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Sex Doll Showcase: Irontech’s Miki Head

Welcome to the Sex Doll Showcase, a new segment where I feature lesser-known sex dolls that deserve more attention.

Today we will be showcasing Irontech Doll’s Miki head, my favorite Irontech head. Irontech is a relatively well-known company known for their distinct and artistic faces, with big eyes and a Western-fairytale look. The Miki head is an extremely versatile head that fits well with almost any body. This head, in my opinion, is much more realistic and natural-looking compared to most of their other heads. Miki has a very beautiful face, resembling a pretty, young woman in her prime. Depending on her skin color, eye color, and wig, she can actually look like any race. Here are some examples of the Miki head on various bodies.

Miki Head with the 155cm Body

Miki Head with the 150cm Body

Miki Head with the 163cm Body

Miki Head with the 163cm Plus Body

Miki Head with the 168cm Body

Miki Head with 161cm "Milf" Body

Miki Head with 154cm Body

Irontech’s Miki head is super beautiful and an extremely versatile. With a youthful beauty and photogenic face, she is great for photography and looks natural in various different body types.

You can find Irontech Dolls at SiliconeLovers here. If you’re interested in the Miki head, I recommend choosing a body you like and then the Miki head, or one of the premade Miki dolls.

What do you think about Irontech’s Miki head? Got suggestions for future doll showcases? Comment below!

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