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Zelex Releases New Sex Doll Heads GE100 & GE109

On December 20, 2022, Zelex released two new silicone heads: GE100 & GE109. These pretty heads are featured on the 170cm body (Inspiration Series) and don’t have oral structure/hinged jaw. Both heads are surprisingly cute. Head GE100 has a youthful look and very slight smile. Some people compared her to Emma Watson, but the wig somewhat mitigates the resemblance. In fact, something seems a bit off about the wig overall; the placement or hairline seems distracting. But regardless of the wig, the face is very charming.

Zelex 170cm C-cup Body with Head GE100

Zelex 170cm C-cup Body with Head GE109

Next up we have Head GE109, which looks a bit like Zelex’s Yvonne (GE07) head. It’s not necessarily a bad thing since Yvonne is a top seller. GE109 has a very beautiful face, and looks like a mix between Caucasian and Asian.

Overall, Zelex did an excellent job with these new heads. Two different styles, and both pretty in their own way. I think Head GE109 will sell very well, but the more I look at Head GE100, the more I like it. They made it really hard to decide with these new releases. The photographer also nailed these photos using only a chair and rug as props. Apparently, all you need for a sexy photoshoot is a naked doll on a chair. Although Zelex hasn’t released much lately, it was certainly worth the wait. These are some of their better heads in a while. With over 100 heads now, there’s a lot to choose from. What interesting new things will Zelex release next?

You can find Zelex dolls from the trusted vendors: MyRobotDoll, SiliconeLovers, and SexDolls-Shop.

Thoughts on the new Zelex heads, GE100 and GE109? Comment below!

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  1. Kar

    GE109 is great.
    I would like new dolls
    – less weight
    – new technologies with which she will replace an ordinary woman in sex
    – articulated fingers not only on the hands, but also on the legs
    – hard head with oral function and implanted hair.
    — for less money)
    specifically from Zelex, more bodies of model appearance, down with realism, choosing a doll, we choose fantasy.

    1. Jackson

      Oh yeah I agree! Especially with the new technology part!

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