Should You Buy a 100cm Sex Doll?

Should You Buy a 100cm Sex Doll?

Should you buy a 100cm (3’3″) sex doll? Often we hear “Should I buy a 100 cm sex doll?” or “Where can I buy a mini sex doll?” from people looking to purchase a sex doll for the first time. It makes sense. Mini sex dolls (usually dolls 100cm and under) are smaller, cheaper, lighter, and easier to hide compared to full-size sex dolls. But is it always better?

Let’s explore the pros and cons of owning a mini sex doll.

piper iris 3
The 100cm Iris Doll by Piper Doll


+ Cheaper – As a first time buyer of a sex doll, you probably noticed sex dolls can be quite expensive. A mini sex doll will allow you to try out a sex doll without breaking the bank. They are usually several hundred dollars cheaper.

+ Lighter – Sex Dolls are heavy due to the fact that they are made up of a thick layer of tpe or silicone material, and have an internal metal skeleton. Mini dolls are lighter, making them easier to handle, maneuver, and lift.

+ Easier to Hide – Many people are self-conscious about others finding their doll. The smaller the doll, the easier it will be to hide. This depends if you live with other people.


– Unrealistic Face – From what I’ve seen, most mini sex dolls tend to have an unrealistic, cartoony/anime face. Some also tend to look too young. It is difficult to find a realistic looking face with a mini doll.

– Unrealistic Size – This is probably the biggest con of owning a mini sex doll. No matter what, the small size of the doll will always remind you that your doll is just a doll (or a toy). It is virtually impossible to become immersed in sex or cuddling when the doll’s size does not resemble a real human at all.

– No Emotional Support – One of the reasons people buy sex dolls is for a sense of companionship. A mini doll will always look and feel like a toy due to its small size. Because of this, a mini doll is unlikely to offer any form of emotional support or connection.

Piper 100cm and 130cm size comparison 1
100cm Iris doll compared to 130cm Phoebe doll


In my opinion, the cons greatly outweigh the pros. As a new doll shopper, you might think that it’s a good idea to start with something small and cheap, but personally, I think a mini doll is like an expensive fleshlight. You can never fully be immersed in sex due to its small size. Sex and cuddling with a mini doll simply feels awkward and unrealistic.

I personally recommend a doll of at least 140cm (4’7″) for it to look and feel as realistic as possible. The best size in my opinion is between 150cm-170cm, but many people are also love their 130cm Phoebe doll by Piper Doll. Somewhere between 130cm-160cm is probably ideal for a new doll owner.

Having a full-sized doll will be so much more realistic than a mini doll. Having sex with a full-sized doll more closely resembles sex with a real woman. Hugging, cuddling, and sleeping with your doll also feels much more realistic. In my opinion, a mini sex doll will always feel like a toy no matter what. To get the full doll experience, I recommend spending a little more for a doll at least 140cm tall, preferably between 150cm-170cm if you can handle the weight.

If you really want something affordable at a small size, a sex torso is probably a better choice than a mini doll.

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