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TAYU Releases 148cm QingZhi Doll (Ultra Light Collection)

On August 31, 2021, TAYU released their new Ultra Light Collection featuring a new 148cm D+ cup body and QingZhi head. TAYU is a relatively new silicone brand most known for their lightweight dolls. This new 148cm body only weighs 19 kg (42 lbs) which is unheard of in the industry for a 148cm silicone doll. The new QingZhi head features a pretty and realistic Asian face. Judging from the specifications table below, the Ultra Light Collection will feature bodies below 155cm suggesting that TAYU plans to make some shorter dolls in the future. The 148cm body comes jam-packed with new features as detailed below.

148cm D+ Cup Body Features

  1. Ultra light silicone body of 19Kg
  2. New vagina design
  3. Separated vaginal and anal canals by default and connected canals option
  4. Barely noticeable seam lines
  5. Larger neck movement range with fluid neck and head connection
  6. M16 head connector by default
  7. Separated toes

TAYU 148cm D+ Cup QingZhi Photos

New Vagina Design

148cm D+ cup Body Softness & M16 Connection Video

The new M16 connection and increased range of neck motion.

A 360° display of the 148cm D+ Cup body.

The TAYU 148cm D+ cup body is sexy, petite, curvy, and most of all, lightweight. It comes with a new, innovative vagina design that looks both realistic and unique. Customers can also choose between separated or connected vaginal-anal canals now.

Other improvements include barely noticable seamlines. TAYU has teased about this before and found a way to make the seamlines on the side of the doll almost invisible. The new M16 connection on the 148cm body also allows for more neck movement. Overall, TAYU continues their trend of producing high quality, soft, and lightweight silicone sex dolls.

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  1. Not surprised

    These dolls from Tayu / Art Doll look very mature.
    -The whole neck moves well with the head.
    -The realistic painting is probably more stable than with Sino Doll.
    -Soft areas of the body.
    -These seams can hardly be seen.
    -QingZhi really is a beautiful head.
    – light dolls of 19 kg at 148 cm for size D + chest.

    Unfortunately, if the dolls do not seem to be so mobile due to the lack of double joints, this would be a nuisance when * practicing / playing *.
    “The Seashell”, “Butter Churner”, “Valedictorian”, “Full Nelson” could be problematic.

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