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Zelex Releases New 165cm Sex Doll with Head GE86

On August 24, 2022, Zelex released a new head called GE86 on their revised 165cm body. The new body (sometimes called 165cm Plump, 165X, or X165cm) was released last month and supposedly scanned from a real woman. The new head features a beautiful and realistic smiling face. Although neutral expressions are usually preferred for sex dolls, this smile is charming and isn’t too exaggerated. Many dolls have a dollish look, but this head looks almost human. 3 weeks ago, Zelex revealed this body with Head GE81 but with limited viewing angles. This photoset provides a much better view of the updated 165cm body.

Zelex's New 165cm Body with GE86 Head

From the photos, her body resembles a “real woman” more than the typical “fantasy body.” Needless to say, not all female bodies look the same; this is just the body they scanned. Luckily, these photos give a much better view of the body than the previous Head GE81 photos. What stands out the most are the breasts, torso, and legs. The breasts sit more naturally and wide. The torso and leg length are more even (although the legs seem a bit short). Lastly, the thighs have a less uniform shape and the calves are noticeably thicker. While the body won’t appeal to everyone, it’s definitely more realistic, and has mostly positive reactions so far. If it does well, I suspect Zelex will remake a lot more of their bodies.

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