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Game Lady Doll Releases 100cm Mini Tifa Sex Doll

On April 10, 2022, Game Lady Doll released a scaled-down 100cm version of their 167cm “Tifa” sex doll. This was quite unexpected as many predicted a new head would be coming out next. The new 100cm mini doll is proportionally downscaled from the 167cm. Because of this, the doll will look a bit thinner than regular 100cm dolls (like the Piper SAF dolls). The head was also proportionally downscaled to the new size. This is essentially a large action figure version of Tifa with sexual capabilities. Therefore, Tifa Lockhart figurine collectors or mini doll lovers may enjoy this new doll. However, the price of the 100cm version is still quite high ($1800+), making it a very expensive collectable.

Game Lady Doll 100cm "Tifa" Sex Doll

There are many advantages of mini dolls such as lighter weight, as well as easier to maintain, clean, pose, and store. However, you lose the full-sized cuddling experience as a result. Still, I think figurine collectors will like this. Because the doll was proportionally scaled-down, she will look exactly the same as the full-sized version in photos close-up. With the right background, it could be a more affordable choice for photographers and artists, but finding clothes that fit will be difficult.

This was an interesting release from Game Lady, and since figurines are very popular, the 100cm doll could do well. Because the full-sized version is also quite heavy, people may lean to this mini doll as well. However, I think the price is going to be the main deterrent for most people. We can’t wait to see what Game Lady releases next. Hopefully a new head, but I predict the 100cm version of Aerith is up next.

Looking to order a Game Lady Doll? Many trustworthy vendors carry Game Lady Doll now. We recommend SexDolls-Shop, SiliconeLovers, TheDollChannel (US), and Dollto-China.

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  1. Steven

    Just an update: Dollto-China officially carries Game Lady Doll now.

  2. Dev

    Where do they even sell any of these?

    1. Dev

      Edit: Where is a legit / safe area to even look for it?

    2. Steven

      Hi Dev,
      A few random vendors carry these, but no established vendors. So far I confirmed Realdollonline sells authentic ones. A few people have ordered from them. Dollto-China told me they are planning to add them soon.

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