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Gynoid Tech Teases New Model 15 & 16 Sex Doll

On August 31, 2021, Gynoid teased their newest Model 15 and 16 sex dolls on Twitter with a few new photos each day. Having released their Model 14 Ada nearly 6 months ago, it’s finally time for a new Gynoid doll. Surprisingly, Gynoid is not only releasing 1 new doll, but 2 new bodies and 3 new heads! Model 15 features a petite 162cm A-cup body, and Model 16 showcases a more-endowed, 165cm C-cup body. The three heads include Wanying, Nayuki, and Andy, which are Chinese, Japanese, and European-inspired (respectively). There’s no information on the weight or other specifications yet, but that should be revealed soon enough. The release date should be coming very soon.

Gynoid 165cm C-cup (Model 16) with Nayuki Head

Gynoid 165cm C-cup (Model 16) with Wanying Head

Gynoid 165cm C-cup (Model 16) with Andy Head

Gynoid 162cm A-Cup (Model 15) with Elina Head

Like all Gynoid dolls, the new models look incredibly realistic and life-like. Their faces resemble real people and can look quite different from various angles. In addition to the heads, the bodies are also incredibly detailed. The skin is textured with fine details such as age spots and blemishes. Although not many people can afford a Gynoid doll, their new dolls remain highly anticipated. At the moment, it’s unknown if they added any new features with this release. The new heads and body don’t look too different from their other models, but more choice is always better.

Unprecedentedly, Gynoid released 2 new bodies and 3 heads all at once. Usually they only release 1 new head and body every few months so this came as a huge surprise. Model 15 is their first ever A-cup body, with a long torso and slim figure. Meanwhile, Model 16 serves to replace their discontinued Model 7, which was also 165cm tall. There’s a Chinese, Japanese, and European-inspired head so there’s a little something for everyone this time around. Oddly, none of the new heads are showcased on the Model 15 body. They only displayed the Elina head on the Model 15 body so far. More info coming soon.

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  1. Rudy

    Elina 15 is very cute, I just bought her.

  2. Tony Rosa

    You have a sexdoll look like a model type body beautiful long. Hair natural light brown

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