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  1. Nadezhda

    Hello. Are there any dates for the sex doll exhibition in 2025?

    1. Steven

      Hi Nadezhda,
      I don’t have the dates, but usually sex doll brands are at expos in Shanghai (ADC/API) around April, Hong Kong (AAE) around August, and Guangzhou around October-November.

  2. Jack


    You do a great work, not just for interested consumers, but also to keep track of fishy vendors and doll manufacturers.

    Could You please do an article on why shops always list the doll with ‘sex doll’ in all titles of dolls (not really neee, but many shops do this), why some has weird built. like ava love dolls, they state the main specs in the second picture, browsable from an overview mode, so to speak. The site’s downside is, they post low-res pictures, even under details.

    other shops will list the brand name, and the weight in the title of the dolls, while then they would post low-res pictures. Or vice versa.
    Some shops has incredibly poor filters for search, like ‘weight=20-30kg’ or ‘height=140-170cm’.

    so, in a way its hard to expect doll manufacturers to excel, when this middleman of a vendor, post poor pictures, or have a really annoying shop, making browsing and looking for details a drag.

    Some have discount codes, some has a big bunch of ‘free upgrades’, some have ‘free extra head’ etc etc.

    So naturally some sites are good for search and browsing, others are good to find a good offer. While others are good to just find some nice pictures of a great doll. Like some 40kg doll that’ssomething you ‘plant’, basically non-portable massive blob.

    You could also do another article on weight reduction, as this technique seems to definitely reduce softness to some extent. With all these proclaimed materials (stpe and different silicones/tpe blends) it’s hard to keep track of, and obviously pictures dont do much other than show the skin surface details.

    if would be great to have an article covering things like above. Best person to do it, You of course.

    great job on the answers too, just really great to read up on things here, steven.


    1. Steven

      Hi Jack,
      I can pretty much explain this without writing an article. If you ever created a website or online store, it’s fairly easy to understand.

      1. “Sex doll” or keywords in titles are for SEO (search engine optimization) – higher chance of people finding your website or listings on Google (for example) with more relevant keywords.
      2. Why some websites are built weird is because 99.9% of vendors aren’t coders or developers. They install a free/paid website theme, some plugins, and then try their best to make it look good.
      3. Low-res photos are related to SEO. Smaller photos = Lower file size + faster loading = better SEO so many vendors use CDNs (or image optimization plugins) which sacrifice image quality for speed.
      4. Poor search filters is basically related to #2 but also time. To get more detailed filters, they need to spend more time adding more specific tags to each listing.
      5. Some brands have limited time promos, but usually the “free upgrade” stuff are just sales tactics.

      The rest of the info is up to the vendor to put together. When I was a vendor, each listing took 20-30 minutes to set up, with 1000’s of dolls to be listed. This takes 1000’s of hours of your time. I can see why some vendors get lazy with their listings (so they can list dolls faster).

      Weight reduction is a good idea for a blog post. However, it’ll take a while finding actual videos comparing the softness (since as you said, photos can’t tell the story). Customer reviews would also be very important for this. Maybe one day I’ll write it (but it’s not high priority for now). Weight reduction is actually slowly becoming a standard nowadays. In a few months or years, they’ll probably become the default option. Many silicone brands are aiming to get both lighter and softer – definitely a step in the right direction.

  3. Artur


    I got in the Emma Watson doll like I mentioned previously. I’ve posted a small review on TDF under the Rosretty board as well as some photos. If you can’t see them, then I also posted on r/sexdolls.

    1. Rebel Drifter

      Epic. I have a Normondoll with the Emilia Clarke look-a-like head. Unboxed her in 2 parts on my youtube channel Rebel Drifter. I will look you up on TDF. I was very interested in Emma too!

  4. Synthetic Newbie


    Curious if you know anything about kospley.com- it’s a website with clothing that fits smaller dolls, particularly piper dolls.

    Is it a legitimate site for purchasing clothing (i.e,; do you know of anyone who has had experiencing purchasing from them)? Are they associated with piper dolls directly? I ask because they do have piper branded clothing there, as well as several outfits that are modeled on piper doll’s own products.

    Seeing as how easy it can be to create a legitimate looking website with stolen assets, I’m hoping you’d be able to shed some light on the subject. Thanks so much!

    1. Steven

      Hi Synthetic Newbie,
      Kospley is legit and associated with Doll Forever (the company that owns Piper Doll). If you’re hesitant, some Doll Forever vendors may offer the clothing if you contact them (for example, TheDollChannel has them listed). Mizuwali (owner of Piper Doll) promoted them a few times before he was suspended from Twitter.
      Here’s another source: https://twitter.com/Doll4ever_Ines/status/1542366189955207168?t=VmvwGbZDrxQ9EdU1XHXxQQ&s=19

  5. Brandon

    Hi Steven,

    Is exdollofficial.com legit? They seem to push the boundary on realism, but not many top vendors carry their dolls.


    1. Steven

      Hi Brandon,
      That is EXDOLL’s official website. They certainly push the boundaries of realism, but at the cost of high price and very firm material. It’s true that many vendors don’t carry them, which is a bit odd. They don’t seem to communicate well with their vendors as most vendors still have outdated DS Doll catalogs. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about EXDOLL to give advice, other than to confirm the website is legit.

    1. Steven

      Hi wellplaced,
      They sell knockoff dolls, and are most likely related to bestrealdoll because they carry the Ridmii brand.

  6. Daniel

    Hi, I wanted to know your price.

  7. doll-lifter

    just to add to a few comments here, I ordered from https://www.axbdolls.com/ and Its legit despite the big price reduction you can see from time to time on classic vendors, If you are looking for a good deal it might be good to check this website from time to time, they also sell defective doll with small Issue at huge markup.
    for my I ordered a 155 CM In stock In EU, they somehow messed up at the warehouse and sensed me a 167 Instead, they offered me to either change or keep, I chose to keep It and they are sending me another head fitting the color of the body, the head has all the new oral option. the head for the original order, whom was send separately, I was offered to either send It at their warehouse or keep It for a huge discount (150$).

    In the end they offered a more than correct customer service than some well know brands (thinking of sino doll/sanhui particularly), while not perfect It was honest. I initially paid 1250$ for a 155 cm with one head and ended up with a 167 cm and two heads for 1400$, and I could have changed the body If I wished to. great deal as the 167 Is sold at nearly 3000€ and 155 cm at around 2200€ on usual resellers. last note I Included correctly $ and € and for EU citizen Its a small advantage due to currency rate.

    tl:dr axbdoll Is legit they have an ok customer service

  8. Stephen

    Hi Steven

    What can you tell me about ussextoy? I live in the UK. I’ve studied their site, they obviously look legit, so I made a purchase. Since then, however, I’ve had my doubts. I’ve looked at scam detectors, Trustpilot, who seem to think they’re ok, but I just can’t make up my mind.

    1. Steven

      Hi Stephen,
      They are a Chinese company selling knockoff dolls with stolen photos. They’re definitely not based in the US. Red flags include low prices, no brand names, fake reviews, “You will get 100% same as picture” line (in the description) is extremely common among knockoff sellers, and I’ve seen that same About Us section (claiming to have 300+ employees, technicians, etc) on tons of knockoff sites. Most of their photos are stolen from WM Doll and JY Doll. Once you recognize branded photos, it’s easy to tell. They will probably send you a doll, it’ll just be a knockoff/counterfeit one – not the actual ones in the photos.

      1. Stephen

        Hello again Steven,
        Thank you for that; not what I wanted to hear, but not really surprised. I’ve been looking at your trusted sex doll page and looking into the “Silicone Lovers” website. I am really cautious now, not wishing to get ripped off again.
        A doll I am interested in, they are offering 25 per cent off for UK customers and 35 per cent off for US customers. They also custom make if you prefer.
        Can Silicone Lovers be trusted? I know you rate them highly. This is my first venture into the world of sex toys and I am nervous!
        I will be attempting to recover my money from USsextoy. Wish me luck!

        1. Steven

          SiliconeLovers can be trusted, which is why I recommend them. I’ve known them for almost 4 years now. They have many positive reviews on the Sex Dolls subreddit and also have a TDF section here (with customer experiences): https://dollforum.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=458
          Good luck!

          1. Stephen

            Hi Steven.
            Just had to let you know. I ordered a doll from Silicone Lovers this morning. I’m more confident about this purchase now. Then a couple of hours later, the one from USsextoy arrived, quite unexpected. I unpacked her and I have to say I was, and am, pleasantly surprised. A little bit skinny, but a nice figure all the same. I was expecting a redhead, they sent a blonde wig, but that’s fine. The photo’s were from WM as I learned since .So I will be keeping her along with the Lushdoll brand I’m getting from Silicone Lovers, and setting up own little harem and I’m going to enjoy!
            Thank you for the help and advice you have given, Steven. Cheers!

    1. Steven

      Hi MX,
      Between the two, I’m more familiar with Dollto-China, who is a trustworthy vendor. I don’t know much about Realsexdoll, but they’re probably legit (based only on their website). I don’t know if their customer service is good or not though.

    1. Steven

      Hi Mik,
      If you live in the US, TheDollChannel carries Mozu Doll. For some reason, they have Melina listed as full silicone while most other websites have her as TPE so that’s a bit confusing. I’m guessing she comes in both silicone and TPE. If you are outside of the US, I recommend Kumadoll for Mozu Doll but they don’t have Melina listed. You have to contact them.

  9. nathan

    Looking at a 120cm AXB, from a 156cm. A 100cm is too small, is a 120cm firm enough, or too childlike?

    1. muxin

      140 is better, AXBDOLL their doll head carving is very good

  10. David

    Hi is this website can be trusted? bestrealdoll.com I just ordered from them.

    1. Steven

      Hi David,
      I’m not a fan of them. They sell knockoff dolls with stolen photos from brands like WM Doll, JY Doll, Irontech, etc. Then slapped their own brand name (Ridmii) on it. You’ll receive a cheap, generic doll, but maybe it’s good enough for the price, who knows? As for “trusted,” I personally don’t trust them because there are many lies on their website. They claim their dolls use the “latest technology from the USA” but they’re just made in China. Also, their About Us section is possibly the worst made-up story ever written (A well-known German sexologist with an American name making sex dolls in Lithuania?). The 1,299 on-site reviews are very suspicious as well (too many reviews). Some reviews with photos might be real (likely incentivized), but when you scroll down further, there are tons of fake ones. Hundreds of them are just the same name copy-and-pasting the same messages. Anyway, if you already ordered, you can either try to cancel or take a chance and see what you get.

      1. David

        Thanks. Actually I just get the doll this morning. It surprised me cause I just ordered on 16 JUN. The doll looks good enough for me. I wish I could upload photos here. They also promise to send me the free second head in another package. I will be waiting for it. It’s worth the money even they stole photos from other brands.

        1. Steven

          Glad to hear your doll turned out well. Unfortunately, you can’t upload photos here but you can email me at steven@celesdolls.com or upload them to an image hosting website like imgur. Not required though. Your feedback is helpful because people ask me about random websites everyday. Enjoy your new doll. 🙂

          1. David

            Hey I got my free second head and uploaded some pictures here https://imgur.com/a/IE6FzWp Ridmii Unique Design Realistic Silicone/TPE Sex Doll – Anna looks more amazing in person. I can not find her in WM Doll, JY Doll or Irontech. So I guess she is their own design doll. The feel is amazing to the point it’s like real human skin. All around perfect in every way especially if you add on extra stuff to make them even more amazing. The free second head is also perfect. She looks like an Asian girl and a little shy lol 100% would recommend if your looking for that special companion 🙂

  11. Victor

    Hi Steven, I’m recently looking for a WM Doll, the website I found is called Sex Doll Queen, they are located in Canada, which is where I live, Could you please tell me if they are a trustable website. Thank you very much. The full address of the website is http://www.sexdollqueen.com.

    1. Steven

      Hi Victor,
      I checked their website and they look legit to me. The brands, pricing, and customization options all look correct. I don’t know much else about them though. You should contact them with any questions you have. I can’t vouch for them.

    1. Steven

      Hi LuisB,
      I’m not a big fan of either of those websites. It’s hard to tell whether they sell authentic dolls or not. You could take a gamble on them, but for smaller dolls, I recommend TheDollChannel if you live in the US or Dollto-China. A few of my readers also had positive experiences ordering directly from AXB Doll (axbdolls.com). That could be an option too. For a cheap, generic small doll, that one from uloversdoll could be ok- just contact them to see factory photos of the doll first.

  12. Scott

    Hi Steven:

    How does one source parts, like skeletons and molds for these things? I’m not interested in going into business to sell them, but I AM interested in robotics and would like to experiment with a body. I don’t want to go paying for one every time I mess one up and think it might be more cost effective to make a body each time I need one without having to worry about cutting into it, poking holes in it, or whatever weird kinds of damage can happen to it when prototyping something. Can you possibly point me in the right place for parts, molds, and whatever else they use to make these things?

    1. Steven

      Hi Scott,
      I can’t really answer this question. Most sex dolls are made in China so the molds and skeletons are assembled there. There are also some US companies like RealDoll and Sinthetics that make sex dolls in their factory. I don’t know all the details about creating them from scratch but I know it’s not easy. You will have to do a lot of research. There’s someone I’ve seen on Reddit that dabbles in sex doll AI stuff but he uses an inflatable doll with many modifications. Maybe he can be of some help. His reddit account is: https://www.reddit.com/user/spacebear7778/

  13. julius

    are there trusted vendors on alibaba or aliexpress ?

    1. Steven

      Hi Julius,
      There could be some decent vendors on Alibaba/Aliexpress. I know some legit Chinese vendors and manufacturers sell on Aliexpress/Alibaba. However, there are also lots of bad vendors there that sell cheap crap with bad customer service. You have to do your research. I live in the US so I can’t see the sex dolls on Alibaba/Aliexpress (since Ali banned them in the US), but there can be some good deals. Probably 90% of them are knockoff junk so like I said, make sure you do your research. Don’t trust the reviews on Ali.

  14. Kevin

    Do you delivery to South Africa if you do how much is it and which courier company do you use?

    1. Steven

      Hi Kevin,
      I do not sell sex dolls. You have to ask a vendor. South Africa is a very uncommon country to ship to.

  15. Pete

    Can a 100cm anime doll be imported to the U.S.Legally?

    1. Steven

      Hi Pete,
      Small sex dolls are legal in every state except Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, and Hawaii. Even if it’s an anime doll, it’s probably not safe to import/export, buy/sell/own one in one of those 4 States.

      1. Miguel

        Hello hi I was wondering if there is a doll size ( in centimeters) that differentiates a childlike doll from a regular doll in the 4 states that have banns I haven’t seen anything definitive online anywhere how do they determine this in a legal definition?

        1. Steven

          Hi Miguel,
          I recommend looking at the bill in your state that mentions the ban. From what I remember, they don’t give any specifics such as height. They simply say something like any doll that resembles a minor (under 18) is banned. In countries such as UK and Australia, people recommend dolls over 140cm with large breasts and hips, but there’s really no specifics in the laws. Customs gets to decide whether the doll looks child-like or not. The vagueness of it makes things very tricky.
          If you live in one of those 4 States, it’s better to play it safe and get a 140cm+ doll with noticable breasts and hips. Maybe smaller dolls with unrealistically large breasts/hips will pass but I’m not a legal expert. I can’t give legal advice. Everything is at your own risk.

  16. Bob

    What do you have in a 150cm b cup Japanese doll

    1. Steven

      Hi Bob,
      Some suggestions are the Piper Doll 150cm B-cup Akira, 6YE 150cm B-cup, Irontech 145cm/150cm/155cm B-cup, SM Doll 148cm B-cup, and WM Doll 157cm B-cup. There might be some other ones I missed but those are all B-cups I can think of around that range. Just choose a Japanese-looking head with the body you like.

  17. Cristian

    Is this legit?
    I want to get a dolls from here or from silverdoll. But i need to knwo this first. Both dolls are reletively cheap but they are also short.

    1. Steven

      Hi Cristian,
      Many people from Dollforum have ordered big breast dolls from Hidoll so they are legit. However, I don’t know if their AXB dolls are authentic since they don’t mention the brand name. If you’re interested in an AXB doll, then axbdolls.com might be better than hidollshop. TheSilverDoll is a legit vendor.

  18. Steve

    Yes I was wondering if JM Dolls have a 110cm seamless neck design doll? I saw it advertised on Queensexdoll site with pictures too. However many plp have told me JM only offers a 65cm and 105cm seamless design.i was hoping you could clear up the confusion

    1. Steven

      Hi Steve,
      From my research, the JM 65cm and 105cm dolls have a seamless neck as you mentioned, but the 110cm does not have a seamless neck. The 110cm has a removable head. Unless they created a new model recently that I’m not aware of, the 110cm does not have a seamless neck. That website you mentioned lists her as a 110cm Luna, but I only know of a 130cm Luna. It might just be listed wrong. It’s best to ask JM Doll or another vendor that carries them. You may also be able to get a quick response from the JM Doll section on Dollforum here: https://dollforum.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=196 Good luck.

  19. anthony

    thanks for the reply steve,
    i made a mistake on the german guy. his site is called sexdolls4fun. he referred me to axbdolls.com. i went to the site and got immediate customer service. the site appeared to meet all of your standards except from being in china perhaps. the guy offered me a deal on a 120 cm axb for $820 with no defects. do you think it’s a scam?

    1. Steven

      Hi Anthony,
      Axbdolls.com is the official website of the AXB Doll brand. They are legit. If you order from them, you will be ordering directly from the manufacturer. I usually recommend ordering through a vendor for more buyer protection and better customer service, but AXBdolls is safe to order from. Vendors will have more leverage (over the manufacturer) in case something goes wrong, but buying directly from the manufacturer will be cheaper.

      1. anthony

        fantastic, i was wanting to get this deal. it was on sale for just $880, but i only had $829 on my card. so the rep offered to drop it to $820 after I told him that i would buy it next week. a really nice fella. tbh if it had some scars or scratches on it, it wouldn’t bother me too much. In all honesty, the before purchase customer service could not have been better. I planted the seed that I could refer him many customers if i like his doll so hopefully he will do good business. you’re a super good karma dude. good things happen to good people!

        1. Steven

          Glad I could help. I have actually been following AXB Doll a lot lately. They seem to have good customer service and are very active on Twitter. They also have good deals on some defective dolls. If you order from them, let me know how it turns out. I’m sure it will help a lot of people. 🙂

          1. anthony

            i ordered as soon as you said they were legit! i will let you know how it turns out. seemingly they would not be to smart doing bad business. word of mouth travels fast. they could scam me for $800 or make thousands from the people i refer! the beginners need these cheaper dolls as far as i’m concerned, especially if they can’t afford the nicer dolls. when i’m ready to marry one, i’ll spend the doe.
            he said 3-5 days to fill the order and 5-8 days to ship. i’m assuming business days.

          2. anthony

            delivery is scheduled anytime today, if you don’t hear back, i was completely satisfied. thanks for your advice.

            1. Steven

              Hi Anthony,
              Thanks for the update. I hope she is everything you dreamed of! If you have time, it would be awesome if you could leave a small, little review about your doll. It doesn’t have to be long, just a few words to help out future readers interested in AXB. Enjoy your doll. 🙂

          3. Teabag

            Hello, I just ordered a doll from: https://www.axbdolls.com/slight-defectsiliconebig-discount-c-37/axbdoll-147cm-silicone-slight-defective-doll-head-can-choose-p-258.html

            And I want to give you a feed back from day one, I just ordered it just now I payed 1700$ for and doll with defect, with head, and extra wig and eyes, as shown in the link above. I will update here after I received it, and I will tell you all the hole progress.

            I have been scammed once before when I order from Ali Express, and this gave me serous Health problems I got infected and got strong allergy reactions, so I lost skin on my dick. it hurt, also I hit metall inside this scam doll. So I know how much I personally value information straight to the point no bullshit.

            I ordered directly from https://www.axbdolls.com/

            And I will update you all on how long it takes to received it, keep in mind covid19 delays everything, so I expect it to take sometime vendor said about 22 days in shipping is expected, 7 days for head to be made. So far the support have been great.

            kind regards

            1. Steven

              Hi Teabag,
              Sorry to hear about your poor experience with Aliexpress. That seems common for people who order a random, low quality doll from Aliexpress. AXB is a legit brand, and they have nice discounts on slightly defective dolls from what I’ve seen. Seems like a good deal. It’s rare but some people have allergic reactions to TPE. That doll is silicone so hopefully no allergic reactions. Thanks for being me updated. I like hearing about people’s experiences with different manufacturers and vendors. 🙂 Someone recently ordered from AXBDolls and was happy with their purchase. Good luck with everything.

              1. Teabag

                Hello Steven,

                Thank you,

                yes I normally do not react to TPE but the cheap formula this scam from Ali Express used just messed with my body so bad, straight up toxic, and dangerous.

                On the other hand I got some “positive” experience how to break a doll completely as both feets is totally torn off etc, and I got experience with a cheap skeleton, also with what angels not to do, cheap skeleton break very fast. And also I got a feel of the dead wight of and body…. :O heavy as fuck. on start its light but after one is finished, it gets even more heavy 😉 haha xD

                But yes, I order a silicone doll also because of keep this in mind with the TPE reaction I had, I have order a torso in silicone from other place to test if I react etc and no reactions to silicone, so my conclusion was if I get a new doll it needs to be silicone, but silicone is very expensive, and this is number one reason I have used so long time to order a new real doll. as it limits my options to only very expensive dolls, this was my criteria, also it needs to be anatomy correct, so taken from behind is good, and from pictures from this doll it looks good from AXBDolls, we will see when I receive it.

                I agree seems like a good deal 😀 I will keep updating later, as I know how much I appreciate other doing the same, its so hard to navigate in the sex doll space. Thanks for this forum mate 😀 Thanks crossing fingers 😀

            2. Teabag

              This is my order:


              This is the link to my purchase AXBG147117, the page with the doll I purchased was showing with mark unavailable when I posted first comment about this payment, but after when payment was received on there side, and the order was complete 100%, the site with my doll my specific doll came back up and site was then marked with:

              Availability : Sold Out
              Model: AXBG147117
              As shown in the link in this comment section.

              I order extra eyes and extra wig, full price came at 1700, this is include shipping and tax, implanted eyebrowse etc.

              I have nothing negative to say so far, I will update shipping experience, but mainly when I receive the doll that, I will update everything, so you as a reader I imagen my self on the other side now, so I mainly write this as I would do for my self to read. I used over 4 months to buy new doll.

              1. Teabag

                Hello all!

                I want to update you all that I have received the doll body, and it is as described, its exactly the same as pictures. The body good blood veins and extreme detailed.

                The body looks like a real body, I will give it 10 out of 10. This body is great for cosplay also if some one is into this 😀

                Waiting for head now 😀

                Conclusion of this purchast you can all trust this site, and Lance is a great support to deal with 😀

                Me personally, If I ever order a new doll, I will have it with gel ass and ekstra soft pussy and ass, and I will not save any money on next doll, at least not if I order from this company again as I know I can trust this company 😀

                Kind regards

                1. Steven

                  Hi Teabag,
                  Thanks for the update. I heard only positive things about AXB Doll so far. Glad you’re enjoying your new doll. I’m sure your review will help many people here. AXB sounds like a good brand to recommend. 🙂

                2. Teabag

                  I wan’t to update, I just received the head to day, and the head looks amazing just like the pictures even better, and I did not expect this. but finally I have a complete doll 😀 the process that took time was custom in my country, shipments was in my country days after it was shipped from China, so everything else has been gone fast tempe form China I can not say anything else that I recommend this highly, what you see is what you get, its that simple 😀

    2. anthony

      well, the dude has been in contact with me throughout the process. I made a change of choice 3 days later after finding out about one i liked better.
      the guy who i dealt with is lance lui and he was very accommodating. he sent me photos today as promised and it will be delivered in about a week.
      i post again after receiving it. i was very happy with the customer service!

      1. anthony guldin

        i have a tracking number, looks good so far. they keep you updated throughout, great customer service!

  20. anthony guldin

    Hello Steven, I like your karma! I was wondering what you could tell me about sexdolldiy? they have a paypal account and certificates. some guy Kevin answered my email quite promptly. The price for a 100 cm is only $399 though!

    1. anthony guldin

      I am also considering buying from hotsexydolls and ainidoll. i’m okay with a knockoff if there is some value in it.

      1. Steven

        Knockoff dolls can be a gamble. Sometimes you get a decent one and sometimes you get a really bad one. It depends on the seller and where they get their dolls from. Always check their return/refund policy first. Ainidoll is owned by someone in the US and one of the better ones from what I heard.

    2. Steven

      Hi Anthony,
      I could tell from the website name that it wasn’t going to be a good site. Another website selling knockoff dolls claiming that their dolls are authentic. You can take a chance if you want but you never know what you’re going to get. Ask the salesperson to see factory or in-person photos of the doll. That will give you a better idea of what the doll will look like.

      1. anthony guldin

        thank u so much steven for your help and i must credit you for helping me find the perfect first doll and not getting scammed.
        out of respect i’ll await ur final approval. hotsexydolls seems legit, but a little expensive. the dude retails from germany, his
        name is kevin. i actually found ainidoll thru paypal. they sent me a 10% discount code so if i got ripped off i could blame them lol.
        however, using your advice, nobody can beat this deal after a 5 day search! i’m sure it will meet your standards!


        1. Steven

          Hi Anthony,
          Sorry your posts were marked as spam. I approved it. MySiliconeLoveDoll might be ok since they are TDF-approved, but I think they are one of the more questionable TDF (The Doll Forum) vendors. They are not clear about brand names, some of their prices seem too low, and they have breast size options which doesn’t really make sense. I don’t know what brand the “Affordable Sex Doll” is, but it might be ok for the price. If you live in US, UK, or Australia, you can also check out Kimber Doll, which is about $500. If you order that doll, I hope it turns out well.

  21. Carlos

    Is sexdollrealistic store legit? Still has 2018 on it.lol
    Also what do you think about the private beauty dolls .

    1. Steven

      Hi Carlos,
      Sexdollrealistic is the official store of the Irontech brand. Ordering from them is equivalent to ordering directly from the manufacturer. There are also vendors that sell Irontech dolls. I never heard of private beauty dolls. Not sure what website or brand you’re referring to.

    2. Carlos

      Hi.i was referring to the private island beauties dolls..what do you think of the dolls..also so beinf a first time buyer,not wanting a weighty doll,which brand and lightweight doll would you recommend thats designed right…thanks

      1. Steven

        Hmm, I never heard of Private Island Beauties dolls before. Apparently, they are made by one person in the USA and have been around since 2008. You can find more info about them here: https://dollforum.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=46
        As for the weight, it depends on your physical capabilities. Every brand has light and heavy dolls depending on the doll height and body type. You may have to look at shorter or skinnier dolls for a lower weight. There’s also fabric dolls like Teddy Babes, but they’re not for everyone. Kimber Doll is a good beginner doll that doesn’t break the bank, but is still somewhat heavy at 63 pounds. Some brands have been introducing weight-reduction options, but they’re all still in the early phases. I can’t think of any specific brands right now that are lighter than others. They all tend to be similar. You just have to browse around and pay attention to the weight.

  22. Mat

    Is forxxoo legit or scam I think I’ve been scammed

    1. Steven

      Hi Mat,
      They have all the signs of a knockoff doll seller. Very low prices, fake reviews, and no brand names. Their photos are all stolen photos from other brands. If you already ordered, I would recommend trying to cancel your order, but they probably will send you a doll. The quality will just be a complete gamble and the doll probably won’t look same as the photos.

      1. Mat

        Yes I tried to cancel couldn’t now I guess I have it now oh well

    2. Anthony

      Hey Mat, I was looking to buy one off there as well. Did you ever end up receiving it?

      1. Mat

        I did its not exactly what it is sent wrong head but for 299 taking it with a grain of salt for a mini doll.I won’t do it again why I took a gamble oh well next time I’ll save looking at a kimber doll its full size and nice for price I hear they are ok on here

        1. Anthony

          How’s the feel and the breasts? Is there any way of you posting a picture? Or better details.

          1. mat

            i wish i could post apic im not too computer lit but they feel silicone type its not all that bad just wasnt surprised how small it is its just a small doll

              1. mat

                it fells ok just be aware you may get wrong eye color or head or so it feels ok just small but it’ll do job for price

  23. suzy

    Hey Steven, Do premium sex dolls have promotion or sales on certain dates? Like on black Friday or valentine day? Also, what is your favourite vendor to by dolls?

    1. Steven

      Hi Suzy,
      Most sex doll vendors have sales on major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc, but it depends on the vendor. They all tend to have sales at different times. Sexdolls-shop is currently my favorite vendor because of how good their customer service is. SiliconeLovers is good if you are a little more experienced and want better prices. I have a list of trusted vendors here: https://celesdolls.com/trusted-sex-doll-websites/

      1. suzy

        Thanks STeven! Do you know any vendor that does custom head? I want to get a celebrity sex doll lol.

        1. Steven

          MyRobotDoll can do custom heads, but I’m not sure which factory they use for that. Some other vendors might have that option too. Custom heads are generally very expensive though. Usually costing over $1000 just for the head, and if you don’t like the way it turns out, you’re kind of screwed, so it can be risky too. Unless you have a lot of money, I recommend finding a head and body that most closely resembles the celebrity you’re looking for. WM Doll has over 300 heads so maybe there’s one that’s similar.

  24. Marcelo

    Boa tarde, posso comprar sem medo, entrega no Brasil, e como funciona o sistema de Alfândega, eles podem barrar a entrada no Brasil ?

  25. Sinclair

    Hi:) Just came across this website. Browsing through the Top Brands section, I feel you need to update the comments about JY. The quality issues are historic and the current JYs are easily on a par with WM Doll/WM Dolls. I have three JYs and one recent WM (a 172B) and so am in a position to make comparisons. The on-going lack of TDF approval has, I suspect, got more to do with personality clashes than the quality of the product. The other two Aiersha brands, AF & AS, are TDF approved and dolls from the same brand can be made in the same Aiersha factory (there are three, I believe).

    One can understand WM’s popularity, but their quality control is iffy, as a search of current threads on TDF will confirm.

    1. Steven

      Hi Sinclair,
      Thanks for the comments about JY. I have heard a lot of negative comments about JY, mainly from vendors, about their poor quality control and customer service, that their dolls don’t look like the photos, and that they send old factory photos. Perhaps they are better now. I am aware of the Aiersha factory since I used to sell all 3 brands, but to me, they still feel like mid-ranged dolls compared to WM and Piper, but they are more affordable so it makes sense. I also had better relations with AS and AF compared to JY. I kept them on my front page since they’re still one of the top TPE brands. I also agree that WM’s QC has declined over the years, but I always heard that JY’s is much worse, but again, I haven’t seen many JY customer reviews lately. I may modify the description.

      1. Sinclair

        Hi Steven,
        I think that one of the issues is there are quite a few knock-off JYs out there. As I’m sure you know, there is only one genuine JY factory website: https://www.jydoll.com/ Your comments about the dolls not looking like the photos and them sending old factory photos strongly suggests that these are knock-offs. I have three JYs, a 175cm from 2019, a 166cm muscular and a 165cm “super realistic”, both from last year. And I’m about to take delivery of a new weight-reduced 171cm (it will be interesting to see how effective the weight reduction is). Apart from the JYs and the WM172B, I also have a Sino 161cm and a Fire Doll 164cm.

        My WM, which arrived last February, has the new upgraded skeleton with the double-jointed elbow. Within a day of her arrival, one wrist went floppy. Soon one hip was looser than the other. One elbow is much stiffer and more difficult to move than the other and her left ankle now likes to try to rotate through 360 degrees. The TPE is of reasonable softness and quality, but the JY “Platinum” is almost as soft but more durable.

        No doll is perfect. I think that the quality control on most TPE dolls and not a few silicone (I include Gynoid here) is iffy at best and that basically NONE of them is deserving of much praise. In other words it’s a lottery no matter which brand you buy. My point is that JY are not mid-range dolls compared to WM in terms of quality and I think the latter are rather resting on their laurels at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I would consider buying another WM (there are a few models I like), but I am under no illusions about them being better quality than Aiersha or a number of other brands out there.

        1. Steven

          Good points. I just wanted to note that the issues I mentioned before were said by vendors and not customers. It seems that many vendors stopped carrying JY Doll due to past issues, and it can be more risky ordering directly from the manufacturer. It is also true that there are lots of counterfeit JY dolls. WM and JY are probably the most copied brand. One trusted vendor told me that JY sent them an “old factory photo” because the doll sent was not the same doll as in the factory photo. But yeah, dolls from all brands can have defects. Dolls coming from China have always been a bit of a gamble. I do know a lot of people on TDF that are happy with their JY Dolls, so they might not be as bad as I thought.

          1. Sinclair

            As with many things in life, I think an issue that JY has is the “Give a Dog a Bad Name” syndrome. I also think that dealing direct with the manufacturer can indeed be more risky, and I always feel it is better to go through a vendor you can trust as the vendor is usually better placed to fight your corner if there’s a problem, be it with the order or an issue that’s arisen during the course of shipping. My main bugbear with current dolls is the lack of consistency with the skeletons, particularly with joint stiffness, and the fact that you can’t adjust the tightness without surgical intervention (I know I am asking a lot here, but maybe in the future). Anyway, whilst they may not be perfect, I do believe they are gradually improving and that there could be some exciting developments on the way 🙂

  26. Alexander

    Hey, I live in Norway in Europe, and I was wondering What site i should buy from that ships to Europe/Norway?

    1. Steven

      Hi Alexander,
      All websites should be able to ship to Norway since most sex dolls are made and shipped from China. Just to be sure, you should ask the website first before ordering. Here are a list of websites I trust: https://celesdolls.com/trusted-sex-doll-websites/

  27. Alexander

    Hey, I was wondering if littlesexdolls.com was a legit siste? And if the sex dolls they have are Good quality?

    1. Steven

      Hi Alexander,
      LittleSexDolls sells cheap, knockoff dolls. I don’t know if their quality is good or not, but most of their photos are stolen from other brands. If you’re looking for smaller dolls, I recommend TheDollChannel, or KimberDoll for a cheaper doll.

  28. kevin thomas mello

    is kikdoll.com a trustworthy site? or scam?

    1. Steven

      Hi Kevin,
      KikDoll sells a lot of cheap, no-brand dolls so at first glance, they don’t seem trustworthy but some of their dolls could be legit. For example, they carry doll brands like WM Doll, Piper Doll, 6YE, etc. listed at realistic prices. However, there are some red flags like the same wig options for every brand of dolls, and they are missing some of the WM Doll customization options. KikDoll has never been known as a trustworthy vendor, probably because they sell a lot of non-brand, knockoff dolls. You will probably receive a doll from them, but sites that sell both knockoff and authentic dolls tend to be more sketchy.

  29. Carlos

    For a new timer about to purchase ..which brand name doll is the more realistic detailed as close in vagina.anal areas? Irontech or WM/YL….was looking at the 150cm or 155 irontech or wm 157cm model….. thanx

    1. Steven

      Hi Carlos,
      Irontech’s vaginas and anuses look noticeably more realistic and detailed compared to WM and YL.

  30. Ysmael

    Hi . I am writing to you from Spain
    I have read almost everything you have posted on your page.
    And it seems we all have the same problems.
    Fear that Aliexpres will cheat us (very common), the price of brand name ones and in Spain import tariffs … are very expensive.
    I have bought two from Aliexpres several years ago, the first one was clearly a copy.
    With all the flaws you mention.
    Then nothing was known about this.
    The second one that I buy probably also but it is of good quality.
    The TPE does not smell, the fingers feel strong, as do the limbs … but they sent with the face that I had not chosen.
    I don’t know if they are scammers or idiots because they lose a lot of potential customers.

    In the end I never used them for sex … I am a collector of action figures and in the end they are one more of the collection … bigger.
    But I really like them. I put clothes, wigs etc 🙂

    I’ve seen the Kimberdoll I always wanted one with … standing feet ..
    The price is great and the body is beautiful … But the face is very doll-like … not a real face. I would buy it with another face.

    There is another alternative in the European Union to Kimberdoll.
    In price and distribution … to avoid customs fees.

    Greetings and thanks … I follow you

    One thing no one buy “glue” for TPE on Aliexpress.
    I had glue from the first doll and it stuck perfectly.
    But the one they sell with a green label … melts the TPE.
    And the products that sell “specifics” for eyelashes and hair.
    One is a generic glue and the other a normal cyanoacrylate.

  31. Jesus g

    Good afternoon, I live in California. I was wondering what’s the best way to make sure I get the right product. What’s the fastest I would receive it if I pay by this week.

    1. Steven

      Hello Jesus,
      I don’t know which vendors have dolls in-stock in California. Unfortunately, there aren’t many vendors that have dolls in-stock in the US. Most sex dolls are manufactured in China and then shipped directly to the customer. Check out my list of trusted vendors here: https://celesdolls.com/trusted-sex-doll-websites/ Most dolls arrive in 2 weeks-1 month, but ask the vendors to be sure. Shipping has slowed down during COVID-19.

  32. Ryan

    Hey Steven, have you ever purchased from esdoll.com?

    1. Steven

      Hello Ryan,
      ESDoll is an imitation doll manufacturer. This is easy to tell because of two factors. 1) Their prices are unrealistically low. 2) They have doll photos from top brands like WM Doll, JY Doll, etc. but specifically state that their dolls are “Manufactured by ES Doll,” and that they have their own factory. This means they are creating imitation dolls of top brands because they are not the true factory of those brands, so the quality will be much worse than an authentic doll. If you want to risk it, it is up to you but I would rather pay a little more for an authentic doll.

  33. Chris

    Have you ever heard of donewithwomen.com

    1. Steven

      Hello Chris,

      I briefly took a look at their site. Their prices seem a little low, but the specifications and customization options of the dolls are correct. It is possible they are a new website so they are offering lower prices to attract customers. I recommend contacting them and asking them a bunch of questions about a doll you like to see how they respond. It’s up to you if you want to go with a trusted vendor or take a risk with a new company. Because I used to sell Piper Dolls, I know that their prices are viable (so not entirely impossible) but with very low margins. I personally wouldn’t risk it since it is a large investment but the decision is up to you.

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