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Irontech 162cm Minus Body, Firefly Diary, Cute Dolls, & More

After a fairly hectic year, things finally began to slow down. Remember that week when brands released lots of cute and mini dolls that mainly targeted the Asian market? Well, this week was kind of like that. However, after weighing the risks vs rewards, I decided not to show most of the dolls. That means half the news is missing this week. Recently, this controversial topic re-emerged after Twitter banned Mizuwali (Piper Doll’s owner). Still, there was some news including a new Irontech body, and other random goodies that I’ll show. Now, sit back and relax as breeze through a chill week of sex doll news.

Piper Doll

Piper Doll shared some photos of their 140cm silicone Ariel with a new makeup option. Unfortunately the legend, Mizuwali, was suspended from Twitter shortly after posting these photos (as well as the Doll-Forever JP account). You’ll eventually find these photos on vendors, but I only managed to save these 3.


Irontech released a new silicone 162cm Minus body. If you like thick dolls with small breasts, you’ll love this new body. It resembles their 152cm body, but noticeably taller – perfect for fans of meaty bodies with more modest breasts. They showcased this new body with 5 heads, and it weighs about 39.2 kg (85.4 lbs), which is oddly less than the 152cm body.

Head S40 Eileen

Head S38 Flora

S39 Layla Head

Head S26 Hedy

Head S5 Cinderella

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe released a “new” head called Yoshida Nozomi, which isn’t actually new. It’s simply their 2020 “Nozomi Yoshida” head with new makeup. Although she looks better with the new makeup, I’m not a fan of them relaunching old heads as “new..”


Zelex shared a new photoset of their 160cm ZX160J body with Head ZXE207. These sexy photos give a good look at this body’s large breasts, thin waist, and thick thighs.

FU Doll

FU Doll teased their upcoming silicone 153cm body with Head #25 (which they’ve been teasing for over a month). The head is pretty cute on a big-breasted body. They also shared a video of their “3.0 jelly breast” on this body.

XT Doll

XT Doll released a new head called Asumi on their silicone 157cm D-cup body. She looks quite cute, and their dolls always look photogenic with glasses on. Personally, I’ve been impressed with their last few heads so far. They’ve gotten more realistic and less wide-eyed than before.


EXDOLL shared a new photoset of their Mo head on their somewhat new 153EVO body. It’s the first time Mo appeared in the Utopia Series (which they emphasized), and she also looks good in glasses. This is a fairly interesting fantasy body with round thighs.


Shedoll shared a new photoset of their Zhiyuan head from last week. In my opinion, the dark hair fits her better than blonde, and the breasts are very inviting.


Bezlya shared two new photosets of their 155Mcm body (Bionic 2.1 series). Busty, thin-waisted, and bottom-heavy, this thick body is actually quite similar to Zelex’s ZX160J. However, Bezlya has with a cuter, more anime-inspired aesthetic.


Recently, I found a video that shows off SGD Studio’s Tifa (2.0). KD and Mitica’s owner, Guo Da, gives a good idea of her size, proportions, and appearance in-person. Unfortunately, there are no subtitles, but he basically says he’s in a secret location (that he can’t reveal) and then shows off the highly-anticipated Tifa doll. I don’t know what he says afterwards.

Firefly Diary

Since there wasn’t much news this week, welcome to the Firefly Diary segment of the show. This week, Firefly Diary shared a bunch of stuff including doll photos in natural lighting and environments. Although they look like customer photos, they’re most likely from the photographer.

Lately, I noticed that a lot of people in Asia have already ordered Firefly Diary dolls. There are many unboxing videos and photos out there now. In case anyone wants to watch an unboxing, I’ll show one here. Additionally, their photographer teased an upcoming “hooters-style” photoset.

Last, I’ll dump a bunch of nude Firefly Diary videos, which are nice to see since there weren’t any nude photos originally. Most videos show off the softness of the breasts and skin.

165cm Lian
164cm Liuli
164cm XiFeng
151cm Cai Caizi (Nanako)
162cm TianCheng (Amagi)
162cm Xueli

That wraps up a fairly quiet week of sex doll news as we enter the week of Thanksgiving or Black Friday. As mentioned before, this week was heavy on the cute and young-looking dolls. Therefore, I didn’t show some photosets from SE, Funwest, and XT Doll. Generally, I try to show everything, but sometimes the risk isn’t worth the reward (Unless you follow doll news closely, you won’t really know what’s missing). Anyway, this is a reminder that the the Asian doll market is hot, but Twitter is not. A moment of silence for Mizuwali’s sudden suspension on Twitter. Where will he post photos next? As always, stay tuned for more sex doll news.

Thoughts on this week’s variety episode of sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. Tim

    Steven, thanks for doing this great blog.

    I’d like to learn more about that Firefly Diary 162 but I’m not finding anything when I do a search. Any suggestions for where to get more info on this brand?

    1. Steven

      Hi Tim,
      Firefly Diary is still a very new brand so info is scarce right now. Quite a lot of people in Asia already ordered and received one though. But it’s mostly unboxing and photos than actual reviews. You can try getting more info from vendors (like Realdollonline or Kumadoll) or Chinese forums like ybdoll (which require an account). For now, it’s probably better to wait.

      1. Tim

        Thanks! I checked out Realdollonline and all the info is there – material (silicone), measurements, weight, LH depths. What a great doll and one that I’ll be watching.

  2. logjammin

    I like the new IT 163. Seems like a more natural proportion for an athletic build. But it is concerning that they do not show LHP despite having several photo sets. Will reserve judgement until they are transparent about the product. About Piper, it is ridiculous that someone can be suspended from twitter because of a made up piece of plastic. Curious how so many Americans do not realize that the basis for their collective sexual mores was founded in puritanical New England.

  3. IconOkee

    Those Irontech dolls sure are heavy. No wonder they call them selves Irontech. I bet their silicone is hard too and that 140cm Piper looks great, too bad the tiniest sexy outfits out there are too big for her.

  4. Robert

    Do you know or have you contacted Mizuwali about why he got banned and if there is any chance that the suspension will get lifted?

    1. Steven

      Hi Robert,
      Unfortunately since I’m not in contact with Doll Forever anymore, I can’t gather any info or contact Mizuwali. Most likely, he was reported for “young-looking dolls” like many other accounts were suspended for.
      When CubikoMandos was suspended, he said he had to delete certain photos to get unsuspended. Knowing Mizuwali’s previous stance on TDF, I don’t think he will do that, and probably won’t return to Twitter. Just my guess. I wonder if he has any other social media.

  5. Jackson

    Nice! FU Doll I liked that boob video. And Bezlya’s 155Mcm, was nice and thick. I noticed a lot of Firefly picks and videos. You must really like Firefly huh?

    1. Steven

      Firefly Diary is a newish brand that many people seem interested in so I’m trying to find and share as much info on them as possible. šŸ˜

  6. Adam

    Hello Steven!
    Thanks again for the News!
    I follow your blog very closely but I dont know where to find this new Asian dolls you say, where I can find them?

    1. Steven

      Hi Adam,
      Which Asian dolls are you referring to?

      1. Adam

        Iā€™m sorry, I said it wrong. I meant the mini and young dolls targeted for the Asian market. My mistake.

        1. Steven

          For this specific week, I didn’t show some new dolls/photosets from SE Doll, Funwest Doll, and XT Doll. You can see them on their websites.
          For dolls that target the Asian market, they’re usually on Japanese websites like Kumadoll or OLdoll.

          1. Adam

            Thanks Steven for the info šŸ™‚ have a good week.

  7. Kar

    Thanks Steven, for another selection of fresh stuff. My question is, why are we all chasing soft breasts? Is it bad when the breasts are firm like those of a young girl?

    1. Steven

      Hi Kar,
      Basically, brands are trying to make the breasts feel as realistic as possible. However, there’s an obstacle, which is TPE and silicone don’t feel like human skin or flesh. To get rid of the rubbery or firm gel-like feeling of the material/breasts, they have to make it softer. It’s basically a long process of figuring out the right balance, blend, and design to create realistic-feeling breasts. But generally for large breasts, softer feels more realistic because firm has the rubbery or hard-gel feeling. In other words, it’s hard to make the material feel real, but softer generally feels better.
      Everyone is different though. For example, some people like solid TPE breasts even for large breasts, which is why there are customization options. They can choose the one they prefer.

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