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TAYU (Art Doll): New Silicone Brand that May Rival Gynoid?

When you think of high end silicone dolls, you may think of brands such as Gynoid Tech, Top-Sino, DS Doll, and more, but have you ever heard of TAYU? Most people haven’t. They’re a relatively new and unknown silicone brand that’s slowly making their names known in the sex doll world. TAYU, also known as Art Doll in Japan, first launched in 2020 with a vision for hyper-realistic silicone dolls. Because TAYU is so new, there are little-to-no reviews about them, but expect to see their name popping up more and more in the future.

A Japanese vendor and doll reviewer named ラブドラch, owner of RakuenDoll, has reviewed many name-brand silicone dolls, and in his Youtube video titled, “RZR新モデル・旧モデル徹底比較!,” he ranked Art Doll (TAYU) #1, followed by RZR Doll (Gynoid) and Top-Sino. Many people are calling TAYU a more affordable version of Gynoid because they look so similar. But can TAYU really compete with the famous Gynoid Tech? One thing is for certain: TAYU’s biggest advantage is their incredibly lightweight silicone dolls.

Main Features of TAYU

  1. Platinum Silicone material with realistic skin texture, details, hands, and feet
  2. Articulated finger joints with soft fingernails & anti-puncture palms
  3. Very lightweight silicone dolls (i.e. 155cm B-cup: 23 kg/50 lbs, 170cm E-cup: 32 kg/70 lbs)
  4. Well-designed head and neck attachment with a barely noticeable neck-seam
  5. Ultra soft vagina, anus, breasts, butt, and thighs option
  6. Implanted Hair option
  7. Softer Head option (still no oral function)
  8. Resilient and Realistic Body Painting by default
  9. Realistic Love Hole Placement (LHP)
  10. Very similar to Gynoid Tech but more affordable, and has anal function

TAYU Shows Off Their Lightweight Dolls

Some Cons of TAYU

  1. Because they’re so new, there are little-to-no reviews of their dolls
  2. There’s only one skin color available (Update: they have fair and light tan now)
  3. Limited selection of heads and bodies
  4. No oral function (Update: Soft silicone heads have oral now)
  5. Only Asian faces to choose from (Update: a Western face is coming soon)

Here are some photos of their dolls:

TAYU 155cm I-Cup Head #6

TAYU 155cm B-Cup Body

TAYU 163cm D-Cup Body

TAYU 170cm E-Cup Body

Comparison of TAYU Body Types (Missing 155cm I-Cup)

MyRobotDoll Showcases TAYU's Details & Softness

Currently, MyRobotDoll is the only authorized Western vendor of TAYU. They are having a special launch event with incredible promotional prices. Now might be the best time to order one. You can find the newly released TAYU brand on their website here.

You can also find TAYU on Dollto-China.

Thoughts on the upcoming TAYU brand? Comment below!

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