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After running a sex doll store for 1 year, I learned a lot about top sex doll brands and manufacturers. This included recognizing all their dolls, specifications, customization options, and more. However, there is always more to learn. Since then, I continued to learn about sex dolls for another 3+ years, eagerly reading about various doll owners’ experiences. I think it’s safe to say I know a lot about sex dolls! I have a wealth of knowledge regarding top doll brands, manufacturers, vendors, industry news, and more! My specialty includes information about manufacturers and brands, identifying trustworthy vendors, and blogging about sex doll news.

Free free to comment below and ask me anything!

If your question is more personal or confidential, you can email me at

If you’re looking for a trustworthy store to order from, here is my list of trusted sex doll vendors: Trusted Sex Doll Websites

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  1. Leon

    Hi Steven i have a question. I have ordered and paid for a doll from a vendor that was TDF approved on the 27th of june. Got manufacture pics on the 11th July and oked it for shipping. Ups label was created on the 14th July and shipped on the 18th July and it will take 10 days to arrive since then no communication or update from the vendor. Check ups every day but it always stuck on label created package not recieved till now. I was told i wont be able to see any ups changes till it arrives in my country. So i went to contact them yesterday about any changes and where my doll is. I basicly got told the same thing that ups hasnt got it yet and need to be patient and wait a few days with added info that it is in custom. This made me frown since for some reason they are able to track it is in custom doesnt that mean they have another tracking code which they didnt even giave me? I actuely have no idea if it was even shipped or what they said it is currently in custom as i cant check it for all i know they are lieing. Am i being scammed?

    1. Steven

      Hello Leon,
      I saw your post on Reddit. The replies are pretty much correct. Shipping takes a long time to Europe. I don’t live in Europe so I’m not that familiar, but one person emailed me before with a similar story. He ordered a doll from the US to the UK and was complaining about how there were no tracking updates and the seller wouldn’t respond. After about 9 days, he said the tracking suddenly went from Kansas, USA to Germany within 5 minutes. He received the doll 2 days later. UPS tracking is just weird and doesn’t update until it’s in Europe. He also downloaded an app for tracking from the seller so maybe your vendor has other tracking methods. I don’t think you were scammed. It sounds like the vendor did reply when you contacted them. You just have to wait because shipping in Europe is slow.

  2. edwar

    The first doll i ordered from sexdollgenie all the problems i had with it they helped me out and took xtra steps with everthing that had happened i ordered my second doll from them and didnot have it 6 months and went to clean it and the plig came out and the tpe split between the private parts and got with them and they said it was not under a warranty from the factory that they talked to and later said they could make another one for me for 1666 more than what i paid for the one that got damaged

  3. Ed

    I have been looking at silicone dolls. It would be nice to have 3 openings. But very hard to find. I see Zelex and Starpery have a soft head option. DO these go back to TPE?

    1. Steven

      Hi Ed,
      What do you mean “do these go back to TPE?” Most silicone heads don’t have oral function to preserve the shape and detail of the face. The head also needs to be hard for implanted hair. Some silicone brands have oral function like Sanhui and Elsa Babe. Brands like Zelex and Starpery have a soft head option with oral. Those heads are silicone, not TPE. Almost all TPE heads have oral function.

  4. Zhigunov

    Do you think you will ever get characters from Xenoblade or Attelier Ryza?

    1. Steven

      Hi Zhigunov,
      Probably not but some brands like Aotume can try to match a character from a photo. Aotume makes many dolls that look like anime characters. I think that’s probably the closest you will get.

  5. Gabriel

    Hello. I was on looking at their ready-ship dolls and notice the prices were very low. Are these legit dolls ?

    1. Steven

      Hi Gabriel,
      Sexyrealsexdolls is probably legit. The reason their in-stock dolls are priced so low is because most of them are SY Dolls, which is a cheap brand. SY Doll makes both original and knockoff dolls, and are considered a lower-end brand.

  6. Gabriel

    What’s your opinion on implanted hair ? Is it worth the $ 200-400 ?
    Is the official website ?

    1. Steven

      Hi Gabriel,
      Implanted hair is not worth it in my opinion (although some people may prefer it). Generally, implanted hair requires a lot of care. It costs a lot and still sheds and tangles like a regular wig. It looks more realistic but at the cost of having to be careful all the time, otherwise all the hair can fall out. The silicone head also has to be very hard to keep the hairs implanted.
      That is JY Doll’s official website but I recommend ordering through a vendor for better customer service and buyer protection.

  7. Gerald

    Have you ever heard of a company that sells Sex Dolls called Cherry Pie Sex Dolls ?

    They claim to be an authorized seller of WM Dolls and even have their logo on their site. They are also using WM Photo’s of Dolls.
    Are they a legit seller or a scam outfit selling counterfeit dolls or blowup dolls ?

    1. Steven

      Hi Gerald,
      It looks like they sell knockoff dolls with stolen photos. The brands aren’t clearly labelled, height options are never a good sign, incorrect customization options (such as skin tone), many fake reviews, and mostly lies in their About Us section. The other sex toys for sale look like a bunch of random stuff from Aliexpress. I personally wouldn’t order from them.

    2. Randall

      Hi Gerald

      It’s a fraud website, and its price is a lie. The price of a genuine 166cm WM doll can’t be lower than $1200, because it means that the doll dealer will not be able to obtain enough profits to maintain their business. That’s all I can tell you. I’m a salesman. WM doll sales

  8. Paul

    Could you send me a video from the giggling of the breast from a doll

    1. Steven

      Hi Paul,
      You can probably find some on YouTube or video websites. The amount of jiggle depends on the brand, material (TPE or silicone), and breast type (solid, hollow, or gel-breasts) so what you see in videos might not be the same as the doll you order unless all the previously-mentioned factors are the same.

  9. Gabriel

    Hey. First want to say thanks for all the help that this website has had for my experience with looking for my first doll . Very successful ! Got her from . I am on the hunt for a new doll, do you think is legit. Been looking for their page seems good but I’m hesitant. Help !?

    1. Steven

      Hi Gabriel,
      TheSilverDoll is legit. I don’t know whether their customer service is good or not though.

  10. Ivan


    Do you know if these are official Game Lady stores?
    Thye does not respond to the requests of customer, copies the German website

    and in their Terms & Conditions you conclude a contract with some German, there is no paypal.
    Probably it’s just a website disguised as an official one for the sale of Game Lady.


    I also saw the news that AnimeDollTH are responsible for the production of Game Lady, but I only found their facebook page, without a website, where someone does not respond to requests either.

    It is unclear where to boil these Game Lady officially and not worry about the purchase (

    1. Steven

      Hi Ivan,
      Game Lady does not have an official website. I looked at and I agree with your suspicions. That website was most likely made by Wunderpuppen pretending to be Game Lady (website also registered in Germany).
      AnimeDollTH are not responsible for the production of Game Lady. They are a Thai vendor. You can’t contact Game Lady directly unless you are a vendor since they are very secretive. I don’t have contact with them either. Some trustworthy websites that sell Game Lady are SexDolls-Shop, SiliconeLovers, TheDollChannel (US), Dollto-China, and Realdollonline.

  11. Will

    I would like to buy a sex doll but have some questions? I read a post on reddit and it got my attention.

    1) Which brand do you reccomend for beginners? What brand do you consider a low end doll, mid range , high end.
    2) How long does a doll last? Does the dolls entrances rip easily? Mouth, Vag, and Anus. I had some TPE and silcone masturbators before.
    3) How do the entrances feel? I know form experience I need to warm them up and clean them. I been to doll sellers sites nobody writes/shares about the feeling once they are inside.
    4) How to find the perfect size clothing for my doll?
    5) How to store my doll? I feel like I want more than 1.
    6) Are dolls from China safe to use? So do I need to take their word that their dolls have safe materials.

    I look foward to reading your responses.

    1. Steven

      Hi Will,
      1) There aren’t any specific brands I would recommend to beginners. It depends on many factors like budget, personal preference, physical capabilities, space, etc. I would recommend something cheaper and lighter as a first doll, but some people prefer to go all in on their first. There are too many brands out there to list, but on the low end you have brands like Kimber Doll, AF Doll, Aibei, etc. Mid range nowadays is probably the TPE name-brands like WM Doll, Piper Doll, 6YE, etc. High end are silicone brands like Real Doll, Gynoid, TAYU, Sino Doll, etc. More popular silicone brands like Starpery and Zelex are between medium and high.
      2) Generally TPE dolls last 3+ years and silicone dolls last 6+ years. There are many factors that affect the doll’s lifespan. Depending on how much they are used and how well they are cared for, the actual lifespan can be much longer or much shorter. It’s different for everyone. I don’t think the entrances rip easily, but I’ve also read stories of guys with “big penises” ripping the holes easily.
      3) It depends on the brand and sometimes even different models within the same brand so there isn’t a universal answer to this. For example, one WM Doll owner said the vagina felt amazing while another said there was no texture at all. I think this TDF thread answers this question the best (if you have a TDF account)- many doll owners share the feeling from various different brands:
      4) Dolls aren’t proportioned like real women so finding clothing is tricky. Dolls tend to have big breasts and tiny waists. It really comes down to trial-and-error. You can use the clothing brand’s size charts as a reference to match your doll’s specifications. Once you figure out which clothing fits, it’s easier to find more clothing that fits. You can also find someone with the same doll as you (on TDF, Twitter, Reddit, etc) and ask them about the clothing size.
      5) For long-term storage, it’s recommended to hang the doll. That way, there’s no pressure or anything touching it from any direction. Some people store their dolls standing or laying. If stored laying, move them every now and then so they don’t get flat.
      6) I would guess yes after you clean off any factory residue on the doll. However, I don’t know much about Chinese safety regulations or regulations involved in importing/exporting. I know doll manufacturers have those safety certificates/lab reports that show their materials are safe, but I’m not sure what other regulations there are. You might have to do some research on this yourself.

      1. Will

        Thanks for reply back, I just made a Doll forum account. The responses are quite interesting.
        I going to take my time to do research, Their is currently to many options for me to buy.
        I think I’m going for a mid range doll as the prices are within in my budget.

  12. Matt

    How long is the production time on Game Lady’s 5 foot 6 Tifa?

    1. Steven

      Hi Matt,
      It depends where you live and how busy they are. Some vendors say 2-3 weeks for production. Most people received their Game Lady dolls in about a month. Seems more like ~3 weeks for production, and then ~1 week shipping to the US.

  13. Renzo

    Hi, I have a fuck me silly piperdream, by any chance do you know how long should sex toys can last?
    Also, it would be interesting if you make a post with information about the expiration of sex dolls. Have a good day!

    1. Steven

      Hi Renzo,
      I’m not very familiar with Pipedream’s products, but the longevity depends on many factors such as amount of use and care. Generally a TPE doll lasts 3+ years while a silicone doll lasts 6+ years. The actual number is different for everyone because of the various factors, and can be much higher or much lower. I recommend contacting Pipedream for more information.

  14. Andrew

    Hi Steven

    What are your thoughts on weight reduced dolls? I’ve been eyeing a Zelex doll for quite sometime. Some people say weight reduction is a ‘must’ while others say weight reduced dolls are firmer and not as soft. Any thoughts on this matter?

    1. Steven

      Hi Andrew,
      Weight-reduction is still a somewhat new innovation. The silicone is the heaviest part of the doll so to reduce the weight, they make the foam core underneath bigger with less silicone in top. This makes the doll lighter but firmer since there’s less silicone. I don’t know whether the option is good or not since there aren’t many reviews out there but it will definitely be firmer. I think TAYU has the best lightweight silicone dolls right now but there aren’t many reviews for them either. I guess you have to find a weight-reduced Zelex doll owner and ask them, maybe on Dollforum.

  15. Zach

    Have you ever had any interaction with momodoll? they seem to be a newer company but i saw their products on one of the recommended sites you listed so Im wondering if they are legit.

    1. Steven

      Hi Zach,
      I never interacted with Momodoll, but they are a real brand. I don’t know much else about them though. They seem more popular with people in Japan. You can find some customer photos on their Twitter here: Otherwise, I have never seen any reviews about them.

  16. Mayjim

    Hi again Steven, hope all’s still well with you.

    Ahem, I hate to bother you once again, but would you happen to know if this site (* *) is legit?

    If so, could you please tell me?

    1. Steven

      Hi Mayjim,
      That is the official website for the Catdoll brand. However, ordering directly from a manufacturer is generally not recommended. Vendors offer better customer service and buyer protection, but most vendors don’t carry Catdoll. TheDollChannel sells them if you live in the US. Otherwise, I don’t know any other trustworthy websites that carry them. Ordering from them is at your own risk.

      1. Mayjim

        You’re definitely right about that, but TheDollChannel vendor is scared to ship out small dolls to Florida despite it having passed customs already, hence my question.

        Either way, thanks for answering my questions and for the advice, Steven! (^_^)>

  17. Mayjim

    Hey again, Steven. Hopefully you’re doing well.

    Anyway, just wanted ask to know if you’d happen to know if this site (* *) is legit.

    1. Steven

      Hi Mayjim,
      That is the official website for AXB Doll and they are legit. A few commenters here ordered from them and had good experiences. Normally I would recommend a vendor, but from what I heard, they seem safe to order directly from (although I still suggest checking out their customer service first). However, ordering through a reputable vendor is the safest option in case something goes wrong.

      1. Mayjim

        Got it, and thanks Steven! XD

  18. Joe

    Do you know on Realdollonline’s Twitter, they teased Lara Croft is next for Gamelady.
    No ETA announced on Twitter though and the only way to reach out to Gamelady at the moment is though vendors not directly.

    1. Steven

      Hi Joe,
      Yes, I saw that and mentioned it in my July news post. They correctly teased the soft Tifa head (No.11), so the next head is most likely Lara Croft. You are correct. The only way to talk to Game Lady is through a vendor. A vendor told me they only communicate through a messaging app (no email, website, or social media), and don’t talk to customers directly.

      1. Joe

        What do you think about new Gamelady Ada Wong doll? I read it was hinted before the Lara Croft doll. Otherwise Gamelady did a good job bring the 3D model to a doll.

        Do you get the images without the branding I notice each Gamelady photo has the website’s branding.

        1. Steven

          Hi Joe,
          I just released my post about the new Ada Wong doll here. Ada Wong was hinted back in April 2022. I saw it on a flyer/promo photo on a vendor’s website (not sure if it was created by Game Lady or the vendor) but I mentioned it in my April news post. I thought it ended up being misinformation but sure enough the Ada Wong doll came out today. I still think the Lara Croft head will eventually come out. Game Lady named the Ada head No.8 (so they skipped some heads in between). I get Game Lady photos from some vendors I work with.

  19. Bob

    Hello! So I saw a couple of comments on reddit that Game Lady has a website that also has the future lineup of possible characters to be made into dolls. Do you or anyone here know where that website with the Line up of future Game Lady Dolls is?

    Thank you all for your time!

    1. Steven

      Hi Bob,
      I’m not sure which comments you are referring to but as far as I know, Game Lady Doll does not have a website.

      1. Bob

        Thank you for the quick answer! I had a feeling they didn’t have a website! But I wonder if there is some sort of place for the lineup because of the comments in the website link I included this time!
        The top comment says “Their website states that Yennefer or Triss might be coming next haha.”
        Whereas another comment starts with “Ok so I got curious enough to check out their lineup and now I have a bit of a rant to go on…”
        I apologize for not including the comments in the first question post! Hopefully this is more helpful in searching for this Game Lady lineup!

        1. Steven

          I believe the first comment is referring to my website, where I wrote a sentence like “Maybe Yennefer or Triss is next” at the end of my Ciri post. The other comment refers to Game Lady’s current lineup of dolls (which can be found here or any vendor that carries Game Lady), not their future lineup of dolls.

          1. Bob

            Ohhhh! Gotcha! Thanks so much for your help, Steven! I’ll be sure to check here first then for any new updates on the next Game Lady Dolls!

  20. Dany

    is it possible to make a non head sex doll into one ? i purchased one and saw that it didnt have the adapter hole to add it so how can i make it into one should a drill a hole and then strew the m16 adapter in ? or whats the right way to do i already purchased the doll head i need to make it work .. any tips ?

    1. Steven

      Hi Dany,
      Unfortunately, I can’t help with this. I don’t know which torso doll you have (and even if you told me, I still wouldn’t know what its internal skeleton looks like) but generally, sex torsos with a metal skeleton don’t have a neck portion. DIY and internal repairs are unfortunately not my specialty. I think this is probably a lot more work than you think. I did a bit of research and couldn’t find anyone that has done this before so if you figure it out, you will be the first. You might find some tips on Dollforum, or you might have to create a thread there to ask people.

  21. temptifuacc

    So… I have considered getting a doll before because ya know… it’s tits and ass on demand. I justified it by saying it’ll save me time from having to go out and get girls IRL blah blah. And also I kinda thought it’d provide some company while I’m home alone lol.

    I was looking at these $3,000 dolls and almost made the purchase but found a cheaper one for just around $1k. I couldn’t justify spending $3k knowing that there would be a high chance I’d regret it.

    It came in a big box, I hauled it into my bedroom, it ways about 30kg.. I underestimated just how much that weighs. So I sliced open the box and started removing the packaging and I could see it’s little fucking toes poking out and I was like… oh shit… here we go. Kept removing the packaging and of course I grabbed the tits as soon as I saw them. They’re okay, but nothing like the real thing ofc.

    I pulled the cold corpse of a doll out of its box… it didn’t have its head screwed on.. so I unwrapped the head, plonked that on.. and it’s a half decent looking thing. Better than I was expecting tbh. I wasted no time sticking the electric warming stick up it’s pussy, waited a few minutes, dumped it on the bed and.. well, we had a play.

    Ngl… it’s better than a hand or pocket pussy but believe me, once you “finish”… you now have to wrestle it’s cold body, clean what needs to be cleaned (in this case I unscrewed it’s head and basically force fed it water in the sink lol). I hadn’t yet thought… where tf do I store this thing. It’s about 160cm tall… so I plonked it in my closet on a cabinet wrapped it in a blanket and Jesus Christ.. it looks like a corpse.. literally. I now have to walk in there every day to be greeted by a cold wrapped up corpse when I need to grab some clothes. The heck do I do with it, it’s corpse or bye bye $1k.

    Any ideas Steven on what I should do with the doll?

    1. Steven

      Hi temptifuacc,
      I’m not sure if you are trolling or not because I saw this post on Reddit. However, I will still answer this the best I can. Although this appears to be written in a purposely negative or “trying to be funny” way (like constantly referring to the doll as a corpse), it has some truths that many new doll owners experience. Additionally, many people order dolls without any research or with unrealistic expectations. Firstly, sex dolls are heavy, which is regularly warned about by the doll community. 30kg of dead weight is no joke when you have to constantly move it around but many people still underestimate the weight. Secondly, the skin of dolls are cold at room temperature because it’s TPE or silicone. Most objects or materials, even blankets, feel cold at room temperature. This is written like the person expected the doll to be light, warm, and able to move around on its own or something. It’s an inanimate object shaped like a person so I can see where the “corpse” reference comes from but this seems to be an issue of unrealistic expectations. The breasts also don’t feel like real breasts because it’s TPE or silicone, and not real human skin or flesh. They’re close but not quite there.
      Anyway, there are a few solutions. First, buyers should always do research and set realistic expectations before buying a doll. They are expensive after all. You wouldn’t impulse buy a new car, would you? (although some people would) The ones with the biggest sense of buyer’s remorse are usually people who buy a doll purely for sex and nothing else. They have sex with the doll one time, realize the doll can’t move on its own and they have to clean it, and regret their purchase. I heard many stories of how the first thing people do when their doll arrives is to rip it out of the box and start having sex with it like some sort of sex-deprived maniac. Then in “post-nut clarity,” they regret the purchase and try to get rid of the doll. People who enjoy dolls the most are those who know what to expect and take their time with their dolls. They “warm up” to the doll, dress up, cuddle/sleep with, and take photos of their doll. It requires some patience and imagination, and becomes a hobby to many people.
      Now here’s what I recommend. Rather than going straight for sex, learn about the doll first. Learn how to move, pose, and maintain the doll. They are expensive and delicate so I’m surprised to see many people rushing to f*** the doll as soon as it arrives. Get used to having the doll around and overtime you will also develop the muscles to move it around easily. To warm them up, many recommend a heating blanket, but snuggling for a while under a blanket will also warm the doll up. Many people begin to develop a connection with their doll as time goes on, like how a child cares for their toy companion.
      However, if you are certain you don’t want the doll, you should first contact your vendor to see if there are any options to return it. If not, you can try selling or donating it on Dollforum or other websites. As a last resort, you can cut up and dispose of the doll.

  22. Martin

    Are there any brands that have dolls with male genitals? The head also needs to have an oral function.

    1. Steven

      Hi Martin,
      Do you mean male dolls because there’s quite a few brands with male dolls. There are also female dolls with penis inserts. I’m not super up-to-date with male dolls so I’ll just leave you with some useful resources.
      Dollforum’s Male Doll section:
      Some good websites that sell male dolls are SpartanLover and MyRobotDoll.

  23. Anton

    Hey, love your page. I was looking for a small doll because of lack of space. What do yo think about this page
    Any info about this site?

    Best regards

    1. Steven

      Hi Anton,
      It doesn’t look like they sell small dolls anymore. They most likely sell knockoff dolls since they brand their dolls as “LIT dolls” but I recognize some photos as other brands such as AI-Tech and AF Doll. The most disingenuous listings are probably the “AI-Tech” robot dolls listed at only $1000. You won’t get the robotic head at that price (nor is it even an option) but they advertise them as sex robots. Anyway, I heard mixed reviews about them. One person told me they ordered one and it was good enough, and another person said they lost $700 and haven’t received their doll after 10 months. If you want to take a risk, it’s up to you, but I personally don’t recommend them.

      1. Anton

        Could You recommend a page where I could find a mini doll?

        1. Steven

          Not many vendors sell mini dolls anymore. It’s mostly just Chinese vendors and knockoff doll websites that sell them now. If you live in the US, I recommend TheDollChannel. Otherwise, you have to find some other websites. Kumadoll might sell some on their Japanese website (then you have to contact them on their English website to order). That’s probably too complicated for beginners though. Some mini doll brands you can look at are Irokebijin, AXB Doll, Irontech (starter series), JM Doll, and there’s probably some other ones. Long story short, pretty much no reputable vendors sell mini dolls anymore except for the Irokebijin brand. You can only find mini dolls (mostly knockoffs) on the more sketchy, Chinese vendor sites.

  24. Charles

    How come sex dolls when you order them they come with no head

    1. Steven

      Hi Charles,
      Which doll did you order? If a doll has a head in the photo, it will come with a head. If yours arrived with no head, contact the vendor immediately.

  25. Mayjim

    Hey Steven, hopefully you’re doing well. I just wanted to ask if you would happen to know if this site (* *) is legit.

    1. Steven

      Hi Maylim,
      Dollter is legit although some of their dolls are controversial.

      1. Mayjim

        Thanks for the reply, Steven!

        (P.s. By controversial, do you mean because they sell small dolls or something?)

        1. Steven

          Yes. They specialize in small dolls, which is fine with me but controversial for many other people. It used to be much more apparent on their homepage but it looks like they toned it down and expanded their catalog.

          1. Mayjim

            Ah, I see. Thanks for letting me know, Steven. 😉

    1. Steven

      Hi Steven,
      I have seen that doll before (probably on knockoff doll websites). JellyNew might actually be the manufacturer. They make mostly knockoff dolls but this could be an original one. I don’t think this is a name-brand doll. Good job asking for factory photos before ordering. Many websites steal photos so you never know what you’re going to get. Obviously if the factory photos don’t match, you shouldn’t order it. Unfortunately, I can’t help much in this case because this doll isn’t by a reputable brand so I don’t know where you can order her.

  26. Jeff

    Hi Steven New here. I looked through many of the vendors you mentioned but I am not finding the ones I was wishing to find. Which of these vendors is best for customization (hair outfit etc) when it comes to a specific medium movie, video game etc?

    1. Steven

      Hi Jeff,
      Generally, brands are the ones that offer customization options, not the vendor. Vendors just carry the brands and list the options given to them. is one exception that offers more options such as like wigs, eye colors, piercings, etc. since they have an office at the factory. Some brands like Game Lady makes dolls based on video games, Aotume is good at recreating anime characters, and some other brands might cosplay their dolls for photoshoots. I don’t know exactly what you’re looking for so I can’t really offer much more information. You can technically just buy your own wig and outfit. Most brands don’t include outfits. Usually you have to find a doll that looks similar to what you’re looking for and then dress them up yourself.

  27. Zen

    I am back to ask if is any good? ( thank you for answering previous questions. )

    1. Steven

      Hi Zen,
      They are a real brand founded by someone named Alan who used to work at SEXYE. Unfortunately, they are very new and not very well-known. Almost no vendors carry them and I’ve never read a single review about them. They look good but information is extremely limited. Some people talk about them on Dollforum, but to my knowledge, no one actually owns one.

  28. Zen

    I also forgot to add if is trustworthy?

  29. Zen

    Is , , trustworthy sites?

    1. Steven

      Hi Zen,
      Kumadoll and Rosemarydoll are legit. The prices on Mailovedoll seem way too low- Although their listings (brands, specs, customization options) look correct, something is not right with the prices (zero-profit type of prices), which makes them risky and suspicious. Kanadoll seemed legit in selling more affordable, lesser-known brands but they recently started selling in-stock knockoff dolls (with WM Doll photos) so they lost their credibility for me.

  30. Newtown

    Does anyone make black Silicone dolls?

    1. Steven

      Hi Newtown,
      Most brands have various skin tone options including light tan, dark tan, or black. A doll with black facial features may be harder to find. TPE brands with some black dolls are WM/YL Doll, Irontech, 6YE, Jarliet, and Climax doll. There’s probably more. In terms of silicone brands, I think Irontech has some but I haven’t really noticed much black dolls (other than choosing a darker skin tone).

      1. newtown

        not sure i have seen any actually black/brown silicone. even irontech. can you send me a link with a irontech black silicone doll? tan is the darkest ive seen from even them .. also thanks for replying

        1. Steven

          You’re right. Irontech’s darkest silicone skin tone is Dark Tan but they have Black for TPE. In that case, the darkest for Irontech’s silicone dolls is only Dark Tan, but many of their heads do have more black facial features than other brands. If the skin tone is not dark enough, you might have to go with TPE. I think most black dolls I’ve seen are in TPE.

  31. Andrew

    Hi Steven,

    I had to come back for another question/your opinion.. sorry for the questions.. What are your thoughts on “” or “”? They seem to be legit vendors but wanted to get your expert opinion?


    1. Steven

      Hi Andrew,
      Both websites look legit to me. Many people received authentic Game Lady dolls from Realdollonline recently (on TDF) so that confirms their legitimacy. Meanwhile, I can only assume that Realsexdoll is legit based on their website. I don’t see any red flags and they are a TDF vendor.

  32. Andrew

    Hi Steven,

    Great site by the way. It is really informative. I wanted to get your thoughts on Starpery and Zelex silicone dolls. Both companies seem to offer great looking dolls but do you know about the quality of the dolls from either company? I would normally lean towards Zelex but I heard their dolls are mostly weight-reduced dolls and I’ve read some unhappy customers on TDF that weight reduction can cause doll-integrity issues. Any thoughts on which brand you think has a better quality record or which one I should go with to purchase a silicone doll?

    1. Steven

      Hi Andrew,
      Starpery and Zelex are both high-end silicone brands. Like you, I read both positive and mixed reviews about them. From what I remember, Zelex generally has more positive reviews. I would not say their dolls are mostly weight-reduced. That is just an option you can choose (and most people don’t choose this option). Weight reduction makes dolls lighter and firmer but shouldn’t affect the durability in any way. However, many people won’t like the increased firmness. I read about the problems with Starpery’s TPE bodies (in the past) but I haven’t really heard much other negatives. I think both brands are good and it comes down to which doll you like better. The best resource is the Zelex and Starpery section on TDF. That’s where you’ll find the most real customer reviews and information about them.

      1. Andrew

        Thank you for your input Steven!

  33. George

    Hi Steven,

    I contacted you about checking out the website because the price was so cheap. I took a chance team and bought a Irontech starter series( I have a bad back). I received the doll yesterday and payed $890 and they included an extra head, extra wig and articulated fingers. The doll ended up being a real Irontech doll! I would give them a 90% review just because they take awhile to respond. So if anyone wants to get a doll for a better price they should check them out

  34. Dex

    Hi Steven,
    I am about to buy a Zelex 165 doll and my last concern is should I take the weight reduction or not, because if I do, repairing future joint problems would also damage the foam core making it look damaged permanently, or is weight reduction easier on the joint? What do you think?
    Thank you

    1. Steven

      Hi Dex,
      Unfortunately, I’m not an expert when it comes to doll repairs. Lighter weight will be easier on the joints, but like all joints, whether it’s sex dolls or other products, it gets loose over time with constant use. Weight-reduced dolls tend to be more firm, since they have a foam core with less silicone, but are in-turn lighter. I actually haven’t seen photos of a foam core before. I don’t know if it can be fixed up after cutting. I would assume there’s a way to repair it. Maybe doll owners on Dollforum will have more info. I recommend asking in the Zelex section there.

  35. Jerry

    Hi Steven,

    I’m looking for a while now to buy mini dolls from Irokebijin (around 90-110). From the trusted vendors you’ve listed I only found desired ones on Dollto China. I also contacted them via mail and they answered in minutes (in 5 or less some one named Kimi) and tbh that tipped me off a bit. Whats you experience with DTC? Are they legit, trustworthy on the quakity?

    1. Jerry

      I meant quality. 🙂

    2. Steven

      Hi Jerry,
      Dollto-China is trustworthy. Kimi is well-known in the doll community, and a 5 minute response time is a sign of good customer service to me. You can find more reviews about Dollto-China here: They are a very popular vendor. I only had good experiences with them.

  36. Matta

    Hello Steven
    I just wanted to say this is the most professional and well formatted website I have found on the topic of love dolls, even better than TDF in my personal opinion! I’m curious if you know of any website I can go to see side by side comparison photos of real and fake dolls? Some kind of blog to give a solid visual and written example of the differences between them, including multiple brand names and the ripoffs of the same doll .

    Is this idea something you would consider doing for this site sometime in the near future?

    1. Steven

      Hi Matta,
      Thank you for the kind words. Not everyone likes TDF, but they have the largest community of doll owners out there and tons of useful information about dolls. I still visit there often. My website is more of a blog.
      As for side-by-side comparisons of authentic and knockoff dolls, that is a good idea and I have thought about it. However, I never pursued this because a few websites already did it first. Namely Tom, who is well-known in the doll community. He wrote a post about this here and also made a video here a few years ago. There was also another comparison by a vendor which I can’t find right now, but Tom’s video is the most in-depth. This is still a good idea and I will consider it.

      1. Matta

        Thank you that was exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  37. Mathew

    Hi I recently purchased a sex doll from this site ( it was expensive. Was I ripped off?

    1. Steven

      Hi Mathew,
      It depends which doll you bought. Some of the dolls in their “Brands” section might be authentic, but most dolls on their frontpage, especially the in-stock US ones are just knockoff dolls with stolen photos. I don’t know if you got ripped off or not, but I personally wouldn’t recommend that website. Their About Us section is just full of fake numbers and lies. They don’t even sell the brands they mention in their About Us section.

  38. Paw

    Hello Steven,
    I am planning to buy a sex doll but worry about travelling with them. Are they normally allowed to be checked in as load in luggage (under 32kg limits) and only travelling to legalized countries.

    1. Steven

      Hi Paw,
      I personally don’t recommend putting a sex doll in a luggage. Depending on the size of the doll, it will probably damage the doll or skeleton. Dolls aren’t flexible enough to cram into a luggage unless it’s a partial doll, detachable doll, or small doll. I think a sex torso might be ok, but again, I wouldn’t recommend putting a doll in a luggage. It’s at your own risk.

      1. Paw

        Yes, sorry I meant packing it the original shipping case but registered as luggage is what I meant.

        1. Steven

          I guess technically you can if the shipping case is the allowed dimensions and weight. I suggest asking someone who is more familiar with TSA rules and regulations. I never heard of anyone bringing their doll to the airport before. Some people will ship a doll to their destination via UPS/Fedex, but generally, people only travel with their sex doll(s) by car.

  39. Matta

    Hello again, In your opinion if you could balance these three criteria, what is the highest realism, highest functionality, yet low maintenance doll on the market? I’ve been considering TAYU but they are quite expensive. What are your thoughts?

    1. Steven

      Hi Matta,
      If you want a low maintenance doll, then you probably want a silicone doll (opposed to TPE). “Highest realism” is a bit subjective and depends on many different factors. Currently, no doll can look and feel exactly like a real woman but can come close. Some notable brands are Sino Doll, Gynoid, DS Doll, Starpery, XYCOLO, Zelex, and TAYU. There’s also a pretty realistic brand few have heard of called Fanreal. All these dolls have pros and cons relative to each other. TAYU is very good and is known for their light weight dolls. I don’t know what you mean by highest functionality. If you like TAYU, I think that is a very good choice. They are underrated. I recommend looking through the brands, finding ones that attract you, and narrowing it down. Dollforum has many reviews for every one of these brands.

  40. Cyrus

    How compatible are heads with bodies from other vendors? Game Lady is selling their Tifa head separately from their 168cm body, would I be able to fit it on a Sino-doll body of comparable height?

    1. Steven

      Hi Cyrus,
      It depends on the head and neck connectors of the two brands. Normally I don’t recommend mixing-and-matching heads/bodies between brands because the skin tone may not match, and possible head/neck size differences, but it could work out if you do your research. I don’t know the answer off the top of my head without asking first. I recommend asking a vendor that carries both Zelex (manufacturer of Game Lady) and Sino Doll.

  41. Thomas

    Hi Steven, I was looking for dolls around 60-80cm and found the following site ( Interested in Mini & Small doll category. I did research it but couldn’t find anything negative.
    If It’s not, can you recommend site where I can find some?

    1. Steven

      Hi Thomas,
      They might be legit but their prices seem a little too low. I looked at various brands they carry and they are selling them at prices that would leave them with little-to-no profit. Their JY Dolls are very suspicious- $1000 for a silicone head+TPE body which doesn’t make sense (they’re usually $2000+ even direct from JY). I would say it’s at your own risk. They could be selling knockoffs or cutting corners somewhere because their margins are almost non-existent. TheDollChannel and Dollto-China has some mini-dolls, but usually only Chinese vendors sell mini dolls.

  42. Mircea

    I like dolls, but I have two amendments!
    the breasts are a bit big and reminiscent of silicone whores.
    but also the vagina that I would like to have with my lips pressed.

  43. James

    Hi back again. Is
    Legit? They seem to be, they have brand info and contact service but I’d rather be safe then sorry. Looking for someone that compete with thedollchannel for mini prices(I’ma cheap fuck)

    1. Steven

      Hi James,
      That website sells a lot of knockoff dolls. Even though they show the brands, some of those brands like SY Doll and YY Doll are knockoffs with stolen photos. Their other brands like Irontech might be authentic. It’s mainly the SY Doll and YY Dolls that I recognized are using photos from other brands. Could it be good enough for the price? Maybe, but it’s at your own risk. That website also has no reviews or any mentions online.

  44. Oscar

    Hello Steven,
    I own a doll (bought from and I am very satisfied with it. My problem is that I recently moved from Mexico to a different country (Japan). I tried to send the doll by Fedex but they mentioned that the destination country (Japan) has restrictions for the usage that such doll will be given, so I was not able to ship it. Hgdoll has its own special warehouses which they use to bypass such restrictions and they mention they can send without problem another identical model to the one I have to Japan, and that would solve my problem temporarily. But then, after a few years my plan would be to ship that doll back to Mexico with me. Do you know if it is possible for an individual person like me to ship the doll by Fedex from Japan to US? I would ship it to a special warehouse in Texas, as that was the original route of the first doll (it was sent from China to that warehouse in US and then from that warehouse in US to Mexico). I ask because I want to investigate the possibility first, if it would be legal (is of the young-looking type) and if there might be customs clearance issues for it to be able to leave Japan legally (receiving it at the US warehouse should probably be okay I think, the problem is with Japan side).

    Thanks if you have any info on this.

    1. Steven

      Hi Oscar,
      I am not very familiar with the sex doll laws in Japan and Mexico. I thought Japan didn’t have any sex doll regulations. As for Mexico, I believe sex dolls are legal there but most vendors aren’t willing to ship there due to high probabilities of the package getting lost. This is a complex issue regarding legalities and logistics which I am not an expert on. I can tell you what I think, but I am not the right person to ask this. There are 4 states in the US where child-like sex dolls are illegal, and Texas is not one of them. One vendor (TheDollChannel) imports small dolls regularly into Texas with no issues. I don’t know about the leaving Japan legally part since I have never heard of that and many sex dolls go from China to Japan to US with no problems. I recommend asking someone more knowledgeable about laws and shipping.

      1. Gorgon

        Did you know, Texas has a law the criminalizes people if you own more than 6 dildos? Sorry, just something i like to share to show how ironic some things are.

        1. Steven

          Hi Gorgon,
          I did not know that. I glanced over the Texas obscenity statute a few years ago, but assumed it wasn’t enforced since there are many sex doll vendors in Texas. After a quick Google search, sure enough, what you said is true. I wonder how often it is enforced though.

      2. Oscar

        Okay, thanks a lot Steven for your quick reply!
        I’ll have to keep digging into this, no problem.
        It seems inside Japan there are no issues, the only problem is when passing through borders into Japan (but hgdoll people already solved this) or outside, in my case I would only deal with the going outside part.

  45. Farm

    Hello Steven,
    I just recently came across this brand called Fu-Doll but I apparently cannot find anything about it, what is your general thoughts on this brand? Safe purchase? Quality? Thank you…

    1. Steven

      Hi Farm,
      FUDOLL is a lesser-known but legit brand. I briefly mentioned them in this post:
      Since they are lesser-known and no Western vendor carries them, I don’t know much about their quality. However, I’m guessing they are good quality because the founder has experience in the doll industry. You will have to do your own research. There are many Japanese FUDOLL owners on Twitter so perhaps you will find more information there.

  46. Pete

    I have looked high and low. There is no sex doll currently marketed that is capable of genuine oral sex. True? If not, I want know what doll that is.

  47. James

    I know you’re probably tired of seeing my name but I’m being cautious and you seem to know your stuff(thank you I’m getting better at spotting scams) but I’m unsure about about I see brand names but something feels off. Are they legit?

    1. Steven

      Hi James,
      No worries. My opinion is XNDoll are scammers. I rarely call knockoff doll sellers scammers but XNDoll purposely sells knockoffs under legitimate brand names. Their in-stock doll section on the front page makes it quite obvious, with WM Doll photos at ~$600. Then looking at their WM Doll brand page, the dolls there are also at knockoff doll prices (pretty much half of what they should be). Seeing any WM Doll listed under $500 or a 166cm under $1000 is a dead giveaway. There are also many red flags such as wrong customization options, too many reviews (most likely fake), many dolls are listed as the wrong brand, and they even messed up the first sentence in their homepage which says “the real doll is a trustworthy online store.” I would not recommend this store.

  48. Jesse

    is moon-doll legit?

    I wanted to buy the GameLady Tifa doll, but I wanted to find more legit vendors, since realdollshub can’t deliver into my country I need to find alternatives

    1. Steven

      Hi Jesse,
      There aren’t any established vendors that carry Game Lady Doll currently so I can’t recommend any of them. I know a few people that ordered the Tifa doll, but none have received her yet. Someone asked me about moon-doll a few days ago. They could be legit although they carry a lot of lesser-known brands and sell knockoff dolls in their in-stock section. The risk is up to you because there’s pretty much no reviews about them online. Realdollonline is probably the most legit-looking website I’ve seen that sells Game Lady Doll but I can’t vouch for them either.

  49. James

    Is sexdolldiy legit?

    1. Steven

      Hi James,
      They sell knockoff dolls. Everything about their website screams Aliexpress. The writing, long photos in the description, customization options, and reviews all look like they were imported from Aliexpress or some Chinese marketplace website. The risk is up to you since knockoff dolls are always a gamble in quality, but I personally wouldn’t order from them.

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