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Zelex Releases New Inspiration Series of Sex Dolls

On August 31, 2022, Zelex released their new Inspiration Series, a massive upgrade to their silicone sex dolls. Upcoming dolls will have several new features making them noticeably more realistic and practical. According to Zelex, they listened to the community and implemented many of their customers’ feedback. The Inspiration Series features realistic mouths with movable jaws, softer breasts and butts, new removable vagina designs, and upgraded color-sealing processes. Unlike many brands who focus only on producing new heads and bodies, Zelex is an exception that continues to build and innovate endlessly. With yet another example of their innovative nature, Zelex may eventually surpass more famous brands like Gynoid and DS Doll.

Zelex Inspiration Series Videos

New Oral Structure and Moveable Jaw
Body Details, Softer Breasts, and Kneadable Butt
Replaceable Labia (Removable Vagina)
Color-sealing Example

Zelex has been hard at work lately. Not only do they release new dolls and photosets every month, but they also innovate and improve their products behind-the-scenes. The Inspiration Series brings 4 important new upgrades:

  • The new oral design with moveable jaw makes the mouth noticably more realistic. It greatly resembles Game Lady Doll’s No. 11 head with the silicone teeth, tongue, and uvula, and will likely have oral function.
  • Softer breasts and butts are always welcomed. Perhaps gel-filled with softer gel?
  • Their new removable vagina design looks interesting and will have different labia options. Needless to say, one of the biggest hassles of doll ownership is cleaning the doll after sex. Yet, most people choose the built-in vagina option over the removable option (mainly since the removable vagina is flawed). I always thought brands needed to do something to improve their removable vaginas. Perhaps this new design is better?
  • Finally, the color-sealing of makeup is very important, but the video can’t really show how effective it is long-term. This is something all silicone brands with body painting eventually have to solve.

Overall, the Inspiration Series brings tons of new improvements, but it’s unclear whether it’s only for new dolls or if their older dolls benefit too. The mouth design will most likely be for new heads, and the removeable labia design for new bodies. I assume the other two options are possible for all dolls. The doll in the video is one of their old heads, but it was probably redesigned. Zelex did a great job with these new upgrades. Hopefully they continue this important work because we are only halfway up the sex doll development mountain.

You can find the Zelex Inspiration Series from the trusted vendors: MyRobotDoll and SiliconeLovers.

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  1. Chris

    Does anyone stock the inspiration series removeable vaginas?

    1. Steven

      Hi Chris,
      MyRobotDoll sells the removable vagina separately. I assume most Zelex vendors will if you contact them.

      1. Chris

        I ordered a couple from My Robot Doll. Thanks for the tip. And I wanna mention that I ordered a Zelex inspiration series doll thru Finelovedolls and the doll is beautiful. Im very happy with it. But fyi, it took 2 months from placing my order to having the doll delivered. And the customer service at Finelovedolls isnt real prompt on replies always. Sonetimes its a couple days before they respond, but they do respond and are very polite and helpful. I would order from them again.

        1. Steven

          Hi Chris,
          Glad to hear everything went well. 2 months sounds about right although it can vary a lot. Also thanks for the Finelovedolls review. Nowadays, I’m noticing a trend where vendors are taking longer to reply. I remember years ago when they replied instantly and had live chats, but lately, the all seem busy with slow response times. Seems common among many big vendors. Oddly, I never noticed it because they all reply to me within hours, but customers have said otherwise.

  2. Sonu Rathor

    Nice 👍

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