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Game Lady Doll Releases New Photos of 167cm Aerith Doll

On May 8, 2022, Game Lady Doll released new photos of their 167cm body with their Aerith-inspired head. They first introduced the more athletic 167cm body last week on their Tifa-inspired head. Now Aerith gets a chance to try out the new body. Additionally, she is dressed up in her Final Fantasy 7: Remake costume for maximum resemblance to the video game character. Many people who ordered a doll before the new 167cm body came out wished they waited for the new body. Lore-wise, the previous 168cm body might be a better fit for Aerith, while the new 167cm body is a better fit for Tifa.

Game Lady Doll 167cm Big Breast with "Aerith" Head

Game Lady’s Aerith doll looks just as beautiful as before, and her costume really brings the character to life. Oddly, Game Lady omitted the standing nude photos this time (so I included the Tifa comparison photo). It would have been nice to compare Aerith in both bodies, but alas they left out arguably the most important photos. Another oddity I noticed is her breasts seem very low in the new photos. I’m not sure if it’s just the angle, costume, or if it was always like that. Some people told me they finally received their Tifa dolls so reviews should be coming in soon. What popular game character will Game Lady Doll release next?

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  1. Dan

    The head looks amazing! Might wait to see more full body shots.

  2. Aerith

    where can i buy my new aerith doll

    1. Steven

      Hi Aerith,
      So far I confirmed that Realdollonline sells authentic Game Lady Dolls. They were the first to add them, and at least one person from Dollforum received their Tifa doll from them. I haven’t heard back from people who ordered from other vendors yet.

  3. Jay

    Hi Steven, seems like for Aerith the 1.0 is better suit than 2.0 right? I mean does it look a little off for you in this v2.0? Which do you think is the better one?

    1. Steven

      Hi Jay,
      It’s a bit hard to tell since there’s no standing nude photos of Aerith with the 167cm body. I think the 168cm (old body) probably fits Aerith more while the 167cm (new body) fits Tifa more, but it’s personal preference.

      1. Jay

        Hey thanks for your thoughts, which are similar to mine. The proportion is more appropriate for the 1.0 for Aerith i feel too. She’s not meant to be thicc lol

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