and highly reasonable prices, they’re a fantastic vendor to order from.

Silicone Lovers is a very popular and rapidly-growing vendor from the UK. With over 19 top brands to choose from, they have one of the largest catalogs out there. They offer both TPE and silicone sex dolls, and have very friendly and helpful customer service. Combine that with a huge selection of dolls at amazing prices, and you have an almost perfect sex doll store.

The Doll Channel is the only vendor with an active and growing Youtube channel and community. They specialize in smaller sex dolls, and can ship dolls domestically to avoid customs issues. Based in the US, they have many in-stock dolls ready-to-ship including mini dolls. Not the prettiest website, but they have affordable pricing, many in-stock wigs and accessories, and a points/reward program.

Don't Get Ripped off!

When it comes to sex dolls, there are two important things to keep in mind:

  1. Avoid cheap and counterfeit sex dolls from unknown sellers.

As they say, “You get what you pay for.” Most dolls under $1000 (except for mini dolls) are not authentic name-brand dolls. Many stores sell cheap replicas using another brand’s photos to trick customers. Not only will they not match the photos, they’re of inferior quality, and break quickly. More and more of these websites are popping up. A general rule of thumb is don’t purchase sex dolls from Aliexpress, Ebay, or Amazon. Because they are free-for-all marketplaces (both good and bad sellers), you never know what you’ll get.

2. Customer service is as important as price.

Although there are many sketchy websites out there, there are also many trustworthy vendors. But which one should you choose? The one with the lowest prices? Probably not. When it comes to expensive, luxury products like sex dolls, you need a vendor who has your back if something goes wrong. Customer service is extremely important when it comes to sex dolls (because things can be unpredictable). A reputable vendor can resolve problems quickly, and make sure you get what you paid for. Having personally been ghosted by several vendors in the past, sometimes, it’s worth paying a little more for the peace of mind.

Vendors to Avoid

SexDollGenie: Disguised as a TDF-approved US vendor, these thieves scammed me over a year ago. With non-existent customer service, they pretend to “look into” issues (for over a year) but never actually do anything. Once they send you a doll, you’re on your own – you’ll never hear from them again.

FFdolls: A knockoff doll seller who mirrored my entire blog, and changed my name to their name. People have stolen my content before (which is why I watermark everything), but never my entire website. Don’t let them steal your money next. (I contacted the brands they carry, and none of them ever heard of FFdolls)

Now that you know where to buy a sex doll, it’s time to start enjoying life again! Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

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    1. Steven

      Hi AC,
      Here is what I said about them before: They sell knockoff dolls and are noticeably worse than others since they blatantly sell knockoff dolls under legitimate brand names. Most knockoff sellers at least don’t claim to sell WM Dolls despite using their photos. Because of that, I would consider XNDoll to be scammers. The extremely low prices are a clear giveaway and they also have tons of fake reviews. The risk is ultimately up to you but I personally wouldn’t order from that website.

      1. Mo

        Is Legit?

  1. sleep3r

    I’ve made purchases based on your recommendations before with myrobotdoll and recently placed an order with Kuma-doll. Please let me know if you still think kuma-doll is legit.

    1. Steven

      Hi sleep3r,
      Kumadoll is legit. I personally vetted them myself but I’m always open to hear customers’ feedback about the vendors I recommend. Feel free to leave any thoughts you have about them. To ease your mind, yes they are legit. However, they sell some lesser-known brands that I don’t know much about.

  2. D

    I am trying to buy a sex doll from kanadoll or celesdolls which one would be more reliable

    1. Steven

      Hi D,
      I don’t sell sex dolls so I’m not sure why you mentioned Celesdolls. 😂 As for Kanadoll, I used to think they were legit in selling lesser-known brands, but they started selling knockoff in-stock dolls recently so they may not be as trustworthy as I thought.

  3. Andreas

    Considering getting a doll from, any thoughts on that, are they the legit site of you think?

    1. Steven

      Hi Andreas,
      Momodoll is a real brand and that is their official website. I don’t usually recommend ordering directly from brand websites but not many vendors carry Momodoll. I suggest doing some more research first and contacting them before ordering since I don’t know much about them.

  4. M


    1. Steven

      Hi M,
      They are a random Chinese vendor, which unfortunately are really the only vendors that sell mini dolls now. Other than the 100cm and 108cm WM Doll knockoffs, their Irontech, AXB, and Momodoll mini dolls could possibly be authentic (which is a guess only because the customization options look correct). However, most of their reviews are fake and I don’t know anything else about them. Like ordering any cheap product from China, the quality is a gamble and it’s at your own risk. I recommend contacting them first to see if their customer service is good or not. If you live in the US, you can also take a look at TheDollChannel which is more trustworthy.

  5. Axl

    I’m trying to get info on Jarliet 156/158cm with long, saggy, droopy hanging boobs. P-cup size chest. Not many sites sell it and I’m very skeptical – however, it’s the only roll of its type (others may have huge boobs but they look fake and too round and blown up). SDG just added the doll after I asked for it. Silverdoll has it but they don’t answer email inquiries if ever at all. Fansdolls says they have it but not TDF approved, as well as silverdoll not being TDF approved.

    There’s the aibei 158cm with the big hanging boobs but they aren’t as natural looking as the Jarliet. I know there are others too, like JY 15-something, but again, it’s the Jarliet mold that has the biggest but most natural looking boobs. Know anything about this doll, where to find it at a legit site, and any else you or anyone else can add?

    Thanks so much!!! 🙂

    1. Steven

      Hi Axl,
      Many vendors sell Jarliet but I can’t vouch for any of them other than MyRobotDoll. I suggest contacting them about the doll. In my opinion, they have better customer service than the other websites mentioned.

  6. Lee Champion

    How about Freelovedoll ? Scam site?

    1. Steven

      Hi Lee Champion,
      Yes, that is a scam website. I went through the process just to see what would happen. It asks for your credit card information and signs you up for a porn subscription. It has nothing to do with sex dolls. All the stuff in the beginning was fake.

  7. Corey

    Hi i just wanted to say, i posted here before about, I just received my order, and it came exactly like was pictured, i actually highly recommend them, and im very satisfied with my order. It was the Nezuko 🥰

    1. patrick

      it is knockoff doll?

  8. colin

    is a legit site to buy from??? i cant seem to find a good site with dolls with electric hips sucking feature vagina and mouth all sites i find look bogus can you help please if possible ??

    1. Steven

      Hi Colin,
      They sell knockoff dolls. The reason it’s hard to find dolls with the “electric hips” feature is because very few brands make them. It’s mainly made by SY Doll, who also makes knockoff dolls. From a quick Google search, a brand called CuDoll seems to have the “vagina sucking” and “electric hips” feature. For other options, SE Doll also has a robotic option where it kinda moves around, but that website does not sell SE Doll. Personally I don’t recommend electronic features for sex dolls because they are generally cheap, bad, and can break anytime, but the risk is up to you. A vender called moon-doll seems to be the most likely legit vendor that sells those “electric hip” dolls.

  9. Christian

    Hello… i was wondering about VSdoll… are they legot or scam?

    1. Steven

      Hi Christian,
      They are a very typical knockoff doll website. They sell knockoff dolls with stolen photos and most of their reviews are fake. One review describes a 164cm BBW doll as “compact and easy to move around.” Their dolls are cheap but it’s a gamble, and you don’t really know what you’re going to get. I wouldn’t recommend ordering from them but the risk is up to you.

  10. David

    What about sexyrealsexdoll or sexdoll genie

    1. Steven

      Hi David,
      Both should be legit but I’m not a big fan of them. Sexyrealsexdolls is probably fine but they never really appealed to me. They used to have high prices. Now they have low prices, and heavily promote a cheap brand called SY Doll. One of my former customers told me he didn’t like their customer service, but I don’t know much else about them. As for SexDollGenie, I used to promote them but not anymore. Everything was fine at first, but lately their customer service has been very poor so I no longer recommend them.

  11. Jeff


    Not sure if this has been asked here yet.
    I have been looking online at the doll brand DOLLXES. Then I found what might be their actual site.
    Can you confirm if this site is legit, and safe to order from or if it might be a scam.

    1. Steven

      Hi Jeff,
      I only know of them because TheDollChannel sells their brand as an affordable option. It seems DollXES is no longer just a brand, but also a vendor of other brands now. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Something’s off if a brand starts selling other brands on their website. Anyway, if you live in the US and want a DollXES, I recommend ordering one through TheDollChannel instead of directly from their website. You’ll get more buyer protection and better customer service this way. You probably can order from, but it’s riskier if something goes wrong.

  12. Quan

    Hi Steve, is is a legit site? Many thanks

  13. Travis

    Hello 🙂
    Do you have any experience with
    I’m looking to get the popular Jasmine, and they had a good price for a ‘ready to ship’

    1. Steven

      Hi Travis,
      I don’t have experience with them but they are probably legit. Everything looks correct (brands, prices, specs, and customization options). I don’t see any red flags, and they are TDF-approved. They are probably safe to order from but I don’t know anything about their customer service.

    1. Steven

      Hi Lor,
      Here’s my quick thoughts on them. Right away, their website has very bad grammar. Definitely a Chinese vendor pretending to be based in the US. Their dolls could be authentic. Although they don’t prominently display the brand names, they are sorted in the correct brand categories. They messed up on 1 Aibei listing and used WM Doll photos which is a knockoff. The reviews in their reviews section seem real although they have no reviews off-site. Overall, they could be legit but I don’t see anything special about them. I don’t see any reason to take a risk on them over a more established vendor.

  14. Chris

    Hello Steven, is legitmate? I’d also like your thoughts on safest payment method. Thanks in advance.

    1. Steven

      Hi Chris,
      They look legit to me. The brands, prices, customization options and specs all look correct. Some or many of their reviews seem fake but otherwise I don’t see any red flags. Payment with Paypal or credit card should be safe. I heard some mixed stories on Paypal- Some people said Paypal doesn’t cover adult or customized products so they couldn’t get a refund. I’m not 100% sure because Paypal is very vague and unpredictable. With credit cards, you can chargeback with solid evidence. But overall, both should still be fairly safe with some buyer protection. Just don’t wire transfer or pay with crypto otherwise you won’t get your money back.

      1. Chris

        Just a follow up. We bought an HR doll from and they were legit. Two weeks from my order to my doorstep. They appear to be a go between in Montreal. The doll is as pictured and we’re quite happy with it. This page was a great resource thanks.

  15. Chris

    Hello Steven, thank you for your efforts on this site. I’m in western Canada and was about to buy a doll from before reading your review. Unfortunately I can’t find the doll I was looking at anywhere else. If you recognize the model perhaps you could steer me to a legitimate retailer that carries it?

    1. Steven

      Hi Chris,
      The doll in the photos is a WM Doll 163cm H-Cup with Head #198. The one on that website is a knockoff with stolen photos. Every WM Doll vendor can sell that doll. If they don’t have her listed, you can contact them.

  16. John

    what if my country not allowed to import doll?
    well I have asked the trusted vendor above, some of them able to deliver it to my country with custom fee around 200-300usd, some of them also giving reimburse 50% for this. it is true?

    1. Steven

      Hi John,
      I don’t fully understand your question. If sex dolls are illegal in your country, then you cannot import them. However, if the vendors above say it can be delivered, then it is not illegal. Some countries have VAT and import fees. You can choose to pay the customs fee yourself or have the vendor arrange the payment for you.

      1. John

        actually its illegal but possible with double charge fee, I think its used to bribe custom officer.

  17. jeff

    Yourdoll is legit.
    I should know
    I was 2018 best vendor on TDF when they had the contest.
    Never had it again.

  18. Corey

    Hi, I just ordered from, ive heard different things about them ( some say very legit, some say scam) i should have did more research before purchase but i didnt. And i paid 1,300 USD.. can you tell me if this site is a scam? If it is, will i be able to get my 1,300 USD back? They were the only site i could find the doll i want ( Nezuko) so thats why i purchased. I domt guess id mind too much if its a knock off, rather than i just want the doll, and not scammed out of my money and receive nothing. Ive reached out to them with no response…

    1. Steven

      Hi Corey,
      I don’t see the doll you mentioned on their website but this is what I said about them before:
      Most likely not a complete scam as in receiving nothing, but likely of receiving a knockoff doll. Again, I don’t know which doll you ordered but it sounds like their customer service isn’t very good.

      1. Corey

        Hi Steven, im not sure how to post the link but if you could but in google search bar ” zlovedoll nezuko” it should pop up.. im very new at all this so i hope i didnt get completely ripped off. Im not sure if i should go to my bank yet or not and dispute it because im not sure if they have shipped it and just arent replying, or if they are avoiding me on purpose. I really want this doll 🙁

        1. Steven

          I see it now. That is an Aotume brand doll. Many established vendors carry Aotume now. Looking at the “Nezuko” listing and their Aotume section, I think there’s a high chance you will get authentic one. The specifications, customization options, and prices look correct. However, as mentioned before, they sell both authentic and knockoff dolls so I can’t be 100% certain. It seems the biggest problem now is their customer service. I don’t know Aotume’s production time, but if you live in the US, I’m guessing it takes around 2 weeks for delivery (1 week for production and 1 week for shipping).

          1. Corey

            Oh thank god 😂 im not too concerned if it is a knockoff, i mean yeah it would suck, but it would be better than not receiving anything. Im a huge Nezuko fan so yeah.. so, you dont think i have anything to worry about as far as receiving it? Ive just read bad things about them being scammers a couple days after purchase ( im an idiot ) its just sketchy because they dont answer the phone call, nor emails..

      2. Richard I thinks it’s good. I get a reasonable reply time on all emails. I am very careful with handling the doll I received. Only drawback. INCREDIBLE bly heavy but so far I can manage moving around.

    2. Corey

      I just wanted to clarify on this, i received my order and she came exactly how it was pictured. Im highly satisfied with my order and definitely recommend them. In my opinion they are not a scam. I just wanted to share this so they dont get a bad rep for my comment earlier

      1. Steven

        Hi Corey,
        Thanks for the update. I hope you enjoy your new doll. 🙂

  19. Fernando

    Good afternoon.
    I would like to know if in your evaluation this site is trustworthy:

    1. Steven

      Hi Fernando,
      I find zlovedoll to be a fairly sketchy website. If I go through all the brands in their “Shop By Brand” dropdown, it seems like their dolls could be authentic. However, their front page and in-stock dolls are just covered in knockoff dolls. Photos of WM Dolls for $500-800 make it very obvious they are knockoffs. Yet, they have a WM Doll section with more realistic prices. I personally wouldn’t trust a website that sells both knockoffs and authentic dolls. Many of their dolls have this “red flag” line which says “All pictures are 100% real.” Lines like that or “The doll is 100% same as the photos” are ironically the most common lies almost every Aliexpress seller uses. That just makes me suspicious. Could some of their brands be authentic? Yes. However, since every doll in their in-stock warehouses are knockoffs, and they prominently promote them on their front page, they lose credibility in delivering an authentic doll. I personally would not order from them.

  20. Jonas

    Hey, what about
    I talked to their customer service and they were super nice, showed me factory photos of the dolls
    and explained how a no customs delivery to the EU zone works etc
    but i cant find any reviews on Google or any other place. So how do i know that its legit?

    1. Steven

      Hi Jonas,
      They might be legit. Most of the brands, prices, specs, and customization options look correct, but there are a few red flags. Their WM Dolls have height options which I’m not a fan of and is misleading in price. They also don’t have all the WM Doll customization options (such as all the skin tones). They also have many fake reviews. The first review in the “review section” on the homepage literally thanks “SRSD” which is another vendor, indicating that the reviews are stolen. Many of their reviews sound fake too. Otherwise, they could be legit (they do have the brand authorization certificates which is a good sign) but there are some red flags as I mentioned.

      1. Jonas

        Thank you! So its better to stick to realdollonline or dollto-china for example?
        I really dont want to deal with some fake products
        and then fight about the money with someone on the other side of the planet.
        Do you know if realdoll or dollto-china offers some kind of no customs delivery method into EU zone?
        Sexymalena offered me a zero customs delivery by train and i know from other chinese products
        that this delivery method exists (its just very slow).
        I dont want to have to deal with customs at all, not the paperwork etc and not the hidden extra fees.

        1. Steven

          Dollto-China is a trustworthy vendor, and a few people on TDF received their Game Lady dolls from Realdollonline, which confirms their legitimacy. I recommend asking the vendors about shipping. I don’t know all the details, especially for the EU. Unless the vendor has their own logistics company, they have to work out the details with the brand.

          1. Jonas

            Thanks again. On the dollto-china website in FAQ it says
            Europe (Russia Not Included): We’ll offer free exclusive UPS shipping service, which will take care of the customs duties from our side, the customers won’t have to pay any customs fees nor taxes. The shipping will take about 10 to 15 days. So i guess that should be safe.

  21. Lato

    Hello I was wondering why was not on the rec list and if it is trustworthy? The prices and selection seem to be good.

    1. Steven

      Hi Lato,
      My list is of vendors (retailers who sell multiple brands). AXB is a real brand and that is their official website. Many of my readers ordered dolls from them before. I heard their customer service is good so it should be ok ordering from them directly. If you want the additional buyer protection of ordering through a vendor, some of the vendors in my list like TheDollChannel, Dollto-China, and Kumadoll carry them.

  22. marvin

    is legit and trustworthy seller?

    1. Steven

      Hi Marvin,
      I never heard of them but they look legit. The doll brands, specs, prices, and customization options all seem correct. At first, I thought they copied/stole a lot of stuff from a vendor called Tenderdolls. Then I found out they are related to Tenderdolls. Oliver from Tenderdolls told me they are their sister website that allows Paypal transactions. Because of the fast live chat support, I would say they are trustworthy, and I heard good reviews about Tenderdolls too.

    1. Steven

      Hi Lor,
      Some people don’t like YourDoll because of some controversy in the past. However, they are most likely legit now. They made big changes a few years ago including opening a warehouse with many in-stock dolls. A brand (I think it was SE Doll) told me YourDoll was their #1 vendor. I can only assume they are legit. No red flags on their website.

  23. morganmr

    Hi Steven,

    In researching my next doll I became enamored with a brand calling itself “Mese doll” However I can find nothing about them and they appear listed on websites that are questionable at best. I’ve linked two of the few places I’ve been able to find this doll. I’d love your opinion of the legitimacy of these websites or if you recognize the doll and have a suggestion of where I might be able to find it from a trusted seller. Thanks!

    1. Steven

      Hi morganmr,
      Mese Doll is a lesser-known brand so I don’t know much about them. I looked at a couple of websites that carry them and it looks like Mese makes both original and knockoff dolls (some websites have WM Doll photos listed as Mese). As for the vendors, Zlovedoll sells knockoffs. Kanadoll is more likely legit. I don’t know where else you can find this brand. Since they are not well-known, no established vendors carry them.

  24. Mark

    is a scam?

    1. Steven

      Hi Mark,
      That website looks like a typical knockoff doll seller. Low prices, stolen photos, lies about having “TDF certificates” in their About Us section. One of the RIDMII dolls is just a doll’s head photoshopped on a real body. Seems very sketchy with lots of lies like “10,000+ customers.” I personally wouldn’t order from them.

      1. Mark

        ok 1 more question. what about trustpilot says its legit but im still concerned. thank you in advance.

        1. Steven

          Just another knockoff doll seller. They stole many photos from brands like WM Doll, JY Doll, Irontech, etc and listed them as “Ridmii” or their own brand. Basically, they slapped their brand on unbranded, imitation dolls. Knockoff dolls are always a gamble in quality. It’s up to you if you want to take the risk or not. Their About Us section is probably the worst made-up story I ever read. I personally wouldn’t order from them, but it comes down to how much you’re willing to risk to save money.

  25. Bill

    Ussextoys….good or bad. Seen a lot of good reviews but could be bots.

    1. Steven

      Hi Bill,
      They are a knockoff doll seller from China despite the name. I’ve seen that About Us section copy-and-pasted on at least 10 other websites. It’s hard to forget the [326] employees and [30] technicians line. They are a retailer (not manufacturer) and probably run by 1 person. Anyway, these are unbranded, knockoff dolls with stolen photos. It’s a gamble like ordering something from China on Ebay or Aliexpress. In fact, these probably are from Aliexpress since they have that “You will get 100% same as picture” line in the description, which every knockoff seller uses on Aliexpress. They all share some warehouses in the US and Europe. The risk is up to you. Also, most of the reviews are fake as you guessed.

  26. Chris

    Hi Steve, is a legit site ? Thank you,

    1. Steven

      Hi Chris,
      Latex-sexy-doll is the French website of Silicone-sexy-doll. They might be legit but a few of the brands they carry are questionable, such as Maiden doll and Jellynew which look like knockoff brands. Their brands, specs, and customization options look correct but their prices seem a little low. Not too low but “barely any profit” sort-of-low which is just a little suspicious. I suggest checking out their customer service first before ordering. As an alternative, I personally recommend the vendor, MyRobotDoll– they can speak French.

  27. Steven

    I updated my Trusted Sex Doll Websites list yesterday. I removed 3 vendors whose customer service declined over time. There was simply no reason to choose them over other vendors on the list who had similar prices, brands, and better customer service. I added a new vendor, Kuma Doll, who I have been talking with for a month now. They fill the final “puzzle piece” or gap in my vendor list. This list now covers most brands and niches so there is something for everyone.
    Sexdolls-shop, SiliconeLovers, MyRobotDoll, & RLSD are excellent vendors for the Western audience, and carry most top brands. TheDollChannel specializes in small dolls (in the US). Dollto-China is a well-known vendor with lots of silicone and TPE brands, and finally Kuma Doll has over 40 brands and Eastern-oriented dolls that most vendors don’t carry. There’s something for everyone. My list is almost complete.

  28. Lor

    hello I was wondering if is legit ? Thanks

    1. Steven

      Hi Lor,
      They might be legit. Their prices seem about right although many of their brand pages are empty or only have a few dolls. Some of their brands have no customization options which is not a good look. I’m not a fan of the keyword-filled names either, but they could possibly be legit. A bit risky though since there’s no reviews or information about them online.

      1. Lor


  29. bobby

    is a good website for buying dolls or a scam?

  30. XDsloan

    hey, when i went to join the doll form as my own seller, i followed the rules and then did what i thought was right to get my custom made dolls sold, or at least hook up with a vendor to do so, instead, the staff immediately accused me of some bogus claims, stated i was harassing them when i spoke back, then outright banned me, im certain some angsty sjw female and her simp team members were responsible for that, however, its left me flabbergasted as to exactly why they treated me that way? i have no credibility, im starting off legit, i made my own models to be turned into real toys/dolls, a real short and easy process, that was temporarily de-railed thanks to shitty SJW’s and beta male simps (i can only presume, i have the whole email chain which reeks of it), i wouldnt make good comments on thedollform especially if their being shady like that, not until there staff removes those troublesome people and they turn a new page(seriously, my creations are Lucartive, could have then made a small fortune, still can though, just focused on other things, because i have a diverse skill set)

  31. James

    This is my first time considering purchasing. Any recommendations? I’m interested in a mini fantasy sex doll.

    1. Steven

      Hi James,
      Maybe an Irokebijin 80cm Shiori or 90cm Akane. I don’t know much mini dolls since most vendors don’t sell them. If you live in the US, TheDollChannel has a decent selection and some in-stock.

  32. KEI

    「」 is true or fake?

    1. Steven

      Hi KEI,
      They could be legit but they sell a lot of lesser-known and knockoff brands. A commenter ordered a Game Lady doll from them but I haven’t heard back from him yet. I would say it’s a bit of a gamble since they sell a lot of cheap brands. Their name-brands could possibly be authentic but I haven’t heard any reviews about them.

      1. KEI

        Thank you for your reply

  33. Nigel

    I’ve think i may have found a legit website it’s called but for some reason I can’t get my transactions to go thru to save my entire life ..idk if it’s error on their end or if my bank is not allowing authorization without a confirmation

    1. Steven

      Hi Nigel,
      That isn’t what I would consider a legit website. They sell very cheap knockoff dolls. Basically imitations with stolen photos and no brand names. The risk is up to you but you won’t receive the same doll as in the photos. As for the payment issue, that is somewhat common. Your bank sees a large payment to an international website (in this case, China) so they are blocking the transaction. If you are sure about this purchase, you have to contact your bank to approve the transaction.

    1. Steven

      Hi Matta,
      Rosemarydoll is most likely legit. I don’t see any red flags other than that “sales timer” that I’m not a fan of. They have all the brand authorization letters and recently became TDF approved. All their brands, pricing, customization options, etc look correct.

      1. Matta

        Well after much research and several days to consider my options, and price range I decided on a 6YE doll from this website. Due to the the new 6YE dolls “possibly” being lower maintenance and not needing oil or powder! I’ll update as to weather or not it is legit once I receive it.

        1. Matta

          They are most certainly a scam site! The doll I received has no 6YE brand on the head, wrong head neck connection, no vaginal cavity, and the doll itself has the wrong dimensions!

          1. Steven

            Hi Matta,
            Are you referring to Rosemarydoll?

            1. Matta

              Yes, I’m requesting my money back now but I doubt i’ll ever see it again. I’ll fight them to the end over $1,500! I tried to educate myself before buying, thought I was making an educated decision, but I guess I’m still just to naive on this topic to really be able to spot the scams yet!

              1. Steven

                Sorry to hear that. I did not expect this from Rosemarydoll, but there could be more to this story. I recommend contacting the vendor about this first. You should also make a post in the “6YE” or “Dolls in General” on Dollforum with photos and ask if you received a knockoff. You should gather as much information from others first (preferably 6ye owners). Since Rosemarydoll is a TDF vendor, you have a high chance of some kind of resolution whether it’s a refund or a replacement doll.

                1. Matta

                  Oh it’s definitely a fake 100%! it has no vagina. I wish I would have know this sooner but I went to the official 6YEglobal website to check their registered vendors list and just found that Rosemary Doll is not listed as an official vendor for 6YE. But I have to admit they have a very well planed scam site. it looks very legit.

                2. shirely

                  Hello Matta, how are you? This is shirely and I am the official representative of the 6ye factory. We are so sorry to let you confused. We shipped this doll directly from our warehouse, so it must be a 100% genuine 6ye doll. The old mold we used was so worn that there was no logo on the back of your doll’s head. As compensation, we will send you a new 6ye head. RosemaryDoll is our verified vendor and all 6ye dolls on this site are 100% authentic, please rest assured to buy.

                  Our official website is, and 6yedollglobal is one of our vendor that is located in Hong Kong. And our official email is If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

                3. Matta

                  Fortunately they resolved the situation.After I was provided with some factory info It turns out sometimes the dolls can have a very thick hymen material. Mine was almost two inches of material to separate. I was wrong on this one and you can remove my comments Steven, if you deem it so.

          2. Rose

            Dear friend, we are very sorry to hear that your doll has no 6YE logo on the head. We fully understand how disappointed you are. And we have talked with the 6ye factory seriously and confirmed that this is a genuine 6YE doll. This doll was shipped from the 6YE warehouse directly. Because this old mold is so worn, there’s no logo mark on the back of the head. We have asked the factory to make a new doll head for you as compensation, and we will send it to you as soon as possible.

            We never sell any fake dolls on our site. And 6YE staff will contact you by email to explain this problem and confirm that we are a legit vendor.

            Apologize again!

            1. Rose

              Dear Matta, we have contacted the 6YE and received their reply. They suggest you spread her legs and insert the vagina. Also, you could use some oil. There is not too much oil on their doll’s skin, please be understanding! Please have a try, if it doesn’t work, please contact us at

              Their official website is, and 6yedollglobal is one of their vendor that is located in Hong Kong. That is why you cannot find us on this vendor’s website and we cooperate with their official factory directly. 6YE and HR are in the same factory, so you could contact the HR factory to confirm it. The 6YE official email is They have sent you an email to explain this problem. And we have asked them to make a new doll head for you as compensation. Please notice that the 6yedollglobal in the TDF is their Hong Kong vendor. I am sure that Steven could confirm these as well.

              From my latest information, the brand long will disappear after long-time use.

              We are really so sorry for making you confused. To be honest, we were shocked when we received your feedback.

              Finally, thank you so much, Steven!

  34. Michael Hernandez

    Hi there,
    What about They seem to be legit, just asking. Does anyone know anything about it?

    1. Steven

      Hi Michael,
      They sell knockoff dolls. That website is actually one of the least legit-looking sites I’ve seen. Low-priced knockoff dolls with stolen photos, photoshopped their logo on an easily-recognizable RealDoll photo, weird domain name and misspelled their name in the About Us section, lies about TDF and brand authorizations, has a gif of someone having sex with a doll in their descriptions, etc. Basically a combination of bad business practices and unprofessionalism on the level of scamming. I would not recommend ordering from them.

  35. George

    Silicone Sex Dolls. My apologies!

    1. Steven

      Hi George,
      What’s their link? I can’t find that website.

        1. Steven

          They might be legit. A few of the brands they carry are questionable, such as Maiden doll and Jellynew which look like knockoff brands. Their brands, specs, and customization options look correct but their prices seem a little low. Not too low but “barely any profit” sort of low which is just a little suspicious. I would recommend checking out their customer service first before ordering.

          1. George

            Thanks! I saw some positive reviews on dollforum but not a much as other more well known websites.

          2. George Alayon

            An update on Silicone Sexy Dolls. I checked on the Irontech website and they are listed as a distributor.

  36. George

    Has anyone had any experience with Silicon Sexy Dolls? They seem to have really good prices.

    1. Steven

      Hi Gino,
      They sell cheap knockoff dolls with stolen photos. There are many red flags with that website. Their website logo says “aiomi” which isn’t their website name, their About Us section says “” which doesn’t exist, and the prices are too cheap with Aliexpress-style description and customization options. I personally wouldn’t order from them.

  37. Darren

    Hello, there is 2 Piper Doll Websites…which one is authentic? or Thanks a lot!

    1. Steven

      Hi Darren, (without the s) is the official Piper Doll website. However, I recommend ordering from a vendor (such as the ones listed here) for better prices, buyer protection, and customer service.

      1. Darren

        Thank you for that fast reply! There is 1 more thing, maybe you know. Some guy on Pornhub is making doll reviews and he claims his Piper Ariel had no gel breast implants as advertised… he says Piper Doll is having issues with that factory they are in contract with and that those dolls are made without gel implants. What’s the status on this, do you know? Again, thanks so much for your information!

        1. Steven

          Hi Darren,
          Last I checked, Piper Doll has the gel implant option for both TPE and silicone dolls. I don’t know if something happened recently but most vendors still have the gel breasts option available. I recommend asking a vendor to be sure.

  38. Brennan

    Hello is a shitty site? Just curious. First time buying a sex doll and didnt have a big budget and it seemed appealing to me. Will they actually send me a sex doll or are they just going to take my money and ghost me?

    1. Steven

      Hi Brennan,
      To answer your first question, probably. They will actually send you a doll but it will be a cheap, knockoff doll, like ordering something from AliExpress. If you Google reviews about them online, it’s very mixed ranging from people who didn’t receive anything, getting a different doll from what they ordered, to getting something decent enough. They’re cheaper but it’s really just a big gamble. The photos are stolen so the doll won’t actually look like the photos either. It’s really up to you and how much you’re willing to gamble on a cheap doll.

  39. James

    Hi is legit? They look like it they have contact info and a faqs link but the prices are cheaper than I’ve seen on other sites (like thedollchannel and I’m like 90% sure they are legit)
    First time buyer trying to find a mini or small I could easily store and trying to filter through is difficult

    1. Steven

      Hi James,
      That looks like a typical knockoff doll website. Low prices and no brand names. It’s obvious when they have photos of WM Dolls for under $1000. The risk is up to you. Knockoff dolls are always a gamble in quality, and the photos are just stolen so it won’t look exactly the same. I know it’s hard to find cheap authentic dolls. The Irokebijin Akane or Shiori are popular ones around $500. TheDollChannel and Dollto-China sell them. Otherwise, buying a knockoff doll is at your own risk.

  40. Haru

    do you know where to buy the momo AXBDOLL A95 brand. I asked the Japanese he bought it for 1000$ and it’s pretty good where this doll is said to be made in China. but I can’t find a china site to buy it, do you know any site to buy the AXBDOLL A95 momo sexdoll?

    1. Steven

      Hi Haru, is the official AXB Doll website. You can also find AXB from the vendors TheDollChannel (if you live in the US) and Dollto-China. I’m guessing A95 is the head number.

  41. William

    Hey…haven’t seen anybody mention this one yet.
    Found a full body sexdoll at for under $700,which I find quite bizarre considering it’s a male one(Personal experience trying to find my first doll as of now)
    Wanting to know if it should be trusted before I give in, or if you you could point me to a trusted website where they’re are affordable one?

    1. Steven

      Hi William,
      From my research, JDLover is an Aliexpress seller selling knockoff dolls known as Entity Dolls. Those are the most common knockoff dolls from the Aibei factory. You won’t get scammed, but you’re getting an imitation- the photos are just stolen. Basically, it’s a gamble in quality, like ordering something from Aliexpress. The only authentic dolls you can find for under $700 are mini dolls (from brands like Irokebijin, JM Doll, etc) or Kimber Doll (which is technically also made in the Aibei factory but is ODM/private-labeled).

  42. William

    these stores in TDF, just because they paid. Even though it is a big forum.

    1. Steven

      Hi William,
      Vendors pay a monthly or yearly fee to stay TDF-approved, but they have to go through a rigorous approval process first. TDF vets all the applicants. Not just anyone can pay to be on TDF otherwise there would be a bunch of knockoff sites there. When I applied on TDF 2-3 years ago, they said they had too many vendors and weren’t accepting anymore. It looks like they accepted a few more since then, but they don’t just accept anyone. After getting approved, vendors have to pay a monthly or yearly fee to stay approved. Old vendors had an advantage of getting in first. Most new vendors can’t get in anymore unless they offer something different.

    1. Steven

      Hi Aspenleder,
      That website sells knockoff dolls. They will send you a doll, but the quality is a gamble similar to buying something from Aliexpress. It’s really up to you and how much you’re willing to risk. Sometimes you get something decent but much less likely at that price. It’s basically a gamble. If it’s really in-stock in Europe, then shipping will probably take about a week.

  43. richard

    I talked online from….Suddenlly they were sending me texts from a website called Sex Doll Plus there Phone number is a private residence answered by a middle eastern guy whos response was…You have the wrong Number. need I say more

    1. Steven

      Hi Kel,
      As you mentioned, lack of brand names is usually a red flag. WM Doll is a top brand name that most vendors will proudly and prominently display. Leaving it out is definitely suspicious (probably a sign of a knockoff doll). The prices also seem a little too low to be authentic. Ask them if the doll comes with a WM Doll Anti-Fake code (which all WM Dolls come with). If it doesn’t, then it’s a knockoff. Judging from their mixture and WM and JY photos (the 2 most copied brands), lack of brand names, and low prices, I would guess that they sell knockoffs. And at nearly authentic prices, that’s really getting ripped off.

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