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Game Lady Doll Releases New 167cm Body & Tifa Photos

On April 29, 2022, Game Lady Doll released their new “167cm Big Breast” body showcased on their popular Tifa-inspired head. These new photos feature Tifa in her classic Final Fantasy 7 costume with the white tank top, black skirt, and suspenders. One criticism with the original “Tifa” release was her breasts weren’t big enough. Game Lady was apparently not fazed by this because the new body is about the same bust size. In fact, the new “167cm Big Breast” body looks somewhat similar to their previous “168cm Big Breast” body but with some key differences. The main differences is the 167cm body has a shorter torso, longer legs, wider hips, and is 4kg (9lbs) lighter. Her body (especially her abs) also appears more toned and muscular.

Game Lady Doll 167cm Big Breast & 168cm Big Breast Compared

Game Lady Doll 167cm Big Breast with Tifa Head

The new 167cm body is an interesting surprise from Game Lady Doll. Many people expected them to release new heads with just one body, but now there’s an alternative body. Although they’re about the same height, there are many big differences as mentioned before. More choice is always good and the doll remains at a tall, realistic height. There should be a few reviews coming in soon as Game Lady customers begin to receive their highly-anticipated dolls orders from last month. What popular gaming character will Game Lady bring to life next?

You can find Game Lady Doll on Dollto-China here: Game Lady Silicone Sex Dolls

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  1. Gorgon

    This new body is rocking. They also got a 100cm Version also tho i dont think i would get it for sex because from what i seen, Zelex dolls silicone tends to tear in the openings and a 100cm would be scary but a amazing deskqueen tho.

  2. Tifa

    please make of cloud hahaha

    1. Tifa

      I’m commenting again to fix my comment lol make one of cloud*

  3. Felix

    First i wasnt that excited about the Tifa doll because of the body, i was thinking to just get the head but now im getting the whole package! That new body is so much more superior than the old one! Wow!

  4. Dan

    That head looks amazing! What does the cost of an authentic looking outfit like that run though? Hoping ng they release a big breast version and a head for Aerith!

  5. IceFenrir

    As one the customers that is about to receive their “Tifa” order soon from realdollonline, kind of sad that this athletic body wasn’t available during the initial order process. However, it is good that more choices are available. Hopefully they do make a bigger breast version to match her in the future, will definitely order again!

    1. Steven

      Hi IceFenrir,
      I completely understand. Brands tend to release new heads, bodies, and options over time. One of my former customers was annoyed when Piper Doll released their hard hands and feet, and soft butt feature after he already received his doll. It happens. Looking forward to your doll review if you decide to post it somewhere.

      1. IceFenrir

        After receiving my doll back on 5/3 (Tifa’s birthday), I was able to form some thoughts (mostly positive!). I am currently making a review, not sure if TDF will take it considering GLD is not a verified manufacturer nor the vendor (realdollonline) is verified by them as well.

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