You are currently viewing Photos of Game Lady’s Nurse Tifa & Aerith Sex Dolls

Photos of Game Lady’s Nurse Tifa & Aerith Sex Dolls

On July 18, 2022, Game Lady released new photos of their 167cm Tifa and 168cm Aerith sex dolls in hospital-themed outfits. Nurse Tifa is the center of attention in a sexy, form-fitting nurse costume. Many Game Lady fans already expressed high interest in obtaining this particular outfit. Meanwhile, Doctor Aerith wears a large lab coat over black lingerie (which she has never been featured in before). In fact, both of them have on black lingerie under their outfits, but Aerith’s looks a bit strange due to the high garter belt. It’s uncertain whether these outfits will be for sale or not, but Game Lady has offered most of their other outfits so far.

Game Lady Doll 167cm Head No. 3 (Tifa) & 168cm Head No. 4 (Aerith)

Videos of Game Lady Doll's 167cm Tifa & 168cm Aerith

If you fantasize about being medically examined by Final Fantasy 7’s Tifa and Aerith, then this is a dream come true. They look particularly great in this photoset with good posing. I think a vendor called Fxxxdoll is behind this photoshoot but I’m not 100% sure. They posted some videos in past that suggest they may have taken those Tifa & Aerith bathroom photos months ago. Maybe they are associated with Game Lady or could even be Game Lady themselves, who knows? Here are some self-promo videos they posted in the past.

This isn’t to promote them but rather to share who Game Lady’s photographers may be. I could be wrong, but the videos are still entertaining to watch nonetheless. Also because Youtube doesn’t allow embedding of age-restricted videos, the videos above are uploaded separately and credited with the youtube link. Maybe you’ll find those videos as cute as I did. What will Game Lady come up with next?

You can find Game Lady Doll at the trusted vendors: SexDolls-Shop, MyRobotDoll, SiliconeLovers, and TheDollChannel.

Thoughts on the new Game Lady Doll Nurse Tifa and Doctor Aerith cosplay photos? Comment below!

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  1. redlentern

    wo kann ich die kaufen

    1. Steven

      If you live in Germany, you can try Wunderpuppen.

  2. Dave

    Fxxxdoll YouTube is Gamelady official but when on the Fxxxdoll website, I can’t seem to customize the doll to my liking only goes to check out.

    And on the Fxxxdoll website their is text stating Love Doll reseller what could that mean.

    Otherwise it’s only a dream if I only had an extra $7000+, I would buy both of them and don’t forget the price of outfits I need to buy to make this possible in real life.

    1. Steven

      Hi Dave,
      Yeah, I’m a bit unclear about Fxxxdoll. Their Twitter and YouTube are called “Game Lady Doll Official.” However, they seem more like a vendor. I visited their website when Game Lady first released their Tifa doll, and they were also selling dolls from other brands. Later they switched to only selling Game Lady. In their video, they never claimed to be Game Lady, but for some reason they named their social media like that, so it’s a bit confusing. I think they have a relationship with Game Lady in which they take photography and help run their official social media.

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