DS Doll Robotics Shows Off Impressive Hand Progress

DS Doll Robotics Shows Off Impressive Hand Progress

DS Doll Robotics, the most advanced sex robot manufacturer in China, recently showed off videos of their impressive hand progress. They first showed off their AI head, which had the ability to form facial expressions and talk, back in mid 2018. Since then, they have slowly been working on the rest of the body.

In August 2019, they released a video that showed their robotic hand prototype grabbing an egg. Fast forward to September 2020 (over a year later), they seem to have created a fully functional arm and hand that can move realistically and make motions with each individual finger. Considering DS Doll Robotics is a private company that is completely self-funded by their DS Doll, also known as EXDOLL, sex doll business, their progress has been very impressive, and relatively quick. It looks like we are one step closer to real sex doll robots. However, at this rate, a fully functional robot probably won’t be available for another 5-10+ years.

DS Doll Robotics’ prototype hand grabbing an egg (August 9, 2019):

DS Doll Robotics’ English speech demo (July 14, 2020):

DS Doll Robotics’ New Hand Demos (September 29, 2020):

A Nice Montage of DS Doll Robotics’ Progress (October 14, 2020):

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