Ask Me Anything!

Ask Me Anything!

After running a sex doll store for almost 1 year, and learning about sex dolls for 2 years, I know almost everything there is to know about sex dolls! I have a wealth of knowledge regarding top brands, manufacturers, sex doll websites, care instructions, and more!

Free free to comment below and ask me anything!

If your question is more personal or confidential, you can email me at

If you’re looking for a trustworthy store to order from, here is my list of trusted sex doll vendors:

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  1. Steve

    Hi Steve

    I’m going to be new to buying a doll. I wanted to know let’s say that after some time it’s not for me, what’s the best way to dispose of a doll? Can we recycle here?

    1. Steven

      Hi Steve,
      If after some time, you decide the doll is not for you, you can choose to sell it (many people on Dollforum are willing to buy used dolls), donate it, or dispose of it. Disposing a sex doll is tricky. I guess the proper way is to dismantle/dismember the doll and throw it away in the trash. I’m not sure if it is recyclable. I think the easiest way is probably to go on Dollforum ( and find someone to sell it to or donate it to and have them pay for shipping. Many people on Dollforum will accept free dolls, used or not.

  2. Adrian

    Hello Steve,

    I am interested in getting a small doll. I have the 140cm but always struggle with the weight when changing positions. I am considering between the less expensive one from Ainidoll 100cm or the more expensive Piperdoll Iris. I read an article couple of weeks ago that a person in the US was arrested because he ordered a small doll from overseas. I searched the internet but could not find anything indicated that it is illegal to own a small doll. Please advise if you know anything about this. I live in California. Thanks Steve

    1. Steven

      Hi Adrian,
      Child-like sex dolls are currently illegal in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Florida. They are still legal in every other state. I have no experience with Ainidoll but Piper Doll is a very good brand. If you are worried about importing a small doll into the US, I highly recommend Ricky from The Doll Channel. He has many small dolls in-stock in the US and can import a doll to his address and then ship it to you domestically so no one knows what’s in the box. He specializes in smaller dolls and has an active youtube channel.

  3. Keith

    Do you know anything about xoxomates dolls or the company

    1. Steven

      Hi Keith,
      From what I can tell, Xoxomates sells imitation dolls with stolen photos from other brands such as WM Doll, AF Doll, etc. They seem like scammers based on their prices. $399 for a 166cm doll? That is extremely unrealistic. A real WM Doll 166cm doll usually sells for around $1800-$2000. I don’t know anything about their company, but they seem very sketchy.

  4. Steve

    I found a company called Doll podium. They look like a legit company. What are your thoughts?

    1. Steven

      Hi Steve,
      Dollpodium sells cheap dolls, some of which are counterfeits. I have no idea whether the quality is good or not. They don’t list any brand names which means their dolls are made by unknown, Chinese factories. Buying from them is always a risk since you won’t know whether the quality is good or not.

  5. ken duncan

    looking at absolute sex dolls for a purchase,are they any good?

  6. Antony

    Hello, is the (or com) site legitimate? They have quite a few dolls in stock at low prices, but they sell the same models in multiple sizes.

    1. Steven

      Hi Anthony,
      Dollsclub is a tricky website. Everytime I look at their website, I have a different opinion.. I think they are probably legit. The height options are misleading because different heights have different body proportions so if you choose a different height, it won’t look the same as the photos. Otherwise, from my research and looking at their website, I think they are probably legit.

  7. Jay

    How about they seem legit and info on them?

    1. Steven

      Hi Jay,
      I spoke with Ainidoll yesterday. They are based in the US and seem nice. They sell cheap dolls from China. For some people, that’s good enough. They aren’t selling high end dolls or name brand dolls. It depends on your budget and what you plan to do with the doll. They probably aren’t scammers. They just sell low budget dolls.

  8. Gen

    Is racyme a legit site?

    1. Steven

      Hi Gen,
      Racyme is a very well-known counterfeit doll manufacturer. They create cheap imitations of other companies’ dolls (mainly WM Doll) but they are popular because they have been around for so long. You will get a doll, but it will be an imitation of the doll in the photos. Most of their photos are stolen from WM Doll.

  9. Frank

    Is legit ? I mean the prices seems good also they answer the emails kinda quick no to much but at least the answer them

    1. Steven

      Hi Frank,
      As far as I can tell, seems legit to me. I don’t see any red flags.

  10. Eddie

    Is legit?

    1. Steven

      Hi Eddie,
      Lucidtoys is a tricky one. All their dolls are in-stock in the UK and they seem like a legitimate company so you will likely receive a doll from them. However, after some research, they appear to sell both authentic and counterfeit/knockoff dolls. For example, they have some Piper and Doll-forever dolls in-stock that seem authentic, but most of their dolls seem like counterfeits. They have a brand called Neodoll or Neojoy which look like knockoff dolls of all the top brands. They also have Neodoll in the title of dolls from brands like Irontech and 6YE so it seems sketchy, especially with the low prices. The unrealistically low prices and sketchy Neodoll brand makes it seem like they are selling knockoff dolls so I personally wouldn’t order from them.

  11. Jeff

    Are Premium dolls legit?
    I chatted to someone online and got reasonable answers

    1. Steven

      Hi Jeff,
      Premiumdolls sells counterfeits of WM and JY Dolls. Their prices are too low and they don’t list the brand names. It looks like they’re just selling knockoff dolls from Aliexpress.

  12. Steve

    What are your thoughts on the site gemsexdoll

    Just want to know if there a legitimate site. There dolls are cheaper than most sites.

    1. Steven

      Hi Steve,
      Gemsexdoll is not a legit site. As you mentioned, their prices are way too low.

      1. Steve

        Would you also say that a legitimate sites will not use PayPal, instead major credit cards and debit?

        1. Steven

          Most websites will accept PayPal and credit card. It is not really an indication whether a website is legit or not. Sometimes scammers get banned from Paypal and won’t use Paypal. One payment you should never use is wire transfer (that cannot be refunded).

  13. J

    Is the site myrealdolls legit

    1. Steven

      Hi J,
      MyRealDolls is either not legit or sells both authentic and counterfeit dolls. At first glance, I thought they were legit but then I noticed a lot of red flags. All their dolls including their WM Dolls have the Piper Doll customization options (which should only be for Piper Dolls), they list their dolls as “Medical Silicone TPE” material which doesn’t exist, and they have some WM Dolls listed at a realistic price but some listed at a very low price with no brand mentioned (likely counterfeit). They seem to be selling both authentic and counterfeit dolls, and I personally wouldn’t trust a website that does this. Plus, as I mentioned before, their customization options are wrong for every doll unless you choose the “As pictured” option.

  14. Riley

    Hi! I was trying to find a good alien like doll. Blue or green skin, something like that. Crazier the better. Know anything like that in the $1,500-$2500 range? Thanks for everything you do!

    1. Steven

      Hi Riley,
      Unfortunately, I have not seen much alien-like dolls so I’m not really sure. The only brand I know that has blue and green skin options is SM Doll. They made a doll that looks like the blue Avatar character. See here.
      If you ask SM Doll or the vendor, they can do blue, green, or gray skin as seen here:

    1. Steven

      No problem. SiliconeSexWorld is probably legit. I think they are related to SexDollGenie, which is also a legit website.

  15. luis

    What about

    1. Steven

      WMdollshop is the official website of WM Doll. Their website is overpriced and outdated because they don’t focus on sales. They focus on manufacturing. I recommend ordering a WM Doll through an authorized vendor which will have better prices and customer service. Here is my list of trusted vendors: They all carry WM Doll.

    2. luis

      Ok and one last question here… i have 2 dolls saved on a site called… both by wm and within the 1500 to 2000 range. Ive seen a question on this forum was asked about that site already but thought I’d confirm one last time before making another purchase and regret it again

      1. Steven

        I don’t have any personal experience with them, but Myrobotdoll should be legit and safe to order from.

  16. luis

    hey there… o rdered a doll from a site called Kikdolls and the whlle site seems legit… i was wondering if you’ve heard of them and if so , do I have anything to worry about?

    1. Steven

      Hi Luis,
      Kikdolls is not legit. They sell counterfeit dolls. You might get a doll, but it will be a lower quality imitation of the photos. It’s like ordering a name-brand product for half the price and receiving a cheap, knockoff product.

      1. luis

        Ok so what is your opinion as to what I should do? It was through PayPal … or I could just notify my bank

        1. Steven

          It’s up to you. I think you should contact kikdolls to cancel the order and see if you can get a refund. Once you receive the doll, it will be harder to return it or get a refund.

  17. Taylor

    Hgdoll legit?

  18. James

    Hi Steven. This is probably a unique question compared to what everyone else is asking you . . Do you know how to add permanent freckles, moles, beauty marks, etc. to silicone dolls? With TPE it is very easy to do but I’ve read that nothing sticks to silicone. I’m guessing there is special silicone paint available to do this? Realdoll as well as Gynoid Tech offer dolls with realistic skin with freckles, moles, etc. so obviously it can be done. I am planning on purchasing either the new Silicone Piper Phoebe or SM136 Silicone Elf doll next and want to add freckles, etc. I love my girls with freckles lol! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    1. Steven

      Hi James,
      Unfortunately, I don’t know much about adding freckles to dolls. I know some people use a brown or dark brown sharpie marker to add freckles. You can find some info on this on Dollforum. I know that silicone Piper Dolls come with some blemishes, blue veins, and other little details that the TPE doesn’t have. It may be possible for the manufacturer to add freckles. You should discuss this with a vendor if it’s possible. Some manufacturers will do custom makeup and modifications based on the customer’s request.

      1. James

        Thanks, I’ll check into it before I get my next doll 🙂

    1. Steven

      Hello Matthew,
      AINIDoll sells imitation dolls using photos from other brands. For some people, a cheap doll is good enough if their budget is tight, but I usually don’t recommend ordering knockoff dolls. However, their AI dolls do seem to be authentic from the company AI-Tech Robot, which is a relatively new company. Note: AINIDoll reached out to me and they are based in the US and seem like nice people. I just don’t agree with the business model.

  19. Owen

    Which brand would you recommend SE or DH?

    1. Steven

      Hi Owen,
      SE Doll is made in the same factory as WM Doll so their quality should be good, but I don’t know too much about them. Do you mean Dollhouse 168 when you say DH? The newer DH168 dolls with the EVO skeleton are good. The older models use a different material that isn’t as soft. Both are good brands.

      1. Owen

        Would you recommend getting skeleton with gel breast or is there a risk?

        1. Steven

          What do you mean skeleton with gel breasts? A few brands offer the gel breasts option. Usually it is for C-cup breasts and larger, but there’s a certain point where the breasts are too big and they won’t offer the gel-filled breasts anymore, so it depends on the brand and breast size. There’s no risk except it is not recommended for WM Doll’s soft skin option. Gel-filled breasts do not affect the skeleton.

        1. Steven

          Hi Josh,
          Minirealdolls is not a legit website. Their prices are way too low, most of their photos are of WM Dolls but the specifications and customization options are incorrect, some of their dolls even list Racyme as the brand, which is a known counterfeit manufacturer. This website is either connected to Racyme or tried to copy Racyme.. Either way, they sell cheap, knock-off dolls with other brands’ photos.

  20. Kevin


    Would you have any feedback/recommendation as to purchasing a 65cm SSD (6ye) or 80cm from WM?

    Was looking at a JY 125cm as well, but the weight becomes an issue.

    Can’t seem to find any reviews online.

    Wonder why there aren’t more small size dolls as the weight of the medium/heavier dolls almost too heavy imo.



    1. Steven

      Hi Kevin,
      The main reason why manufacturers stopped making and advertising small dolls is due to legal issues, mainly in countries like UK, Canada, and Australia that do not allow the import of small dolls. Because of this, most vendors won’t offer these sizes so reviews will be scarce. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about small dolls. I know the 100cm WM Doll is kind of popular, and Doll House 168’s new 80cm anime doll is popular ( It’s pretty hard to find vendors that carry smaller dolls. Mainly only Chinese vendors carry them because they aren’t as legally-impacted by Western laws.

  21. Kevin


    Are either of these 2 legit?



    1. Steven

      Hello Kevin,
      Sexdoll4u is not legit and Sexdollalley could be legit. Sexdoll4u’s prices are way too low to be authentic dolls. SexDollAlley seems like they could be legit but they apparently sell both authentic and counterfeit dolls. Their WM Dolls have an option between the WM Doll brand or “Generic” (which is noticeably less expensive). Their WM Dolls could be authentic if you choose the “WM” option, but I don’t like websites that sell both authentic and counterfeit dolls. It makes them seem less trustworthy.

  22. Ming

    Is Mailovedoll legit? Thanks.

    1. Steven

      Hello Ming,
      Mailovedoll could be legit but I noticed some red flags. They don’t list the brand names for the dolls which means they could be counterfeit. The wig option is the same for every doll, which means they could all be coming from the same factory (which they shouldn’t if they are real WM Dolls and other brands). They have photos of some WM 157cm B-cup dolls but they are listed as 158cm. I haven’t seen most of the dolls on their site before so I don’t know the actual brand, but they could be selling some legit, lesser-known brands in the West as well as possibly knock-off dolls. They could be legit, but I don’t know if their quality is any good, and the authenticity of their WM Dolls could go either way.

  23. Kevin

    Hi Steven,
    Have you ever heard of Dolls Club They have Reality Doll and Fire-doll, but wasn’t sure if this is a legit supplier. I haven’t seen Reality Doll anywhere else, so I’m not sure about the quality.

    1. Steven

      Hello Kevin,
      I have heard of Dollsclub but I don’t really know if they are legit or not. They have height options on their dolls which is always sketchy, and they don’t have all the WM Doll skin tone options. Their prices and brands seem reasonable, but I did some research and found many negative reviews about them on Dollforum including poor customer service and shady business practices. I personally wouldn’t order from them.

  24. Leon

    Is sexdollhome legit

    1. Steven

      Hi Leon,
      Sexdollhome is probably not legit. They have their own brand of dolls called “SexDollHome” which uses photos of other brands including WM Doll. They have some WM Dolls but there are no customization options and their material is listed as “Medical Silicone TPE” which is incorrect. I would avoid them.

  25. Kevin

    Hi Steven,
    If someone is interested in a doll, but they don’t know what the doll will really look like as photos can be misleading, and there’s no way to see or touch the doll (for most of us) up close, how does a person know what they are buying will be something they like?

    1. Steven

      Hi Kevin,
      Good question. Since most sex dolls are sold online, there’s no way to see or feel them in-person before buying. A lot of brands touch-up their photos so it won’t look 100% the same, but it will look very similar. Like most products, you mainly have to go off of other people’s reviews. Dollforum is a very good place to find reviews since it has thousands of doll owners. You can ask vendors if they have factory photos of certain dolls to see what it looks like in the factory. If you live in the US, UK, or Australia, you can check out KimberDoll. It’s a good quality $500 doll but only comes in 1 style. Many beginners start with this doll to see if they will like sex dolls or not since it’s not too expensive.

  26. Evan

    Is lovedolls4u legit? Thanks.

    1. Steven

      Hello Evan,
      Lovedolls4u is not legit. They use photos of WM Dolls but the prices are too low, the specifications are wrong, and there are no customization options (except skin tone). They are selling counterfeit dolls with WM Doll’s photos.

  27. Kevin

    Hi Steven,
    As far as reliability/low defects and customer satisfaction, are Sanhui and Sinodoll equally good? The dolls look amazing? I wish I would have looked at those more closely before I went with Piper.

    1. Steven

      Sanhui and Sino Doll are both silicone doll brands. Silicone dolls look more realistic than TPE but are firmer and more expensive. In terms of reliability and defect rate, I think most top brands have good quality control, but there could be some defects every now and then. One of my former customers sent me this video comparing his Sino Doll to his Silicone Akira Piper Doll: It seems like the quality of the Sino Doll he received wasn’t very good but a lot of people seem to like Sino Doll. I recommend checking out the Dollforum Manufacturers section to read reviews and find more information: (You will find both Sanhui and Sino Doll on the list)

  28. Kevin

    Hi Steven,
    I may be in the minority here, but I recently purchased a Piper Risako torso from Sexdolls-Shop. I hate the doll more than anything I’ve owned. The more I look at it, the more I get sick to my stomach that I wasted $1,300 on this thing. I guess I am just not seeing the quality that I expected either. The makeup comes off almost immediately, and looks bad up close. The head looks disproportionate to the body and it looks more like a delicate mannequin that I would never have sex with, which is also bad. For a sex doll, Piper doesn’t seem to spend much time with the holes or the textures anything. The sex holes seems like a mere suggestion or an afterthought. The TPE feels more like a gelatinous blob of fat. The butt is a little flat also. Breasts are OK, but I was disappointed with those also. Positioning is a lot more of a challenge than I thought it would be. I am seriously ready to throw this in the garbage after less than a week. Are all sex dolls really this bad or are some just worse than others, and you just have to settle for less no matter what you choose? The seller wasn’t exactly the most helpful. I probably should have gone with a seller who was knowledgeable about what they are selling. I just feel like it’s all a scam at this point. Now I am just angry.

    1. Steven

      Hi Kevin,
      Thank you for the review. I’m always interested in what people think about certain sex dolls. I’m very sorry to hear you don’t like your Risako torso doll. I don’t know much about torso dolls, but Piper Doll in general is one of the top brands in my opinion and has very positive reviews. Makeup coming off quickly is common among all TPE sex dolls due to the porous nature of TPE. They can be reapplied with regular women’s makeup. I haven’t heard too much negative about the vagina texture, but it depends for different people. Piper Doll is known for their very soft TPE material, but it does seem more noticeable on their torso dolls (A review I remember reading about one of their torsos where someone said it was like jello: Most sex dolls are not bad. I think that may have been a bad starting doll for you. Maybe the Piper torso dolls aren’t good (I think they are overpriced), but Piper Doll is a very good brand. A different brand may be more to your liking. Have you contacted Sexdolls-shop about this? They have very good customer service. I think they will at least give you a partial refund. As for the torso, don’t throw it in the garbage. You can probably sell it here on Dollforum:

      1. Kevin

        Thanks for the response, Steven. I wish I would have found your site before I made a purchase. I did contact Marco to let him know I wasn’t happy, but he didn’t offer me anything, just said he was sorry I wasn’t happy with the doll. I kind of felt like he just said, “Yeah, this is a good first doll purchase,” without taking anything into consideration. He seemed more concerned with just moving product in my opinion, and if the customer gets burned and feels cheated, oh well. I am kind of wary about selling the doll online to tell you the truth. I don’t want someone else to hate me for selling it to them. My conscience would prevent me from doing that. I really appreciate your thoughts, so thanks again!

        1. Steven

          Hey Kevin,
          Sorry you had such a negative experience. Marco is a very nice guy, but I’m guessing he won’t refund you since the doll isn’t defective, you just don’t like it. If you really plan to get rid of it, I still recommend selling it on Dollforum. Just state why you are selling it so it isn’t a secret. I wish you the best.

          1. Steven

            I contacted Marco regarding this and listened to his side of the story. He told me how he did everything he could to make things right, including personally calling Kevin and offering a huge discount off his next order, but Kevin refused. Marco could not accept the torso back because it was used. In my opinion, SexDolls-Shop still has one of the best customer services out there, but in this case, it was more about the customer disliking the doll. It was not defective and did not qualify for a refund after it was used.

  29. Andy

    What do you know about Fire-Doll brand dolls? I don’t think they have a presence on TDF, and I can’t find much in the way of reviews

    1. Steven

      Hello Andy,
      Unfortunately, I don’t know much about Fire Doll other than they were created by former WM Doll employees, so they are similar to WM Doll. If you have a TDF account, google “firedoll dollforum” and you’ll find some info and reviews on Fire Doll. They seem mostly positive, but like you said, there isn’t much info out there since they aren’t very well-known.

  30. David you know of anyone who sells better functional replacement hand/finger skeletal?

    1. Steven

      Hello David,
      Unfortunately, the hands and fingers have always been a weak spot for sex dolls. They usually consist of flimsy wires that bend in all directions, and don’t look or feel realistic. They can also break if you aren’t careful with the hands. As far as I know, Gynoid is the only sex doll brand right now with fingers that bend properly. However, they are still very new and very expensive. If you are looking to repair or replace your current doll’s hands/fingers, I don’t know much about that unfortunately. It will require cutting the hand open.

  31. ste

    I have never bought one before and im checking to see if is a legit site or not

    1. Steven

      Hello Ste,
      Racyme is a well-known counterfeit doll manufacturer. They use photos from brands like WM Doll, and sell cheap imitations of them. I don’t suggest ordering from them. You will get a doll, but it will be low quality, won’t look the same as in the photos, and won’t feel as nice as an authentic doll.

  32. Chris

    I placed an order through before I found the doll forum and noticed they haven’t made the approved vendor list. I just emailed you the set of customer approval pics they sent me, if you don’t mind taking a look. If nothing else, it might provide a little more information on them as a vendor. I have not received the doll yet, so all I have to provide is the correspondence from the vendor so far.

    1. Steven

      Hello Chris,
      I believe Anniesdollhouse is a legit seller. They have a sketchy past but I think they improved over the years. I don’t have any experience with them though. I took a look at the photos you sent and they look authentic. The Jinsan factory where WM Dolls are manufactured have a distinct look (usually by its green patterned floor and rows of tables). The doll in the photo also looks authentic. I think you should be fine. The Covid-19 situation is a possibly for slow shipping, but the vendor should at least reply to you. Try contacting them again. The doll looks authentic though.

    1. Steven

      Hello Martin,
      I checked out at their website and they look legit to me. I don’t see any red flags. They are also an approved vendor on Dollforum. They should be safe to order from.

  33. J

    Im in between on buying a piper 140cm or a wm 150. My concern is the wig quality and if you are able to fit piper wigs on a wm doll.

    1. Steven

      Hello J,
      From my experience, Piper Doll wigs are better quality than WM Doll wigs. A Piper Doll wig should be able to fit on a WM Doll and vice-versa. They are just wigs after all. You can also buy wigs online (such as from Amazon) and most of them will fit on dolls without any problems.

  34. Kyle

    Whats your opinion on wm dolls? Found a 145cm doll on sale for 1.5k and I wanted to know if the brand is a good one

    1. Steven

      Hello Kyle,
      WM Doll is one of the best sex doll brands in my opinion. It is also the most popular brand currently. As long as it’s an authetic WM Doll, they are high quality dolls and worth the price.

  35. Noah

    Are maiden dolls any good? I know I already asked about af but I was on silicone sexy dolls and I found some of them at a decent price.

    1. Steven

      Hello Noah,
      Silicone-Sexy-Doll sells authetic dolls but I don’t like the cheaper brands that they carry. Maiden Doll is one of the cheaper doll brands they carry. It is a lesser-known brand that I really don’t know anything about. I did find a review on a Maiden Doll from 2016 that might be helpful, but keep in mind, this review is 4 years old:

  36. Noah

    Are Af dolls a good brand of doll? I found a really nice one but I know nothing about the brand.

  37. Taylor

    Is it a horrible mistake ordering anything from

    1. Steven

      Hello Taylor,
      I don’t have experience with oksexdoll, but I don’t really trust their website. Their pricing is very inconsistent, they seem to be based in China, they have fake reviews (In their Reviews section, you will see the same reviews copy and pasted on various dolls), no About Us section, etc. I personally wouldn’t recommend ordering from them.

  38. FN

    Is bestlovesexdoll. com a legit store or is a fake shop ?? I can trust for buying a Tpe doll?

    1. Steven

      Hello FN,
      Another reader asked about them before. Bestlovesexdoll sells counterfeit/imitation dolls. They have photos of WM Dolls but their prices are far too low to be authentic. I wouldn’t order from them.

  39. Steven Johnson

    My question pertains to shoes.. Sexy high heels and thigh high boots. When ordering a doll and you want standing feet, does it affect what kind of shoes you can use?

  40. AkiraWhipped

    Hi Steven,

    You mention that the 6Ye Amor series has more anatomically-correct vagina placement than most do. How so? More anterior, or more posterior? Or are you talking about the angle of the canal relative to the vertical axis of the doll? What other brands have it right? What brands have it totally wrong?

    Thank you for all you do for our community!

    1. Steven

      Hello AkiraWhipped,
      Good question. The 6YE Amor series are known for having an anatomically-correct vagina placement similar to that of a real woman. Most doll brands have the vagina placed slightly higher, anterior-wise (more forward than a real vagina). Most people usually have no problems having sex with their dolls, but it does affect some positions such as “doggy-style.” However, the vagina placement has improved for most brands but can also vary for different bodies within the same brand. From my research, 6YE Amor, Piper Doll, SM Doll, and maybe a few other brands have good vagina placement for TPE dolls. Pretty much all Silicone dolls (i.e. RealDoll, Sanhui, DS Doll, Sino Doll, etc.) have good vagina placement. WM Doll is currently fixing the vagina placement for many of their bodies (I don’t think it has been implemented yet).
      Here are some photos I found:

  41. Ken

    Hi Steven,

    Have you ever ordered from or know anyone who has?

    1. Steven

      Hello Ken,

      Do you mean

      They are a TDF-approved vendor selling legitimate sex dolls. I trust their website, and you will definitely receive an authentic sex doll from them. The only thing I don’t like is that they offer some cheaper brands alongside their name-brand dolls. I’m not too familiar with the cheaper brands they offer like Aibei. Likely the quality is not as good in these lesser known brands. They also offer 2 brands that I would personally avoid, Cosdoll and Jellynew. I’m not sure why they even have those brands but those are proven low quality imitation brands..

      But if you’re wondering if it’s safe to order from them, the answer is yes. Just watch out for the lower quality brands they offer. Good luck.

  42. Ryan

    Hi Steven,
    A few Questions:
    1. I just read that the jessica rabbit by piper dolls is not offering the wig on the original photo. Where might I find a high quality wig that is comparable to the original? Also are there size specifications for wigs? Do you know any quality sites for realistic/ high quality sites?
    2. What type of powder do people use for their dolls? I am interested in the piper line. Does the powder simply add to the texture or physically protect the product?
    3. I see a tremendous amount of options in the JY doll line, however don’t find many videos or reviews on their dolls. Where would you rate them amongst the top brands?
    4. In product lines such as JY I have seen 3 types of TPE featured: Regular, jiggly, and platinum. In your experience are their major differences between the three?
    Thanks for the info

    1. Steven

      Hello Ryan,
      You are right. Piper Doll no longer offers the Jessica doll wig as seen in their photos. Unfortunately, I don’t know where you can find the original wig. Any wig should work, you can find some on Amazon or Ebay. I found an interesting site recently that has really high quality anime wigs ( I’m not a wig expert though.

      2. Piper Dolls have a special TPE blend that does not require oiling. However, if the doll starts to feel a little tacky or sticky, you can use baby powder or corn starch to powder the doll. The purpose of the powder is to make the skin feel smooth, as the doll material can feel a little sticky/tacky sometimes such as after washing it.

      3. JY Doll makes some nice looking dolls. They are a more affordable doll brand so their material/quality is slightly below that of WM Doll. I would consider WM Doll, Piper Doll, 6YE, and some other brands as top brands. JY Doll is a medium brand, but definitely good for their more affordable price.

      4. Unfortunately, I don’t know specifically how the different JY Doll material feels. Regular will be similar to other brands, Jelly will be softer and jigglier but more prone to damage, and I don’t know what the difference in Platinum would be. I recommend contacting the store and asking them about this.

      1. David Brister

        Where can I find a good quality 100cm – 125cm doll? Also affordable under $1000??

        1. Steven

          Hello David,
          100cm-125cm dolls are a bit harder to find because they are not as popular or realistic as a full-size doll. Finding an authentic, high-quality doll under $1000 is also difficult. Here is what I can recommend:
          KimberDoll is a legit company that sells a good quality sex doll called KimberDoll for only $500. It is a high quality doll and well worth the price. They used to have a mini version but I think they removed it. The KimberDoll is 157cm tall. They can sell it for only $500 because this doll only comes in 1 head and body (no customization), and they are mass produced and purchased in bulk by KimberDoll.

          SexySexDoll is one of our trusted vendors and they have some dolls you might be interested in: (I sorted it by price- lowest to highest)

          JM Doll sells small sex dolls and are usually affordable. I don’t know much about them but I heard some good things. However, I personally do not like or trust their website because their ordering process is weird and their website is not secure. They have a TDF section here:

          If you want a really high quality 100cm doll, you might be interested in the Piper Doll Iris Doll: Piper Doll is one of the best TPE sex doll brands in my opinion. The 130cm Phoebe would be a better choice but would be noticeably more expensive.

          Just so you know, a 100cm doll is very small. For the best sex doll experience, I personally recommend 130cm or higher. The taller, the more realistic. A 100cm doll will always feel like a toy, and not a real woman. I have an article about 100cm sex dolls here:

  43. Raymond JOHNSON

    I like Big ass, Shapely Legged, Big Tit Blond Dolls. I see most manufacturers fall flat on Hot legs.
    I need the Curvy Legs. I like TPE of course. Please Advise

    1. Steven

      Hello Raymond,
      I can certainly relate to your preferences. I too like thick thighs and a nice, big booty. Many doll brands have these features, you just have the find the right body size with these features.
      I know most Piper Dolls have curvy legs and and big butts. WM Doll, JY Doll, and many other brands have bodies like this as well.
      I recommend checking out this page: FineLoveDolls Big Butt Dolls

      They have a nice selection of big butt dolls, most of which also have big breasts and are blond (wigs can be changed for any doll). When I have time, I will update this and add some more dolls I find. Good luck.

  44. Hi Steven Do you know who own and do you know if it’s a legit store? Because I just ordered a doll from them this month on the 4the until I seen this site

    1. Steven

      Hello Raymond. is a TDF-approved vendor (meaning they have been vetted and approved by the Doll Forum), but they are probably one of the more sketchy TDF-approved vendors in my opinion. I heard mixed reviews about them, some people received authentic dolls and some supposedly received counterfeits. I personally would go with a different store due to mixed reviews about Yourdoll, but it is up to you. I never shopped from them so I don’t know for sure if they are legit or not.

  45. Joe

    WERE do u get them real small dolls ? Like i have seen on ?

    1. Steven

      Hi Joe. Unfortunately, mini dolls are not my specialty. I don’t know much about them. You can find some here at SexySexDoll:

      JM Doll also offers many mini dolls: (Order page:
      I don’t know much about them but they are a TDF-approved manufacturer so they probably have good quality and customer service. Their website design isn’t great but their prices are quite affordable and they have a forum section here: Good luck.

  46. bobby

    ill buy a doll from you once a month… if you can drop the price alittle or once every 2 months for just a deal on the price im interested in silcone lovers dolls also wondering if you can send me a video of… the doll like for a real life standard look email me and we will talk thanks … im interested but the price is high… i never knew they were selling for so high..

    1. Steven

      Hi Bobby. I’ll send you an email. Let me know which dolls you are interested in. 🙂

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