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Sino Doll Releases Aika Yamagishi JAV Idol Sex Doll

On August 16, 2021, Sino Doll released a new head (D2 Aika Yamagishi) modeled after the JAV porn actress, Aika Yamagishi. This is Sino Doll’s 2nd collaboration with a Japanese porn star so far. Their first collaboration was with Moe Amatsuka back in November 2020. The new D2 Aika Yamagishi head can be attached to any Sino Doll body, and is available with RS or RRS makeup. Like with the D1 Moe Amatsuka, only a head resembling the actress was created; they did not create a custom body to go with the head. A bit of a shame, but at least Sino Doll has many bodies to choose from.

Sino Doll 158cm D-cup with D2 Aika Yamagishi Head

The D2 Aika Yamagishi Head is featured on a Sino Doll 158cm D-cup body. It’s a shame they didn’t create a copy of Aika Yamagishi’s body for the full package. That will break the immersion a bit for fans of the porn star. Having said that, the face looks pretty. It doesn’t quite match Aika Yamagishi’s face- in fact, they look fairly different side-by-side- which shows the limitations of silicone material. It just can’t fully look real, but it’s somewhat similar, although her expression looks a little too intense or serious in my opinion. The body also doesn’t really match, but because they didn’t model the body, not much can be said about that.

Aika Yamagishi expressed her joy on Twitter and was pleased with how it turned out. A lot of her fans will be excited to own a life-like imitation of her. It may not look exactly the same, but it’s as close as you’re going to get. More photos will be added soon.

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  1. SEAN

    She looks so real. I love the fishnet

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