Trusted Sex Doll Websites

Trusted Sex Doll Websites

Buying a sex doll is not like buying something cheap from Amazon. A majority of top sex doll brands do not sell on Amazon, Ebay, or Aliexpress so it’s best to avoid buying sex dolls from those websites. Because top sex doll manufacturers specialize in production and designing rather than sales, their dolls are mostly sold through their distributors, usually known as vendors. As a distributor, vendors get a discount from the factories and can usually offer better prices and customer support than from buying directly from the factory.

Where Do I Buy a Sex Doll?​

With the rise in sex doll popularity, lots of new Chinese factories and stores have opened up recently selling imitation/counterfeit dolls. It’s harder to find a legit sex doll store than ever before. Counterfeiters will take photos from top brands such as WM Doll, and use it as their own. Cheap, imitation dolls won’t look the same as the photo, are made of inferior quality, and will fall apart fairly quickly.

I don’t recommend cheaping out when it comes to a sex doll. Sex dolls are not just for sex but also for love, companionship, cuddling, photography, and so much more. You want something that looks good, feels good, and lasts for years. That’s why it’s important to buy an authentic doll from the original manufacturers and designers.

How Do I Find a Trustworthy Vendor?

All of the sex doll stores listed below are TDF-approved vendors. They were rigorously vetted by the biggest and most trusted doll community on the internet (The Doll Forum). Having run my own sex doll store in the past, I know for a fact, that these companies are legit. The TDF community and I can both guarantee they sell authentic dolls at highly reasonable prices, and have the best customer service available. You simply cannot go wrong with any of these websites. I recommend visiting each one because they all have a slightly different selection of dolls.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to contact vendors! Feel free to email them and ask them anything!

Trusted Sex Doll Vendors

Silicone Lovers is currently our favorite sex doll vendor. With over 19 top brands to choose from, they have one of the largest catalogs out there. They offer both TPE and silicone sex dolls, and have very friendly and helpful customer service. Combine that with a huge selection of dolls at amazing prices, and you have an almost perfect sex doll store.

Sex Dolls Shop™ is a highly prestigious sex doll vendor to order from. They are Tom the Sex Doll Expert’s #1 recommended sex doll website, and offer an excellent selection of dolls at great prices. With incredibly fast and top-notch customer service, and 2-day shipping on some dolls, they are one of the safest and most trusted websites to order from. You simply cannot lose ordering from them.

The Doll Channel is the only vendor with an active and growing Youtube channel and community. They specialize in smaller sex dolls and can import dolls to their address and then ship it to you domestically to avoid customs issues. They also have in-stock dolls ready to ship in the USA. Not the prettiest website, but they have very affordable pricing, many in-stock wigs and accessories, and a points/reward program.

Silicon Wives has been in business since 2015. They offer popular TPE brands such as WM Doll, as well as some silicone brands like Sanhui. With years of sex doll experience, an easy to navigate website, and good customer service, they are a great, reliable website to order a doll from. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and make it easy to find the doll you’re looking for.

My Robot Doll is a trusted vendor that specializes in worldwide sales including Europe. They have a large selection of top brands, including more elusive brands such as MZR Doll, Aibei, and Aotume. They are the leading vendor for Sino Doll, and offer the hyper-realistic Top-Sino series. With excellent customer service, many satisfied customers on TDF, and very reasonable prices, they are a fantastic vendor to order from.

Sex Doll Genie is professional and trustworthy sex doll vendor. They have a huge selection of dolls including both TPE and silicone dolls, fast customer service, and a US shipping option (where they clear customs and then ship you the doll domestically). They are a fast-growing company with premium service. Their prices are a bit on the higher side, but their exceptional customer service makes up for it.

Sexy Sex Doll is a very popular TDF-approved vendor that ships worldwide. They have personally visited the factories of the brands they sell, and are highly experienced in sex dolls. They offer a huge selection of top brand dolls, provide excellent customer service, and have a special reward program to shop and earn points. You can use the points for discounts on future doll purchases.

Real Love Sex Dolls is one of the most popular and most trusted sex doll stores on TDF. They offer a great selection of WM Dolls, and are currently adding more brands such as Piper Doll. They are one of the oldest stores out there, yet continue to be one of the most modern. They also have great seasonal promos and deals often, so be on the lookout!

Don't Get Ripped off!

When it comes to sex dolls, there are two ways to get ripped off:

  1. Buying a cheap or counterfeit/imitation sex doll from an untrustworthy vendor.

As they say, “You get what you pay for.” Most dolls under $1000 (except for mini dolls) are not authentic top-brand dolls. Many stores sell cheap replica dolls using another company’s photos to trick customers. The dolls they sell will not look the same as the photo, are of inferior quality, and break quickly. More and more of these websites are popping up. A general rule of thumb is do not purchase a sex doll from Aliexpress, Ebay, or Amazon. Top doll manufacturers do not sell on any of these websites.

2. Paying overpriced for the same doll you can get elsewhere for less.

With the fear of getting scammed, many people are paying premium prices in hopes of getting an authentic doll. But why pay more for the same doll you get get elsewhere for less? Many trusted stores are taking advantage of people’s fears by raising their prices for extreme profits. Having run a sex doll store in the past, and from my relationships with top brand manufacturers, I can easily tell whether a store is legitimate or not. As long as you buy a doll from one of the websites I shared, you will always get an authentic doll at the lowest prices possible. 

Now that you know where to buy a sex doll, it’s time to start enjoying life again! Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

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  1. Jeff

    I am looking at a female love doll that starts at $400USD and up to $1000.00 USD. has small love dolls starting at $00 and upwards. TPE is cheaper than silicone and heard feels closer
    to human skin than silicone so will avoid the more expensive silicone love dolls. has the biggest selection of love dolls and masturbators I have ever seen but not sure if I can trust the photos.
    One other person suggested and
    All I know is I need to purchase a love doll from a website that is exactly as in photo and is bwtween $400 USD and $1000.00 USD. There may be some sites that have really big sales that may have a $2000.00 love doll for under $1000.00 but the main focus is on trustworthy sites that have a rnage of female love dolls under $1000.00.
    I think a mini love doll that has full body but much smaller in size would be a great option for a first time love doll to purchase.
    I am from Canada so do not mind the exchange rate since there are many more retailers from the USA than Canada.

    1. Steven

      Hi Jeff,
      All the websites you mentioned sell knockoff dolls. The brands in those photos (such as WM Doll and JY Doll) usually sell for over $1000. Those photos are stolen so the dolls they sell won’t look exactly like in the photos. “Big sales” that bring the price under $1000 simply don’t exist (except for mini dolls).
      Sex dolls are expensive. Unfortunately, there are no other ways around it. You could buy a smaller doll (that might be problematic in Canada) or buy a knockoff doll (which is always a gamble). Unfortunately, I can’t recommend any trustworthy websites that sell dolls for under $1000 because I don’t know any. Sites like that usually sell counterfeit dolls and if their business is built on a lie, can you really trust them?

      1. Jeff

        Hi Steven

        I did not expect a reply that soon thank you.

        According to a doll buyers guide2020 from sexdollalley the entry level sex doll brands are Generic. Price range from are from $349-$1500. The suggested website to find entry level sex dolls was price range $1000-$2000.

        At there are two categories for the lower price love dolls ‘mini sex dolls $400 upwards such as from 6YE and the next category above ‘petite real sex dolls sale prices from $750 to $720 and a Marilyn sex doll $820 sale price $720 by JY 158 cm.

        So do you strongly feel if I buy a love doll such as the Marilyn blonde love doll on by JY 158 cm that this love doll will not look exactly as in photo?

        Also the female feet are the most important feature to me of the love doll. I found this website.

        Do you strongly suggest I buy a silicone body mold of hips legs and feet or leg fetish toy of only the legs and feet that were molded from a real female human body if I do not want to spend more than $1000 for a female love doll?

        Since you mentioned the smaller love dolls might be problematic and a knockoff doll is always a gamble. I worry the most spending very close to a $1000USD or going over such as spending $1100 and the love doll will not look exactly as in photo and that will be a lot of money lost to me since I work very hard for my money and work for only minimum wage.

        Thanks again.

        1. Steven

          Sexdollalley is a vendor. That blog post is just a fancy way of promoting themselves over other sellers. They apparently sell both authentic and generic dolls. Personally, I don’t like that because what’s to say they won’t send you a generic and pretend it’s an authentic one? As for the JY, if you choose the authentic option and not the generic one, then you will supposedly get what you see in the photos. Contact them and ask for photos of the generic one to see how it compares.
          I don’t recommend that foot website you linked. The email on the bottom has a 163 domain, which is basically like a Chinese version of Alibaba. It’s possible to get something good and cheap on websites like eBay, Aliexpress, and Alibaba but only if you do extensive research first, and most of the time, you get what you pay for. What type of doll you buy is up to you and I can’t really answer that. There are torso dolls and leg dolls that are cheaper than a full doll. I recommend doing research and questioning sellers. If money is an issue, you shouldn’t make an impulse purchase, especially with all the sketchy websites out there.

          1. Jeff

            Thank you, Steven, for your help. That is a good thing for me to do is to ask for a photo of the Generic version to see how it compares to the authentic more expensive version.
            I was not aware of the foot fetish toy website having a 163 domain so I will listen to you and not buy from that website. I think I would trust Aliexpress more than Alibaba. By doing extensive research you probably mean I register at more than one doll forum to get other opinions, do company background checks such as the safety of shopping at that site and customer reviews of people who bought dolls from those sites, and questions to ask sellers such as how long they have been in business, their return policy and if the seller can provide any photos I request of the doll etc. You’re right I do not want to rush into this it is much better to take my time even if it takes until late Spring or Summer until I buy my first love doll. $1000USD is a lot of money to spend to find out it was a bad shopping experience with the doll not looking exactly as in photo and not being happy with the doll.
            If there is any more research you feel I should be doing and other questions I should be asking sellers to please let me know. This will get me another step closer to making my first purchase. I know one thing for sure. If a seller will not provide a photo of the Generic version or of the doll’s feet for example that I request than that is a red flag to me and I will avoid buying from this seller.

            Thank you!

            1. Steven

              I think you covered everything. Dollforum is a very good resource. It is a forum with thousands of people that have purchased dolls from all sorts of places. Googling something with dollforum at the end, such as “dolls under $1000 dollforum” will give you some good information. Searching on there can be useful too. Good luck.

  2. Matt

    Can be trusted? I want a doll but I can’t spend 1500.

    1. Steven

      Hi Matt,
      A lot of their dolls are knockoff WM Dolls. They will send you a doll, but it may not be good quality considering the low prices. You can try asking them for factory/warehouse photos to get a better idea of what the dolls actually look like. I know they are run by someone in the US, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the quality is good. If you are on a tight budget, you can check out the $500 KimberDoll.

    1. Steven

      Hi JZ,
      Both of them sell knockoff dolls. I recommend spending a little more on an authentic doll from a trustworthy website rather than gambling your money on a counterfeit doll.

        1. Steven

          Hi JZ,
          TenderDolls is very likely legit. I looked at their website many times in the past and everything looks correct. No red flags. I don’t have any personal experience with them though. HR Doll and OR Doll are both legit brands/manufacturers and those are their official websites, but it is better to order a doll through a vendor like TenderDolls for added protection and better customer service.

          1. JZ

            Hi Steven, thanks so much for your advice and input. Appreciate it 😊👍🏻

    1. Steven

      Hi JP,
      That is a 100cm WM Doll. That doll has been copied so much that you will find photos of it on almost every counterfeit doll website. Many trusted vendors don’t sell it anymore after some countries banned smaller dolls, and it’s also a little expensive for a 100cm doll. An authentic 100cm WM Doll costs around $800-1000. Sexdolls-shop sells it, but you may have to ask them about that specific head. TheDollChannel and most other vendors can also sell it, but most don’t have it listed.

  3. Maria

    Is this one Legitimate or a Scam?

    I’ve been noticing their products and most of them gives you a choice on what size of doll you want. Especially in a cheaper price. So I wonder if this is too good to be true.
    It says it takes place in Ohio, but what baffles me is that they share the same phone number as this Facebook company/account.
    I’m reluctant to call them or send an email, but is there any possibility if this is a legitimate seller or not?

    1. Steven

      Hi Maria,
      That About Us section is enough for me to stay far away from that website. They have very poorly written English, missing placeholder photos, their “Size Guide” and “Delivery and Returns” are copy-and-pasted templates for clothing.. There are just too many red flags. I definitely would not trust them. If you are interested in smaller dolls, I recommend TheDollChannel from my trusted vendors list.

    1. Steven

      Hi Dart,
      That site sells counterfeit/knockoff dolls. Most of their photos belong to brands like WM Doll and 6YE, but the brand is listed as “Ridmii” and says “Manufactured by Ridmii Dolls.” I never heard of Ridmii but those photos definitely don’t belong to them, and the prices in their US Warehouse section are just too low to be of any quality. They might send you a doll, but it will be a really cheap, counterfeit one.

  4. rick

    hi, do you know anything about shoppingdolls,com?? I found a doll there I want the price is right, but can not find anything about the company

    1. Steven

      Hi Rick,
      It looks like they are selling knockoff dolls. Some red flags include unrealistically low prices, lack of brand names, fake reviews, and one of their dolls has the “Aliexpress censorship icons.” If you post a link to the doll you like, I can try to help you identify the brand. Otherwise, I personally would not order from that website.

        1. Steven

          The first doll is a AF Doll 161cm L-cup with Head #92. The 2nd doll is a JY Doll 156cm officially known as “Yaritza”, but may be named differently by vendors. You can find AF and JY Doll on SiliconeLovers (you may have to contact them if they haven’t listed the exact model), or any other trusted website that sells AF and JY Doll. TheDollChannel sells AF Dolls at better prices but you have to contact them about the models you want. Good luck.

          1. rick

            thanks for the help

  5. Josh

    Recently purchased a wm doll from siliconlovers. Is that a company you vouch for? They seem to have really good customer service and I see you mentioned them at the start. It’s just a big investment and I’m making sure I’m trusting a reputable source.

    1. Steven

      Hi Josh,
      Yes, SiliconeLovers is a trustworthy company with good customer support. Not to be confused with SiliconLovers (without the “e”) which you typed. That is a completely different website. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact them and see how they reply. Also note that it is Chinese New Year right now, so all the factories in China are closed for most of February. There may be some delays in your order.

      1. Josh

        Yeah just mistyped. Thanks for the reply.

      2. Ryan sharp

        Hi Steven I feel badly hurt and ripped off my doll is completely broken in two first time buying a doll and I didnt know which site was good so sadly i went with blsd in china..bestlovesexdolls ..she has two broken ankles from falling over .after looking at her feet and they way that they were made I am baffled .they have no screws and cant be replaced..they simply took a wire and bent it into a U shape 🤨I asked for a refund as well they denied me and I am heart broken .as well the wigs were horrible hair constantly falling out it broke my vacuum lol.her eyelashes fell off instantly and her fingers are mangled also from when she fell over .could u maybe help me out because I cant even leave a review of the site.

        1. Steven

          Hi Ryan,
          Sorry you had to go through this experience. Bestlovesexdoll is indeed a seller of cheap, knockoff dolls. It sounds like they sent you a low quality doll with wired wrists and ankles, which is much cheaper than the standard hinged wrists and ankles. Depending on how you paid, you can try to get a refund or file a dispute/charge back through your payment method. I don’t know if it will be successful but they did sell you a counterfeit doll with stolen photos. You can also leave a review on their Trustpilot page, which already has some negative reviews. I hope everything works out for you. Your post will hopefully help new doll customers avoid their website.

  6. Jay

    Does anyone know if the dolls from are worth the money or are legit? I like the prices, the look of a few of the dolls (the irontechs for instance) and that they have UK saturday delivs. Don’t know if they are for reals though.

    1. Steven

      Hi Jay,
      Some of their dolls could be authentic like the Piper Dolls. However, I don’t trust their dolls listed as “Neojoy” or “Neodoll.” Those appear to be counterfeits based on the price and renaming of brands. For example, they don’t carry WM Doll yet many of their Neojoy/Neodolls use WM’s photos. You can try asking them about the Irontechs, but their Neodoll/Neojoy line seems suspicious to me.

  7. Kostwinder

    oke thanks 🙂

  8. Kostwinder

    I wanted to buy a doll on but I don’t know if they are legit. It is a lot of money and I want to get wat i ordered

    1. Steven

      Hi Kostwinder,
      I believe FairDolls is legit. I did not notice any red flags when I checked out their website in the past. However, I just looked again and noticed they added an in-stock dolls section, and the description there is copy-and-pasted from YourDoll’s in-stock doll section. That raises an eyebrow, and their in-stock doll prices also seem a little low, but I think they are probably legit.. All their regular dolls (not in-stock) have the correct brands, specifications, customization options, and pricing. I don’t have any personal experience with them so I can’t vouch for them, but they look legit to me.

  9. Pat

    Hey I appreciate your reviews, definitely helpful! I have recently ordered some flavored lubes from amazon and got a card/coupon for 2 sites that were not where I ordered the lubes from and do not sell on amazon. The sites are and I have been in contact with someone from and they have been very responsive and even offered me a couple hundred dollar discount as part of their “free doll/review” option. They ship from Asia and have bee upfront about the price and wait time when shipping by plane and when shipping by sea for multiple orders. They seem legit at least but I was curious if you had heard of them or had any experience? Thanks

    1. Steven

      Hi Pat,
      They are a knockoff doll seller. Basically, they sell cheap, imitations of the dolls in the photos. The photos don’t belong to them. Most of the photos belong to WM Doll. Their reviews are probably fake, and the prices aren’t even that good. You can get an authentic doll for just a little more. The quality is always a gamble with these sellers. It’s really up to you, but I wouldn’t expect a high quality doll from them.

  10. Steven, Is this a safe place to buy sex doll?

    1. Steven

      Hi Steven,
      From what I gathered, they sell cheap, non-brand dolls. I recognize some JY and SY Doll photos so some of their dolls are knockoffs. I personally wouldn’t order from them because they are a random, Chinese company with little to no information. You don’t know what you might get and whether they will scam you or not. They also sell on Aliexpress and have positive feedback, but a lot of the reviews on Aliexpress are fake so I still wouldn’t really trust them. The gamble and risk is up to you.

  11. Kevin

    Hi Steven,

    I have been looking at the 6YE dolls on the Silicone-Sexy-Dolls site, but haven’t seen many reviews of this supplier on TDF. Their prices are really low for many dolls. I think you use to have them as a suggested supplier. How is this company in terms of customer service?
    Thank you!

  12. JT

    Thanks for reply and your more question if I may. Their website allows you to customize mini dolls (head, body size/shape, heat, wigs,eyes,nails)for just small upcharge, based in China. They told me thru bot messaging (detailed English) the have a u.s company based in Massachusetts that can ship in stock ready to go dolls and be there in 3 days, customization process then air mail it can take 3-4 weeks. Drawbacks for u.s site is they only have one doll one style, no other options. Im going this route for affordability and lower risk should I not like them. Their appearance although cute are also slightly off putting. Anyways curious about your thoughts on what I’ve mentioned about customization vs u.s based, no variety/vanilla, and on the mini sex dolls themselves. Thank You

    1. Steven

      Most sex dolls are made-on-order because of the customization options. After choosing your custom options like skin tone, eye color, etc, they are manufactured and shipped from China which can take a few weeks. In-stock dolls ship faster because they are already made and can’t be customized. If you like the options on the in-stock doll, then you can go with the in-stock one for faster shipping. As for mini dolls, you can use a ruler/measuring tape to get an idea of how big they are. They are very small, and won’t look or feel like a real person due to their size. It’s more like a toy, but they have some advantages such as being lightweight, easy to move around, and easy to store. You may also want to check out TheDollChannel. I recommend them for smaller dolls.

      1. JT

        Ok man, I need you for one more review/opinion., they seem to have good reviews, they have similar names on ebay (less variety then website).
        Also your opinion on 4’7″ vs 5’1″ options.
        Note: website I mentioned at start is no longer up, so I’m really having reservations online now. Thanks Again

        1. Steven

          Racyme is a well-known, knockoff doll brand. They have been manufacturing imitations of WM Dolls for a long time. Most of their photos belong to WM Doll so they are not authentic, but many first-time buyers go with Racyme so they don’t break the bank. Racyme has been making dolls for so long that their quality might be ok. Not as good as an authentic WM, but it could be decent for a budget doll. You could also check out KimberDoll if you’re on a budget. As for the height, weight plays a big factor. Shorter dolls are usually lighter and easier to move around, but may seem a little short. Remember that dolls are deadweight and are much heavier than you think, but you should go with whichever one you like better.
          As for Ainidoll, they are still up. I think you put an “s” in their name by mistake.

          1. JT

            You’re definitely thorough, missed that and even checked twice 🤷‍♂️. Ok, well you’ve been alot of help, was leaning towards, they haven’t returned 2 messages I’ve sent one yesterday and one today. So I’ll wait and see I guess. Never knew the legwork involved in this process, its like looking for a car.

    1. Steven

      Hi Sebastian,
      They sell knockoff dolls. Their photos belong to various brands like WM Doll, JY Doll, and SY Doll, but they’re all listed as SEXDO brand, so they’re just selling copies/counterfeits of the dolls. The quality is really a gamble with knockoff dolls. For smaller dolls like these, I recommend TheDollChannel, which can be trusted.

      1. Sebastian

        Thanks for your reply, but i don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for a doll, do you know where i could get sex dolls for under 800$? (it can be torso dolls, small dolls, any dolls possible) Or, a website where i can finance the doll with PayPal (i could spend ~1200$ if it’s possible). I know it might not be possible but it would be wonderful. And, I live in Canada so Klarna isn’t available to finance the dolls.

        1. Steven

          Unfortunately, there aren’t many good dolls under $800. KimberDoll is a good doll for only $500, but I don’t think they ship to Canada. Tantaly is a popular torso company but I don’t think they ship to Canada either. From my understanding, small dolls are illegal to import into Canada, so it may not be possible to order a smaller, cheaper doll there. You can try contacting some Canadian sex doll vendors, but their prices tend to be expensive from what I’ve seen. Unfortunately, I can’t offer much advice since sex dolls are expensive and I don’t endorse any counterfeit websites. I don’t recommend gambling on a knockoff doll if you can’t afford to lose your money.

          1. Sebastian

            Thanks for your answer again. Is it every single small sex dolls that are illegal in Canada? I saw this one and i saw that customs agents inspect the shipment and if the doll looks like a child, you and the company that sells the doll can be in serious trouble. This doll is 100 cm but doesn’t look like a child to me, because she got big titties. What do you think ?

            1. Steven

              The problem is those laws are very vague. Countries like Canada, UK, and Australia have child-like sex doll bans but they don’t specify exactly what is considered a child-like doll. It is completely up to the customs agent to decide whether it is child-like or not. People usually recommend getting a doll over 140cm with big breasts and hips to avoid the child-like doll issue. According to SexDollCanada, the Piper Doll 100cm Iris is allowed in Canada because of her large breasts despite her height, so there is a gray area. It’s an annoying law due to its vagueness, and I’m not a legal expert. You can try asking SexDollCanada or a Canadian vendor. I live in the US so I’m not as familiar with the Canadian laws.

                1. Steven

                  Sexdolls-shop is a trustworthy vendor so you won’t get scammed. As for getting in trouble or not, I can’t really answer that. It would be best to contact Sexdolls-shop and ask them. They are also based in Canada.
                  There’s also a 80cm DH168 Shiori anime doll that is fairly affordable that you might be interested in that I forgot to mention. I don’t know if it’s allowed in Canada or not though.

          2. JT

            Stephen, need your opinion please. Is AiniDoll a legitimate website/company. Thank you sir.

            1. Steven

              Hi JT,
              I spoke with the owner of AINIDOLL before. They are a US company that focuses on selling cheaper dolls. Some of their dolls are knockoffs but they insisted that their dolls are good quality. I don’t have any personal experience with them so the gamble is up to you. You will receive a doll but I don’t know if the quality will be good or not.

            2. Greg

              Hi JT, I can share some personal experience with ainidoll. I placed an order later last month for a 100cm one with a voice option. I placed the order on Jan 21th and received the doll last Friday in Nebraska.

              She came packed in excellent condition. There were two or three small spots with just a little peeling but wipe it off and good to go. The doll is pretty close to the pictures online. Be sure to clean your doll with something like dawn dish liquid gently and dry completely. Use baby powder afterward to keep her smooth. It makes a big difference.

              The voice sensor is cool. She makes sounds when playing with her breasts, nupper thigh, and when you are in her. I’m not thrilled with the orgasm sounds. They don’t sound very believable but it’s still something. The surprise that the voice function can even answer some commands in English.

              One con is the lipstick and makeup are not permanent. They started out nice but were messed up after one use. I am not sure if other doll manufacturers using perm one or not. Maybe Steven can help to answer.

  13. Alvis

    Hi, do you know anything about I’m thinking they look like a scam, whois says they are registered to Alibaba in Beijing, they seem to have fake reviews, and the prices are probably too low.

    1. Steven

      Hi Alvis,
      They are probably not legit. The low prices, lack of brand names, and incorrect customization options are all red flags. They also have an unusually high amount of doll reviews despite having no online presence so the reviews are probably fake. They don’t seem trustworthy.

  14. Nick

    Hey Steven just wanted to get your opinion on an issue im having. Not really sure if it is an issue as of yet but I ordered a doll from Yourdoll 2days ago and spent a pretty penny on it but I’ve been trying to contact the company to confirm the purchase but can get ahold of them in any way. The phone numbers they have listed all say NIS and I’ve sent them a few emails. Should I be worried the doll will even arrive. Wish I would have found you sooner. Thanks

    1. Steven

      Hi Nick,
      YourDoll is a bit of a controversial vendor. They have sold knockoff dolls in the past but they seem to have gotten many authentic WM Dolls in-stock lately. Their lack of response may be because of the weekend, but if a vendor doesn’t reply within 1-2 business days, that’s always a bad sign. They are based in China so there could also be a time zone difference. The only way to contact them would be email, live chat, or maybe even in their section on Dollforum. I wouldn’t panic just yet. Let me know how it turns out.

  15. Chris

    Hey Steven, it’s Chris again. I’ve been doing a lot of research on different brands and I read somewhere that there’s a certain brand that is known for it’s realistic placement of the vagina. I can’t remember which brand it was and now I can’t find where I read it. Do you know which brand it is?

    1. Steven

      Hi Chris,
      You’re probably thinking of 6YE. Their Amor series is known for having an anatomically correct vagina placement.

  16. Bran

    I am looking for a ready to ship doll in America that I can get quickly.
    any suggestions on who I should buy from? there are so many

    1. Steven

      Hi Bran,
      Unfortunately, there aren’t too many trusted vendors with in-stock dolls in the US. TheDollChannel has some in-stock dolls but they mostly sell smaller dolls. YourDoll is a controversial vendor but they got a ton of dolls in-stock recently. If you decide to take a chance with them, note that all authentic WM Dolls come with an anti-fake code so that is one way to check. I know one of my readers received an authentic in-stock WM Doll from them (but that’s just 1 person so far). There’s also KimberDoll, and maybe SiliDoll ships from the US.

  17. Steph

    Hey Steven,

    I prefer some dolls from the manufacturers “SYDOLLS” and “IRONTEC” and I found myself completely unsure which shop is now trustworthy that sells these dolls.
    Would you like to take a look?

    Thank you

    1. Steven

      Hi Steph,
      SY Doll is not a good brand in my opinion. All their dolls are just copies of other brands’ dolls, but some trustworthy vendors do sell SY Doll. Irontech, on the other hand, is a good brand. SiliconeLovers sells Irontech dolls.

      1. Steph

        Oh – many thanks for your quick answer – what do you know/think about HR Dolls? There is one model I like as well but forgot to ask about in the first post. KANADOLLS.COM is the website I found them.

        Well – as like you can see – I am a newbie in this things – so I am so thankful about your help and knowledge.

        Could it be making sense to post the links to the models I like? So you could check where a thrustful seller can be found.

        Thank you =)

        1. Steven

          I’m not a big fan of Kanadoll. I found a lot of red flags on their website in the past so I don’t really trust them. HR Doll is made in the same factory as 6YE so their dolls should be pretty good quality. SiliconeLovers also sells HR Dolls.
          Yes, you are allowed to post doll links here and I can help identify or find the doll on a trustworthy website.

  18. Aligie

    Is Fluffer Toys a legit seller? Thanks

    1. Steven

      Hi Aligie,
      FlufferToys seems to be an Aliexpress seller by the name of SEXYE. Half their dolls are knockoff dolls and the other half I’ve never seen before. Their pricing is very inconsistent and I don’t really trust them. They look like a Chinese vendor of cheap, non-brand dolls, and the prices aren’t even that good.

      1. Aligie

        Thanks! What about

        1. Steven

          I don’t think TheFansDolls is legit. They used to be FansDolls and then later changed their name. Someone asked WM and 6YE if they were legit, and WM and 6YE said no (See here: They also offer the same wig and customization options for every brand doll which is a red flag. I think it’s better to avoid them.

    1. Steven

      Hi Chris,
      Yes. RealDoll is a well-known American sex doll manufacturer. Their dolls are expensive, but they are very high quality and made in the US.

    1. Steven

      Hi Dan,
      Beautiful-Dolls is one of the oldest vendors on TDF. They are probably legit, but they are based in China. I personally prefer Western vendors so I wouldn’t order from them, but they are probably fine. For more info, they have a TDF section here:

  19. Christian

    What exactly are the dangers in using counterfeit dolls? I’ve been looking for a mini one to be easier to store and move and the trusted sites you have mentioned do not have as deep a selection as these scam sites.

    1. Steven

      Hi Christian,
      It varies depending on the factory that makes them. Usually they won’t look exactly like the photos because the photos don’t belong to them. From what I heard, counterfeit dolls tend to have a stronger smell, weaker skeleton, firmer/harder TPE, skinnier body, and other issues. Not necessarily dangerous, just doesn’t look or feel as good (and may break faster). Some knockoff dolls might be good enough for the price. One reader told me his knockoff doll broke after 1 day while others are very satisfied with their’s. They all come from different factories so it’s hard to know which sites sell a decent one. It’s also hard to find real reviews on them. It ends up being a big gamble, but there can be good knockoff dolls out there. I just heard more negative stories than positive ones.

  20. Sam

    I looked all over these comments and didn’t see anywhere. Are they legit? They seem to have everything in order.

    1. Steven

      Hi Sam, should be legit. They have mostly good feedback on TDF. They carry a lot of brands but not all their brands are good, so just keep that in mind. Better to stick with the well-known brands.

  21. Michael

    what about is that good to go on

    1. Steven

      Hi Michael,
      YourDoll is a controversial vendor. They have sold both counterfeit and authentic dolls to people in the past. I don’t think they’re trustworthy because of this, but they could be legit nowadays. I’m not really sure since I haven’t heard much recent feedback on them, but it can go either way with them.

  22. Lasse

    Is bestlovesexdoll.COM legit?

    1. Steven

      Hi Lasse,
      They are not legit. They sell knockoff dolls and not even at good prices.. No brand names, deceptive sales tactics, fake in-site reviews, and negative reviews on Trustpilot. Not a good site to order from.

  23. Max

    Sexdollsoff Have you heard of this site? They look to have new and “clearance” dolls?

    1. Steven

      Hi Max,
      Sexdollsoff sells knockoff dolls. You may receive a doll but it may not be good quality. I found some negative reviews about them here: Dollforum link

  24. Michael

    Hi Steven,

    I was looking at a Cecilia doll from and was wondering if I should get it or get something else? Not looking to break the bank, but also want to get something good quality.

    Thank you, in advance, for your help and expert opinion.

    1. Steven

      Hi Michael,
      Sexindoll sells counterfeit dolls. Cecilia is a knockoff version of the WM Doll 157cm B-cup, Head# 162, which has many different photosets (including this blonde one). Unfortunately, you can’t really find good quality dolls under $1000 except for KimberDoll ($500) and smaller dolls. You can try looking around on some of the websites I recommend.

  25. Chris

    It’s very nice of you to take the time to answer out questions! Is California dolls legit? Or reallifelovedolls?

    1. Steven

      Hi Chris,
      California-dolls does not look legit to me. No mention of brand names despite most of their photos belonging to WM Doll. They even removed the WM Doll watermark from their photos. I’m guessing they sell knockoff dolls at very overpriced prices. There’s nothing “California” about this company other than the name. Reallifelovedolls is pretty much the same. They use stolen photos with no brand names. Both of these websites don’t look trustworthy.

      1. Chris

        Thank you very much. If you have a chance will you look at the reallifelovedolls site and tell me if you know of a legit source that sells the doll they have listed as “Wynter”. I really want to purchase that one, but not a knock off.

        1. Steven

          I looked at Wynter on the Reallifelovedolls website. My first thought was that it looks like an imitation of a WM Doll, and the photography looks like SY Doll, who makes copies of WM Dolls. Sure enough, I found her on SY Doll’s website: I’m not a big fan of SY Doll. They make imitation dolls and have mixed reviews. All their dolls are just copies of other dolls. If you’re looking for a similar-looking authentic doll, check out the WM Doll 157cm B-cup body and you can try looking for a similar-looking head. All the websites I recommend carry WM Doll.

          1. Chris

            Thank you VERY much for the info. I wish you a great New Year!

  26. Jacob

    Is joylovedolls legit?

    1. Steven

      Hi Jacob,
      JoyLoveDolls could be legit but I have never been a fan of them. They have misleading height options, and the prices you see are for the smallest body by default. The “x sold in the last y hours” is clearly fake and some of the reviews are sketchy. Again, they could be legit but I think there are better websites to order from.

      1. John

        What about are they legit

        1. Steven

          Hi John,
          They don’t look legit. They are selling non-brand/knockoff dolls using stolen photos from WM Doll, and their prices are way too low. There are also many red flags such as them claiming to have 300 employees, fake reviews (one of their reviews mentions another website), and there’s no way they have all those dolls in-stock in CA. They will very likely send you a random, low-quality doll that doesn’t match the photos. Their website doesn’t appear on Google at all like it was made very recently. Most of their content is also copy-and-pasted from other websites (I pasted some of their text into Google and found it on other websites). They seem very shady and I wouldn’t trust them.

  27. J

    Is real or will I waste more money?

    1. Steven

      Hi J,
      Ussextoy is a knockoff doll seller. I found many negative reviews about them on Trustpilot and BBB just from googling their name. Seems like a lot of customers didn’t receive their order and their support is very unresponsive. They don’t seem trustworthy. Also despite “US” in their name, they are actually based in China.

      1. J

        Yes me too. I’m getting really upset why are they so expensive and why are they so sketchy sites

        1. Steven

          Unfortunately, sex dolls are just expensive. Many people can’t afford one, which is why the counterfeit doll market is so big. There’s lots of knockoff doll sites targeting people with lower budgets. There aren’t too many options for a cheaper doll, except for KimberDoll and smaller dolls. I’m not sure what your budget is, but Dollto-China is a trustworthy Chinese vendor that tends to have slightly lower prices. You can also check out AF Doll and some other brands on TheDollChannel, which are a bit more affordable.

  28. Chris

    Hello. I need help with an advice regarding this website : or .
    Are they trustworthy? Is it too cheap to buy a 88cm torso doll for 600$ ? Thank you in advance and Happy Hollidays !

    1. Steven

      Hi Chris,
      Kanadoll doesn’t seem that trustworthy to me. Their prices are a little low and some of their dolls are labelled as the wrong brand. For example, all their Sino Dolls are labelled as the 6YE brand. Depending on the brand, many headless torsos sell for under $600., for example, has good torso dolls for much less than $600. I’m not too familiar with torso dolls but the ones with heads from brands like WM, Piper Doll, etc. tend to cost over $1000. Hopefully that helps. Happy holidays.

  29. J

    1. Steven

      Hi J,
      A few people asked me about Jiggley before. They are a pure scam website. They will send you a random cheap object instead of what you ordered. They are somehow related to Pridefulcolors, which are proven scammers.

      1. J

        How bout urdolls

        1. Steven

          Hi J,
          Some of the dolls on urdolls could be authentic, but I don’t really like them because of their misleading height options. They claim to be manufacturers that work with other manufacturers, which can be a red flag. It’s up to you but I don’t think their prices are good enough to be worth the risk. I couldn’t find any honest reviews about them online. The reviews on their website seem fake. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend them.

  30. Christian

    Hi, there’s a doll that i what from this website but don’t know if its legit, the price seem reasonable and i seen this doll in other websites but the reason i want to get it from this website is that they offer the doll in a smaller and or bigger CM in normal ( I’m thinking of getting it in 100cm) I tried checking out there social media pages but there direct me back to there website.

    1. Steven

      Hi Christian,
      Littlesexdoll doesn’t look legit to me. It looks like a Chinese vendor selling knockoff dolls. Your reason for choosing that site is actually misguided. Websites that have different height options on specific dolls are usually counterfeit sellers. The doll in the photos is a specific height and cannot be down-scaled. Choosing a different height gives you a completely different body (with different proportions) and can lead to “big head-small body” or “small head-big body” combinations. It’s misleading and I don’t trust websites that offer height options on specific dolls like that.

  31. corby

    Best advice for these whether or not to trust these sites? preferably a Canadian one.. canadasdolls

    1. Steven

      Hi Corby,
      I highly recommend Sexdolls-shop, which is Canadian. From your list, only SexDollCanada is legit. MySiliconeLoveDoll is probably legit, but I heard they have very poor customer service. Canadasdolls and Sexdollslab are not legit.

  32. John

    I am interested in Jarliet dolls.
    I found these websites and would please like to get your opinion. Are they legit?

    If not, do you know of a site that sells Jarliet?
    Thank you

    1. Steven

      Hi John,
      MyRealDolls might be legit but I don’t really like them since their customization options are wrong. I have mixed feelings on TheFansDolls. I remember a post on Dollforum where someone contacted WM and 6YE, and they both said FansDolls was not legit ( They also changed their name from FansDolls to TheFansDolls. That seems suspicious. Kanadoll is also hard to tell but their prices seem low so I don’t really trust them. The only legit websites I know that sell Jarliet are SexDollGenie, SexDollCanada, and Realistic-Love-Doll.

    1. Steven

      Hi Leonardo,
      Hanidoll sells some knockoff dolls and a lot of dolls I’ve never seen before. Their prices are low and they don’t really seem trustworthy. A lot of their dolls are the ALY brand ( As for DollXES, they make cheap dolls, which are supposedly decent quality (according to Ricky from TheDollChannel) but with some trade-offs like gooseneck and wire wrists. If you’re interested in DollXES, I recommend getting one through TheDollChannel. They will offer better customer service and buyer protection than ordering direct from the manufacturer. You can find DollXES in their dolls section.

    1. Steven

      Hi Daxon,
      Tenderdolls is probably legit. I looked at their website many times in the past and I don’t see any red flags. The brands, pricing, specifications, and customization options all look correct. They are probably safe to order from but I don’t have any personal experience with them.

      1. Peter

        Hey Steven ,
        Did that site ever come through ? Did ya get Xactly what u picked? about to make my first purchase:)
        Thanks eh _

        1. Steven

          Hi Peter,
          I think you replied to the wrong person. I did not order from them.

    2. Chris

      How did your order with Tender doll turn out? I’m going to order from them if you had good luck.

  33. Tim

    What do you know about the website, I ordered a doll on the 4th and as of today, the 10th, the only activity I’ve seen is an email from FedEx with a tracking number but the progress stops at “Label created”. Wondering if I’m getting scammed, too…

    1. Steven

      Hi Tim,
      77dolls sells knockoff dolls. They have photos of mostly WM Dolls but the prices are too low to be authentic. I think they will probably send you a doll, but it will be a knockoff of the photos. Did you try contacting them?

      1. Tim

        Yeah, they claim to have already shipped it out and keep blaming FedEx but when I called FedEx and gave them the tracking number, FedEx said the package was still with the seller… 77dolls emailed me and said if I haven’t received the doll by the 20th, they’ll issue a refund. I’m half tempted to tell them to do it now and buy a doll from somewhere else. It’s embarrassing to admit but I was hoping to have it before Christmas so I wouldn’t have to spend the holiday alone…

        1. Steven

          Hi Tim,
          Sorry to hear that. If you do decide to order from an authentic doll vendor, you might still not receive her by Christmas. There’s usually a production and shipping time that can take 2 weeks-2 months depending on the brand. If you want one fast, you have to find a vendor with in-stock dolls in your country.

  34. Brody

    What about

    Is this site trustworthy?

    1. Steven

      Hi Brody,
      Yourdoll has a sketchy history. One of my former customers received a counterfeit doll from them, but one of my recent readers received an authentic doll from them. They are a mixed bag, but many people have received counterfeit dolls from them in the past. I would say their history makes them untrustworthy, but it can go either way today.

  35. terry

    Hi there,

    Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions

    What can you tell me about the authenticity of this store:

    they seem to put a lot of time of there website and they specify brand/type


    1. Steven

      Hi Terry,
      FineLoveDolls is legit. They are based in China, which is why I don’t have them on my list, but they should be legit based on everything I read about them. I also spoke with them before and they seemed very knowledgeable and professional.

  36. William

    I believe that I am being scammed. I purchased a 158cm sex doll Sabrina on 11/27/20 from I paid $699.00 to Hong Kong Golden Wheat Digital Tech. Co. Limited by credit card. To date,12/03/20, the only thing they have done is make a UPS shipping label. I think I am being scammed!

    1. Steven

      Hi William,
      Sexindoll sells knockoff dolls based on their prices. Unless they have the doll in-stock, they are usually made-on-order and then shipped, so that might account for the delay. Or maybe it is just holiday delays. If you have a way to cancel and get a refund, that might be recommended, but I think they will send you the doll. Try contacting them.

      1. William

        Thank you Steven for your interest in my predicament. I hope this is not a scam. Although customer service has for the most part been ignoring me, the sex doll shipped by UPS on 12/04/20 from their California warehouse. It is projected to be delivered to me by 9:00 pm on 12/10/20. I will let you know when it shows up and what it looks like in comparison to what was advertised.

        1. Tyler

          Were you by chance scammed? I just ordered one from them and have been super nervous about it.

  37. Adam

    Didn’t see this one yet. Their prices seem low, but the rest of it lends me to believe there’s some legitimacy.

    1. Steven

      Hi Adam,
      There’s no I think you mean, which many people asked me about before. Unfortunately, I don’t know if their quality is good or not. The only person I’ve seen that ordered from them is this person on Reddit (here). For small dolls, I usually recommend TheDollChannel. They are trustworthy and based in the US, but they don’t have all those models.

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