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After running a sex doll store for 1 year, I learned a lot about top sex doll brands and manufacturers. This included recognizing all their dolls, specifications, customization options, and more. However, there is always more to learn. Since then, I continued to learn about sex dolls for another 3+ years, eagerly reading about various doll owners’ experiences. I think it’s safe to say I know a lot about sex dolls! I have a wealth of knowledge regarding top doll brands, manufacturers, vendors, industry news, and more! My specialty includes information about manufacturers and brands, identifying trustworthy vendors, and blogging about sex doll news.

Free free to comment below and ask me anything!

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If you’re looking for a trustworthy store to order from, here is my list of trusted sex doll vendors: Trusted Sex Doll Websites

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  1. Robert

    Hi Steven,

    I have been interested in getting an Irontech but when I see customers photos it does not look like the photos the advertise. For example, the Fenny head looks good in promotional photos and in the factory photo that Irontech shared on dollforum it looks just like advertised. But when a customer on reddit shared a photo of his Fenny head the results look disappointing. A dollforum user recently got the Ivy head and same story there. Is this really okay for them to do? Is there something I’m missing? If my vendor shows something similar to me am I allowed to tell them to redo it?

    Reddit link:

    Dollforum link:

    1. Steven

      Hi Robert,
      First thing to note: factory photos almost never look like promo photos. Promo photos are taken by professional photographers with expensive equipment, and usually with their own makeup, clothes, and wigs, and then touched up to look as good as possible. Factories have to attempt to match the photographer’s makeup and wig. Meanwhile, factory photos are taken in poor factory lighting in a raw, unedited form, which is why I recommend looking at both factory and customer photos (photos after a customer receives the doll).
      For the reddit link (Fenny head), the first factory photo looks the same. The 2nd one (when not compressed), looks similar but lost some detail due to the soft head material. Whoever did the eyebrows definitely messed up, and there isn’t enough lipstick on the bottom lip. Also, something looks very wrong with the teeth. If they moved the eyes up slightly and imitated the angle, I think it would look more similar. Same overall facial features, just lost detail and makeup problems.
      For the TDF link, the head looks the same. It’s just the eye positioning, bad lighting and angle (that’s forming a shadow over the eyes), and different makeup color (eyebrow and lip color are different) that makes them look different. It’s definitely the same mold.
      Now for the other question, “is this really okay for them to do?” Enhanced promo photos have always been somewhat controversial in the doll community, but basically accepted. Brands obviously want their photos to look good to get more sales. I guess it’s considered deceptive marketing even though it’s technically the same doll. Things are actually getting worse since this “professional photography” is trending, and every brand is doing it more now than ever before.
      One of the fears as a vendor is showing a customer a factory photo and hoping that they approve it. Brands are going to give vendors a lot more anxiety now. 😂
      If your vendor shows you something similar, yes. Tell them to redo/fix whatever the issue is, and you can even refuse to accept the doll. The latter depends on the vendor – some will charge a fee, most won’t let you cancel at all, but a very good vendor will fully refund you.
      This is one reason why I liked selling Piper Dolls in the past since they don’t edit their photos. If you’ve seen as many photos as me, you can instantly tell that almost every doll’s promo photos have been altered in some way. And as I said, it’s only getting worse. If you show modern promo photos to people, they will think it’s CGI or a painting.

    1. Steven

      Hi Shark,
      I don’t recommend them. They sell knockoff dolls with stolen photos. Very clear red flags like no brand names, low prices, height options that don’t match the photos, and even photoshopped WM Doll’s logo off the photos. They also stole some of my content in their blog section. Needless to say, I wouldn’t consider them trustworthy.

  2. Bill

    My wife passed away not long ago and I’m discovering I don’t really want to date again. Maybe that will change in the future, but I ended up on this journey first as a joke and now I’m finding I’m legitimately interested in buying a doll. I’m not too sure what I will actually do with it though. I’ve bought masturbation sex toys since she passed, but I guess it’s not what I want on its own. Being unsure about if I will use it for sexual release or just posing it and moving it around, is there any recommendation for what type of material or considerations there might be for someone like me? If I go through with it, I know I’ll be spending at least a couple grand for quality and I’ll stick to the sites I’ve seen on here most likely, but beyond that I am unsure.

    1. Steven

      Hi Bill,
      I’m sorry to hear about your loss. Sex dolls do provide companionship for many people, but because everyone is different, it’s hard to give recommendations. Some people get a doll and wish they got one sooner, while for others, it’s the complete opposite. Because of this, it might be a good idea to start with something cheaper – For example, a Kimber Doll.
      Another reason it’s hard to give recommendations is because there are so many factors involved. Things like material, weight, brand, appearance, and price all depend on individual preferences, budgets, and physical capabilities. It sounds like you’re not really sure what you’ll do with a doll or if it’s right for you, so I would probably start with something cheaper, like a Kimber Doll, unless money isn’t an issue. However, not everyone likes the way Kimber Doll looks, and she only come in one style. Alternatively, you can browse around on trustworthy websites just to see what’s out there and do some research on the ones you like.

  3. Gabriel

    Hey, I been always coming back to this page for great info that help my experience with love dolls. I currently have a new doll Jy Doll 125cm. The insert nut for the head became loose and has fallen off the skeletons neck joint.vI’m unable to fix it properly. Any advice ?

    1. Steven

      Hi Gabriel,
      The first thing you should do is contact your vendor with photos. They should provide a solution or even send you a new doll. I can’t really understand what happened just from the description, but even then, it’s better to follow the vendor/manufacturer’s advice. Therefore, contact your vendor first, and in the meantime, you can try searching for some possible solutions here:

  4. Robert

    Hello Steven,

    Could you tell me if the soft hip/gel butt option for silicone dolls are worth it?

    From what I’ve read it makes the doll heavier, often costs more and you can’t let the gel part rest on any surface as it will deform it. My plan was to leave the doll on the bed pretty much all the time but if I get the soft hip option then I can’t, right?

    Also, I am a little confused if soft hip and gel butt are the same thing. If a manufacturer offers soft hip option does that mean it will be made with gel?

    1. Steven

      Hi Robert,
      First, Soft Hip and Gel Butt are the same thing. Sometimes, brands use the term “hip” for butt for some reason. The gel butt does add some weight (just like gel breasts) but makes the butt softer and nicer to squeeze. However, you have very valid concerns; there are pros and cons to the gel butt. The pro, of course, is that it feels much better. Since silicone is fairly firm, you really need the gel butt option if you want a squeezable butt.
      As for the con, it requires more care, and for some people, can be a hassle. First, you can’t leave the doll on her butt (sitting or laying down) for long periods of time (unless the butt is supported from pressure). By creating a hollow space to insert the gel, the outer skin of the butt is thinner and easier to damage. You have to be more careful, and avoid long-term pressure on the butt. That doesn’t mean the doll can’t sit or lie down. Short-term is probably fine without support, but you need some support around the butt or with memory foam for long-term (hanging would be best for storage). Many people have no problems laying their gel-butt dolls on memory foam. Just be more careful and don’t leave the doll laying for days.

  5. Eddie

    Hello Steven,
    Where can I find this dolls light vendor? I saw it on eBay and was looking for it on the web but am having difficulty in finding it. Can you lead me in the right direction. Thanks Steven i appreciate your help.


    1. Steven

      Hi Eddie,
      Sorry, I don’t understand your question. What do you mean “dolls light vendor?”

  6. Gnomo

    Hello everyone, I’m glad you’re still there, I hope you’re well. I wanted to ask you something but first I’ll tell you about me. I have been a single guy for several years and fed up with this situation I decided to buy a doll. I would like it mainly to keep me company, I like the idea of taking care of the doll, because I will have to wash it, I will have to be careful not to let it ruin. I am not a person with special sexual desires, in the sense that for me it is more important to admire a beauty than to think about fucking violently. I deeply respect women and it will be the same for the doll I buy. It’s not just about sex, but also about love and companionship. That said I can’t currently afford full size dolls (160cm) mainly because of their high prices. So I wanted to buy a 130 cm one and keep it for about 18/24 months, the time to have the money to take a higher one. So I wonder what I could do after this time with the doll? I have inquired about what to do if you want to recycle it. I would literally have to cut it all, remove the metal skeleton and separate all the silicone, put it in an envelope and take it to an ecocenter. I don’t like this idea, I don’t know if I could take a knife and “kill” it. So I was thinking if I could SELL my doll. It seems unhygienic but I would sell it as new, because I would treat it very well and wash it after each use. I’m also not a violent one, so I don’t risk breaking it. I was thinking if I pay it $1100, I could sell it for $500, or even $200. I don’t care about earning. Used yes, but as new and in almost perfect condition I think someone might be interested. What do you think? Thank you, if you have a forum I will very happy to join it. (used Bing translator).

    1. Steven

      Hi Gnomo,
      You have a few options when you no longer want your doll. You can either dispose, sell, or donate it. As you mentioned, disposing a doll requires taking it apart, which should be a last resort. Selling and donating are better options. You’ll be surprised how many people want used dolls. And if you can’t sell it, you can always donate it because even more people want a free used doll. Members on DollForum will pretty much take any doll for free (and pay for shipping), but it depends where you live. Some websites will also buy/take used dolls but again, it depends where you live.

      1. Gnomo

        Well, I know that dolls on average last 5 years or less because they have a mixture of medium or low quality silicone. But for the best blends I know they can last up to 10 years. After this time, the material and structure begin to change appearance and shape, dry or soft and that breaks by itself. In this case recycling is the best option and there are companies all over Europe. Do you know any company/website that accepts used dolls to recommend to me?
        Is the DollForum forum yours on this site? I happy sign up.

    1. Steven

      Hi Ryan,
      They are probably legit since the owner is an ex-DH168 employee and friends with Mizuwali. I don’t know much else about them though.

  7. Rob

    I went to what I believe to be the irontech official website and was talking to the sales team. They offered me a price for the same doll I saw on a vendor site for almost 400 less. Is it legit or better to buy from them or just from the known vendor? I just wasn’t sure if this was something that happens.
    This is the site.

    1. Steven

      Hi Rob,
      That is the official Irontech website. Irontech is one the brands that undercuts their vendors which is why they can offer $400 less. I remember some TDF vendors complaining about it in the past. Usually, I recommend ordering from vendors for better customer service and more buyer protection. However, I noticed that a lot of TDF members order directly from Irontech. Ultimately, the risk and decision is up to you since I don’t know if Irontech’s customer service is good or not. Try to find some customers that ordered directly from them.

  8. Mayjim

    Got it, appreciate you letting me know, I’ll check around a bit more.

    (P.s. would you happen to know any site that primarily sell sexdoll accessories and clothing?*)

    1. Steven

      No problem. Other than what I mentioned before, there aren’t really any websites dedicated to sex doll clothing and accessories other than vendors. It’s mostly doll vendors that sell some clothing/accessories on the side. Some brands also offer certain outfits from their photos, but I don’t know if you can buy it separately without a doll.

    1. Steven

      They’re probably legit but I don’t know much about them. They mainly sell doll accessories and heads, and I’ve seen them posting on several websites. The only red flag I see is the “90000+ happy customers” which is clearly untrue. Otherwise, they seem ok. I don’t know if their accessories quality is good or not though.

      1. Mayjim

        Ah, understood. I’ll do some research and check them out, thanks for everything and until next time~! XD

  9. Mayjim

    Good morning, Steven. Hopefully you’re still doing well. ^_^)

    I just wanted to ask, would you happen to know any websites that sell clothing for the 80cm Shiori doll?

    1. Steven

      Hi Mayjim,
      You can find 80cm clothing at Kospley or from a Doll-forever/Irokebijin vendor such as TheDollChannel or the vendor you ordered from. They all get the clothes from the same place.

      1. Mayjim

        Could you give the link site for Kosplay? I already checked the doll channel but I wanted to see if there were more sites with more options.

          1. Mayjim

            Thank you, Steven, appreciate it~! ^_^)>

  10. Yurik

    Hi Steven, what do you think about the site is it possible to buy a doll on it or is it better not to risk it?)

    1. Steven

      Hi Yurik,
      I personally wouldn’t recommend them. They mainly promote SY Doll and COSDOLL, both of which are cheap, knockoff brands. I see lots of stolen WM Doll photos, fake reviews, and no About Us section. Their Irontech dolls could be authentic, but isn’t worth the risk for the same prices as reputable vendors. Overall, they’re a risky and unknown vendor.

  11. Marc

    Buongiorno Steven ho appena comprato una bambola WM doll in TPE alta 173 e’ la prima volta che compro una bambola sono inesperto vorrei sapere prima del primo utilizzo devo lavare la bambola? devo fare qualcos’altro?Grazie

  12. Rob

    Hi!! I’m looking to get another doll.
    My first doll is 150 cm. She’s absolutely wonderful and I want to get her a friend. I want to get a bigger one so I’m looking at the irontech 164cm h cup. I like that body style but if you had any good recommendations about other body types along that line with maybe a bigger booty is be very open to looking. Thank you very much!!

    1. Steven

      Hi Rob,
      I looked at some photos and that’s a very nice looking body. I’ve seen so many bodies that I can’t really keep track of them all anymore. That one is very Irontech in style. Many of their silicone bodies are also shaped like that. However, be sure you can handle 90+ lbs because that doll is pretty heavy. I can’t think of any similar bodies right now, but there’s a 164cm HR Doll that looks a bit similar (but weighs 120+ lbs). I recommend just browsing around the different heights on websites that carry a lot of brands.

  13. Jim


    The website below. Is it reputable? Any comments appreciated. .

    1. Steven

      Hi Jim,
      They sell knockoff dolls with stolen photos. They have pretty much every red flag in the book: no brand names, low prices, fake reviews, height options, deceptive marketing tricks, etc. Based on their listings, they look like AliExpress sellers. I personally would not consider them reputable or trustworthy.

      1. Jim


        Thanks for the reply!

        What about ?

        1. Steven

          FineLoveDolls is legit. I don’t know much about their customer service, but they’re very knowledgeable from what I remember.

  14. Ryan

    I have a silicone doll would you recommend baby powder or cornstarch and any specific brand?

    Also any tips/advice on how to take care of a silicone doll?

    Thank you for your time!

    1. Steven

      Hi Ryan,
      Talc, cornstarch, and baby powder are all fine for powdering. Nowadays, most products don’t use talc anymore, and baby powder is usually cornstarch-based.
      Silicone dolls don’t require as much maintenance as TPE dolls. Basically, the only maintenance is cleaning the doll as needed- warm water with your hands, maybe some soap if necessary (and of course, cleaning and drying the orfices after each use). Water-based lube only. Don’t oil or use Vaseline as it destroys silicone. Silicone doesn’t need to be oiled. Powdering is just to remove stickiness and shine. Also cornstarch isn’t recommended for long-term storage since bacteria/fungus can grow in humid environments.
      Also ask your vendor for maintenance tips as well. Sometimes it can differ for various brands.

      1. Ryan

        I saw somewhere that baby powder is unhealthy and most sites I looked at said to powder after cleaning. Should I rinse after the powder, or is kissing/sucking on the body a no-no?

        Also for wig shampoo and detangler I got one that contains certain oils like coconut,leaf. Would that be fine since its for the wig?
        Thank you for your time as always!

        1. Steven

          Silicone material tends to be naturally sticky. The reason you powder after washing (and drying) is because the doll will be sticky when clean. The powder removes the stickiness. If you rinse off the powder, it will be sticky again. Many people use cornstarch instead of baby powder because it’s edible. If you get a thin, even amount on, you won’t really taste or notice it. Kissing and sucking the body is fine if you use cornstarch.
          The oil in the shampoo is probably fine. In general, oil/Vasaline/petrolatum damages silicone, but I don’t know the science of how much or how long it takes. You can try doing some research but I would guess the wig shampoo isn’t a problem.

    2. Rudy

      I recommend: Johnson’s baby powder – because some another baby-powders contains some another unwanted ingredients.

  15. Mike

    Interested in a doll and not many of them do it for me. I am quite taken by YL’s 151 cm, 4’11”, E-cup.
    “Patchan” does it for me! I do not know the difference between WM, YL or Iron Tech Dolls.
    Spending the money I am im having a hard time not springing for irontechs new grip and suck vagina and electric hips. The feel of the doll is important to me as is is the looks. Hopefully I find mmmmmu ground alice

  16. Ken

    I’m interested in two things:
    –Big Booty (Non-negotiable, I will NOT buy a doll with less than 42″ Hips)
    –Collapsible Feature (Detatching the legs so that doll is easier to hide)

    I’ve mostly been leaning toward WM Dolls, but they don’t seem to have the Collapsible Feature. Are there any vendors or brands with big booty dolls that are collapsible? Or can I make that a custom request?

    1. Steven

      Hi Ken,
      Big booty dolls aren’t hard to find. The detachable legs feature, on the other hand, is extremely rare. If that feature is required, you have very little options. Some brands have detachable leg models like JY Doll, Aibei, XY Doll, and a lesser-known brand called EL Doll. I don’t think any of them have a big butt though.
      Apparently some 6YE models have detachable legs according to TheSilverDoll which I never knew before: Might be worth asking a 6YE vendor.
      Detachable legs usually aren’t a customization option (except for maybe the 6YE example). Either a doll has it or it doesn’t. Have you considered a torso doll without legs? Other than what I mentioned, I don’t know any other detachable leg options. You can try asking some vendors.

      1. Ken

        It’s interesting. You’d think with something like that would be more available to allow extra discreetness. Would certainly be a great benefit to customers if it was an option available for all dolls if you ask me! Kinda like the new sucking vagina trend going on.

        I once asked SY Dolls if they had a detachable feature for one of their big booty dolls. At first, they said it wasn’t available, then they made it an option upon request. However, I’ve heard a warning from Sex Dolls Review not to but directly from the factories. So I’ll definitely ask some vendors.

        Do you think there’s a way we can get dismountable legs trending among manufacturers, however?

        1. Steven

          It’s certainly an interesting option. My guess is that they’re not very popular. Gynoid used to have a model with detachable arms, but then they got rid of it. If enough people request it, an established brand could make one and start a trend. However, I don’t think it’s on any brand’s radar right now- it’s an overlooked older feature. A torso doll with head might be the alternative most people go with.

    1. Steven

      Hi Victoro,
      Unfortunately, I don’t know much about JX Doll. The first time I saw them was from a website called Linkooer (that someone asked me about). From what I can tell, they’re a real brand. I’m not sure if is fake or not, but that website is incomplete and possibly abandoned (also silicone body adds $700 to the price). Kanadoll sells a lot of weird brands so ultimately it’s a gamble. They look really good in the photos, but their quality is completely unknown. If the JX Doll turns out to be poor quality, how will Kanadoll’s customer service respond? That’s an important question to ask.
      There is one old post on TDF that suggests JX is made at Aiersha (the factory that makes JY, AF, etc) but I don’t know how accurate it is.

    1. Steven

      Why is a vendor asking if another vendor is legit? You should know. 😆

      1. Coeros

        Sorry, I am more familiar with doll factories, but there are too many doll vendors in China, and it is really difficult to find the quality of each company’s service on the website.
        And I don’t sell dolls myself, it’s my client who wants to buy a doll from this site. Of course, there is also a little suspicion that I am lazy. 🙂
        Another very important reason is to keep in touch with you, so this can also be counted as a topic for communication. lol.

  17. Robert

    Hello!! I put a dark shirt on my girl and even though I had washed it twice it still put a stain on her arm which isn’t too bad but she has a darker one on her tummy. I read that arm and hammer toothpaste or painters solvent was a good way to get it out but do you have any recommendations to get a stain out of her. She is tpe btw. I don’t want to do anything that would hurt or damage her so I thought I would ask first.
    Thank you so much!!

    1. Steven

      Hi Robert,
      Sorry to hear about the stain. A gentle oil massage can sometimes remove minor stains. Otherwise, the most popular method is 10% Benzoyl Peroxide (most people use the Oxy10 acne cleanser). Arm & Hammer toothpaste might work. Don’t use Painter’s Solvent. Every brand’s TPE is slightly different so you might want to test the product on a hidden area first. From what I remember, SM Doll’s TPE doesn’t react well with 10% Benzoyl Peroxide. Here’s a nice post with photos:

      1. Robert

        She is a piper doll. But I will definitely give it a shot!! Thank you so much!!! I’ll pick some up on my way home!!

  18. Ippo

    Sorry for my bad english.

    Any kind of site where you can get the flat or small dolls? Well, it sounds bad or morally wrong as I write it but it’s more to cosplay Nahida or Klee, small characters and put them on display (Like a salesgirl…And to do something else)

    One reason, is to be sure that the product will be “aesthetically” beautiful. And that is visually appealing.

    1. Steven

      Hi Ippo,
      What country do you live in? TheDollChannel sells small dolls if you live in the US. Since most vendors don’t carry small dolls, I can’t recommend any other ones except maybe Kumadoll. Brands like Guavadoll, Aotume, JY Doll, and AXB Doll have some dolls that look like Nahida and Klee.

      1. Ippo

        Mexico! But.. GuavaDoll is already on my list. Although as it is Chinese? They themselves say in their articles that it will have some minor defects…

        But it was more to get ideas and / or opinions from an expert. To tell you the truth, I am ignorant in this situation. I only saw some pictures of that kind of “small” dolls of that appearance….

        Anyway, I will check the ones you mentioned! I’m not in a hurry 😀 Thanks you! <3

  19. Michael

    Hey Steven, I have a question about the WM 174G with Head #370
    She is gorgeous on a video i have seen.

    Her breasts are amazing. Halfway this video you wil see her breast going. (its the blond one)
    Can you see if these breasts are with gel or hollow? (video shows gel at the doll with the dark hair, same body).
    And is this the soft or ultra soft tpe?

    Thank You!

    1. Steven

      Hi Michael,
      The breasts are most likely gel breasts. It has the weight and more natural droop of the gel breasts. As for the TPE, it’s hard to tell because these slow motion videos are deceptive in hiding the amount of force used. It’s most likely the normal TPE because they don’t (or at least didn’t) use gel breasts with the ultra soft TPE. You can ask a vendor to be 100% sure, but it looks like gel breasts with regular (or some other variation of soft) TPE to me.

  20. Darren

    Hey… is the LHP on that new FunWest 159cm Tennis girl any good? Rosemary Dolls a good vendor to buy from? Thanks for Infos, much appreciated! Darren.

    1. Steven

      Hi Darren,
      From what I can tell, the LHP is a little forward, which is more noticeable in the Eudora Christmas photos. It’s not the worst I’ve seen, but you’ll have to arch the back to get good positioning in doggy style. The photographers did a good job arching the back. I would say it’s manageable, but look at the photos to get a better idea- it’s not perfect. Rosemarydolls is legit. Alternatively, MyRobotDoll also carries Funwest Doll.

  21. Paul

    Hey Steven I’m just wondering if you know any vendors that has Bezlya dolls

    1. Steven

      Hi Paul,
      Googling Bezlya, some legit vendors I see are Rosemarydoll, FineLoveDolls, Kumadoll, and YourDoll. Any of them are probably fine, although some people don’t trust YourDoll.

  22. Fred

    Hi Steven! Is legit brand and vendor? Thank you!

    1. Steven

      Hi Fred,
      My thoughts are still the same about them after 2 years. They could possibly be legit but have many red flags such as no brand names, and Piper Doll’s customization options for every doll. Every now and then, their description will have a brand name like Starpery, yet it has Piper Doll’s customization options. I really can’t imagine how they operated with the wrong customization options for 2+ years. I think it’s more likely they sell knockoff dolls because scrolling through their catalog, every so often, there are €995 dolls with WM Doll photos. I would highly suggest choosing a different website.

    1. Steven

      Hi Mark,
      That doll is called the WM Doll 158cm B-cup Head #93. Contact any reputable WM Doll vendor and they can add/sell that specific doll.
      As for those websites, sexdollsoff is definitely not legit. Scroll down one comment and you’ll find my response about Yourdoll.

      1. Mark

        I feel stupid not seeing your already posted message about Yourdoll but I may have missed it thinking I’d read through all the comments as it was just dated a few days before I asked my question. Oh well…

        I ended up using the model numbers you provided and contacting Silicon Lovers. So far I’m VERY happy with their process and their help via email contact and have gotten exactly what I wanted with more doll options for the $ than I ever expected! I just placed an order with them.

        Thanks for your help through your website here. For a newbie it is invaluable! It’s one thing to browse, it’s another to be able to make a 1st purchase with confidence!

        Thanks again!

  23. Raid

    Hello Steven.
    I was wondering, is the side a legitimate dealer? Do you know any good or bad reviews of the place. And is it safe to buy items from there?

    1. Steven

      Hi Raid,
      Yourdoll has a controversial history, but they’re probably legit nowadays. They supposedly sold knockoff dolls in the past, which forever looms over their reputation. However, SE Doll told me that Yourdoll is their best vendor so I can only assume they’re legit. They improved a lot after they introduced in-stock dolls a few years back. Despite seeming very popular, I rarely see any reviews about them so I don’t know much about their customer service. From their website alone, they seem legit. The only weird thing is the height options for their WM Dolls which don’t even list all the bodies; not sure why they even have the height options. Otherwise, they’re probably legit but I don’t know much else about them.

  24. samuel

    Hello Steven,

    Recently I have been seeing these super high quality anime/game based figures by a company named BLOE Dolls. Do you know anything about them? More specifically are they actual sex dolls or just figurines? Thanks!

    1. Steven

      Hi Samuel,
      Unfortunately, I never heard of the Bloe Doll brand. I’ve seen them before on Kumadoll (For example:, but they don’t have a brand name there for some reason. From the specifications, they have a vaginal cavity so they’re mini sex dolls. Other than that, I don’t know anything else about them.

  25. Rob

    I was wondering of the two doll brands which you like better. Aibei or se doll? I’m looking at those two but I don’t know a lot about either yet.
    Also is my sex doll robot a legit vendor?
    Thank you so much and have a great day?

    1. Steven

      Hi Rob,
      Both brands have different designs so I recommend choosing the one that appeals to you more. Out of those 2 brands, Aibei is more of a budget brand while SE Doll is on-par with WM Doll (made in the same factory). It’s up to you. Aibei’s quality isn’t bad but they’re like low/mid-tier while SE Doll is a solid mid-tier. If you mean MyRobotDoll, then yes, they’re a legit vendor. Have a great day.

  26. Kevin

    Hi so I’m looking at a SE doll on rosemary doll. You did say they are legit but would I be better off getting her directly from the SE website? Thank you!

    1. Steven

      Hi Kevin,
      I recommend ordering from a vendor for better customer service, buyer protection, and sometimes even better prices. If the prices are about the same, there’s no advantage in ordering directly from SE Doll. Brands generally focus more on design and production, rather than customer service, so Rosemarydoll would be the better option here.

  27. steve

    Hello, thank you for the blog. It’s really helpful.
    I’m wondering what’s going on with Gamelady because I read that Capcom sent them a copyright infringement notice in September.
    Did anything happen? Did Gamelady make any changes to their dolls? Maybe changed the shapes of their heads?

    Please let me know. Thanks

    1. Steven

      Hi Steve,
      You probably read that Capcom sent me a copyright infringement notice in September. 😂 Game Lady probably received one too, but nothing is going on with Game Lady. They didn’t change anything and are pretty much immune to copyright issues. It still might have affected them in some way- maybe they won’t release anymore Capcom characters in the future, but that’s to be seen. They actually haven’t released much lately but I doubt it’s related to Capcom or copyright. They made some dolls under a secret brand among other stuff like adding oral structure to more heads. They haven’t changed any of their head shapes.

      1. steve

        Thank you very much for your reply !

    2. samuel

      hello steve,

      is mailovedoll a legit vendor?

  28. Eric

    Hello Steven

    How come you stopped being a vendor? I would have probably bought from you if you did sell

    1. Steven

      Hi Eric,
      It’s a long story. Long story short, in 2019, I built an online store from scratch on the Shopify platform. After months of work, Shopify randomly shut down my store one day with no appeal, and wouldn’t tell me why. Over time, I realized it was because I was in the middle of changing payment processors -> a customer made an order during the change which flagged my store -> Shopify looked at my store and didn’t like what they saw (probably the Piper Dolls on my home page), and shut me down permanently. There goes hundreds of hours of hard work. I didn’t want to start all over from scratch so I turned my website into a blog. That’s basically the short version of what happened. Similar to selling on a marketplace, you don’t actually “own” your store on Shopify, and they can ban you at anytime. Lesson learned the hard way.

      1. Eric

        Wow that sucks, that is really unfortunate!

        Well if you decide to become a vendor again in the future then I would be very interested but I understand if that is something you don’t want to do right now after the incident with Shopify.

      2. David

        Oh, the bitter lesson. I’m also running a Shopify store and I know how hard it is, a lot of heart and time. This reminds me. I also need attention.
        But what I want to say is that you made the transition and you built a great blog. you are great.

  29. Zack

    Can the Ellie last of us part 2 doll do Oral sex?

    1. Steven

      Hi Zack,
      The soft silicone head version has oral function. The hard silicone head (which is in the promo photos) doesn’t have oral.

  30. Paul

    What is the best doll/accessories for French kissing?

  31. Kevin

    Is rosemary doll legit?

    1. John

      As Steven said, they are legit but the customer service is not the best.

      There was a user on Reddit that bought a zelex from Rosemary and noticed the lovehole got some awful tears after a few uses. All they did was send some glue.

      Another vendor, sexdolls-shop, refunded the buyer after the same issue occured (he also had to send the doll back).

      I think this summarizes vendors, some are probably legit but you never know how good the service is of the legit ones.

  32. Henry

    Is it possible to get some sort of E-mail notification about blog updates?

    1. Steven

      Hi Henry,
      I will look into it. I don’t have that set up right now, but I tweet everytime I publish a new post. You can follow my Twitter at

  33. Jas T

    Hey there, do you know if DHL ships dolls to the UK?

    1. Steven

      Hi Jas,
      I recommend asking a UK vendor. I don’t live in the UK so I don’t know the current situation there. Over a year ago, DHL and Fedex stopped shipping sex dolls in the UK but I don’t know if anything has changed or not.

  34. JD

    Any info on whether is legit or not? They claim to be the original of an offshoot company called Catdoll which according to AXB took their designs & copied them. Neither of which I’ve heard of before til recently after seeing AXB products on sites like xndoll & zlovedoll but at cheaper prices.
    So I was just curious since AXB’s prices are higher for the same dolls, has product factory photo’s & vids that match the description/doll info & has more contact information(Address : Diamond Industrial Park, Henglan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China /Phone :  +86 13486227881 /Hours : We are open 24 hours /Email :

    1. Steven

      Hi JD,
      Yes, that is AXB Doll’s official website, and they are a legit brand. Catdoll has accused many brands of copying their dolls. I haven’t heard the other way around, but it’s pointless drama imo (since many brands copy each other). I don’t know why they brought it up with you, but generally Catdoll doesn’t get along with other brands.
      Anyway, I recommend ordering directly from AXB. A few of my readers ordered directly from them and were satisfied, and those two websites you mentioned have many red flags. You could also order AXB from TheDollChannel, who is a trustworthy vendor.

      1. JD

        Awesome, good to know!
        Can’t lie though, with all the drama in the world today, I do find it extremely amusing doll vendors are beefing with each other too LOL.
        Anyways, thanks again for all the info & quick response. You’re well versed knowledge & willingness to guide newbs like myself is very much appreciated 🙂

      2. JD

        Hi again Steven,

        Well I finally got around to ordering from AXB & when I eventually got my factory production photos I noticed surface flaws on my dolls lower crotch area that some of their defect discount dolls had too with slight creasing around certain areas.
        So I went back to check all my photos more closely & sure enough my doll has 4 main areas around her vagina, each with 1 or 2 crease marks, but one being larger than the rest & located on the exact spot connecting the lower thigh to the vagina & will stretch that connecting crease whenever I move her legs with tearing being inevitable given the location & frequent movement during use.
        Now I addressed this & tried explaining in very specific detail along with pics(which I can provide if needed) to AXB my issue as I’ve had this exact problem in the past with a crease on a doll that eventually tore with each movement putting stress on that area which is basically a weak molded spot on this new doll, but AXB said I had nothing to worry about as it’s a “normal phenomenon”, despite not actually directly addressing the larger more severe crease I was focused on that could still be a problem once in use I mentioned repeatedly or actually offering any solutions if my concerns do come to fruition. Which is why I didn’t feel that assured when they compared the crease issues to new shoes showing traces after being worn a bit. Which I responded jokingly(but still serious) can’t imagine why my newly produced unused doll would be showing traces/signs of anything as I haven’t used her yet.
        Can’t lie either, after all the good reviews & praise I’ve heard about AXB’s customer service & their willingness to help anyone with anything, I kinda felt like I was being blown off while trying to address a legitimate concern I still have to a company I’d just given almost $2000 to.
        So my question to you is since you have extensive knowledge on a lot of vendors & their products, how durable are AXB’s TPE molds & have you ever heard from other AXB customers about any issues with their dolls tearing from factory defect creases expanding with movement. Basically I’m trying to see did AXB just give me a quick one off answer to move me along or is this expensive doll really gonna hold up despite having a definite main area of movement that could be a potential problem.


  35. Kar

    And one more question for the professionals.
    How to fix the wig on the doll’s head so that it doesn’t slip off all the time? Is there a universal way?

    1. Steven

      Hi Kar,
      Most wigs have straps to tighten the wig over the head. Using a wig cap or wig grip band (underneath the wig) will also help the wig stay on. You can pin the wig onto the wig cap/band to further keep it on.

  36. Kar

    Hello Steven
    I have been tormented by a question for a long time, maybe you know the answer to it.
    Why don’t sex doll manufacturers make toes? After all, you want to see a beauty in high heels, but she does not hold on, falls, for example, or her toes dangle ugly.

    1. Steven

      Hi Kar,
      Basically, it comes down to two things.
      1) Dolls are shaped in a way that makes them hard to balance, like trying to balance a table with only 2 legs. The doll’s feet can’t support the shape of a doll. The only remedy is by making the feet bigger and heavier (but it won’t look as realistic).
      2) Manufacturers have always made skeletons in a similar way: foot plates for the feet, sometimes a wire for the big toe. I agree that floppy toes suck and better feet skeleton should be a priority. However, manufacturers simply don’t care about the toes. That’s the easiest way to explain it. The reason they don’t improve it is because they don’t think it’s important and most people accepted it. But hopefully they’ll improve it one day..
      Some brands like Gynoid (certain models) and DS Summit Series have articulated toes, but most brands don’t.

  37. Joseph

    is game lady doll a credible website or is the products cloned from a different business manufacturer or vice versa due to many other websites selling the same product and images, moon-doll for example vs game-lady-doll, which manufacturer is the original

    1. Steven

      Hi Joseph,
      Game Lady Doll is a brand while Moon-doll is a vendor (retailer). One designs and manufactures dolls; the other sells them. Assuming you’re referring to a website called Game-Lady-Doll, the brand itself doesn’t actually have a website. There’s at least 3 websites that pretend to be the official website, but they’re really just vendors. Imagine different stores selling the same Adidas shoes (with some stores pretending to be Adidas). Assuming none of them are selling knockoff dolls, they’re all selling the same dolls (made-on-order).

  38. jack

    realistically speaking what are the odds that Mizuwali makes a big breasted version of the 140cm Ariel? i been holding off on buying it in hopes they would do that eventually

    1. Steven

      Hi Jack,
      Ariel is technically already considered “big breast” by Piper Doll standards. I don’t know Mizuwali’s future plans, but if I were to guess, he probably won’t make any new versions of Ariel. He already exhausted every type of variation of her. I really doubt he will make another version, but you never know. If he does, he probably won’t make the breasts bigger, but you can ask him on Twitter (@Mizuwali) to be sure.

  39. Kirk

    What are your thoughts on Kimberdoll?

    1. Steven

      Hi Kirk,
      They are a very good, budget-friendly option for first time doll owners.

  40. scott

    is cudoll(r) a real brand? i have only found it on . one cudoll has shown up on sydoll. same pictures on both sites. Which one is the real one? Cudoll does not show up on any manufacturer site or any other vendor site. this is what i have found but i am not as tech savy as many of the others out there

  41. Ryan

    Whats your take on Inserts vs Fixed?
    I heard people saying fixed feels better but more of a hassle to clean, from what I see sites also dont list the sizes for fixed versions?

    1. Steven

      Hi Ryan,
      They both have their pros and cons. Most people prefer fixed because it’s more realistic but it’s harder to clean since it can’t be removed. Inserts can be removed so it’s easier to clean, but has downsides like having a gap between the vagina opening and insert, possibly moving around inside the vagina, tighter, and some people damage/tear the vagina trying to put the insert in. Overall, fixed is probably the better option until brands improve their inserts. Zelex’s removable labia (for their Inspiration Series) is in the right direction. The vagina depth specification is the fixed length.

  42. Ryan

    Hi, thanks for your last reply, I have another question whats your opinion on Weight Reduction?

    Thanks again!

    1. Steven

      Hi Ryan,
      Weight reduction is a feature that still needs work in my opinion. It sounds good on paper, but comes with some downsides. Basically to reduce the weight, most brands use less silicone and more foam, resulting in a firmer doll. Reviews on weight-reduced dolls are extremely limited, but the ones I’ve read seem negative- mostly people complain that the doll is too firm. Maybe things have changed or improved since I last checked, but I think TAYU is the only brand that did weight reduction right. I suggest asking around because I haven’t seen any weight reduction reviews in a while. Maybe it’s different now.

  43. Rob

    Is sex doll genie a legit vendor?

    1. Steven

      Hi Rob,
      They are legit but I don’t recommend them. Their customer service is honestly the worst I’ve experienced. I’m still waiting (almost 10 months) for them to resolve something that can be resolved in 1 minute. If you have a problem, you’re basically screwed; they will ignore you and hope that you go away. Probably the worst American vendor I’ve personally dealt with.

      1. robert

        Could you recommend a quality vendor for sino doll? For the yinlin model with the s30 head? Thanks!!!

  44. Gabriel

    Recently purchase a new doll from when i received it the shoulders weren’t line up together.i know it has shrugged shoulders as it was a free upgrade. How do I fix this issue.

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