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The Doll Forum (TDF) Bans Certain Piper Dolls

The Doll Forum, also known as TDF, is the largest sex doll community website with over 70,000 members and close to 2 million posts. They have been the go-to website for information on various brands, manufacturers, and vendors, as well as a place for doll enthusiasts to share experiences and photos with their fellow compatriots.

On September 27, 2020, Mizuwali, the owner of Piper Doll, openly expressed his anger on Twitter at TDF’s decision to ban certain Piper Dolls from their website. TDF has always had rules against child-like dolls, and warned members not to purchase these dolls. This was due to laws against them in certain countries such as UK, Canada, Australia, and some states in the US.

In his post, combined with a meme saying “Shut your f*cking pie hole, c*nt,” Mizuwali stated, “I received a notice from TDF today that Phoebe, Akira, Ariel, Risako [are] under 14 years old, and even Risako is under 12 years old???? So they forbid us to post and promote any articles related to these four dolls and ban us from selling. I very much doubt their IQ and motivation, I’m fed up with TDF shit.” (Translated from Chinese)

In the comment section of his tweet, Mizuwali stated that he paid TDF on everything he “had to” including ad spots that he didn’t want to buy, suggesting that TDF had extorted money from him in the past. He also stated that no other manufacturers or vendors were contacted except for him, and that his dolls do not look like children. He received a lot of support on Twitter, but all the commenters were already his followers.

pink silicone phoebe phone
Piper Doll’s 130cm Silicone Phoebe doll

This will likely fuel a debate that has been gradually building up in the US over the past few months regarding child-like sex dolls. What determines whether a doll looks like a child, who gets to decide, and whether it should be illegal or not? There are some people who want to ban sex dolls altogether. However, many fear that a ban on child-like sex dolls will be the first step toward banning all sex dolls in the future.

Although some posts including the banned Piper Doll models still exist on TDF, TDF has removed many customer photos and posts regarding Piper Dolls. Many Piper Doll owners have decided to boycott TDF because of this.

We can only wait and see what’s in store for the future of sex dolls. Many sex doll enthusiasts agree that Piper Dolls don’t resemble children due to their large breasts, hips, and butts, but the question is who gets to decide? TDF, as a private company, has the right to ban any dolls that may hurt their business, but it will certainly cause some backlash.


On October 3, 2020, Mizuwali tweeted, “Unfortunately, my twitter has also become their jurisdiction, I was asked to delete the article, otherwise they will delete our page and there is no refund policy, let us see what will happen by the end of the year” (Translated from Chinese)

According to Mizuwali, TDF [blackmailed] him into removing his original tweet from September 27, 2020, which has since been deleted. TDF threatened to remove the Doll-forever section (which includes Doll-forever, Piper Doll, and Doll House 168) if Mizuwali did not remove the tweet, and would not refund the money. Because Mizuwali already paid the annual fee and his business relies on TDF, it is understandable why he deleted his tweet.

This is some real TDF drama unfolding before our very eyes.


Despite Mizuwali’s complaints about TDF on Twitter, there were never any official posts on Dollforum regarding this ban. However, on November 16, TDF finally made an official post (here) which confirmed that the 5 Piper Dolls previously mentioned (Akira, Ariel, Iris, Phoebe, and Risako) were indeed banned on TDF. A few other heads and bodies from other brands such as Doll House 168, DS Doll, and SM Doll were also banned. Since the official post, TDF started cracking down hard on the banned Piper Dolls and have removed nearly all photos and photo threads of these dolls.

March 22, 2021 UPDATE:

Mizuwali and Piper Doll officially withdraws from TDF. Find out more here:

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  1. yordwhistle

    This censorship is deeply disgusting to me. I’m new to the party and I joined TDF recently looking for reviews and information and it’s driving me nuts how hard it is to find anything useful about D4E/Piper dolls. This whole anti-child-doll thing is insane to begin with. If a pedo can be consoled by banging a doll that’s obviously going to keep actual children safer. How can it possibly benefit anyone to torment them by taking their dolls away? Instead of standing up for the rights of free human beings to bang the inanimate objects of their choice, TDF did the most cowardly and shitty thing possible and joined the “woke” mob.

  2. peter

    hi, could someone tell me where i get realworld informations about the 130cm and 160cm silicone models from piperdolls? phoebe elf and jenna intrests me very much, but i heard one or two times that silicone pipers are tight?! i normally try to find reviews via the google search in forums. but since they are mostly banned in uklovedollforum and dollforum there ist not much to find for me. especially about jenna 160 silicone is not a single video with infos somewhere to find, nothing, which i cant understand cause she looks absolutely not childlike 😀 i search for reviews, cause i need to know how tight and soft they are down there, i wont buy a livedoll, which i cant penetrate comfortable as a slightly bigger made male. otherwise, which siliconedoll could you guys recommend for bigger wieners? whats about zelex… i was reading they are nearly the best for physical contact, particularly in relation to their prices? btw this will be my first doll ever so i put a lot effort in finding as many informations as possible about the ones on my list, cause it should be a very good first experience. the pricelimit is around 4-5k and i thought also about gynoid, till i read more than one time in tdf about their bad customer service and that they are uncomfortable for the bed or getting tears in the vagina… more a photomodel than companion?! but these threads/writiings are older than the “extra soft” option from gynoind. idk which manufacturer/model my money deserves and is also worth it, cause after alot comparisons between gynoid tech and others, ive seen that you pay a little extra for the name, on xycolo for example i think i will get more for my money, over my vendor the 163 ospro costs me less than a gt model 15, but both nearly twice as much as a zelex 155 for example, is it worth it? the last one im intrested in is the sanhui 168 with all soft options, but im a little bit concerned about their soft vagina option, if it will tear earlier compared to a zelex or gynoid, or silicone pipers? questions over questions where i only find with enormous effort partially answers, cause the most reviews about dolls are like carreviews without driving the car, i hope you understand what i mean ;D

    1. Steven

      Hi Peter,
      As you mentioned, Piper Doll is no longer on Dollforum so it’s hard to find reviews about their silicone dolls. The best way to find info is probably to search on Twitter or join a sex doll discord channel. There’s lots of people on Twitter with silicone Piper Dolls. You can try contacting them for info. I heard that Zelex is good but they are still relatively new so again, not much reviews out there, but they are on Dollforum along with Gynoid & Xycolo, so that’s the best place to look and ask. I think the best way is to create a thread and ask the Dollforum community since not everyone writes a review. As for Silicone Pipers, you will have to get that info outside of TDF. All silicone dolls seem to be prone to tearing with the Silicone Pipers possibly more so because they are softer and more delicate.

  3. Derfer

    Refering to anything as childlike due to simply height or isolated facial features is pretty ignorant. A lot of Asian and Hispanic people know what i’m talking about. The fact that a bunch of old white people get to decide on all this isnt lost on me. Pathetic.

  4. TDF is garbage

    The Doll Forum is a joke. Someone handed a lot of closeted losers a little authority over and online community and they’ve turned into little tyrants.

    Piperdolls do not have childlike proportions. Just because a doll is less than 5 feet toll doesn’t make it childlike. Anybody ever seen a G cup rack and hips like piperdolls have on a woman who wasn’t legal or about to be legal and is just that exception that matured way before her friends? No, you haven’t. Catdoll brand, THAT’S child porn. Piperdoll isn’t even close.

  5. john

    You can’t judge a piper doll face and body separately. They are a single piece. They are not underage by any stretch of imagination. I would never join TDF.

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