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New Irontech 153cm and 154cm Bodies for Christmas

As a surprise Christmas gift, on December 24, 2020 (Christmas Eve), Irontech launched three new bodies for their dolls: the 153cm, 154cm and 154cm Plus.

The 153cm featuring their new anime Miyin head, has relatively large breasts, a very plump butt, and thick thighs. This is definitely a body for big booty lovers and fans of the “thicc.” However, the body received mixed reviews on The Doll Forum where some people criticized the body for being too short and heavy, while others praised the heavenly buttocks.

153cm Body with Miyin Head

Meanwhile, more people were excited about the new 154cm body, which is similar to the 153cm but with slimmer thighs, resulting in a more realistic-looking body. Removing some of that “meat” in the butt and thighs also noticeably reduced the weight. The 154cm Plus is basically the 154cm with larger breasts.

There aren’t any photosets of the 154cm bodies yet, but I will add them when they are released.

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