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Mozu Doll Releases Melina Sex Doll from Elden Ring

On June 18, 2022, Mozu Doll revealed their newest TPE sex doll which resembles Melina from the popular video game, Elden Ring. As the video game-inspired sex doll trend continues, Mozu Doll is not a newcomer to the gaming scene. They have already released dolls resembling LoL’s Ahri and NieR:Automata’s 2B, as well as semi-realistic versions of anime characters. The newest “Melina” doll is their closest replica yet to a video game character. The doll looks nearly identical to the Elden Ring maiden including her closed eye. Tarnished, if you are reading this and maidenless, this doll offers you an accord.

Mozu Doll "Melina" Sex Doll

With video-game sex dolls on the rise, it’s not surprising to see one from 2022’s biggest game, Elden Ring. Mozu Doll, who usually designs anime dolls, really nailed the sculpt; the head looks nearly identical to Melina. It’s also very rare for a doll head to have one eye opened and one eye closed. I think there’s only one other one in existence. The head is showcased on Mozu Doll’s 163cm H-cup body. Although the large breasts don’t match Melina’s character, this is their only 163cm body at the moment.

Sex doll brands have been pushing the boundaries of copyright in the past few months. Game Lady was an “experiment” to see what Chinese companies can get away with, and the answer was “everything.” Ultimately, this is bad for anime/video-game companies but good for consumers. People can have their video game or anime waifus as life-sized dolls now. At this rate, 2022 is going to be the year of video-game sex dolls.

You can find Melina at Kumadoll, one of the few trusted vendors that carries Mozu Doll.

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  1. Ben

    I want one I love elden ring

  2. Chad

    Where can I buy this?

    1. Steven

      Hi Chad,
      Not many reputable vendors carry Mozu Doll. Kumadoll is probably the most trustworthy but they haven’t listed this doll. You can contact them and ask them to list it.

  3. Danny

    Nah that is fucking crazy wtf is that😭

  4. Elodie Etrielle

    She looks amazing! I hope they do Ranni The Witch but even so they did a great job with Melina and her head sculpt!

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