Should You Buy a 100cm Sex Doll?

Should You Buy a 100cm Sex Doll?

Should you buy a 100cm (3’3″) sex doll? We often hear “Should I buy a 100 cm sex doll?” or “Where can I buy a mini sex doll?” from people looking to purchase their first sex doll. It’s completely understandable. Mini sex dolls (usually dolls 100cm and under) are smaller, cheaper, lighter, and easier to hide compared to full-size sex dolls. But is it always better?

Let’s explore the pros and cons of owning a mini sex doll.

piper iris 3
The 100cm Iris Doll by Piper Doll


+ Cheaper – As a first time sex doll buyer, you probably noticed sex dolls can be quite expensive ranging from $1000-$2000+. A mini sex doll will allow you to try out a sex doll without breaking the bank. They are usually several hundred dollars cheaper.

+ Lighter – Sex Dolls are heavy due to the fact that they are made up of a thick layer of tpe or silicone material, and have an internal metal skeleton. Mini dolls are lighter, making them easier to handle, maneuver, and lift.

+ Easier to Hide – Many people are self-conscious about others finding their doll. The smaller the doll, the easier it will be to hide. This depends if you live alone or with other people.


– Unrealistic Face – From what I’ve seen, most mini sex dolls tend to have an unrealistic, cartoony/anime face. Some also tend to look too young. It is difficult to find a realistic looking face with a mini doll.

– Unrealistic Size – This is probably the biggest con of owning a mini sex doll. No matter what, the small size of the doll will always remind you that your doll is just a doll (or a toy). It is virtually impossible to become immersed in sex or cuddling when the doll’s size does not resemble a real person.

– No Emotional Support – One of the reasons people buy sex dolls is for a sense of companionship. A mini doll will always look and feel like a toy due to its small size. Because of this, a mini doll is unlikely to offer a sense of emotional support or connection unless you have a very good imagination.

Piper 100cm and 130cm size comparison 1
100cm Iris doll compared to 130cm Phoebe doll


In my opinion, the cons greatly outweigh the pros. As a new doll shopper, you might think that it’s a good idea to start with something small and cheap, but personally, I think a mini doll is like an expensive fleshlight. You can never fully be immersed in sex due to its small size. Sex and cuddling with a mini doll tends to feel awkward and unrealistic.

I personally recommend a doll of at least 140cm (4’7″) for it to look and feel as realistic as possible. The best size in my opinion is between 140cm-170cm, but many people are also love their 130cm Phoebe doll by Piper Doll. Somewhere between 130cm-160cm is probably ideal for a new doll owner.

However, there are people that do love their 100cm-125cm dolls. As mentioned before, they are cheaper, lighter, easier to move around, and easy to store. Many people usually order smaller dolls for photography, dress-up, or decoration. Some people also like having a small doll to sit on their lap while they watch TV or play games. There are definitely some advantages to having a smaller doll.

If you’re looking for a life-sized companion, then a full-sized doll (130cm+) will be so much more realistic than a mini doll. Having sex with a full-sized doll more closely resembles sex with a real woman. Hugging, cuddling, and sleeping with your doll also feels much more realistic. In my opinion, a mini sex doll will always feel like a toy no matter what. To get the full doll experience, I recommend spending a little more for a doll at least 140cm tall, preferably between 150cm-170cm if you can handle the weight.

If money is an issue, a sex torso could be a better alternative to a small doll. I heard Tantaly makes good sex torsos.

If you are interested in ordering a small sex doll, I highly recommend Ricky from TheDollChannel. He specializes in smaller dolls, and has many in-stock dolls that ship from the US. Many people are afraid to order small dolls after reading various stories about customs seizing small dolls (usually in countries like Canada, UK, and Australia), but this is less of an issue in the US. TheDollChannel can import the doll to their US address (which clears customs) and then ship you the doll domestically (Note: when a package is shipped domestically, it does not get inspected because it has already passed customs. No one will know what’s inside the package except for you.)

You can find TheDollChannel here: TheDollChannel Official Website

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  1. Chuck

    What’s the brand of the mini dolls shown on this article?

    1. Steven

      The doll in the photos is the 100cm Piper Doll Iris.

  2. silicon

    A great topic to talk about. While a shorter doll won’t give the feeling and pleasure like a life-size or tall doll, but there are many people who love a mini doll as it gives them trying out something different and realize their fantasies.

  3. Paulo

    Hi, I would like to know the price of your dolls.


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