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Zelex Releases 170cm Head GE97 (Inspiration Series)

On September 28, 2022, Zelex released the new Head GE97 as part of their Inspiration Series. Head GE97 is the recreation of their popular GE07 Yvonne head with the oral structure and moveable jaw. She is featured on the 170cm body, which is the only Inspiration Series body at the moment. As expected, she looks quite beautiful in the photos, and the attractive long hair adds to her beauty. This was an excellent head choice to redesign, and I believe it will be very popular. As usual, Zelex added a facial expression to the new head, resulting in a shy or embarrassed look. 

Zelex 170cm Body With Head GE97

Zelex 170cm Body With Head GE97 (Factory Photos)

This is an attractive photoset that shows off the new head, 170cm body, and Fair skin tone. The factory photos also look similar to the promo photos. However, I’d like to get your thoughts on Zelex’s attempt at expressive faces so far. Other than the smiling head recently (GE86), I’m personally not a huge fan of their Inspiration Series expressions. They all (including Game Lady Head No. 11) have this similar scared, embarrassed, or sexual look with upturned eyebrows. It wasn’t as noticeable on Head GE95, but was definitely still there. It’s not necessarily a bad expression; it’s just niche and doesn’t fit in most situations. Ultimately, it requires a more neutral-looking head to switch between. Luckily, most vendors offer a free 2nd head with Zelex dolls so you can get both Yvonne heads; one for everyday situations and one for more intimate moments.

You can find Zelex dolls from the trusted vendors: MyRobotDoll, SiliconeLovers, and SexDolls-Shop.

Thoughts on Zelex’s new GE97 Yvonne head? What head should they redesign next? Comment below!

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  1. Marvel

    Crazedcat. You LMFAO. Totally agree

  2. Crazedcat

    I agree. Not a fan of the new “Inspiration” series. That expression kinda freaks me out.

    Looks more like the “Constipation Series” 😉

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