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Piper Doll Reveals New 100cm Silicone Jenna SAF Doll

On May 19, 2021, Mizuwali, owner of Piper Doll, revealed his newest design: the Silicone Action Figure (S.A.F. 100cm Jenna, based on the 160cm Silicone Jenna. Surprisingly, Mizuwali revealed both the 100cm Jenna and 100cm Eirian within the same week, similar to how he released the Silicone Ariel and Jessica at the same time. This time, the 100cm SAF Jenna is featured in the White skin tone, opposed to the 160cm Jenna’s Tan skin tone.

Piper Doll 100cm S.A.F. Jenna

Like Piper Doll’s previous SAF dolls, the 100cm Jenna was proportionally down-scaled from her silicone version so she looks exactly the same, just smaller. She looks just as pretty as before, and the SAF version gives an idea of what she looks like with White skin (compared to the 160cm version with Tan skin). If you’re into tall, athletic-looking supermodels, then Jenna is perfect for you.

You can find Piper Doll 100cm Jenna at any vendor that carries Piper Doll. View our list of trusted vendors here.

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  1. GuitarMan

    I’m looking for a smaller, lighter, easier to handle, high quality silicone doll and am liking the more mature look of the bodies and faces of the Piper 100cm Jenna and Jessica dolls. However, it’s disappointing they don’t provide pics of the private parts, i.e., vaginas, which is a pretty big consideration when ponying up a grand or more for a doll. I looked all over, but no luck…If anyone out there has a resource for more explicit shots of these dolls, please reply. Thanks!

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