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Sino Doll Releases New Soft-Max Light S161 Body & 2 New Heads

On January 19, 2024, Sino Doll released their latest Soft-Max Light S161 (161cm) Body with 2 new heads. Following the success of their Soft-Max S167 body, they focused on weight-reduction this time around. With an innovative “Weight Deduction Layer” beneath the silicone skin, they aimed to create both a soft and lightweight body. And they more-or-less succeeded. With a slightly shorter and slimmer body than before, they ultimately achieved a reasonable weight of 29 kg (64 lbs). They didn’t compromise on the softness either. It still looks quite soft, and options like “Water bag breasts” and “Air bag vagina” returned. Like before, there are two breast size options (B-cup and H-cup). It also launched with 2 new heads (Linxia and Aimee), and an existing head (Linchun).

This infographic shows the new “weight deduction layer” compared to other brands. Although I don’t fully understand the science behind it, their weight-reduction layer is supposedly “tighter and more stable” than other brands, without sacrificing softness. Now, let’s see the body along with 2 new heads – all of which have R+S makeup.

Sino Doll Soft-Max Light S161 Linxia (Small Breasts)

Soft-Max Light S161 Aimee (Large Breasts)

Soft-Max Light S161 LinChun (Large Breasts)


This video showcases the softness of the new S161 body. Starting with the Small Breasts, Large Breasts, and finally the “Cloud-like Luxurious Soft Buttocks.” Despite a slimmer body than before, it still looks similarly as soft.

Overall, this seems like a nice addition to the Soft-Max lineup. From a relatively heavy 37-40 kg (S167) to 29 kg (S161) is a pretty noticeable difference. Of course, some sacrifices were made like the shorter height and slightly slimmer body. The butt also looks somewhat flat to me, but not super bad. The soft butt option just can’t reach its full potential if there isn’t much to grab onto..

As for the new heads, they’re both pretty and somewhat unique. They also fit perfectly with the new body. As for the quality of the Soft-Max series, I still haven’t seen much reviews about them. Despite Sino Doll’s marketing terms of “stable, durable, and tear-resistant” (on the S161), the high softness will definitely have durability and potential tearing issues. Like I said with Jinsan’s recent S-TPE, take all their marketing with a grain of salt. Better to wait for some reviews first, although Sino claims that their S167 had raving reviews. I guess we can only wait and see. What I can say is that Sino Doll’s definitely on the right track with their increased softness and weight-reduction.

Thoughts on Sino Doll’s latest Soft-Max Light S161 body? Comment below!

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  1. IconOkee

    They should have reduced the hips’ wideness to make room for ass

  2. ItsAme

    Sino will not stop trying to do more and it’s exciting to see it. Indeed the butt looks a bit flat but I think they nailed the breast size here which likely won’t have as dangerous of a sag as the previous big breast body. Plus these heads look super good.

  3. Jackson

    This is pretty cool!

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