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Trusted Sex Doll Websites

Buying a sex doll is not like buying something cheap from Amazon. A majority of top sex doll brands do not sell on Amazon, Ebay, or Aliexpress so it’s best to avoid buying sex dolls from those websites. Because sex doll manufacturers specialize in production and designing rather than sales, their dolls are mostly sold through their distributors, usually known as vendors. As a distributor, vendors get discounts from the factories, and can usually offer better prices, buyer protection, and customer service than buying directly from the factory.

Where Do I Buy a Sex Doll?​

With the rise in sex doll popularity, many Chinese stores have opened up to sell imitation or counterfeit dolls. It’s harder than ever before to find a legit sex doll store. Counterfeiters will take photos from top brands such as WM Doll, and use it as their own. Cheap, imitation dolls won’t look the same as the photo, are made of inferior quality, and will fall apart fairly quickly.

I don’t recommend cheaping out when it comes to a sex doll. Sex dolls are not just for sex but also for love, companionship, cuddling, photography, and so much more. You want something that looks good, feels good, and lasts for years. That’s why it’s important to buy an authentic doll from the original manufacturers and designers.

How Do I Find a Trustworthy Vendor?

Most of the sex doll stores listed below are TDF-approved vendors. They were rigorously vetted by the biggest and most trusted doll community on the internet (The Doll Forum). I have also personally vetted each one of them. Because I ran my own store and worked with top brands in the past, I know for a fact that these websites are legit. The TDF community and I can both guarantee they sell authentic dolls at highly reasonable prices, and have the best customer service available. You simply cannot go wrong with any of these websites. I recommend visiting each one because they all have a slightly different selection of dolls.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to contact vendors! Feel free to email them and ask them anything!

Trusted Sex Doll Vendors

Sex Dolls Shop™ is a highly prestigious sex doll vendor to order from. Their customer service is top-notch and they offer an excellent selection of dolls at great prices. You’re not just getting a doll, you’re getting a team that cares and helps you every step of the way. They are one of the safest and most trusted websites to order from. You simply cannot lose ordering from them. 

Silicone Lovers is a very popular and rapidly-growing vendor from the UK. With over 19 top brands to choose from, they have one of the largest catalogs out there. They offer both TPE and silicone sex dolls, and have very friendly and helpful customer service. Combine that with a huge selection of dolls at amazing prices, and you have an almost perfect sex doll store.

The Doll Channel is the only vendor with an active and growing Youtube channel and community. They specialize in smaller sex dolls, and can ship dolls domestically to avoid customs issues. They have many in-stock dolls ready to ship in the USA including mini dolls. Not the prettiest website, but they have very affordable pricing, many in-stock wigs and accessories, and a points/reward program.

My Robot Doll is a trusted vendor that ships worldwide including Europe. They have a large selection of top brands, including more elusive brands like MZR Doll, TAYU, and Aotume. They are the leading vendor for Sino Doll, and offer the hyper-realistic Top-Sino series. With excellent customer service, many satisfied customers on TDF, and very reasonable prices, they are a fantastic vendor to order from.

Doll to China is a highly popular international vendor well-known in the sex doll community. Their excellent customer service and strong relationship with manufacturers has earned them a strong reputation for over 6 years. They carry a large variety of TPE and silicone brands at excellent prices, but are outdated on some brands such as WM Doll. Overall, they are one of the top global vendors to choose from.

Silicon Wives has been in business since 2015. They offer popular TPE brands such as WM Doll, as well as some silicone brands like Sanhui. With years of sex doll experience, an easy to navigate website, and good customer service, they are a great, reliable website to order a doll from. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and make it easy to find the doll you’re looking for.

Sex Doll Genie is professional and trustworthy sex doll vendor. They have a huge selection of dolls including both TPE and silicone dolls, fast customer service, and a US shipping option (where they clear customs and then ship you the doll domestically). They are a fast-growing company with premium service.

Sexy Sex Doll is a very popular TDF-approved vendor that ships worldwide. They have personally visited the factories of the brands they sell, and are highly experienced in sex dolls. They offer a huge selection of top brand dolls, provide excellent customer service, and have a special reward program to shop and earn points. You can use the points for discounts on future doll purchases.

Real Love Sex Dolls is one of the most popular and most trusted sex doll stores on TDF. They offer a great selection of WM Dolls, and are currently adding more brands such as Piper Doll. They are one of the oldest stores out there, yet continue to be one of the most modern. They also have great seasonal promos and deals often, so be on the lookout!

Don't Get Ripped off!

When it comes to sex dolls, there are two ways to get ripped off:

  1. Buying a cheap or counterfeit/imitation sex doll from an untrustworthy vendor.

As they say, “You get what you pay for.” Most dolls under $1000 (except for mini dolls) are not authentic top-brand dolls. Many stores sell cheap replica dolls using another company’s photos to trick customers. The dolls they sell will not look the same as the photo, are of inferior quality, and break quickly. More and more of these websites are popping up. A general rule of thumb is do not purchase a sex doll from Aliexpress, Ebay, or Amazon. Top doll manufacturers do not sell on any of these websites.

2. Paying overpriced for the same doll you can get elsewhere for less.

With the fear of getting scammed, many people are paying premium prices in hopes of getting an authentic doll. But why pay more for the same doll you get get elsewhere for less? Many trusted stores are taking advantage of people’s fears by raising their prices for extreme profits. Having run a sex doll store in the past, and from my relationships with top brand manufacturers, I can easily tell whether a store is legitimate or not. As long as you buy a doll from one of the websites I shared, you will always get an authentic doll at the lowest prices possible. 

Now that you know where to buy a sex doll, it’s time to start enjoying life again! Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

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    1. Steven

      Hi Etherel,
      That website sells a bunch of random sex toys. I don’t know much about a lot of their products. However, I did notice they are selling doll that looks like the 80cm Shiori, but under their own brand name, which tells me their dolls are probably unbranded, knockoffs. I don’t know the quality of that doll, but I’m guessing it’s on par with the cheap stuff on Aliexpress. It’s up to you, but I personally wouldn’t order a sex doll from that website.

      1. Etherel

        Thanks, that make sense, i’ll follow your advice.

    1. Steven

      Hi Paul,
      Their prices seem a little low but they should be legit. They are TDF-approved and have been around for a while. I don’t know much else about them such as whether their customer service is good or not. You have to find that out yourself, but they should be safe to order from.

    1. Steven

      Hi James,
      That website looks legit to me. The brands, prices, specifications, and customization options all look correct. I don’t see any red flags but I don’t know of anyone that ordered from them either.

  1. Zander

    Hi everyone,

    I just purchased my first doll ever and was feeling nervous that I hadn’t thrown my money away =(. Is The Doll Channel a good, reliable vendor?

    1. Steven

      Hi Zander,
      The Doll Channel is a very good vendor. They have great customer service, lots of in-stock dolls, weekly livestreams, and a discord community. Sometimes they’re busy and miss some emails, but you can call them anytime. You should be in good hands.

  2. Jayson

    Is legit?? I am considering buying my 1st doll from them. Ty!!

    1. Steven

      Hi Jayson,
      TheSilverDoll has been around for a long time. They are based in China but they are definitely legit.

  3. Rex Lorre

    What about Dollter doll? Is it legit? Does anyone know?

    1. Steven

      Hi Rex,
      Dollter sells a very niche selection of dolls, mainly small dolls. From what I’ve heard, they are legit.

      1. Rex

        Hi Steven, thanks so much for the input. I was wanting to support their work!

  4. Ashley

    Is sexysexdoll a legit company

    1. Steven

      Hi Ashley,
      Yes, Sexysexdoll is a legit vendor based in Hong Kong.

  5. Ashley

    Hi is a legit sex doll company

    1. Steven

      Hi Ashley,
      Based on the low prices, these are knockoff dolls. The photos are stolen from other brands, which actually cost over $1000-2000 (for an authentic one). What you will receive is an imitation. It comes down to whether you want to gamble on a knockoff doll or pay more for an authentic one. They will probably send you something. It just may not be good quality.

    1. Steven

      Hi Bob,
      They might be legit. It’s hard to tell; it can really go either way. Some prices seem right while others seem too low. You can take a chance with them but play it safe with a trusted website above.

  6. Alex

    Hello. Thank you for the great information you have provided for us. Can you tell me if is a legit site? Their site looks good but I can’t seem to find any reviews about them. Thanks

    1. Steven

      Hi Alex,
      Kanadoll changed a bit over the years. Lately, they re-branded themselves as an affordable doll seller and focus on cheaper brands. They make it clear in their About Us section that they don’t sell name brand dolls so at least they’re honest. It’s very likely that the brands they do sell are authentic. However, I haven’t heard of most of these brands; they are from lesser-known factories. Aibei is the most well-known. They are a popular WM Doll copycat and supposedly has decent quality for the price. It’s up to you to research the other brands. AF and CST are decent brands too. Having said that, I don’t know anyone that ordered from Kanadoll. This is just my educated guess.

      1. Alex

        Thank you for the response.

  7. Matthew

    Any Mini Dolls about 50 to 80cm available for good prices $150-400? Being so small I would think they should be less, and I am not in a situation for a full size at all currently?

    Also I found two websites for bululu don’t know if either are legit seems a rip off of One looks like it could be a distributor or newer manufacturer and maybe an imitation fake website of their stuff on the .shop site. Not sure if url’s are correct but google it’s easy to find. the .shop has Mini dolls pretty cheap, probably too goo to be true.

    Also would you think any manufacturers would be interested in any marketing, via professional adult marketing company, and perhaps a quick promo like a small video advertisement for a doll as a first business partnership and see where to go from their? lol just curious as I have experience in both, and my own company and the cost would be much more than a doll for a 20 min video with adult content video taped, but since I’m interested may offer one free (well except whatever doll) and do it on my own without my team.

    1. Steven

      Hi Matthew,
      Most mini dolls around that price tend to be unbranded or knockoff dolls. The Irokebijin 80cm Akane or Shiori is slightly above that price (if you want something more authentic). The 2 bululu shops you linked seem like the same company, but I don’t know if they’re connected or not. Neither are manufacturers. 99% of doll websites are vendors/distributors. These look like the Aliexpress type of dolls, basically a quality gamble at cheap prices (with lots of stolen photos). It’s really up to you if you want to take the risk. Too good to be true is probably right. I’ve seen pop up a lot but I don’t know anyone that actually ordered from them.
      As for the video advertisement, it doesn’t hurt it try. If you can possibly get one for free or discounted, then go for it. Chinese sellers are all about negotiation. If you can make them money, they may consider your offer.

  8. Cameron

    Is a trusted site?

    1. Steven

      Hi Cameron,
      I personally wouldn’t consider them trustworthy. The dolls on their front page are all knockoff dolls (based on the low prices and stolen photos). The dolls under their brands section could possibly be authentic but it can really go either way. There’s some odd things like how they show Jinsan’s Test Report in the description of every doll yet they don’t even sell any Jinsan brands. Their About Us section is kind of the nail in the coffin where they claim to be against knockoff dolls (calling these sellers “crooks”) yet they sell them themselves. They also don’t sell the brands they mention in their About Us section. 🤦 Ultimately, it’s up to you, but this isn’t a website I would personally order from.

      1. Cameron

        Thank you for you response.

    1. Steven

      Hi Kevin,
      They are still legit. I am in touch with the vendors I recommend and I haven’t heard anything bad about them.

  9. Thomas

    Is nernam legit

    1. Steven

      Hi Thomas,
      That website is 100% a scam. There’s no such thing as sex dolls for only $45. They will either send you a blow-up doll, a random object, or nothing at all.

  10. John

    Hi, thank you for letting everyone know about scam sites. I’m looking for a smaller sex doll (100cm) range and found a couple I like on these sites. What’s your take on them?

    1. Steven

      Hi John,
      Both those websites sell unbranded, knockoff dolls. They’ll send you a doll but the quality is a gamble. The risk is really up to you. For smaller dolls, I recommend The Doll Channel if you live in the US. Some of my readers also had good experiences ordering directly from AXB Doll. Otherwise, I don’t know many good websites for smaller dolls.

        1. Steven

          Hi John,
          That is just another knockoff doll website. I personally don’t like that website because they lie about working with name brands and they photoshopped their logo on an obvious RealDoll photo. The doll you linked is a WM Doll 140D with Head #36. An authentic one costs over $1000.

    1. Steven

      Hi VD,
      They could possibly be legit. Most of their brand listings and pricing seem about right. However, I still consider it risky because they are a random, Chinese vendor without much info online. I also recognize a cosplayer named SeeU, who is definitely not related to them, used in some of their promos. That is very bad taste. Ultimately, they could be legit, but still moderately risky. It depends how far you’re willing to go to save a few bucks.

  11. Taylor

    Silicone sexdolls p***y in the right spot like 6ye amor dolls

  12. Ken

    Hi, there’s a sleek website: that looks quite elaborately done. Can you check whether they are legit or not since making a nice-looking scam-site isn’t that hard nowadays.

    1. Steven

      Hi Ken,
      I saw that website a long time ago. I’m pretty sure they are legit. Everything checks out from brands, pricing, customization options, specs, and more. However, I don’t know anyone that has ordered from them. I suggest contacting them first to see how good their customer service is. Otherwise, they look legit to me but I can’t vouch for them.

  13. Tom

    Is legitimate? They seem to have good prices.

    1. Steven

      Hi Tom, is related to Siliconwives so I’m guessing it’s legit. I’m not sure why they have 2 websites but there aren’t many dolls listed on The prices are also lower than on Siliconwives which is odd. I don’t know much else about it. It feels like an empty or abandoned website to me, but that’s just my guess.

      1. Viv

        Is real doll legit? I saw a comment under their instagram post- there was a person who didn’t get their doll and no refund for 2 moths.

        1. Steven

          Hi Viv,
          RealDoll is legit. They are a US brand and has been in a lot of mainstream documentaries, videos, and articles in the US. I’m not sure what happened to the customer you mentioned, but RealDoll is a real company. They have a very long production and wait-time though, so maybe that was the issue.

  14. Alex

    Hey Steve, I was wondering…..checking the website out called The website itself is very detailed, provides alot of information, tons of pictures, premium prices. Its provides alot of info and want to get some input on it. Something tells me trust it and Ive been seeing this website pop up more often. First thing I checked is if they accept PayPal, which is very secured. Money doesnt leave your account until order has been processed type of thing. Similiar to what eBay does. Could you check it out?Thanks

    1. Steven

      Hi Alex,
      I’m not a huge fan of that website. Some of their dolls might be authentic, but there are some red flags such as no brand name (on some WM dolls) and incorrect customization options. The prices also seem a bit low in their Deals section. They might be legit if you choose certain brands, but it still seems risky to me. I think there are better websites to order from.

    1. Steven

      Hi Eric,
      I would not recommend that website. They sell knockoff dolls (based on the low prices) and seem to have stolen photos from every brand out there. It’s actually rare to see a knockoff seller take photos from so many different brands. I would not expect any of their dolls to actually look like the photos. Seems like a very risky gamble to me. I personally would not order from them. Also not to be confused with “SiliconeLovers,” which is a legit website.

    1. Gerardo

      Hi Alan
      My name is Gerardo, from
      Yes, we are a reliable store where to buy love dolls with shipments to North America, Europe, and many other places around the world. Although our website is in Spanish and we mainly ship to Spain and Mexico, our business is based in Ireland and we serve customers from anywhere. You can contact any lovedolls brand we work with (such as Irontech Doll, XYDoll) to ensure that you will receive their authentic dolls if you buy from us. Payments are made through PayPal for buyer safety, and we are with you at all times helping, showing factory pictures/videos, and answering your questions.
      Please, feel free to contact us and we will happily assist you 🙂

    1. Steven

      Hi Anon,
      They look legit to me, but I don’t know for sure. I don’t know of anyone that has ordered from them before.

  15. AL


    I’ve been looking at mini dolls on Aini Marketplace/…
    which refers you to for under 4ft dolls…
    they seem very legit but want your opinion.


    1. Anthony

      Hey AL…I’m Anthony and I’m a newbie to the doll world! I purchased a doll from Ainidoll bcz I seen them on YouTube so I ASSumed they were legit! I was wrong! My first doll experience was completely ruined bcz of them! I later found out through extensive research that I was sold a knock off WM doll that smells like chemicals and her lady parts were not anatomically correct at all!

      1. AL

        Hi Anthony
        did they make it good or were you stuck with it ?…this is getting very frustrating and disappointing as i don’t want to be ripped off either…I can see it is easy to get drawn in by fantastic pictures and cheap prices listed on a professional looking website with 100’s of great reviews.

        problem is I need a light weight doll due to back problems and all 5 ft dolls seem to be 50-70 #’s.
        and the prices are $1500 and up on the legit doll sites listed in this article…

        any advise where to look for a decent mini doll (3’6″ to 4’6″) (around 30#) under $1000 ???
        or am asking for the impossible ?…


        1. Anthony L. Dudley

          Hey AL,you might want to check out SRSD. They are a legit vendor and they have an extensive catalog! They are a member of TDF and right now they are having really good sales and promotions! I hope this helps…good luck 🤞

  16. Jose

    How legit is the site Doll To China?
    Honestly found the doll I was looking for and tbh this is my first time buying a doll. I’ve purchased adults toys before but this is a first for a sex doll

    I’ve linked the sex doll I had in mind

    1. Steven

      Hi Jose,
      DolltoChina is legit. They are a very popular vendor on The Doll Forum and among the sex doll community. The doll you linked is the old DH168 version of the 80cm Shiori doll. There’s a new Irokebijin version that is slightly more expensive.

  17. Mike

    Has anyone checked out

    The prices scare me, but their customer service was very helpful and they send a picture before shipping so you have a final say, seems like an unnecessary step that would only aid in saying “that’s not what I ordered” if the site is a scam.

    1. Steven

      Hi John,
      Joylovedolls is probably legit but their prices shows the shortest height by default so it can be misleading. I’m not a huge fan of them but they’re probably ok.

  18. Iz

    Hi there to who ever answers this question of mine but could someone please tell me if the website is a legitimate site?

    1. Steven

      Hi Ivan,
      That website could be legit but it’s hard to tell since I can’t read Spanish. There are some things I don’t like such as the “Faceapp smile” on all the photos; that is deceiving. The 3 reviews on the front page are obviously fake. But other than that, I can’t really say much about this website. I’m guessing it’s probably legit but I can’t guarantee it.

      1. Hugo

        hi Steven,

        I´m Hugo from

        we are an online store based in the city of alicante, Spain. Of course we are a legitimate store, you can ask any of the manufacturers that we offer in our store, such as WM-Doll, IrontechDolls, SEDOLL or any of the brands we work with.

        We accept paypal and we have the certification of Trusted Shops, which also offers an additional guarantee on the purchase of up to 2000 €.

        and the photos with smile is simply because we like to see them smile, I think it is clear is faceapp. There is only one picture like this per model ;D

        any questions or comments we will be happy to answer in our mail

  19. Brian

    Was wonder If you know if these sites are legit and reputable,,, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Steven

      Hi Brian,
      Anniesdollhouse and Tenderdolls are legit. I’m not a big fan of myrealdolls- they could be legit but their customization options are wrong.

  20. antony

    Hello, any reliable page that has shipments to Mexico?

    1. Steven

      Hi Anthony,
      I’m not sure which vendors will ship to Mexico.

      1. Antony

        Do not trust that seller, he is a simple collector, he scams people, they have already reported him on twitter. It does not deliver what it promises and only steals your money.

      2. Antony

        He stole me with a $ 700 irokebejin doll, telling me that the order was canceled and that they reimbursed him less than half the money and he did not return even half of what I paid

      3. Antony

        He is not trusted @mex_dl, do not trust him, he was already reported on twitter for stealing from people and he does not comply with purchases, he only steals money from people.
        He steal my money for trusting the comments and it is not true what it claims to be.
        don’t be fooled he’s not trusted he’s a thief

        1. Steven

          Hi Anthony,
          Thank you for letting me know. Sorry this happened to you. I was misinformed. I will remove him from my post.

  21. Mike

    I would like to know if Sexdollsoff also sends bad quality adult dolls?

    1. Steven

      Hi Mike,
      I don’t know what their quality is like, but they sell knockoff dolls based on the low prices. Their photos are stolen from other brands like WM Doll and JY Doll so the doll won’t look exactly the same and the quality won’t be as good. It is a gamble if you order from them.

  22. Edison

    Hi Steven,

    Is Torso doll a legit site and the moving hip and blow job dolls work ok. They look ok but I’m keen to be sure before I pay up.


    1. Steven

      Hi Edison,
      I don’t know much about torso dolls, but I’m not a big fan of that website. Their reviews are very suspicious. I saw at least one that mentioned ordering from Tantaly so some reviews may be copy-and-pasted from other websites. Even their About Us section looks copy-and-pasted (they forgot to remove the name “Hot Sexy Dolls” in one of their sentences). I guessing these are the cheap torsos you find on websites like Ebay or Aliexpress. Order at your own risk but that website looks sketchy to me.

  23. Arcus

    Is bestlovesexdoll a trustworthy site?

    1. Steven

      Hi Arcus,
      I’m not a fan of that website. They sell knockoff dolls at high prices. You can buy an authentic doll for almost the same price (for the corresponding height). There’s many red flags such as no brand names, spammy product names, and imported reviews from Aliexpress. It’s up to you but I don’t recommend this website.

    1. Steven

      Hi Steven,
      Yes, YourDoll is probably legit. There was some controversy about them in the past, but they’re probably fine now. I don’t know if they customer service is good or not though. I recommend contacting them before ordering and asking them any questions you have including to see factory photos of the doll.

  24. P J

    I have a new sex doll for sale used for photography purposes for stag due and after party can you tell me where I can sell thanks doll is 5 days old

  25. Trevor

    Hey Steven, I was just wondering what the best website is to get mini 60 cm mini dolls?

    1. Steven

      Hi Trevor,
      Sorry for the late reply. I don’t know many websites that sell dolls that small. You can try TheDollChannel or AXB Dolls. I mostly see 60cm dolls on knockoff doll websites.

  26. Bryan


    What is your take on I saw a lot of dolls there for cheap so I’m assuming it’s counterfeit but I’d like a second opinion.

    1. Steven

      Hi Bryan,
      As you mentioned, Bululu sells counterfeit dolls. They’re the kind of dolls you find on Aliexpress. Basically, cheap dolls with stolen photos and lots of fake reviews. It’s a high risk gamble. You’ll receive something but the quality is unknown.

  27. Neko P.

    I’ve found a TPE doll I really like from SE Dolls on Any ideas on the legitimacy of the site? They’re having a Christmas sale with 10% off through the end of December 2021. Base cost for a 150cm doll seems to be ~$1,800-$2,500 across the ones I’ve browsed

    1. Steven

      Hi Neko,
      Rosemarydoll is a vendor based in China and is most likely legit. I don’t know of anyone that ordered from them though.

      1. Neko P.

        Ah! Thanks for the reply, I didn’t see the notification that you had responded the next day. I still feel I need to do a bit more research in the next couple days to see if they’re legit and just offering some good holiday deals. Thanks for your input!

  28. Russ

    Hi Steven,

    Is doll a legit site and the moving hip and blow job dolls work ok. They look ok but I’m keen to be sure before I pay up.


    1. Steven

      Hi Russ,
      I’m not a big fan of that website. Some of their brands might be authentic but they also sell a lot of knockoff brands. For example, all their in-stock dolls are knockoffs. I’ve heard of the Electric Hip and blowjob robot dolls before but I don’t know much about them. I have never seen any actual reviews about them, but I would guess they’re not that good. They look like repetitive, mechanical motions that could eventually break and stop functioning. Electronic add-ons in sex dolls usually aren’t great. We’re still years away from properly functioning sex robots, so it’s kind of up to you and at your own risk if you do buy one now.

  29. Jake

    Is legit?

    1. James

      This site is pretty sketchy, and here are some indicators:
      1) I was looking at the reviews and noticed that ratings were given by people who did not actually own the doll as they were asking whether or not uloversdoll shipped to their home countries.
      2) The ratings for two different dolls were also exactly the same, so it seems that they were staged.
      3) This site does not seem to tell you what the manufacturer of the dolls is. In some cases it does, but in others it does not. For example, I looked at a doll I knew to be a JY doll, but there was not mention of it on the web page for it. Looking through their JY selection, that particular doll did not appear.
      4) The prices seem like they are too good. When I find the same doll on other sites, uloversdoll seems to always be significantly cheaper. Furthermore, upon checkout, another discount is given on top of the already decreased price. While this may seem like a good thing, it can also be an indicator that something is off.

      Use at your own risk.

  30. Jon Warning!!!!
    Scam site. Will take your money but do not send product. Ordered March 2021 It’s now December (10 Months)

    Ignore fake positive reviews written by staff

    Please save yourself the pain and use a reputable company.

    1. paul

      are you sure ? the price on the website look legit

      1. jon

        Sadly yes. I lost over $700
        Also ussepay the website payment platform won’t answer emails and don’t have a legitimate address
        Same for

    1. Steven

      Hi James,
      They sell knockoff dolls with stolen photos based on the low prices and lack of brand names. Ordering from them will be a gamble. At best, you’ll get a decent quality knockoff; at worst, you’ll get low quality junk or nothing. They don’t have any reviews either so it seems risky. There are better websites to order from in my opinion.

    1. Steven

      Hi Paul,
      Premiumdolls might be legit. They carry the brand, Entity Dolls, which are basically WM Doll knockoffs for cheap, as well as bigger brands like WM Doll, JY Doll, AS Doll, etc. I’m not sure if Entity Doll’s quality is good or not. Those tend to be very inconsistent. The prices on the bigger brands aren’t anything special. I would rather go with a more established vendor but it’s up to you. Bestrealdoll is a knockoff doll seller. That knockoff “WM Doll Jasmine” video in the page you sent kinda tells the whole story.

      1. paul

        thank you very much Steven i wish you a great holiday ! and happy new years! with love and joy !

  31. Victor

    Hi, Steven just wanted to check if you know Silicone -sexy- is legit? They have the doll I’ve been looking for. They seem legit prices aren’t super low , But they seem reasonable.Just wanted your input. Thanks again! Victor.

    1. Steven

      Hi Victor,
      Silicone-sexy-doll is probably legit. They sell some cheaper brands that may not be good (like Maiden Doll, Cosdoll, Jellynew, etc.), but otherwise they should be legit.

      1. Astra

        NO, I ordered from them and it’s been a nightmare. I’m still trying to locate my package being that fedex told me they lost it. however, Fedex refuses to declare it lost after losing track of it for the last 2 weeks. I’m still trying to get my order and I cant go into great details.

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