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Irokebijin Reveals New 110cm Shinobu TPE Sex Doll

On August 27, 2021, Mizuwali, owner of Irokebijin, revealed the newest addition to his Irokebijin brand: the 110cm Shinobu. Like the 90cm Akane, Shinobu is a smaller-sized, anime doll with big breasts and a very interesting face. Shinobu’s face greatly differs from Mizuwali’s previous works so far. She has long and slightly-squinting eyes in a unique Japanese art style. According to Mizuwali, this is a special, experimental type of head because unlike other sex dolls, Shinobu does not have insertable eyes. Her eyes are painted on and cannot be moved, similar to the eyes on a figurine. This is a very strange innovation, and gives her eyes an artistic and 2d look. Despite his excitement with the launch, Mizuwali questioned whether people would accept the new eye style.

Irokebijin 110cm Shinobu Photos

The 110cm Shinobu features a busty and curvy, Platinum TPE body. Her special painted eyes are her most defining features with bold, striking colors, but may not appeal to everyone. The inability to move or change the eyes seems to be the biggest drawback, but offers an artistic style not seen in any other doll. It’s nice to see Mizuwali take risks and experiment in his new anime doll brand. You never know what he’ll come up with next. So far, the feedback on Shinobu has been mostly positive with many people liking the larger body and unique face. It looks like the Irokebijin brand is shaping up to be an exciting and innovative brand.

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  1. Jake

    did this one just never get released cause i dont see it anywhere

    1. Steven

      Hi Jake,
      Sorry. I made a mistake on the title. It should say “Reveals” not “Releases.” They never released it. They have only teased it. Oddly, Mizuwali teased it one time and has never mentioned it again.

      1. AZ

        It’s available at dollhouse currently. Has been since early 2022.

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