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Trusted Sex Doll Websites

Buying a sex doll isn’t like buying something cheap from Amazon. A majority of top sex doll brands don’t sell on Amazon, Ebay, or Aliexpress (which are free-for-all marketplaces with lots of stolen photos) so it’s best to avoid them. Instead, you want to find a trustworthy vendor, who are authorized distributors of well-known sex doll brands. While it’s possible to order directly from a brand, I highly recommend ordering through a vendor for more buyer protection, better customer service, and sometimes lower prices as well.

Where Do I Buy a Sex Doll?​

With the rise in sex doll popularity, many Chinese stores have opened up to sell imitation or counterfeit dolls. You’ll see this a lot on marketplace websites like Ebay, Amazon, and Aliexpress, as well as their own domains. Basically, they sell cheap copies with another brand’s photos (like selling fake iphones with Apple’s photos). Knockoff dolls won’t look the same as the photo, are made of inferior quality, and will fall apart quickly.

I don’t recommend cheaping out when it comes to a sex doll. Sex dolls aren’t just for sex, but also for love, companionship, cuddling, photography, and so much more. You want something that looks good, feels good, and lasts for years. That’s why it’s important to buy an authentic doll from the original manufacturers and designers.

How Do I Find a Trustworthy Vendor?

Having run my own store in the past selling top sex doll brands, I have a good idea whether a website is legit or not. After scouring through hundreds of vendors, I created this list of my personal favorites. Not only did I personally vet each one, I gathered data and reviews from real customers on The Doll Forum, Reddit, and more. Both the doll community and I can guarantee these stores sell authentic dolls with excellent customer service and reasonable prices. They all have their own specialties, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. I recommend visiting each one because they’re all slightly different.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to contact vendors! Feel free to email them and ask them anything!

Trusted Sex Doll Vendors

Sex Dolls Shop™ is a highly prestigious sex doll vendor to order from. Their customer service is top-notch, and they offer an excellent selection of dolls at great prices. You’re not just getting a doll; you’re getting a team that cares and helps you every step of the way. They’re one of the safest and most trusted websites to order from. You can’t go wrong with them.

My Robot Doll is a trusted vendor that ships worldwide including Europe. They have the most up-to-date selection of top brands, including more elusive brands like Shedoll, TAYU, and Aotume. They’re the leading vendor for Sino Doll, and offer the hyper-realistic Top-Sino series. With excellent customer service, many satisfied customers, and highly reasonable prices, they’re a fantastic vendor to order from.

Silicone Lovers is a very popular and rapidly-growing vendor from the UK. With over 19 top brands to choose from, they have one of the largest catalogs out there. They offer both TPE and silicone sex dolls, and have very friendly and helpful customer service. Combine that with a huge selection of dolls at amazing prices, and you have an almost perfect sex doll store.

The Doll Channel is the only vendor with an active and growing Youtube channel and community. They specialize in smaller sex dolls, and can ship dolls domestically to avoid customs issues. Based in the US, they have many in-stock dolls ready-to-ship including mini dolls. Not the prettiest website, but they have affordable pricing, many in-stock wigs and accessories, and a points/reward program.

Don't Get Ripped off!

When it comes to sex dolls, there are two important things to keep in mind:

  1. Avoid cheap and counterfeit sex dolls from unknown sellers.

As they say, “You get what you pay for.” Most dolls under $1000 (except for mini dolls) are not authentic name-brand dolls. Many stores sell cheap replicas using another brand’s photos to trick customers. Not only will they not match the photos, they’re of inferior quality, and break quickly. More and more of these websites are popping up. A general rule of thumb is don’t purchase sex dolls from Aliexpress, Ebay, or Amazon. Because they are free-for-all marketplaces (both good and bad sellers), you never know what you’ll get.

2. Customer service is as important as price.

Although there are many sketchy websites out there, there are also many trustworthy vendors. But which one should you choose? The one with the lowest prices? Probably not. When it comes to expensive, luxury products like sex dolls, you need a vendor who has your back if something goes wrong. Customer service is extremely important when it comes to sex dolls (because things can be unpredictable). A reputable vendor can resolve problems quickly, and make sure you get what you paid for. Having personally been ghosted by several vendors in the past, sometimes, it’s worth paying a little more for the peace of mind.

Vendors to Avoid

SexDollGenie: Disguised as a TDF-approved US vendor, these thieves scammed me over a year ago. With non-existent customer service, they pretend to “look into” issues (for over a year) but never actually do anything. Once they send you a doll, you’re on your own – you’ll never hear from them again.

FFdolls: A knockoff doll seller who mirrored my entire blog, and changed my name to their name. People have stolen my content before (which is why I watermark everything), but never my entire website. Don’t let them steal your money next. (I contacted the brands they carry, and none of them ever heard of FFdolls)

Now that you know where to buy a sex doll, it’s time to start enjoying life again! Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

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  1. Mike

    Steve, not sure if my last comment went through or not but I did post saying I appreciate your feedback. However I did come across 2 other sites. 1 seems ify, maybe ish, the other seems legit. They have a e mail and phone # and a hours of operation schedule which surprises me. What would your thoughts be? Thanks

    1. Steven

      Hi Mike,
      The first website sells knockoff dolls. Easy to tell since they’re using stolen WM Doll photos with the watermarks removed (listed with no brand name). Also the Game Lady Tifa photos for $599 is clearly not legit (authentic).. The 2nd website does the same thing. They have most of the red flags that I wrote about here:

  2. Mike

    Hey Steve… ever heard of this site? They really seem legit but your the expert lol. Mind checking it out? Thanks

  3. Wayne

    Hey Steve, fantastic work with all the information and replies you get back with to all our questions . Was wondering if you knew anything about the HI-SEXDOLL website? They advertise as having a 2024 sale going on but after seeing some of your posts it seems to be a little too good to be true

  4. Vladislav

    Hey Steven, Do you know about axbdolls, is it a legitimate site? they don’t make fake dolls?

    1. Steven

      Hi Vladislav,
      Axbdolls is the official website of AXB Doll (a sub-brand of Zelex). They’re a legitimate brand and website.

  5. Mike

    Hey Steven, question for ya… is this webiste legit? Ive checked it out and it looks pretty legit. There site is fully loaded but need your opinion plz. Also not sure if you ever heard of forxxoo? That was another website but cant seem to find it anymore..Could you check it out ? thanks

    1. Steven

      Hi Mike,
      Someone asked about them before and I said that they sold knockoff dolls (with listings that looked like they were from Aliexpress). Visiting their website now gives me a safety warning on Chrome so I rather not look at them..

  6. Dima

    Hello Stephen.

    Can you recommend a site that has a normal and reliable delivery of ordered sex dolls to Russia? What you reccomended websites (My robot doll, silicone lovers, the doll channel) – delivery in russia is good?


    1. Steven

      Hi Dima,
      I suggest contacting different vendors (websites) and asking them. I don’t know who ships to Russia or not.

      1. David

        Hi Steven & Dima,

        I can ship dolls to Russia, haha. Sorry, I didn’t want to advertise on Steven’s blog, so I didn’t list my website. But my website is legitimate. If you’re interested, you can contact me.
        Thanks, Steven, for the blog comment space.

        Best regards,

  7. Skrapycoco

    Hey guys, what do You think about I’ve Heard good things about their dolls.

  8. Simon

    Hi Steven, can you give me some sites that are legit, affordable and ofc have nice quality sex dolls?

  9. Siyou

    Hi,i found some sites called, and
    Are they trustworthy?
    I know hydoll is listed as unsafe because they have extremely low prices.

  10. Gio

    Is legit? I was thinking on ordering from the US-In Stock section.

    1. Steven

      Hi Gio,
      Yes, they’re in my list.

      1. William

        Could you put Xotreasures on that scam list I lost 153.00 on a doll hoping to get it but got robbed

  11. Jim

    Is a scam site?

  12. Kerry

    What about from Temu??

  13. Richard

    Yeah I think I lost $153.00 0n xotreasuresl ty for responding.

    1. William

      So did i

  14. ALEX

    Hello Steven
    I want to buy an IRONTECH doll, but i cant decide where to buy it, from SEX DOLL SHOP, SILICONE LOVERS or from there official website.
    The price on silicone lovers is 2.4K us dollars, but 2.8K on sex doll shop. Why is it more expensive on sex doll shop? Is it of better quality on sex doll shop for 2.8K us dollars?

    1. Steven

      Hi Alex,
      The doll will be the same quality no matter which vendor you choose. Because the doll industry doesn’t have MSRPs, vendors basically choose their own prices, which depends on their business expenses, cost of living, taxes, etc. Although the Irontech dolls on SDS do seem overpriced, they have arguably the best customer service; basically, paying more for piece of mind in case something goes wrong. However, it’s up to you and your budget who you choose. Since Irontech raised the prices on their website (to not undercut their vendors), there’s no advantage ordering directly from them anymore.

      1. ALEX

        HEY STEVEN , one more question. What doll brand has the best LHP? I am especially curious about the anal and vagina realism? THANK YOU VERY MUCH

        1. Steven

          Hi Alex,
          There isn’t one brand that has the best LHP. It varies between bodies among brands. Generally, most silicone dolls nowadays have good LHP (except for some brands like SY and Top-sino, and certain bodies). Best way to find out is to look at photos and read reviews. I think there’s a huge LHP thread somewhere on Dollforum. Otherwise, I don’t have a list of all the bodies with good LHP.

  15. John
    Is this a legitimate site or fake / knockoff

    Same doll on cost over 3k
    while cost $2300

  16. Richard

    Thank you. Can you please tell me if XOTREASURES is legit??

    1. Steven

      Hi Richard,
      No, they’re probably one of the least legit websites I’ve seen.. Their sex doll photos are stolen, and the prices are way too low. Also no About Us section or any reviews, so extremely risky.

  17. John
    Is this a legitimate site or fake / knockoff

    Same doll on cost over 3k
    while cost $2,300

    1. Steven

      Hi John,
      Which doll are you looking at? They primarily promote cheaper brands like SY, JX, and Aibei. Personally, I wouldn’t buy an expensive name-brand from them. An unknown vendor with no reviews is too risky for $2.3k in my opinion.

    1. Steven

      Hi Sam,
      Shedoll is a real brand, but I’m not 100% sure if belongs to them or not (it seems likely though). Technically, their official website is, but they could also own shedollshop. I just messaged them, and I’ll let you know when they reply.

    2. Steven

      Hi Sam,
      Shedoll told me that shedollshop doesn’t belong to them. It might be one of their distributors, but it’s not their official website.

      1. Sam

        Thanks for checking!
        In your opinion, Should I directly buy from their official website? In which case should I buy from “distributors”

        1. Steven

          Since I don’t have personal experience with their official customer service or seen any reviews (from people who ordered from them directly), I can’t really answer that. Also, the official website seems more Japanese-oriented. Personally, I would go with MyRobotDoll since I know they’re legit (and I don’t know who’s behind shedollshop). They have her here: but it’s up to you. The official website might be fine as well.

  18. Steven

    Hello is honey love dolls legit?

    1. Steven

      Hi Michael,
      They have a fairly weird selection of dolls. Mainly cheap brands like SY Doll and “Ousexdoll” (which are knockoff dolls with stolen photos), but also some random Irontech and Zelex dolls for some reason. Personally, I wouldn’t order a name-brand doll from them, and I can’t say much about the other dolls – basically just some random cheap dolls (probably from SY Doll or Aibei). Since there aren’t any trustworthy reviews about them, they’re pretty unknown and potentially risky.

  19. Jimmy

    Hi Steven. Can be trusted? Hard to tell if they are legit, sell knock offs or just lie and take your money. They say TDF approved but I didn’t find anything. I could be wrong though.

    1. Steven

      Hi Jimmy,
      If you mean mywonderdoll, they are indeed TDF-approved ( They look more-or-less legit, although some of their prices seem a bit low (mainly Climax Doll and Aibei, which aren’t high-end brands anyway). Their About Us section isn’t very convincing; pretty poorly written. Overall, they’re probably legit but without any reviews, everything about them is kind of unknown (like their customer service).

  20. Chris W

    Is legit? 50 percent off, but wants payment only thru PayPal.

    1. Steven

      Hi Chris,
      I assume you mean First, there’s no such thing as 50% off. All sex doll MSRPs are pretty much fake. You’re not getting a $1700 for $500; you’re just getting a $500 doll.
      Next, I’m not a fan of that website. They sell knockoff dolls with stolen photos, their descriptions use photos from other brands unrelated to the doll (like the skin details), and they lie about being TDF-approved among other things. I wouldn’t trust them, but the risk is up to you.

      1. Chris W

        Thank you for your advice. They assigned a texted to me. You are correct. They avoid specific details, especially shipping.

  21. Jeremy

    I just ordered from VS Doll, I’ve had a a few back and forth with customer service since purchase. It’s been two days since purchase and no information on shipping. Feedback on that could out my mind at ease!

    1. Steven

      Hi Alex,
      That’s a WM Doll 108cm with Head #263. Based on the low price and no brand name, that website is selling a knockoff. Definitely a shady website that mainly sells cheap brands and knockoff dolls (and the content on the bottom of their front page also looks stolen from Sexdolls-shop).
      Since most vendors don’t sell mini dolls anymore, they’re hard to find. Mainly only Chinese vendors sell them. Here’s the doll on a legit website (, which seems a bit pricey, but 100cm WM dolls have always cost $900-1000+.

  22. Jake

    Just order from NakeDoll website had a lot of options but decided to buy one from their warehouse in Los Angeles shorter delivery time and spent the money on a premium doll. Have you heard of this company?

  23. Alx

    Hey, Steven.
    Just read your info on legit vs. bullsh*t websites and like most I have a website I’d liked you to advise me on.

    Going for my first mini doll. I figured why not order straight fro the source of the brand I’m most interested. But, I’m a little skeptical. Is this the actual CLIMAX website? Should I buy from them? So far, this site h as the lowest price listed for that doll AND they offer small customizations (hair color and head choice).

    Your thoughts, please❤️

    Thank you.

    1. Steven

      Hi Alx,
      That link is the official Climax Doll website. Normally, I’d recommend a vendor (rather than ordering directly from a brand) for better customer service and buyer protection. Brands generally focus more on production than sales. But with mini dolls like this, the official site is probably your only option. Most vendors don’t carry those. Climax Doll is safe to order from, but I don’t know if their customer service is good or not.

      1. RadioVarsavia

        Hello, I bought from them and can say their customer service is incredible, they gave photos during the production of my order and answered all my questions without any problem whatsoever. The only thing is that they will answer whatever question you have when it’s day for them (They are from China), so all my questions got answered overnight.

        1. Alx

          Photos throughout?! Wow! That’s good news. I contacted them with all of my questions. They answered each very well. I’ll purchase soon. Thank you for your most helpful feedback.

      2. Alx

        Thanks, Steven. That was TREMENDOUSLY helpful. I’ll say further, thank you for taking the time to do what you’re doing. There’s a ton of scammers out that there and it ain’t always easy to spot. What you’re doing is truly a service.

        Thank you.

        * P.S.: Climax-Doll did indeed have great customer service. I haven’t purchased yet, but I did have a lot of questions. Which they answered very well.

  24. Sam


    Can you provide information on and

    I contacted to ship to Canada, and they refered me to was very supportive and had quick chat support. They even sent me actual pictures of the doll at the warehouse.

    Im still unsure if this website is legit.

    They do seem to have fake reviews (only 5 stars)

    But then again, their reviews might be fake but their product might be legit.

    Can you provide your insight?

    1. Steven

      Hi Sam,
      Unfortunately, I can’t help with this. Torsos are almost an entirely different realm from sex dolls. I don’t know any of the vendors or brands (if there even are any brands). My only suggestion is to pay attention to the dimensions because they’re usually smaller than they look.
      The torso vendors on Dollforum might be safer. Unfortunately, I can’t say much about the websites you mentioned.

  25. Alyssa

    Hello! So, recently, Temu has been working with these sellers for life size TPE beautiful sex dolls/love companions. Their dolls are not actually on Temu, the TPE realistic, life-size dolls come from local warehouses, however, their profiles are on Temu so I guess it’s a partnership of some sort. I have never had a problem with Temu before with anything that I have ever bought from them. I was so excited when I saw one that I absolutely loved! My fiancé and I bought her, on March 30. Her delivery time was supposed to be between April 3 to the ninth. I have not gotten a response from the seller, as soon as I realized that she had not even been shipped out yet. Then I went on their profile, and all of their items had been taken down and it says they are on a short break, but we ordered her almost a full five days before they went on break apparently so I don’t understand why they did not ship her out first. I have been trying to get a hold of the seller for two days now, but no response. I found another one on Temu, but not actually THROUGH Temu although when you check out you do check out on Temu but have to add Temu items with their $10 minimum requirement to check out. Again, the doll comes from a local warehouse. She is gorgeous, almost 5 feet & 60-65 ish lbs with a beautiful face, breasts, butt, (3 holes) and the seller has been great with communicating with us and even has a video posted of her. But now I am skeptical to buy because of what is going on with the first one we ordered. I am bi sexual, but we do not want to bring a human into our relationship because we are engaged and would not feel OK with either of us being sexual with another person especially watching it, it sounds sexy, imagining it but in real life it brings nothing but problems unfortunately. So, I guess I am asking if you have heard about these local warehouses working with Temu that have these beautiful TPE female sex Dolls/Love companions? It is definitely a new thing because we have searched it before, but could only find the half body ones, or just the torso or one, but with no arms or legs. It is definitely something I want and have been so excited about!!! I would appreciate it so much if you could help me because I have never purchased or rather, received one yet. I’m in the United States by the way. I’d love your help, especially because I have never reached out to a vendor before either. Thank you!

    1. Steven

      Hi Alyssa,
      I never shopped at Temu, but I assume they’re an online marketplace like Ebay, right? They look almost the same as Aliexpress, so I’m guessing it’s like 99% Chinese sellers dropshipping random stuff.. (and some might have or share a warehouse). The dolls there are basically the same as on Ebay. They’re knockoff dolls with stolen photos (basically like generic/unbranded products from China). For the amount you’re paying, you’re not getting an authentic doll, but a good-looking imitation at best. But if it’s good enough for the price, then I guess that’s the purpose of Temu.
      Anyway, there are tons of dolls in-stock in random warehouses in the US so that’s not unusual. Most likely, they’re all coming from the same warehouses somewhere. I don’t know how Temu’s customer service works but that’s an option if they don’t send the doll. I hope you enjoy your doll and figure things out with the first seller. Good luck.

  26. Jason

    Is legit

    1. Jason

      The doll I am looking at is this – Trying to understand if its the legit doll, 2 if knock off and decent, 3 knock off and garbage, 4 not even what i ordered or 5 get nothing at all and complete scam. 1 and 2 I can live with for the price. The others heck no. Trying to find a mini sex doll that has huge breast and 35-55 pounds tops. 300$-750$ range that gives option 1-2

      1. Steven

        Hi Jason,
        That website is a bit hard to judge. It’s an Alibaba seller who made their own website. Personally, I wouldn’t order from them just because they’re a random unknown website (with no credible reviews), but that risk is up to you. Having said that, that doll is the Aibei brand, which is unlikely a knockoff because Aibei makes most knockoff dolls (and that’s one of their original designs). If you want a guaranteed authentic version of this, MyRobotDoll has it for noticeably more (but not in-stock):
        But if el-doll is actually legit and sends the doll, it’s most likely an authentic Aibei (unlikely to see a knockoff Aibei). As for the quality, Aibei is a lower-end brand – usually considered good enough for the price, but of course, to cut costs, they will have simpler skeletons, wire wrists, cheaper TPE blends, etc.

  27. Roland

    Great article I’ve used a cheap website and got reped offed but started using silicone lover’s and ended up with three beautiful dolls and won’t use anyone else. They do have imo the best customer service.

  28. Mido

    Hi Steven,

    I need your help, so there’s this website which have almost all points you mentioned for a legitimate vendor. However one thing threw me off is that some of their dolls (3 of them are $800-1000) and some others are at $1100-1300 range. But they justify their cheap service because they “mass ship their products to USA”. So my question is. legitimate? And is their doll Lucy by Rossetty legit or counterfeit. It does have a 5 star review. Lucy is such a hot and busty doll. Nice face and all, literally looks like a dream gf. However I am afraid of being scammed.

    Much appreciated!

    1. Steven

      Hi Mido,
      Here’s what I said about them before:
      Basically, they used to be a primarily knockoff doll seller, then became more legit-looking a few months ago. However, there’s still many red flags like their About Us section, and many aspects of their website look copied from other websites.
      As for “Lucy” from Rosetty, those photos use AI (which is deceptive), and the review is fake.

  29. Justin

    I’m looking for a legit website to purchase a catdoll doll from. I live in the us so I was thinking that would be the simple answer. Looking at the checkout page it shows that they accept zelle which to me is a red flag. Has anyone used before?

  30. Robert

    Steven thanks for the quick response. I used PayPal but what I gather is that I made doll to my liking and PayPal will bock on my purchase. I’ve looked a hundred times and i don’t have the email purchase order. The only thing I have is the PayPal order number. Do you think if I cancel my order with SDG that they’ll send an email saying they’ll cancel my order and refund my money knowing the later will be impossible. At least if they did send an email canceling I would have something to show PayPal. Robert.

    1. Steven

      At this point, I don’t recommend anymore waiting, and you can’t cancel the order now anyway (their website says within 24 hours). All you need is the Paypal payment invoice (that’s enough proof that you ordered). File the Paypal dispute, which will give them a chance to respond. Based on another SDG review I read (, that’s the only way to get their attention (and they’re known to lie so have your emails prepared). Better to start the dispute process now because it takes a while. I’m very sorry that you went through this experience. Unfortunately, there are many bad vendors out there.

      Also, I just remembered that it was Chinese New Years recently so maybe your order was simply delayed. Still, their lack of response is too suspicious to ignore. I’d still suggest starting the dispute now before the “dispute window” is up.

  31. Robert

    Hello Steven, ” I’ve been scammed ” thinking I might add some spice to the bedroom, I broke down and purchased a sex doll. I spent a lot of time reading review on websites and customers reviews. Found the website that I thought was perfect being Sex Doll Genie. The web site is really professional looking and was easy to navigate with a great mission statement. At 3 weeks I sent an email asking for a purchase update. No response. Week 4 requested an update no response. Phone call, nothing. Phone calls over the next three weeks, nothing. Week 6 email got a response and that was “thank you once” Now I’m into this at 11 weeks on my 6th email. To top this all off I accidentally deleted my purchase order email that had my purchase order number. My question is what are my chances of receiving my order even a knock off or even the box. I can always use a 2000 dollar box. Robert

    1. Steven

      Hi Robert,
      As you can tell from the end of my post, I don’t like Sex Doll Genie at all. Before, they would at least send the doll (before completely ignoring you), but now that they left TDF, all bets are off.. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re full-blown scammers now. Try finding the email in your trash folder, but your payment method should at least have proof of purchase. In my opinion, you should charge-back or dispute asap depending on your payment method. The non-response is a red flag, and I know from personal experience (1-2 years talking to them) that SDG either doesn’t reply or gives useless replies without actually doing anything. I suggest getting your money back asap and not waiting any longer. Even if you somehow receive the doll, you won’t get any aftersales support from them.

  32. Todd

    I’m looking for the best sex doll on the market. Spare no expense! I have popped several cheap dolls and I’ve had enough of the let downs. Time to step up my game.

  33. Tomas

    Hey, Steven, do you have recommendations for a doll site for custom doll production?

  34. Brenden

    Hey Steven,
    I’ve read through some of the previous posts about Rosemarydoll and I can’t get a reading on how legit they are. They almost sound semi-legit. I did see that you were at one point going to add them to your Reputable List but I do not see them there… I then read about the Zelex LH disintegration fiasco, but from what I can tell RMD gave them a replacement body. Just wondering why they aren’t on your list.

    Have you heard any more bad stories about this vendor? I am looking for a vendor for Bezlya dolls and they have some is why I ask.

    1. Steven

      Hi Brenden,
      Rosemarydoll is legit, but some people had bad customer service experiences, that’s all. Although I had good conversations with them, they know who I am (so their responses weren’t 100% unbiased). In the end, I didn’t add them due to some negative reviews (and to save myself from any potential headaches).
      I heard some other “bad stories” recently but they all had some form of peaceful resolution, so while not the best experience, they were all resolved. Meanwhile, I also read good reviews about them (such as in The Doll Club discord) so in the end, I say they have mixed reviews. For Bezlya, I would choose between Rosemarydoll or Kumadoll. Both vendors are still on my good side, I just need to see more reviews.

    1. Steven

      Hi Rave,
      The reason that “doll” looks so good is because it’s AI-generated/filtered. It’s a growing, deceptive trend (for some brands) so I avoid showing them. The actual doll doesn’t look nearly as good or real as the photos. Pretty sure the brand is SY Doll, but many brands including Orange In/JY are using AI photos now.

      1. Rave

        Thank you! Oh I know that I work with Photoshop 😅 I’ve seen the real thing on Reddit and it’s pretty the same as the first pictures with pink nipples. The head is identical the body the guy didn’t chose the “realistic” option toh. Problem is finding it legit and not a counterfeit made with bad materials and maybe dangerous to use. I’ve found the sydoll website but I’m not sure if it’s the legit one to try and buy from them directly

        1. Steven

          Do you mind sharing the real photos with me? The doll will look similar; it’s just the AI makes her look more real, which is deceptive in my opinion. Personally, I wouldn’t order directly from SY, but I don’t know any good SY Doll vendors either. The only somewhat reputable vendors I know of that carry SY Doll is Rosemarydoll and Yourdoll, both of which have mixed reviews. You’ll have to contact them to add that specific doll, which is a good opportunity to check their customer service. It’ll also cost much more than $999 if it’s actually silicone head + TPE body.

          1. Rave

            Yourdoll I’ve found a review of a guy that messes up his dong because it was a fake one and the skeleton was into the vagina…
            Rosemary seems more legit but I think that I’ve found a legit one despite, obviously, has an higher price, especially with customization.
            I think is this one cleaned up from the cosplay
            As for the real pictures are there
            Different body seems toh, meaning the guy went for silicone but I prefer the TPE (for other stuff cause never had one but same) and no painting on it. Looks nice to me toh. With customs will be amazing for me.

    1. Steven

      Hi here,
      Here’s what I said about them a long time ago:
      Basically, they’re a very hard website to judge. Their dolls might be authentic, but the prices do seem too low. It’s technically possible if they’re making little-to-no profit, but there’s also a lot of knockoff JY dolls out there – which is another possibility. Unfortunately, I can’t really conclude just by looking at the website, but based on the extra discounts bringing it close to $1500, I think it’s likely a knockoff (but I don’t know for sure).

  35. Markus

    Hi guys, does anyone know if “sexdollhut” is legitimate?

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