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WM Doll Releases Weight-Reduced 163cm H-Cup Body

On April 3, 2021, WM Doll officially released their new weight-reduced 163cm H-Cup body with a video comparing the two bodies. They first teased this lighter version of the popular 163cm H-cup body in late March 2021, resulting in mass excitement in the sex doll community. For those unaware, the 163cm H-Cup is the body used in the famous WM “Jasmine” doll, which became an internet meme in 2018 and is well-known for being “thicc.”

The comparison video shows a huge weight reduction between the two bodies, with the original 163H body weighing 50.65 kg (111.66 lbs) and the weight-reduced version weighing 33.35 kg (73.5 lbs). That is a significant weight difference, turning an impossibly heavy doll into a fairly manageable one. Judging from the video, the body shape is exactly the same, but the center of balance is different as the two bodies had to be balanced differently. Many members of TDF speculated on how WM reduced the weight based on this video. Some predicted that most of the weight was reduced at the top of the body due to how the weight-reduced doll was leaning downward at the legs. Some also guessed that the new body will be firmer, but no one knows for certain. The first customers to order the new weight-reduced body will be the guinea pigs in WM Doll’s experiment.

Now that WM has the technology to reduce the weight of their dolls, it’s likely they will attempt to lighten their other existing bodies. JY Doll has already accomplished this with many of their models, although their weight-reduced bodies are noticeably firmer. Because weight is such an important and limiting factor when ordering a doll, many other manufacturers will probably follow this new trend. Lighter dolls will definitely benefit all doll owners in the future. Those heavy dolls you’ve been eyeing may be a manageable possibility a few months from now.

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