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Irokebijin Reveals New 90cm Silicone Abby Sex Doll

On September 2, 2021, Mizuwali, owner of Irokebijin, revealed a new 90cm silicone sex doll named Abby. Abby is the first silicone doll in the Irokebijin brand and continues the anime-inspired, mini doll trend. The body looks similar to the 90cm Akane body, but the head is vastly different. Referred to as the “vampire princess,” she has a cute and mischievous face with vampire fangs. This may be another winner alongside the Akane head. It will certainly appeal to vampire and anime enthusiasts. 

Irokebijin 90cm Silicone Abby Photos

New 90cm Irokebijin Swimsuit

Who wouldn’t want a lovely, vampire waifu? The vampire “sucking” jokes and memes are already piling up in Mizuwali’s comment section. Unfortunately like all anime heads, she does not have oral capabilities so those cute, little fangs are just for decorative purposes. It’s refreshing to see Mizuwali designing and releasing so many new heads lately. And let’s not forget Mizuwali’s love of peach and blessing all his dolls with a juicy one. Judging by the outfit she’s wearing, her body is most likely the same as the 90cm Akane but in silicone instead of TPE.

Mizuwali’s message about Irokebijin’s new silicone material:

“IrokeBijin’s silicone material is quite different from Piper’s silicone material. In fact, depending on the formula, the silicone material will show a considerable difference in texture and feel different. I choose according to the style of the doll and decide what kind of silicone to use. The silicone material used for the IrokeBijn brand is more suitable for the style of Anime. (Translated from Chinese)

You can find the Irokebijin 90cm Silicone Abby at TheDollChannel and Dollto-China.

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  1. AZ

    Wondering how enjoyable a 90 cm is compared to a 140 cm. Does that 50 extra centimeters make that much difference?

    1. Steven

      Hi AZ,
      I recommend using a measuring tape to get an idea of how tall 90cm and 140cm is. There’s actually quite a big difference. Similar to when you get a slightly larger computer monitor and the screen seems much bigger, dolls are similar in that they get proportionally larger with height. A 90cm can definitely be enjoyable and has many advantages such as lighter weight, easier to store, easier to clean, etc. However, it can feel like a giant sex toy rather than a real person due to the smaller size. Because 140cm is closer to the height and size of a normal human, it’s much more realistic. That isn’t that say that 90cm is bad. It depends on your imagination and what you’re using the doll for. Some people like the smaller dolls and refer to them as “lap dolls.” They’re definitely easier to move around and pose. 90cm actually isn’t super small and could potentially be good as a first doll. It just won’t feel like a person due to the size.

  2. Billy

    I just received my 90cm silicone Akane few days ago and i would not recommend these ones. The silicone they use is way to soft and will tear just by picking them up. Mine on the side of her right breast there is a manufacturing line that may or may not be a defect but the line is made up of a softer silicone than the breast itself and it tore on the line on the side of her breast just by me picking her up under her armpits just moving her from my chair to her nightly resting place a few feet away so doing that tore her on that line. It would be impossible to be more gentle than i was and have been. To note, she’s still a virgin so she has not been roughed around. Mizuwali kinda blew me off when i tried to give him feedback and is leaving it on the vendor i got her from which is unfair to the vendor as this is in my opinion poor design and or manufaucering. Also to note, there were other factory defects but ill leave that out as this weak spot that tore is far worse.

    1. Billy

      Forgot to note that the line i mentioned, it goes vertically up from the lower side of her breast all the way up to the top of her breast near her collarbone and is noticeable at the right angles and light. It looks like a seam but maybe it is or isnt, no idea but it was manufactured that way but the left breast isnt like that.

    2. Steven

      Hi Billy,
      I’m sorry to hear that. Irokebijin/Piper Doll/Doll4Ever is known for their super soft tpe and silicone. The silicone used by Irokebijin is slightly different from that of Piper Doll, and is supposedly really soft. I know a lot of people who are happy with their 90cm TPE Akane, but haven’t heard much about the silicone version. Sucks to hear that it tears so easily (softer usually means more prone to tearing). I’m guessing their 140cm silicone version will be similar. You should contact your vendor for a resolution. They usually handle the customer service rather than the manufacturer. Thank you very much for the info. It will be useful for others wondering about the Irokebijin silicone dolls. I hope you get some proper compensation for the doll and can still enjoy her.

  3. Rafael

    Actually I like this body, but 90cm is not good enough, the body form is amazing.

    1. AZ

      Could you elaborate

  4. Rafael

    any chance to a 135cm+ model in the future? I would buy it for sure….

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