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After running a sex doll store for 1 year, I learned a lot about top sex doll brands and manufacturers. This included recognizing all their dolls, specifications, customization options, and more. However, there is always more to learn. Since then, I continued to learn about sex dolls for another 3+ years, eagerly reading about various doll owners’ experiences. I think it’s safe to say I know a lot about sex dolls! I have a wealth of knowledge regarding top doll brands, manufacturers, vendors, industry news, and more! My specialty includes information about manufacturers and brands, identifying trustworthy vendors, and blogging about sex doll news.

Free free to comment below and ask me anything!

If your question is more personal or confidential, you can email me at

If you’re looking for a trustworthy store to order from, here is my list of trusted sex doll vendors: Trusted Sex Doll Websites

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  1. Jimmy

    Hi Steven,

    Would you happen to be familiar with this site?

    I came across them while trying to find vendors that sold doll heads on their own.

  2. Sen

    What attributes or upgrades / material improvements / technology / etc. would you like to see in a doll before the reconsideration of purchasing one again. What was your biggest pet peeve about your previous doll and what brand was it? Thank you in advance for your time.

  3. Christoph

    Any chance there is or will be a Taylor Swift inspired sex doll?
    Do you or anyone know if there is something similiar – face/body alike?

    OR are there any sex dolls from celebrities at all?

    I mean… Ariana Grande, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Alicia Vikander and such would be a huge market, wouldnt be it? 🙂

    1. Steven

      Hi Christoph,
      Back in the day, there were some heads that people said looked like Taylor Swift like WM Doll Head #74 and 6YE head X19. Revisiting those heads, there’s some resemblance but not that much.
      Many people want celebrity sex dolls, but as you know, copyright is a touchy subject which is why most brands avoided this. However, many brands seemed to stop caring about copyright recently such as SY Doll (For example:
      There are also some more celebrity-lookalike heads floating around like Fanreal’s Maria (which looks like Selena Gomez), Starpery’s Flora (which looks like Angelina Jolie), and others that I don’t remember right now.
      In the future, I think we’ll see more celebrity heads as brands continually care less and less about copyright. In the meantime, there might be some heads (or bodies) that already resemble, or at least somewhat resemble, the celebrities you mentioned.

  4. Rob

    Hi is “the silver doll” site legit?

    1. Steven

      Hi Rob,
      The Silver Doll is legit, but I don’t know much about them or their customer service.

  5. Joseph


    if the doll only is a torso and does not have a m16 connector installed for the head how can I open a space for installing a connector?

    can it be done?


    1. Steven

      Hi Joseph,
      Technically, it can be done, but you would have to cut open the torso and do a lot of work, like finding and attaching parts without welding. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend it. Not just because it’s more work than it’s worth, but the head might not even look right on the torso.

  6. Alberto

    Hi Steven, I plan to purchase a Lazuli doll head (DH20-140/E) model to be exact. It’s a silicone with implanted hair doll. I found one on Done with Women. Are they legit?

    1. Steven

      Hi Alberto,
      I think they’re legit but I’ve never seen any reviews about them. I’m just guessing based on their website. Hopefully, you do more research on them before ordering.

      1. Alberto

        Thank you Sir.

  7. rick

    Hi, i’d like to know why Irontech model SUki s-20 looks different everytime they publish her. Iv’e seen several photos of that doll, and 2 video reviews, and factory photos, and none of them look alike! some of them look horrible an like a cheap fake doll! why would that happen? thus scares me, i don’t want to spend money on a horrible doll!

  8. Tom

    Hi is legit?
    As I’ve just ordered & have no responded to email.

    1. Steven

      Hi Tom,
      No, they’re not. Stolen photos, prices too low, no brand names, no About Us section or Refund policy or anything. Their doll listings are just numbers, and the “Shipping & Returns tab” (in the listing description) is just placeholder text (Lorem ipsum..). Looks like a low-effort knockoff doll/scam website to me.

      1. Tom

        Thanks for the info, I did get a dispatch from XDP delivery but contacting them is a nightmare.
        We shall see what happens within a week, if not il try for a refund.
        Il let people know if they are legit

        1. Steven

          Hopefully, it works out for you. Most likely, you’ll receive a knockoff doll of questionable quality. For some people, it’s good enough for the price, but it’s ultimately a gamble. Make sure you document everything with photos, and don’t “use” the doll if you plan to get a refund. Good luck.

  9. MrMaker

    I’m only just getting into the idea of purchasing a sex doll, and everything I’ve been reading makes my head spin. What a cluster fuck this industry is in now with such incredibly vague information on what’s legal and what’s not legal.
    I want to buy a 100cm mini doll so that I can store it properly because I do not have a lot of living space to put a big doll. The obvious problem here is that some of the sites I’ve visited are clearly selling highly inappropriate and very child-like dolls. Yeah…not into that…at all…I did find a very busty G-cup 100cm Akira Piper Doll on the Real Love Sex Dolls website: (
    Is this a legit website, and is that a doll that would get me in trouble with the law?

    1. Steven

      I answered your email.

  10. Ivan

    Are there any doll brands that offer models with tan lines? Do they tend to be faint or offer a strong contrast in skin tones? Would it be feasible to custom order such a doll from a manufacturer or would there be some production issues regarding the tanned and untanned portions of the doll?

    1. Steven

      Hi Ivan,
      Off the top of my head, Starpery and Zelex offer tan lines. Probably some other brands as well. Ask the vendor if you can customize the look and color of the tan lines. You can find some examples in some of these threads:

  11. MIKE

    Hello again Steven,
    If I buy different brands dolls then can I switch heads between them or each brand has a different mechanism to fix the head with body ?

    1. Steven

      Hi Mike,
      Many brands use the same head-neck connection, usually a M16 bolt. However, I personally don’t recommend mixing-and-matching dolls between brands for many reasons, such as skin tone differences and head/neck size differences. Unless they’re from the same factory, they don’t look right most of the time – different skin tone, size differences, long/short necks, or jarring gaps between the head and neck.

  12. MIKE

    Hello Steven,

    what is the best website to order high quality wigs for my dolls , I like to change their style once in a while,
    and what materials do work well to change the make up ( for cleaning old one and set up new make up) ?
    last question, is there any risk if I order a childlike doll under a fake name with my real address, I mean a risk of delivery issue , and a risk from aspect of law, I’m really scared that they can follow my address so could I be arrested due to ordering this stuff?
    please make your answer about the last question with an explanation about how to order childlike doll in safe conditions.

    1. Steven

      Hi Mike,
      1. Unfortunately, I don’t know where to buy wigs. Some people order from Amazon, while others get them from fancier places. I recommend asking some doll owners.
      2. You can remove the makeup on TPE dolls with mineral oil. Gently rub off the makeup with a cotton ball and mineral oil. You can reapply makeup with powder makeup. Doll owners probably have more makeup advice than me.
      3. If childlike dolls are illegal where you live, then don’t order one. There’s no way around it. If it’s not illegal where you live, and you want to be safe, order one that’s already in-stock in your country. It already went through customs, and usually aren’t inspected domestically.

  13. Artur

    I’m interested in this Emma Watson doll that was mentioned on this website
    However, from what I’ve been reading on here and elsewhere, the company behind them SY Doll, isn’t very reputable. What are the chances that the finished product looks almost nothing like what’s advertised? Do ya’ll know of anybody who has gotten one of these before and how it turned out? Am I better off going for some other lookalike doll like a Tifa from GameLady or something?

    1. Steven

      Hi Artur,
      SY Doll is indeed a budget brand with questionable quality. The head does look similar but those specific photos have lighting tricks and photo editing. Here is another photoset with much brighter lighting: (Note: I don’t recommend this website, it’s just for photo purposes –
      Same head but much different lighting so it looks similar but different. This is what the head will more-or-less look like. The link I shared is a different body, but SY’s bodies are generally cheap-looking with poor LHP (love hole placement).
      I can’t tell you whether to go with Game Lady or not. I also have mixed opinions about them. Best to do some more research.

      1. Artur

        Hey thanks! That link and especially the video they took of their doll helped clear things up immensely! So looking at this the issue wouldn’t so much be the head, as even outside of the perfect positioning, lighting, and makeup it still looks strikingly like the original. Instead I should worry about the body from what you’re saying. Hmmm. Definitely more research required, think I’ll play around with body types see if I can find a bustier one that I like to go with that head. Thanks again!

  14. Devil

    I personally wanted a cammy doll from Street Fighter, There’s a certain thing that I would like added to her, There is some details, Please get back to me.

    1. Steven

      Hi Devil,
      I’ve seen 2 dolls cosplayed as Cammy (from Funwest Doll and Doll Forever), but neither were specifically designed to look like her. For now, your only option is to find a similar-looking doll, and cosplay her as Cammy. Or wait until a brand specifically creates her (which may be never).

  15. Dan

    Where can I find a final fantasy x-2 doll for Rikku? There seems to be none on the market, any pointers? Thank you!

    1. Steven

      Hi Dan,
      There isn’t one. Maybe Game Lady’s Yuna head with a Rikku wig might be similar. Basically, the only option is to find a similar-looking doll and cosplay her, or wait until a Rikku head comes out (which may never happen).

      1. Dan

        How sad but that’s a good idea, thanks Steven!

  16. Stephen

    Hi Steven
    Can you tell me please, what might be the mark up percentage on a doll, lets say cost the customer $1500 from a legit vendor? I have seen various fantastic figures and wonder who true they are.

    1. Steven

      Hi Stephen,
      I thought about whether I should reveal this, but ultimately, decided not to (at least not the actual numbers). Vendors probably won’t be happy. But what I can say is, on average, most vendors make a couple hundred dollars per doll sold.

  17. Jimmy

    Hi Steven,

    Can you give some advice on how to deal with older sex dolls / torsos (mostly TPE ones)?

    I’m considering upgrading already but I’m wondering if there’s a better way than just dumping my old ones in the trash in a dark trash bag.

    1. Steven

      Hi Jimmy,
      If you want to get rid of a doll, there are three main options (possibly more). You can either sell it, donate it, or dispose of it. The most popular place to sell is The Doll Forum (TDF)’s sale section. Alternatively, you can donate it for free on TDF (someone pays for shipping or picks it up). People on TDF will take almost anything for free, no matter the condition. Final option, cut it up, and dispose of it in trash bags. Don’t dump a whole doll – it’s better to separate the metal from the TPE. Also, don’t burn a TPE doll as the fumes are toxic.

  18. Darren

    Hi Steven,

    How does the LHP of the WM 175-D (TPE) compare to the WM 164-J (which supposedly has one of the best LHPs among WM Dolls). I am looking for a good Doggy Doll but the 164-J is a bit too small for my taste. Also, there is a Silicone Version of the WM 175-D out there which looks very similar to its TPE counterpart… any differences worth mentioning except for the material?

    PS: I have a TPE Doll with Hollow Breasts which are slowly deflating, any chance i can pump TPE Gel into them Boobies to make them round and perky again? Someone on TDF suggested pumping Gel into the Breasts using a Syringe… but does that really work on Hollow Breasts? Thank you very much for your information!

    Best regards,

  19. Erick

    Hi Steven.

    I was wondering if you know, why on earth Irontech turned their prices up so badly? They are way too expensive

    1. Steven

      Hi Erick,
      Do you mean on their official website? It’s probably so they don’t undercut their vendors. Their dolls are about the same price on vendor websites.

      1. Erick

        Yes, i ment prices shown in their official web site. It’s off the roof. But i understand the strategy.
        What do you mean “they” when you say “so they don’t undercut their vendors”?. Do you mean by “they” to some customers?

        Thanks. i was starting to cry when i saw the prices and was about to flush my saving down the toilet, LOL hahahah!

        1. Steven

          “They” as in Irontech. For example, if you ever visited WM Doll’s website, their TPE dolls have always been listed for around $3k (while vendors list them for <$2k). Basically, WM Doll focuses on production, while their vendors handle the sales and customer service. It's how a lot of manufacturer-distributor relationships work. The high prices on their website is like a fake MSRP, which they don't expect anyone to actually buy. It's to send customers to their vendors instead. However, some brands do focus on sales, and will undercut their vendors to get sales (like JY Doll and Irontech). This usually annoys vendors, who will stop carrying the brand (which hurts the brand financially). I've seen vendors on TDF get angry at Irontech about this in the past. I would guess that's why they raised their prices - to maintain good relationships with their vendors. Or, they don't want to bother with sales and customer service anymore.

  20. Aj

    Hey Steven

    Thanks for answering the last few questions, strangely enough the Bezyla some sites were showing the under Missdoll. I looked into it the even have a website, seems new. What do you think? is it some sort of western branding or some sort of scam?

    Once again thanks for your time

    1. Steven

      Hi AJ,
      I know that Missdoll makes electronics stuff, and they worked with XY Doll and Shedoll last year on those “shower legs” with electronic features. They also made a “blowjob robot” years ago before anyone had one.
      As for Bezyla, I don’t know how they’re related. On the page “Missdoll Partnerships,” it says they partnered with Bezyla to become the international seller of their brand. It’s possible since Bezyla doesn’t market to the West. However, I don’t see any mention of this on Bezyla’s website or Twitter. I’d wait for more proof and confirmation first. But even if it’s true, I would rather choose a vendor over Missdoll.

    2. Erick

      Ohhhhhhhhhh i get it, so… i’m in deep trouble then! thank you so much.

  21. Alfred

    What are your thoughts on the movable jaw feature?

    Is it mainly for pictures and expressions or oral and ease of kissing a doll?

    1. Steven

      Hi Alfred,
      Personally, I think moveable jaw is mainly for the aesthetics. It’s nice to look at, and can create some different expressions (although I personally don’t like the opened mouth expressions). I don’t know if it improves kissing or oral. I assume it’s not good for oral because it’s harder to clean (due to the teeth), and “ROS” heads all have horizontal cavities. They don’t curve up like a regular head with oral; they have a plate in the middle, which only allows the cavity to go straight forward. Maybe that’s more realistic, I don’t know, but the length is shorter. Unfortunately, I haven’t read any reviews of “ROS” heads yet.

  22. brobel

    i’ve been searching for catdoll tami
    it is already stopped producing?
    because there is nowhere legit website i can find

    1. Steven

      Hi Brobel,
      As far as I know, it hasn’t stopped producing. However, most vendors don’t carry Catdoll, which is why you won’t find it anywhere – at least not on any reputable or established websites.

  23. Joe

    I have been reading where many have trouble with Vagina inserts on their dolls, I just got a Starpary doll with a removeable insert and it is not very big and hard to get into, I was wondering if a Zelex Silicone insert would fit a Starpary Doll its is a 169cm? Thanks in advance

    1. Steven

      Hi Joe,
      Try asking a vendor that carries both Starpery and Zelex. I assume they’re not compatible, but ask a vendor to be sure.

  24. Mike

    Hi Steven, thank you for your reply which was fast and useful.
    I have a controversial question which makes me not know how to find out what I should buy.
    it’s a bout the law of childlike sex doll witch was activated recently, so how can I distinguish wether a doll considered as a childlike or not and here I’m talking about these dolls look like teen (17-18-19) but no body can tell her age. And a second question about the Anime dolls- is that anime which looks very teen considered as childlike?( note: I have read a lot about the law of childlike, but the definition of childlike and all what I read weren’t clear;they just say words without any exact definition that you can analyse in reality to see if that fit on such a doll or not)

    1. Steven

      1) As you mentioned, the laws are very vague with no clear guidelines. The person who gets to decide is the customs officer or judge, not you or me. Therefore, I can’t really answer this. Most people will play it safe by ordering a doll over 140cm with large breasts and hips. However, there’s no clear answer or criteria for this.
      2) Same as #1. We may see anime (or any doll) and think “it’s obviously not real” or looks like a cartoon, but you’d be surprised how many people lack common sense. If your state or country has a law against childlike dolls, then there’s always a risk. It’s all subjective.

  25. MIKE

    oh I forgot to ask you also about miisoo . com is this a trusted or scam website?

    1. Steven

      Hi Mike,
      I don’t recommend them. Their in-stock section has many knockoff dolls, and their branded sections are very outdated. It looks like they haven’t added any new dolls for 3+ years.

  26. MIKE

    Hello Steven, my wondering is all about (VOICE). So after a tour around the best stores I noticed that the moaning-voice option is not provided often. What can you tell about this option in general, like why they don’t provide it, how and what factors would make the doll better in the aspect of voice?
    and do you ever hear about a doll with USB which can save and play multi voices so that the user can choose from them every use?if yes, please mention it in your reply. Thank you

    1. Steven

      Hi Mike,
      Personally, I don’t recommend sex doll electronics. They’re very primitive and low quality, which is why many vendors don’t include them. I find the moaning system to be particularly annoying. The moans are very exaggerated, repetitive, and unrelated to your actions. It’s repeats the same few lines and moans.
      Some brands have a way to switch voices, but you can’t program it or add anything. Ultimately, I’d recommend saving your money, and playing sounds from a phone or speaker instead.

  27. Rob

    I have a 155 aotume h cup doll. I really like the body but I like the look of the irokebijin heads more than the aotume. I was wondering if you know if any of the irokebijin heads are compatible with that body as far as size and connectors. I like the irokebijin sumire head but most any of them would be nice.
    Thank you!!

  28. Aj


    Been looking at bezlya trying to find an English website for them do they only sell in china?

    Was also wondering has any manufacturer made unique dolls that jump on fantasy/Sci fi. Most have been made to look as real as possible. Seen a few things like goblins and that cat/alien like heads from Elsababe and others but that’s about it. It be interesting to see something like androids/robots or BJD at least.

    Have you seen anything like that?

    1. Steven

      Hi AJ,
      Bezlya is a somewhat rare brand since they don’t advertise in the West. Kumadoll carries them, but otherwise I don’t know much about Bezlya. They’re connected to FU Doll somehow – I’m not 100% sure how they’re related, but they list some of each other’s dolls as their own. Since there are little-to-no English reviews, I can’t say whether they’re good or not.
      In terms of sci-fi, Dolls Castle has some alien heads but I heard they’re not a good brand. Plenty of brands have elf heads, SM has that Na’vi doll, but I haven’t seen any androids or robots other than the Lilium Robotics Lily – not counting DS Doll/EXDOLL Robotics, RealDoll, or Ai-Tech – which are unreleased or just AI heads.
      Speaking of weird fantasy dolls, there’s some unknown brand with a centaur and snake-head doll (as well as Climax Doll’s horse head).

  29. flow

    2 Questions more questions

    1) Is it possible to use RTV Silicone Repair glue on TPE/TPR dolls? I have some major repairs, and i dont think i want to use any solvents, or heat…. Maybe Superglue?

    2) This is a personal question you can ignore if it i want, … I know you used to sell dolls, but we got curious, do you also play with dolls? if yes which type do you like (TPE vs Silicione ) etc…. and if no, can you think of any “better” adult toy? I ask because i also just got an automatic stroker, and i think i enjoy dolls more… and i wondered what you thought!

    ok thanks!

    1. Steven

      Hi flow,
      1) I’m not a repair expert so I hope you get a 2nd opinion on this. I don’t recommend using silicone repair glue on TPE. Silicone and TPE don’t mix so it’ll either cause damage or not bond at all. The TPE Glue solvent is the recommended option for TPE. Some people use superglue to re-attach the fingernails, but I don’t think it can hold the TPE together. You can find more repair info here:
      2) I think similar to many vendors, I got into dolls from a business perspective. When I was a vendor, I learned a lot about dolls, but also became a part of the community. Now as a blogger (and no longer a vendor), I’m still interested in dolls and seeing where they go from here. Currently, I don’t own any dolls although I did have a Piper Doll for a short time. I do plan to get another doll one day, but like many, I’m waiting for the right one and right time – which is why I follow the technological advancements and news so closely. They simply haven’t reached that level or point where I would pull the trigger just yet. We’re still in the early phases..
      Everyone is different, and because there are so many factors involved, I can’t specifically recommend what people should do or buy. I know people who got a doll and loved it, and people who got a doll and hated it. I think people who get a doll purely for sex are often disappointed. People who get a doll with some interest in companionship, photography, dress-up, etc are usually more satisfied. Therefore, depending on your own preferences, that will decide whether a doll or “automatic stroker” is better.

      1. Flow

        Thanks for the thoughtful response !

  30. Kero

    Hello again. I found another sex doll website called The Silver Doll where they sell Shiori Dollhouse 160 anime dolls located within the Irokebijin brand. I wanted to know if The Silver Doll is legit or fraudulent to buy there. I await an answer, thank you.

    1. Steven

      Hi Kero,
      The Silver Doll is legit but I don’t know much about them or their customer service.

  31. Erick

    Hi, so silicone dolls pour oil out the skin and they look bright in the face. How often do i have to clean her and what with? in order to avoid ruining makeup and sking decoration on an irontech doll?

  32. Kero

    Hello, I would like to know if the Ava Love Doll website is legit or fraudulent. It’s just that I’ve seen an anime doll model Shiori brand Dollhouse 160 that I’d like to buy there. I await an answer please, thank you.

    1. Steven

      Hi Kero,
      I believe they’re legit but I don’t have any personal experience with them. Their DH168 section is a bit outdated – the 2017 EVO series was discontinued last month, but they still have them listed. Also, the DH168 Shiori is an outdated model (made in a different factory). The new version is under Irokebijin.

  33. flow

    I have a silicone torso from irontech 004 and i got it before they introduced the “softer vagina” options. It is too tight. sometimes painful. I have to be like superduperduper hard to enjoy sex. Do you have any tips or suggestions as to what i can do to make it wider/softer? thanks

    1. Steven

      Hi flow,
      Try using more lube or spreading the legs further apart. There are ways to make it wider but it would be permanent (so it’s not recommended). A tight vagina is better than a loose one in my opinion. Other that and maybe warming it up, I can’t think of anything else right now.

    2. flow


  34. Rudy (RXQ79)

    I recently realised, that my Zelex doll have swollen breasts ( a bit bigger and harder), at first her breasts were very soft, but now are harder than breasts of my petite realdoll. Do you know why is that? Maybe from clothes? Or not quality silicone? Her butt become smaller and harder – but that’s from lying on the bet.

    1. Steven

      Hi Rudy,
      Unfortunately, I don’t know but many brands have flaws with their gel breasts. For example, several Sanhui, Sino Doll, and WM owners reported that the gel breasts deflated after around 1-2 years. Perhaps, Zelex’s gel blend has a flaw where it hardens, or it’s a defective batch of gel. Since there are so many factors, it’s hard to know. You should contact your vendor to see what Zelex’s response is.

  35. Tracey

    I’m getting ready to oil my AXB 65 cm. doll. I know I should wash her first before oiling, how long do I wait for the oil to absorb and do I need to wash her again the oil has soaked in? This is a very beautiful doll and I don’t want anything to go wrong.

    1. Steven

      Hi Tracey,
      The oil should be fully absorbed after a few hours. You don’t need to wash again after oiling.

  36. Erick

    Hi i have 2 questions:

    1- WHat do we know about the 1:1 scale Iron Tech proyect. They have not published anything.

    2-What other seamless neck dolls are around in the market?

    1. Arnold

      Look up for AIO dolls, Piper and Sanhui do have such dolls.

    2. Steven

      Hi Erick,
      1. Only small teasers. Their Real Lady body is around 170cm and molded from a real woman. A few teaser photos and that’s all.
      2. Piper Doll, Sanhui AIO, EXDoll Summit Series, some random mini dolls, and WM has one that they never advertise. That’s all I can think of right now.

  37. Rick

    Hello Steven,
    I found your website from a video you posted regarding Sinodoll 3 years ago.
    As the topic of the video, regarding Sinodoll I have been hearing much bipolar comments about them.
    Some are extremely good, others are really bad. From what I read myself, seems like there are issue with tearing love hole and peeling of the makeup.
    So, I do wish to hear from your opinion, since not much EU/US market talks about them

    1. Steven

      Hi Rick,
      Personally, I heard a lot more negatives about Sino Doll than positive. Mainly, the positive is that they look realistic. Cons include poor LHP (on Top-sino), bad for sex, firm material, expensive + temporary makeup, and vendors told me they have quality control issues. They may be good for display and photography purposes, but otherwise, I personally wouldn’t recommend them for the average customer.

      1. Rick

        Thanks for your reply, Steven.

        Sino got me interested for the recent release of new material upgrades with new half body models, but, since it’s still very new to the market, maybe only time can tell if it actually improve.

        Also, another brand I was looking at is Tayu. Feels like reversed situation from Sino. Tayu seems to be very positive commented, especially when it comes to playing with their products. And just as you reviewed in 2023, although mostly positive, there are not much of review.
        Considering Tayu price their product high, it does concern me a little, did you hear anything about Tayu which buyer should be awarded?

    2. Arnold

      There are even a lot of doll lovers who gave up the hope it will gonna be better with Sino, Sino promised many things but they never make it true.

  38. Martin

    I am looking for a doll as lifelike as possible, but not for sex, but for standing in our entrance hall (without an external stand). With seamless neck. Do you have an idea?
    Best regards


    1. Steven

      Hi Martin,
      Some brands with seamless necks are Piper Doll, Sanhui, and EXDoll (DS Doll) Summit series. If you want the most lifelike doll with seamless neck (that’s not for sex), then probably EXDoll Summit series. They’re very expensive and firm (so not good for sex), but look the most realistic. However, no dolls should stand long-term (like a display piece) without a stand. Dolls simply can’t balance on their own. They’ll fall over without external support.

  39. Jack

    Hi, I want to buy an aibei sex doll, I saw that offers a discounted price for the doll, they also informed that they are listed as an authorized dealer on aibei’s official website, and sent me the relevant link, here is Appears to be trustworthy.

    The only thing, they claim that the shipping will take 30-35 days, is this normal? Although they say that they are reducing transportation costs through slow transportation, allowing users to buy dolls at a lower price. Hope to get your reply, thank you!

    1. Steven

      Hi Tom,
      The brand is SY Doll. I’m not sure why Moon-doll lists them as CuDoll, but their other brands are listed correctly.
      Note: SY isn’t exactly a good brand. They’re a cheap brand that also makes knockoff dolls, probably on-par with budget brands like Aibei. Mostly Chinese vendors carry them. Rosemarydoll is probably the least sketchy vendor that sells them.

  40. Erick

    Hi! I was reading in the forums, that Irontech soft heads are unable to get implanted hair, I am so confused, wasn’t it the other way around? I thought the soft head was supposed to hold implanted hair and eyebrows!

    I ask this because I see that none of the Irontech models, look like their counter parts in the promo pictures.

    1. Steven

      Hi Erick,
      Hard silicone heads can have implanted hair, while soft silicone heads cannot. If the head is soft, the implanted hair will fall out easily. This is why TPE can’t have implanted hair. A softer, less dense material can’t hold the implanted hair in place. Even then, hair can still shed on a hard silicone head (since it’s not completely rock hard), but it will hold better than a soft head.

  41. Robert

    Hi Steven

    I was interested in a Piper silicone doll but have read that the loveholes tear very easily. I read this on TheDollChannel and Sexdolls-shop where Piper writes that their dolls are mostly made for photography.

    This however were older articles from a few years ago so I was wondering if this is still true today? I was wondering about the whole Mizuwali line of silicone dolls so Irokebijin and S.A.F included.

    1. Steven

      Hi Robert,
      When the Piper silicone dolls first came out, they did tear easily due to the soft material. However, they later changed their love hole design slightly (this happened a long time ago) where they made the holes more “gaped,” including what some people joked as the hemorrhoids butt hole. I assume this helped, but soft material always has a higher chance of tearing. Recently, Irokebijin made their material firmer (I assume to reduce tearing); I don’t know about Piper Doll.
      Since Piper Doll isn’t on TDF, it’s hard to find reviews. Your best bet is to find silicone Piper Doll owners (possibly on Twitter, Reddit, or Discord), or ask a Piper Doll vendor. They probably know more than me since people rarely share reviews here.

  42. Louis

    Hi, Steven. Angelkiss have ROS for some models. How is it actually like? I don’t see any actual reviews or how it compares to the WM models. Thanks.

    1. Steven

      Hi Louis,
      Angel Kiss’s ROS feature only came out 2 weeks ago. There’s no reviews at the moment.

    1. Steven

      Hi Kitty,
      I can’t really answer whether someone should get a doll or not. That decision is up to you. Having said that, Irontech is a decent brand and TheSilverDoll is legit (although I don’t have personal experience with them). The Irontech Starter Series came out over 2 years ago, but I still haven’t seen any reviews about them. Well, until now (after a small search). This is the only Starter Series review I could find (for the 115cm body):
      On page 2, the reviewer damages the doll and expresses how fragile they are. That’s something to keep in mind if you decide to get that doll. Other than that, the only other short curvy dolls I know of are Piper Doll/Irokebijin, WM 108cm L-cup, Climax Doll, JY 125cm, and maybe some others. You’ll have to do research on those yourself.

  43. Erick

    Hi, so, i have a doubt, do sillicone dolls pour out some oil? when do you clean that? when does it stop?

    1. Steven

      Hi Erick,
      What brand is your doll? Yes, silicone dolls can leak oil. Generally, the softer the silicone, the more oil it leaks. It’s harmless and you can just clean it off. Sometimes, it leaks a bit and then stops, but other times, it doesn’t stop. It depends on the brand’s silicone blend. Despite some oil weeping, you do not need to oil silicone dolls.

  44. big guy

    Hi, do you have an experience with Ildoll(ildoll) brand? Their dolls look great on photos(and paper) but I’m wondering if there’s a catch.

    1. Steven

      Hi big guy,
      They’re a real brand, but they never quite caught my attention so I don’t know much about them. I’ve heard that their TPE dolls are very detailed, and that’s about it.
      You can find some more info on them here:
      However, from what I can tell, there seems to be some issues with them lately. They’re temporarily leaving TDF, their website is down, and some reputable vendors removed them. Since they’re not very popular, it’s a bit hard to determine their current state. However, something feels off with them right now so I would be cautious.

    2. Erick

      Thanks STeven, i do not hold a doll yet, but i’m after Iron Tech Suki s-20, the 1.64cm with wide hips. She is a “chulada” LOL, hahaha. I’m in loved with that one. I have spoken with the brand and all, i’m trying to get it.

      How is the oil in that brand?

      btw, which is the cheapest brand around in taller dolls (1.50 cm – 1.70 cm? )

      1. Steven

        Hi Erick,
        I recommend reading this very detailed and recent silicone Irontech review:
        The reviewer mentions that the skin feels oily, as well as many other detailed observations.
        There are many cheap brands with tall dolls, but cheap doesn’t mean good. Some good quality but still somewhat affordable silicone brands (with tall dolls) are Zelex, Elsa Babe, Starpery, Angel Kiss, Jiusheng, JY Doll, and maybe CST Doll. A cheap, untested brand as of late would be Jarliet’s new silicone dolls.

  45. VTB-026

    Hi Steven
    I would like to ask where can I get some products, but I can’t upload img here so can I have your email or any of your social communication accounts? So I can describe the product clearly.

    1. Steven

      Hi VTB-026,
      I have a list of trusted vendors here:
      You can also email me at However, I suggest browsing vendor websites first to see what’s available, and also learning from doll communities. I may not have time to look for highly specific dolls, but I can suggest some brands and possibly some models.

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