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XYcolo Sex Doll Silicone Types Comparison Guide

Chinese New Year is well underway in China, which means factories are closed, and there’s no news. So instead, let’s talk about XYcolo and the non-stop videos they shared for the last 2 weeks. For those that don’t know, XYcolo is a fairly unique silicone doll brand that first appeared in 2018. They’re the only brand that offers 4 different types of silicone, and are priced between $1500-5000. Personally, I think their head designs have greatly declined in the past year, but that’s a topic for another day.

Height and SIze Comparison Chart

First, let’s start with this “Height and Size Comparison” chart. At first glance, it looks like a complicated table of numbers, but it’s really just showing the specifications of each body. The main thing to point out is XYcolo currently has 9 bodies, and 4 types of silicone. Ignore all the specifications for now since photos are more intuitive to look at anyway.

XYcolo offers 4 material options including Organic Silicone Pro (OSPRO), Platinum Silicone Pro (PSPRO), Organic Silicone (OS), and Platinum Silicone (PS). Not every body is compatible with each material. From the table above, you can see that OS is the lightest (on average 5-6 kg lighter) while the other 3 are about the same weight. The chart below shows some more info on the different types of silicone, including the layers and softness levels.

Softness Comparison Videos

Words, numbers, and charts can only describe so much. Below, you’ll find videos showing the softness of each material. Although most of these videos are old, they’re still very relevant. Basically, from softest to firmest: OSPRO > PSPRO > PS > OS. OS is the firmest but also the lightest. As shown above, makeup is more permanent for the organic material, and only the the organic material can have implanted hair.

Side-by-Side Softness Comparison

To save time, let’s go straight to the side-by-side comparison of the 4 different materials in 1 video. These videos (edited by My Robot Doll) show the softness of the bodies and some heads (only OS and PS). For more detail, the next section includes videos of each individual material.

Organic Silicone Pro (OSPRO)

Organic Silicone Pro is XYcolo’s softest and most realistic type of silicone. It has 10 skin layers, which not only looks the most detailed (pores, veins, textures, etc.) but also feels the most realistic with “fat” and “muscle” layers underneath. According to XYcolo, it feels like a woman who moderately exercises. Because of the softness, it’s more delicate than the other materials.

Organic Silicone (OS)

Organic Silicone is the firmest option so it’s noticeably firmer and less elastic than the OSPRO. However, it’s also considerably lighter. Without the “fat and muscle” layers, it won’t feel as realistic, but still looks highly detailed with permanent makeup.

That's a firm ass.

Platinum Silicone Pro (PSPRO)

Platinum Silicone Pro is a more budget-friendly version of OSPRO. It also simulates the “fat/muscle” feeling and is almost as soft as the OSPRO. Unlike organic silicone, the makeup will come off relatively easily, and it doesn’t support implanted hair.

Platinum Silicone (PS)

Platinum Silicone is XYcolo’s most affordable type of silicone. The softness is between PSPRO and OS, and they claim that it’s as soft as TPE. It doesn’t have the realistic fat/muscle layers, and lacks skin detail and implanted hair. The plus is that it’s priced around that of TPE dolls (~$1500-$2000). There’s also an option for OS head with PS body.


There’s certainly a lot to consider when choosing an XYcolo doll due to the different silicone types. The OSPRO is XYcolo’s flagship material, but they all have their own pros and cons. Hopefully, this post helps clarify the differences. XYcolo has been resurfacing these comparison videos lately which is useful because their options have confused many people (including me) for years. I’ll summarize it with some final bullet points.

  • Softness: OSPRO (softest) > PSPRO > PS > OS (firmest)
  • Aesthetics: OSPRO (most detailed) > OS > PSPRO = PS (less detailed)
  • Price: OSPRO (most expensive) > OS > PSPRO > PS (least expensive)
  • Permanent makeup and Implanted Hair option: OSPRO & OS only

For more information and photos, check out the authorized XYcolo vendor, My Robot Doll.

Thoughts or questions about XYcolo’s 4 types of silicone materials? Comment below!

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  1. Gnomo

    I think the trade name “Organic silicone” is the best blend. In my opinion it is the one that lasts the longest.

  2. Jackson

    I didn’t know about XYcolo’s Organic Silicone Pro. But it seems so interesting! Why is it called Organic Silicone? What is it made of? Do more brands have this feature? It’s just interesting that they were able to innovate such a material. Something that gynoid and DS Doll couldn’t accomplish.

    1. Steven

      Hi Jackson,
      XYcolo started off with just Organic and Platinum Silicone, and later created Pro versions meant to combine the two. I don’t know what’s in it because they don’t reveal their blends. They’re basically different blends of silicone. All brands have their own TPE or silicone blend – some also with multiple versions of various softness. However, XYcolo is definitely unique with 2 vastly different blend options (PS and OS), their layers of silicone, and their flexible aluminum skeleton.

    2. Steven

      Hi Jackson,
      Just an update: I said some incorrect things in my last reply (which I edited). Platinum and Organic silicone are real terms, but every brand’s version of it is different because they use their own blends. “Platinum TPE” (which I got confused with) is a fake term. Basically any word in front of TPE is just a marketing term like “ultra-soft TPE” or “jelly TPE” (used by brands to differentiate their blends or to sound better).
      However, Platinum and Organic do exist for silicone. Just wanted to clarify that, but the blends are probably non-traditional. For example, going from OS to OSPRO must have greatly changed the formula. It might not be 100% organic anymore (but I don’t fully understand the science behind it).

      1. Jackson

        Oh ok thanks Steven! Where would I be able to purchase Organic Silicone. And what exactly is it? How is it different from Platinum Silicone?

        1. Steven

          As I mentioned before, I don’t really know the science behind it. “Organic” is not the same as the food-term organic. It refers to the molecular carbon-bonds. I don’t know where you can purchase it, but it won’t be the same blend that factories use. Maybe you can ask to order a sample piece.
          XYcolo never explained what exactly their material is (not surprising because brands don’t usually reveal that information). Platinum Silicone is silicone that’s catalyzed or cured with platinum metal to become higher quality. Again, I don’t understand the science so your guess is as good as mine.

    3. Gnomo

      They are mixtures of polymers. Here we are in the family of silicones, that is, inorganic chains of silicon-(carbon or oxygen). Companies then add an element and can become hard or mushy. Organic silicone is a trade name that identifies one of many possible blends. And in my opinion it is the best for duration, but I can be wrong.

      1. Jackson

        Not to be rude but I’m pretty sure that carbon and oxygen are organic, as they are essential for life.

        Scientists generally define a molecule as organic when it contains not only carbon, but also at least one other element. Typically, that element is hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen or sulfur. Some definitions say that a molecule must contain both carbon and hydrogen to be organic.,and%2520hydrogen%2520to%2520be%2520organic.&ved=2ahUKEwjo0cSJ1vX8AhXURzABHdHQBR4QFnoECA0QBQ&usg=AOvVaw2B-hnFa6HBeFJy-myl1G0q

  3. Steven

    Since there wasn’t any news this week, I wrote this post about XYcolo’s 4 types of silicone. It’s not new but XYcolo has been heavily promoting these options recently. Since many people glance over XYcolo due to their confusing 4 materials, maybe this will help. Sex doll news should be back to normal next week.

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