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Sex Doll Customization Options Guide

You finally decided that you’re going to get a sex doll. You browsed through a wide selection of dolls and found the perfect one for you: your dream doll. However, you’re suddenly overwhelmed by all the customization options and possibilities.

“Standing Feet, Removable Vagina, Hollow Breasts?” What do all these options mean and which ones are right for you?

Read our detailed and straight-to-the-point guide to find out!


Your doll’s height is an important choice to make. It will determine how tall she is, how much she weighs, and her body type. A general rule of thumb is: The taller the doll, the heavier it is. Taller dolls also tend to be more expensive. Because heads and bodies can be mixed and matched, it’s a good idea to focus on the height, weight, and body first. Usually manufacturers will have already chosen the best head and body combinations for their photos.

Sex dolls are usually heavier than most people realize. For example, a 150 cm (4’11’) doll is usually around 30-32 kg (66-70 pounds) and a 170 cm (5’7″) doll is usually around 40+ kg (88+ pounds, up to 120+ pounds). It may not sound so bad, but sex dolls are all dead weight and much harder to lift than an actual person. Sex dolls also have an awkward weight distribution so it can be a struggle. If you have back issues, it’s best to opt for a smaller doll due to the weight. Dolls above 130 cm (4’3″) or 140 cm (4’7″) should still feel perfectly natural for sex and companionship no matter your height.

Eye and Skin Color

This is fairly self-explanatory and does not require much explanation. Most dolls have eye color and skin color customization. Simply choose the color you like best. Note that sometimes the skin color in photos are misleading due to the professional lighting used. Try finding factory photos or customer photos of the doll to get a better idea of the color.

Eyes can easily be taken out and replaced, so you can experiment with different colors, but the Skin color is permanent and cannot be changed.

Feet Type

There are 2 different Feet Types: Normal Feet and Standing Feet. As the name suggests, Normal Feet cannot stand while Standing Feet can stand. How can the Standing Feet stand you may ask? Because it has metal bolts attached to the foot plate that can hold the weight of the doll.

We highly recommend the Standing Feet option.

Here is a simple diagram of the metal plate inside the doll’s feet. Dolls with Normal Feet should never stand, otherwise the weight of the doll will crush the TPE material below the metal plate and damage the feet. The Standing Feet, on the other hand, has bolts (visible from the bottom) that can hold the weight of the doll without damaging the feet. The bolts take on the weight so the TPE material under the feet is unaffected.

The reason we recommend the Standing Feet option is because it gives so much more possibilities. You can stand your doll for posing, photoshoots, sex positions, and storage. With the Normal Feet option, your doll can only sit and lay down. A lot of possibilities are lost and the feet will get damaged if the doll is placed in a standing position for any reason. In the long term, the Standing Feet option will enhance your experience by a lot.

Note: Some silicone manufacturers now offer Standing Without Bolts, an option in which the feet material is hardened to support the weight of the doll. It looks like Normal Feet, but feels much harder. It works farily well, but if left standing too long, it can still damage the bottom of the feet.

Vagina Type

There are 2 vagina types: Removable and Built-in (Fixed)Removable Vaginas can be inserted and removed from the doll’s vaginal cavity. Therefore, it is easy to take out and clean after use, and can be replaced if broken. Built-in Vaginas are built into the doll, meaning they are permanently attached and cannot be removed. They are usually more realistic in appearance due to the fact that they’re built in, but it comes at a cost. It is much more work to clean a Built-in Vagina since it is attached to the doll. Cleaning usually consists of douching and rinsing the vagina with water over a pot or bucket, or in a tub, and then thoroughly drying it. Many Built-in Vagina doll owners use male or female condoms for intercourse with their doll to save the trouble of cleaning it.

Removable Vagina (Insert) Pros & Cons:

+ Easy to clean, Replaceable

– May not look or feel as realistic, Some doll owners reported that they can feel the insert moving inside during use

– Tends to be noticeably tighter than Built-in

– Because the removable insert goes in past the entrance of the vagina, there is about an inch of empty space at the entrance you have to pass through (it’s a con depending on your size)

Built-in Vagina (Fixed) Pros & Cons:

+ Looks and feels more realistic

– Harder to clean, Material can tear and is not replaceable

We recommend Built-in Vagina. They tend to be more detailed, look and feel more realistic, and is not as tight as the Removable. It may be harder to clean, but most doll owners prefer this option.

Breast Type

There are 3 breasts type: Solid, Hollow, and Gel-Filled (not all brands offer Gel-filled). Solid breasts are filled with the same TPE material as the skin of the doll. They are called “solid” because the entire breast is filled with the TPE material. Hollow breasts have a pocket of air inside the breasts, hence the name “Hollow.” By having a hollow interior in the breasts, it allows you to squeeze the the breasts more easily, which makes them feel softer and squishier, resulting in more bounce and jiggle. Gel-Filled breasts are filled with very soft gel that feels extremely realistic. They are jiggly like Hollow breasts, have a natural weight to them, and feel much nicer, but usually costs extra.

At the moment, our personal ranking from best to worst is Gel-Filled > Hollow > Solid. However, the size of the breasts plays a part too.

Solid Breasts are usually used for smaller breasts (B/C-cup and below) because there isn’t enough space to create the air pocket or to fill with Gel in the breasts. This is not a bad thing because small breasts are the most realistic as Solid. Hollow Breasts are usually used for larger breasts (C/D-cup and above). Gel-Filled is a new option and is also available for large breasts (but not for extremely large breasts otherwise it can burst during shipping or weigh down the breasts too much).

So the general rule of thumb is, Small Breasts = Solid, Large Breasts = Hollow or Gel-Filled. Some doll owners prefer solid large breasts too, which is a personal preference and also increases the weight slightly. Between Gel-Filled and Hollow breasts, Gel-Filled is usually better. It generally feels much nicer and more realistic than Hollow. It also adds a bit of natural weight compared to Hollow. Hollow is still good if you don’t want to spend the extra money on Gel-Filled.

Note: Because Gel breasts add some weight to the breasts, it’s best to keep the breasts supported (i.e. with a bra) so the weight doesn’t pull/tear the breasts from the doll.


Most doll brands have a collection of wigs for you to choose from. These are wigs they have stored in their warehouses, ready to be included in all their doll orders. For some brands, you will notice that they don’t offer the wig seen in the photos. Many companies hire professional photographers who use their own makeup and wigs, and thus aren’t offered by the factory. Some brands like Doll Forever and Piper Doll do come with all the wigs seen in the photos. You should ask your vendor just in case. The wigs goes on your doll easily like a cap, and can be easily changed and replaced. Because most manufacturer’s wigs are fairly poor quality, you will probably end up buying another wig elsewhere.

Pubic Hair

Many doll brands offer pubic hair options. This is not a very popular option. Most people choose “No Pubic Hair.” If you choose to add public hair, it usually involves a fee, and then the public hair is implanted into the area of the skin. Unlike a wig, the public hair cannot be removed. Make sure to ask the vendor or factory for an example photo of the pubic hair because most of the time, it doesn’t look good. It can also fall out like all implanted hair.

Fingernail/Toenail Color

Almost all doll brands have the same fingernail and toenail color options. The colors usually include Natural “Pink” or “Nude/Flesh” colors (shown above), and Nail Polish colors (shown below). Note that the fingernail and toenail color is not painted on. The fingernail material itself is colored, meaning if you choose “Pink,” it will always be pink (it does not wash off). Choose the one you like best.

Other cosmetic options

Most doll brands also have additional cosmetic options such as areola color and size, vagina labia color, and more. These are pretty self-explanatory. All of these cosmetic options are temporary. Like the doll’s makeup, they are painted on and will eventually come off and will have to be re-applied.

There are also many Brand Specific Options. Some brands offer options that other brands don’t, like Sino Doll’s special RRS makeup which is expensive and not worth it in my opinion because it is only temporary. Also you should never get an electronic add-on like heating system, moaning system, etc. The electronic add-ons are really bad. Doll manufacturers are good at making dolls but terrible at electronics, so don’t pay more for the electronic options. If you want to heat up your doll, use an electric blanket.

Many silicone doll manufacturers now offer the implanted hair option. It is expensive but looks more natural than a wig. Personally, I would not recommend it because it will eventually shed and fall out due to how it’s implanted, and it is harder to clean because it is attached to the doll’s head. It stays on longer on silicone heads compared to TPE heads due to the material, but keep in mind that the hairs can still eventually shed. It looks great for photography, but it’s better to stick with a wig in my opinion.

I hope you learned a lot about doll customization from this article! If you have any questions, feel free to comment before and I will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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  1. Brock

    what websites are good to buy sex dolls from?

  2. Floyd

    Thank you for the information on sex dolls…i am doing research and gathering information…for i will be getting my first tpe sex doll sometime soon…just want all the facts and do’s and dont’s and want to make the right choices and decisions to customize the doll i want…i have head, body and type of doll…just about got it all together and info…i read here to ask any questions ….still got questions not sure of…first is as a vender looking at Reallovesexdolls for my vender…they are located in Austin, Texas…have check them out good and the reviews….what do you think and know of them ? Are they good and legit vender? Got about all info on brand : OR TPE sex dolls…finger nails don’t come in colors like toe nails…how do you color them yourself ? Fake nails glue on top of those…or can you use regular finger nail polish ? Can’t find info about it and fingers is it ok to bend them ? gently of course to give realism poses and hold very light weight objects ?…and mouth how to clean it ? Can you use non -alcohol mouth wash ? I know they don’t have bad breath lol…not alive lol…but nice have clean mouth ? My research i found elf makeup is really good to use on tpe head face…that true ? And if so question is how to keep makeup from coming off or smearing when ? Like when doll is in bed or interacting with doll….one other question just want to make sure….jewelry ? Is type should not use ? Like the type of metals or plastic jewelry ? Is rings ok and ear rings clip on s ok or piercing s ear rings? You see the pictures with the dolls with piercing s and finger nails coloured and bent and posing holding objects….want to know and make sure of these things and how to do and not to do ? Can’t find information on these things and topics appreciate if you could help with answers… When i get doll want doll to last and not have any problems or damages to doll…like to take very good care of doll in every way possible
    but also like to enjoy interacting with doll…sorry so much and so many questions….appreciate if can answer me in email … Thank you Steven

    1. Steven

      Hi Floyd,
      RealLoveSexDolls is a legitimate and trustworthy vendor. Don’t be afraid to contact them. It’s a good idea to ask vendors questions before a purchase to “test out” their customer service.
      I don’t think it is safe to use fingernail polish on the doll’s nails. The acetone and chemicals will damage the TPE. OR Doll is made in the same factory as WM Doll. I am sure you can get colored fingernails, contact the vendor about this. I never heard anyone using mouthwash to clean their doll. The mouth can be cleaned with diluted soapy water like the other holes. One person here mentions a mixture including diluted mouthwash:
      You can find some makeup info here: Because TPE is a porous material, the makeup will always fade no matter what. It will slowly absorb into the TPE.
      Jewelry is safe for dolls, just be careful that it isn’t sharp or rough that could cut or leave indents on your doll. The strings or collars on jewelry could stain so be careful of that too. Clip-ons are ok but can leave indents on the doll.
      Doll hands tend to be the most delicate part of the doll. The fingers have wires inside so they can bend in any direction, even in directions they shouldn’t bend in. They are usually quite flimsy but can hold onto light objects. Hope this helps.

  3. Wendell

    I’ve been looking at, they look pretty good. Your thoughts.

    1. Steven

      Hello Wendell,
      SY Doll is not a particularly good brand in my opinion. They were banned from TDF sometime in 2019 for manufacturing imitation dolls. They manufacture both original and counterfeit/imitation dolls. I see a lot of stolen WM Doll photos on their website which confirms that they create imitation dolls. Their prices may be good but I can’t vouch for their quality in any way and I personally wouldn’t order from them.

    1. Steven

      Hello Chuck,
      I looked at their website and I personally do not recommend ordering from them. There are red flags all over their website that suggest that they are selling counterfeit dolls. Unrealistically low prices, fake reviews, lack of brand names despite using photos from top brands, etc. Their website design is nice but there are too many signs that they are selling counterfeit/imitation dolls. I personally would not take a chance with them.

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