Trusted Sex Doll Websites

Trusted Sex Doll Websites

Buying a sex doll is not like buying something cheap from Amazon. A majority of top sex doll brands do not sell on Amazon, Ebay, or Aliexpress so it’s best to avoid buying sex dolls from those websites. Because top sex doll manufacturers specialize in production and designing rather than sales, their dolls are mostly sold through their distributors, usually known as vendors. As a distributor, vendors get a discount from the factories and can usually offer better prices and customer support than from buying directly from the factory.

Where Do I Buy a Sex Doll?​

With the rise in sex doll popularity, lots of new Chinese factories and stores have opened up recently selling imitation/counterfeit dolls. It’s harder to find a legit sex doll store than ever before. Counterfeiters will take photos from top brands such as WM Doll, and use it as their own. Cheap, imitation dolls won’t look the same as the photo, are made of inferior quality, and will fall apart fairly quickly.

I don’t recommend cheaping out when it comes to a sex doll. Sex dolls are not just for sex but also for love, companionship, cuddling, photography, and so much more. You want something that looks good, feels good, and lasts for years. That’s why it’s important to buy an authentic doll from the original manufacturers and designers.

How Do I Find a Trustworthy Vendor?

All of the sex doll stores listed below are TDF-approved vendors. They were rigorously vetted by the biggest and most trusted doll community on the internet (The Doll Forum). Having run my own sex doll store in the past, I know for a fact, that these companies are legit. The TDF community and I can both guarantee they sell authentic dolls at highly reasonable prices, and have the best customer service available. You simply cannot go wrong with any of these websites. I recommend visiting each one because they all have a slightly different selection of dolls.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to contact vendors! Feel free to email them and ask them anything!

Trusted Sex Doll Vendors

Silicone Lovers is currently our favorite sex doll vendor. Because they aren’t as big as other TDF vendors, you will get some of the best customer service available. They respond almost instantaneously and are very friendly and helpful. Combine that with a good selection of dolls at amazing prices, and you have an almost perfect sex doll store. They offer TPE and Silicone sex dolls.

Sex Dolls Shop™ is a highly prestigious sex doll vendor to order from. They are Tom the Sexdoll Expert’s #1 recommended sex doll website, and offer an excellent selection of dolls at great prices. With incredibly fast and top-notch customer service, and 2-day shipping on some dolls, they are one of the safest and most trusted websites to order from. You simply cannot lose ordering from them.

Sexy Sex Doll is a very popular TDF-approved vendor that ships worldwide. They have personally visited the factories of the brands they sell, and are highly experienced in sex dolls. They offer a huge selection of top brand dolls, provide excellent customer service, and have a special reward program to shop and earn points. You can use the points for discounts on future doll purchases.

Silicone Sexy Doll is a great website to order from. They are TDF-approved, speak English and French, and have a huge selection of dolls and brands to choose from. They are highly experienced, have fast customer service, and good prices. Their dolls are authentic but they offer some lesser-known brands I don’t particularly like. Avoid the lesser-known brands they offer. Good site to buy silicone dolls.

Real Love Sex Dolls is one of the most popular and most trusted sex doll stores on TDF. They offer a great selection of WM Dolls, and are currently adding more brands such as Piper Doll. They are one of the oldest stores out there, yet continue to be one of the most modern. They also have great seasonal promos and deals often, so be on the lookout!

Don't Get Ripped off!

When it comes to sex dolls, there are two ways to get ripped off:

  1. Buying a cheap or counterfeit/imitation sex doll from an untrustworthy vendor.

As they say, “You get what you pay for.” Most dolls under $1000 (except for mini dolls) are not authentic top-brand dolls. Many stores sell cheap replica dolls using another company’s photos to trick customers. The dolls they sell will not look the same as the photo, are of inferior quality, and break quickly. More and more of these websites are popping up. A general rule of thumb is do not purchase a sex doll from Aliexpress, Ebay, or Amazon. Top doll manufacturers do not sell on any of these websites.

2. Paying overpriced for the same doll you can get elsewhere for less.

With the fear of getting scammed, many people are paying premium prices in hopes of getting an authentic doll. But why pay more for the same doll you get get elsewhere for less? Many trusted stores are taking advantage of people’s fears by raising their prices for extreme profits. Having run a sex doll store in the past, and from my relationships with top brand manufacturers, I can easily tell whether a store is legitimate or not. As long as you buy a doll from one of the websites I shared, you will always get an authentic doll at the lowest prices possible. 

Now that you know where to buy a sex doll, it’s time to start enjoying life again! Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

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  1. Billy

    Best site to purchase mini sex dolls?

    1. Steven

      Hello Billy,
      Unfortunately I am not an expert on mini sex dolls. Most trusted vendors do not sell mini sex dolls due to legal reasons. The only decent mini doll manufacturer I know is JM Doll: (However, I do not like their website at all)
      They have a Dollforum section here and they seem pretty popular:
      Otherwise, most brands have some mini sex dolls, but don’t advertise them and most vendors don’t carry them.
      DollHouse168 recently made a 80cm anime doll here: It’s very small but reasonably cheap.

  2. Jim

    Gemsexdoll??? What’s the best site for starter doll 500-800 dollars

    1. Steven

      Hi Jim,
      Gemsexdoll is a counterfeit/imitation doll seller as indicated by their incredibly low prices. If you have a very limited budget, I recommend looking into KimberDoll. They are legitimate and only cost $500, but they only have 1 design and cannot be customized. Otherwise, it is hard to find authetic high quality dolls at that price.

  3. Jimmy

    Hi. Just bought a doll from gemsexdoll Im guessing I just list all my money. The site will not let me login or reset my password. I cannot check my order status and I xant find a number and nobody will respond to me email.. how ling does it take for process and delivery?

    1. Steven

      Hello Jimmy,
      Sorry to hear you are going through this. Gemsexdoll is indeed a counterfeit/imitation doll seller as indicated by their incredibly low prices. Because of the Covid-19 situation, it can take as long as 1-2 months to receive your doll. If they don’t respond to you for days, I would try to get a refund somehow. Customer service is very important when buying a sex doll.

  4. Bailey

    Also is ESDOLL legit cause ive seen these dolls befor and there so much cheaper on this site

    1. Steven

      Hello Bailey,
      Esdoll is not legit and sells counterfeit/imitation dolls.

  5. Phil Mattar

    Hey Steven,
    Appreciate the quick reply.
    Yes, it was definitely spelled as ‘USSexDoll’, I’ve tried to find it again with also no results– it speaks for itself I guess as a counterfeit. I found Usexdoll in the UK, but that wasn’t the one.
    Not to worry, no loss.
    Thanks for your comments though, Phil

  6. Phil Mattar

    Hi Steven,
    Wondering if you have heard of the doll company, USSEXDOLLS and if they are the real deal? It looks American based, but the contact address is for here in NSW, Australia-no phone number. Possible flags I can see are the very low AUD prices, no brands mentioned for their dolls that I’ve seen as brands on other sites, and also that they sell mini dolls, I assume from the Australian warehouse which are illegal in Australia, & no contact number.
    I’d appreciate your opinion, thanks.

    1. Steven

      Hello Phil,
      I googled “USSEXDOLLS” and didn’t get any results. Do you mean “Usexdolls”? Usexdolls has very low prices and is clearly a counterfeit/imitation doll seller. I don’t know if this is the website you were referring to, because there is no mention of Australia. Was it this website or a different one?

      1. James

        Hello Steven-

        I came across this sex doll site recently (love dolls 4U). Do you know anything about this company? I see a phone number is listed on their site so that may be a sign of legitimacy. No reviews anywhere though

        1. Steven

          Hello James,
          That is a very obvious counterfeit site. The prices are far too low and their specifications not correct. For example, they have photos of a WM Doll 166cm C-cup doll, but the specifications are wrong and it doesn’t have a 166cm height option. These are clearly counterfeit/imitation dolls.

      2. Bailey

        Hey Steven im on a tight budget and wanna know a doll i can get thats 150cm to 160cm for around 500 to 900? Also is sili doll website legit

        1. Steven

          Hello Bailey,
          Silidoll is legit. The cheapest legitimate doll you can find at that size is called KimberDoll ( KimberDoll is 158cm and only costs $500. The reason they are so cheap is because they are mass produced and only come in 1 head and body option (no customization), but they are decent quality.

  7. Damien

    Hello Steven.. I really want to buy a doll from silicone-sexy-doll but I saw someone post about customer service not getting back to them.. Also they have about 4 dolls I’m interested in.. 3 of the 4 are about $500 cheaper than another site you also have on your list..Is that to good to be true? I really want one of those dolls and other sites on your list don’t have them.

    1. Steven

      Hello Damien.
      Which dolls are you interested in? Silicone-Sexy-Doll is a legitimate vendor but it’s true that their customer service is slower than some of the other sites I have listed. As far as I know, their customer service is good, just slow. If it’s cheaper, that’s probably because they’re taking lower profit margins, or the other site just raised their prices, but I would also like to know which dolls you’re looking at. Silicone-sexy-doll has some cheaper, lesser-known brands that I don’t like. Maybe you’re looking at one of those?

    2. Damien

      Hey Steven.. Thanks for the response.. Most of the dolls I’m interested in are WM.. One is Charlotte and another is Maya.. But I decided to go with Siliconelovers instead of Siliicone-sexy-doll even though they are about $500 more.. But I would like your opinion on what you think?

      1. Steven

        Hello Damien,
        SiliconeLovers and SexDolls-Shop are currently my two favorite vendors. They have the fastest and best customer service I’ve experienced. I looked at the dolls you mentioned on SiliconeLovers and it doesn’t look like it costs $500 more. Siliconelovers has a promotion right now. With the code, LOVE, you get 15% off and a free 2nd head. That actually makes it cheaper than silicone-sexy-doll, unless I’m looking at the wrong doll.

        1. Damien

          Hello Steven.. I’m pretty sure you are looking at the right doll.. You’re right it’s actually a better deal if I think about it.. Have you always got what you expected when you’ve bought from Siliconelovers? It’s my first doll and I’m just being very careful and I just want a good first experience with a vendor I can trust so I can keep on doing business with them..

          1. Steven

            Hello Damien,
            I understand your concerns since sex dolls are quite the investment. Lou and Stu from SiliconeLovers have always come through for me, and you will always get an authentic doll from them. They are very hard-working people and still reply almost instantly via their live chat. Just remember that they are there to serve you, and not the other way around. Don’t hesitate to email or chat with them if you have any questions. One of the things I like about SiliconeLovers is they always have your back, and their customers always come first. They told me one of their customers teared their doll’s vagina very early on, attempted to fix it and made it much worse, and so SiliconeLovers sent them another replacement body free of charge. That is the definition of amazing customer service. They are willing to do whatever it takes, even taking a big loss, to satisfy all their customers. That is why I recommend them so highly.

          2. Damien

            Thank you Steven.. I appreciate the reasurance.. I’ve really been paranoid about the whole process of ordering from the wrong people.. They sound like an awesome vendor.. They got what I want so I’m definitely going to be ordering from them.. Also I was wondering about the names to the dolls.. Why do you see the same doll with different names on different sites?

          3. Steven

            Hello Damien,
            Some brands name their dolls and some don’t. WM Doll is one of the brands that don’t name their dolls. They simply number their heads, which results in the vendors naming the dolls themselves. This is why dolls (usually WM Dolls) have different names on different websites. They are the same dolls, just with different names chosen by the vendor.

  8. Mike

    Thanks Steven

    I found it as separate units. The scam sites had the body and head pair I wanted. Ended up being H cup Katrina body with an Aisha head. Now to shop the legit sites. Sexdollcanada worked out to 2150$, probably the cheapest I’ll find unless I skip upgrades.

    1. Steven

      Hello Brendan,
      Beautiful-dolls is a TDF-approved vendor so they are probably legitimate. However, they are based in China and I usually don’t like the China-based vendors. They tend to be a bit sketchier despite being TDF-approved. A China-based TDF vendor scammed one of my customers before.
      The reason that doll is so cheap is because it is a smaller size (130cm) and it is from an unknown, and probably cheap, brand called ALY Doll, which I never heard of before. I don’t have any experience with ALY Doll, but based on the price and unknown brand, I would assume the quality is not very good.

  9. Mike

    Is or legitimate

    1. Steven

      Hello Mike,
      Joy Love Dolls is not a legitimate sex doll store. They are a known imitation/counterfeit doll seller. might be legitimate. I don’t like how they have body size/height options for each doll. Most legitimate vendors will not have that option, but I don’t really see any other red flags. They can go either way. They have a brand called RSD doll that is sketchy and I would not recommend (basically named after themselves). Since they only sell WM Doll and YL Doll, I would rather get one from a trusted website, but they could be legitimate. The risk is up to you.

      1. Mike

        Thanks for the reply. The only doll head I want doesn’t show up in many other places :(.

        1. Steven

          Hello Mike,
          Can you send me a photo or link of the head/doll you’re interested in? I will see if I can help you find it.

  10. Allen

    Is Sexdollcanada a reputable site/company? Their website seems on the up and up and the prices of their dolls also seem to be in line with other site that you have recommended. Thank you for your reply

    1. Steven

      Hello Allen,
      Sexdollcanada is a legitimate website. They are safe to order from.

  11. Matias

    Hello Steven, thanks for your time to reply. What is your opinion for AFdoll brand? is a good value?

    1. Steven

      Hello Matias,
      AF Doll is a TDF-approved manufacturer and they sell pretty affordable dolls, but I’m personally not a huge fan of them. I remember reading some bad reviews of their dolls back then, and even saw them selling some imitation dolls at one point, but I don’t know if they have gotten better or not. They have a section on Dollforum:
      They seem to have good reviews there and so maybe they are better now. They are one of the more affordable brands. I’m a bit hesitant to recommend them because of their past, but judging from their TDF forum section, their quality has probably improved since then. If a trusted vendor offers their dolls, then you’ll be in good hands.

  12. Pete

    What about are they legit?

    1. Steven

      Hello Pete,
      I took a look at their site and they are definitely not legit. They have unrealistically low prices especially on the WM Doll “Jasmine” doll, which usually costs $1800+. You will never find it for $1200. Most of their photos are of WM Dolls but the prices are just far too low, which shows that they are not authentic. Most of these dolls (if authentic) would cost around $1500-$2000+. Also they do not mention WM Doll or any brand name which further confirms they are selling counterfeit dolls. I would avoid them.

  13. Devin

    How about I already purchased from them and wish I had looked into more beforehand because they are starting to seem sketchy to me now. Thank you so much for your help.

    1. Steven

      Hello Devin,
      I personally would not purchase from oksexdoll. I looked at their site and the first thing I noticed was very bad grammar, and their doll titles are written like on Aliexpress (a site full of counterfeit dolls). The prices are also all over the place. Some of the dolls are priced way too low, and other ones are overpriced. Very inconsistent pricing. I looked at their Reviews section and noticed that many of the reviews are duplicated on different dolls (big red flag). The famous redhead WM Doll is listed as the wrong height (could just be a typo). Bad grammar, odd pricing, and fake reviews are enough for me to avoid them. You’re right that their website seems sketchy. I personally would rather order from one of my trusted websites. If you already ordered from them, you can try contacting them and asking them some questions; maybe even cancelling the order if it’s not too late. They could be legit but with all the red flags, it’s not worth the risk in my opinion.

      1. Devin

        Thank you so much for the quick and informative reply. I’ll definitely try to cancel and order from Silicone Lovers, as they have what I tried to order listed on their website as well. Hopefully I don’t have any issues getting my refund & wont have to worry about getting a legitimate doll anymore!

  14. Eric

    What do you think of the seller queen sex doll on alibaba?

    1. Steven

      Hello Eric,
      You should never buy a doll from a marketplace website like Alibaba, Aliexpress, Amazon, or Ebay. These sites are full of counterfeit and imitation dolls, which is why they are so cheap. Top brand manufacturers do not sell on any of those websites. The photos you see there are stolen, and you will not receive the doll pictured in the photos. I recommend investing in an authentic doll for the best possible doll experience, rather than buying a cheap, counterfeit one that looks bad, feels bad, and breaks easily.

  15. Steven Johnson

    Hi Steven here. Not many of us use our full names it’s kinda cool running into someone that does, and it is with a V if you say SteVen right? lol. Sorry kinda off topic, so my real reason for posting here. I am doing my due diligence, but am unable to find much on this particular website. They seem fine and have even contacted me personally. Of all the websites I have signed up for they have been the only one. The only thing that worries me is they seem like they are in an awful hurry to seal the deal. The site is I have seen their work, and it looks ok. Also of all of the websites I have been to, they are the only ones to offer Yellow skin for their Asian type dolls. any insight would be appreciated, thank you.

    1. Steven

      Hello Steven,
      SM Doll is a legitimate sex doll brand. They are actually pretty popular, but for some reason, I never paid much attention to them. I received some messages from them too, I believe that is just their advertising strategy. They are a TDF-approved manufacturer and you can find their forum section here:
      They seem pretty active so that’s a good sign. I just don’t know too much about them so that forum section should be helpful to look through. It looks like SiliconeLovers (one of our trusted vendors) is having a big sale on SM Dolls (15% off and a free head). Seems like a good deal, but again, I don’t know too much about SM Doll right now. I would highly recommend ordering from a trusted vendor rather than from the manufacturer themselves. The vendors have much more leverage, and can help you ensure the highest quality control and customer service. Your personal information is also safer with a vendor. Good luck.

  16. Phil Mattar

    Hi again Steven,
    I’ve drawn on your recommendation, and decided to order a great doll from Silicon Sexy Doll-the last doll site you listed on this page as a trusted legit vendor to buy from. She’s a 158cm TPE Japanese doll. The brand is Maiden Doll.A couple of things I remembered you said to look out for when looking for a trusted site was if the price was too low for the doll and to see how quick the online support returns an answer to sent queries.
    The price is fantastic at AUD $1476.85-a bit too fantastic? And I have sent the same message twice to online support chat in regards to the doll, but have not heard back from them which has been well over 6 hours. Are these red flags at all?? Being one of your listed sites but now with a bit of confusion in there, not sure whether to go ahead with the purchase. Would really appreciate your opinion.
    Thanks Phil M

    1. Steven

      Hello Phil,
      Thanks for letting me know. I am certain Silicone Sexy Doll is a legitimate vendor. However, I have removed them in the past because of the lower tier brands they offer. I only recently added them back after some discussion with them but I tell my readers to avoid their lesser-known brands. I personally would not order Maiden doll or any of these cheaper brands. Silicone-Sexy-Doll ships worldwide but is based in France so perhaps time zone differences played a role. I know they are very busy at the moment with tons of orders. Vendors with the fastest customer service at the moment are SiliconeLovers, SexDolls-Shop, and SexyRealSexDolls.
      If you are ever uncertain about your purchase or the vendor does not respond, then do NOT make the purchase. Customer service plays a big role in sex doll purchases in my opinion. I will have to relook at Silicone-Sexy-Doll. I noticed that due to the COVID-19 situation, many of the bigger/older trusted sites have been overwhelmed and have become very slow in responding. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Again, if you ever feel uncertain, then listen to your gut. If you live in Australia, Sex Doll Australia is a very good choice. They are a TDF-approved vendor.
      As for Silicone-Sexy-Doll, they sell authentic dolls. If you order a WM Doll, you will get a WM Doll. If you order a “Maiden Doll,” you will get a “Maiden Doll.” On one hand, they sell authentic dolls, but on the other hand, they offer lesser-known brands that are of lower quality (Their problem is they try to add every brand in existence..), which is why I tell my readers to avoid their lesser-known brands. I may have to remove them again if this becomes a problem.

      1. Phil Mattar

        Thanks Steven for your advice on the Maiden doll issue-much appreciated.
        Regards, Phil M

  17. Phil Mattar

    Hi Steven,
    Sorry, I meant to also include DollsClub for your opinion in my first message. They seem ok as prices aren’t super low and they do mention doll brands.
    More interested in what you think though.
    Thanks again
    Regards, Phil

    1. Steven

      Hello Phil,
      I looked at their site and I personally would not order from DollsClub. The biggest red flag I noticed is they have different height options for their dolls including the WM Dolls they offer. You will never see this “height option” on a legitimate sex doll store. This is something counterfeit sellers do on Aliexpress. The dolls in the photos should only come in 1 size. Yes it is possible to mix and match heads with different bodies but WM Doll, for example, have dozens of bodies of different heights and Cup sizes, such that the few “height options” they offer on their doll pages doesn’t cover all that. The “height options” is a big giveaway to me not to trust their website. I’m sure there are some other red flags as well, such as the customization options are not fully correct for the WM Dolls.

  18. Phil Mattar

    Hi Steven,
    First, if it wasn’t for this site and your knowledge, a lot of us would be making some very costly mistakes-so a massive “thanks mate!”
    Just wanted to know your opinion & advice on SexDolls Australia, if you’re familiar with them, are they legit?

    1. Steven

      Hello Phil,
      Sex Doll Australia is a legitimate store. From what I’ve seen, they have actually visited the factories of the dolls they sell, and everything on their site in terms of brands, pricing, and specifications appear correct. Their prices are a little on the higher end, but they are definitely a trustworthy website to order from.

  19. Allen

    Is True Touch dolls a legitimate company? Thank you for your reply

    1. Steven

      Hello Allen,
      I took a quick glance at their site and I personally do not trust them. A few important things I noticed are: 1) They don’t mention the brand name for some of their dolls such as the ones from WM Doll. 2) The wig choices for the WM Dolls are not correct. 3) The specifications switch between inches and cm for different dolls. 4) There are many fake reviews that are easy to tell. That’s just a few things I noticed so far. Since their prices aren’t anything special, it would be safer to go with a website on my trusted list in my opinion.

  20. Ryan

    Have you ever had any experience with or do you have thoughts about

    1. Steven

      Hello Ryan,
      ESDoll is an imitation doll manufacturer. This is easy to tell because of two factors. 1) Their prices are unrealistically low. 2) They have doll photos from top brands like WM Doll, JY Doll, etc. but specifically state that their dolls are “Manufactured by ES Doll,” and that they have their own factory. This means they are creating imitation dolls of top brands because they are not the true factory of those brands, so the quality will be much worse than an authentic doll. If you want to risk it, it is up to you but I would rather pay a little more for an authentic doll.

  21. James Linehan

    Do you have a list of all the manufactures of these different dolls so we can check out the manufactures whether or not their dolls or sold on different sites are legitimate

    1. Steven

      Hello James,

      On our front page, I have listed some of the most popular sex doll brands, such as WM Doll, JY Doll, 6YE, etc. It may be possible to contact these manufacturers to inquire whether a certain site is an authorized distributor or not. It’s not always that easy which is why I have been putting together a list of trusted websites to order from.

  22. Blake

    Have you had any experience with

    1. Steven

      Hello Blake,
      I never heard of Bethdoll before but I took a look at their website and they seem legitimate to me. Well-designed website, reasonable prices, accurate specifications and customization options for the different brands, and fast customer service via live chat. Better than most sites I’ve seen. I cannot personally vouch for them because I have not interacted with them much, but they seem legitimate from my quick glance at their site. Likely safe to order from. I recommend asking them a bunch of questions! Good luck.

  23. Larry

    Do you have any knowledge on Vealove and are they legit

    1. Steven

      Hello Larry,
      Vealove is definitely a counterfeit seller. Their prices are ridiculously low. They are offering the 166cm WM Dolls, and other WM Doll for way too little ($1000 vs $1700+ of a real 166cm doll). You cannot find these prices on any authentic doll website. That alone is the biggest red flag that this website sells counterfeit dolls, along with no mention of brand names, and their About section mentions that they have their own factory, yet their photos are taken from WM Dolls and other top doll brands.

      1. Larry

        Thank you for the tip

  24. William

    I’ve been looking forward to a sex doll particularly from KNETSCH on AliExpress. Tax season just came around and I’m willing to purchase it; however, I just want to be 100% sure I’ll be getting my money’s worth ($800+, shipping included). Big investment and I’d rather NOT lose that money for a fake doll or a doll that simply falls apart, lol. Hope you can give me some advice on KNETSCH, Steven.

    1. Steven

      Hello William.
      I do not recommend buying a sex doll from AliExpress. 99.9% of the dolls on AliExpress are imitation/counterfeit dolls. That’s why they are so cheap. Authentic dolls, will unfortunately, cost a lot more than $800. When you buy from KNETSCH, you are buying an imitation of what you see in the photos. Most of the photos they use are from WM Doll and JY Doll. You might get an ok imitation doll from KNETSCH since they are one of the more well-known counterfeiters, but the quality won’t be nearly as good as an authentic doll. If your budget is truly limited and you really want a sex doll, you might want to check out KimberDoll. They only have 1 doll option (so you either like the appearance or you don’t), but it only costs $500 and will be much better than what you get from KNETSCH. KimberDoll is legit. Alternatively, you can spend a little more on an authentic doll from brands like WM Doll, JY Doll, etc.

      1. William

        Thanks, Steven. I had a feeling KNETSCH wasn’t legit. I had recently copied one of the photos from the doll I wanted to purchase from them and did a reverse image search. I found that the doll I wanted is offered on WM Doll for more, but anything to get my money’s worth is good.

    1. Steven

      Hello Michael,
      A few other people have already asked me about this site. I am quite certain that bestlovesexdoll does not sell authentic dolls. For example, the 166CM WM Dolls they offer are at an impossibly low price. In addition, they do not mention brand names, have fake reviews, unrealistically low prices, and many other red flags. I am quite certain that they sell imitation dolls and I personally would not order from their website.

  25. Michael

    What are your thoughts about they seem okay to me haven’t bought from them yet just thought I’d ask a expert hope to hear from you soon.

  26. Jay

    What are your thoughts on

    1. Steven

      Hello Jay,
      This is definitely a counterfeit/imitation doll site. Unrealistically low prices, lack of brand names, fake reviews, etc. The easiest way to tell is that they have photos of WM Dolls for half the price, which is extremely unlikely. These are low quality, cheap imitation dolls.

  27. Jeff

    Thoughts on this website? I’m not sure how I feel on this one maybe a second opinion can help, thanks!

    1. Steven

      Hello Jeff,
      I don’t entirely trust their website. They claim to be an authorized distributor of JY Doll, but the 100cm dolls they offer are photos of WM Dolls. Most of their collection are JY Doll, but the way they show the same doll photos for different sizes seems sketchy to me. If you are interested in the JY Dolls they offer, I would rather get it from JY Doll themselves ( This way, you at least know you are getting an authentic doll, and the official JY Doll website has a larger selection of dolls to choose from.

  28. Jake

    is ok

    1. Steven

      Hello Jake,
      I am pretty sure bestlovesexdoll sells counterfeit/imitation dolls. They have unrealistically low prices, don’t mention the doll brand despite using WM Doll photos, have height options on doll page (which authentic dolls do not have), fake reviews, etc. These are just a few indicators to me that this site is not trustworthy. You might receive a sex doll from them, but it will likely be a low quality counterfeit/imitation one.

      1. Jake

        Thanks for the info unfortunately I was in over my head a bit when first looking and already ordered from them on January 31st. I guess I’ll see how bad it turns out.

        1. Soul

          How bad did it turn out?

  29. Steve

    Is legit? The site kind of Gives off a sketchy feel to me.

    1. Steven

      Hello Steve,
      I took a quick look at their site and there are a few red flags that I noticed.
      1. They have photos from brands like WM Doll and JY Doll but their product page does not mention the brand name.
      2. Their titles and descriptions have poor English and grammar.
      3. They have young-looking dolls that will probably get you in trouble with customs (especially in the UK).
      For those reasons alone, I probably wouldn’t order from them. Plus you can find better prices on an authentic doll from one of my trusted sites. Good luck.

  30. Eli

    Is trusted?

    1. Steven

      Hello Eli,
      I took a look at their site and I personally would not order from Some red flags I noticed immediately from their website:
      1. Prices are unrealistically low.
      2. They use photos of top brands such as WM Doll, JY Dolls, etc. but the listing does not show the brand name.
      3. The dolls have height choices on the product page, which is a high indication of counterfeit dolls. (Authentic dolls do not have height options, only different heads for different bodies)
      Just from those red flags alone, I’m pretty sure they sell counterfeit/imitation dolls and I would not recommend ordering from them.

  31. Matt

    Any one delt with lovedoll uk they seem to be the cheapest prices for what seen real dolls. Have good reviews on trust pilot aswell but are they genuine dolls.

    1. Steven

      Hello Matt,
      LoveDoll UK is a legitimate sex doll seller that specializes in the UK and Europe. They are TDF-approved so they should be safe to order from. You have find their Dollforum section here but there aren’t too many reviews:

  32. Eric

    What do you think of they look pretty legit and was the first site I found. Your response appreciated. I am first time buyer thanks!

    1. Steven

      Hello Eric,
      Siliconwives has been around for a long time and they sell authentic dolls. They are safe to order from. The only reason I don’t endorse them is because I find their dolls to be a little overpriced. You will find most of the same dolls on my trusted sites at a slightly lower price. Siliconwives doesn’t offer anything special or extra for their higher prices, but they are definitely safe to order from.

      1. Matthew

        I appreciate all your replies man you are truly a cool guy, there’s a guy that says he gets all his dolls from here but before I ordered from here I just wanted to know if they are legit. Thanks for reply, cheers.

        1. Steven

          Hello Matthew,
          I know who you are talking about and I have some familiarity with this website. I am pretty sure they are a legitimate store selling authentic dolls. They should be safe to order from. The only thing I don’t like about them is that their dolls are overpriced compared to the websites I recommend. You essentially pay more for the same dolls. However, if you can find a good deal on their site, feel free to order from them.

        2. Cory

          What are your thoughts on Feel like I have been scammed

          1. Steven

            Hello Cory,
            Racyme is the most famous counterfeit/imitation doll seller. They steal photos from brands like WM Doll and sell you imitations of the doll. You will get a doll, but it won’t be an authentic one, meaning it won’t look exactly the same, and the quality will be noticeably worse. It’s one of those “you get what you pay for” situations. It might be good enough to play around with as a first doll, but I personally think it’s money wasted that could have gone toward a genuine doll.

  33. Matt

    How about whats their reputation like

    1. Steven

      Hello Matt,
      Out of all the counterfeit sex doll sellers/manufacturers, Racyme is the most popular and famous. They make counterfeit/imitation dolls and use other brand’s photos (mostly WM Doll) so their dolls won’t look exactly like the photos. However, they are probably one of the better counterfeit manufacturers, meaning their dolls are at least passable quality. The doll won’t look or feel nearly as good as a real WM doll, but if you can’t afford a legit sex doll and don’t care too much about quality, Racyme is worth a try, only because they are one of the better counterfeit manufacturers. I still would not recommend them though.

      1. Matt

        Awesome thanks for the reply. Just to add a bit,
        I ordered one of them, I was told 3-5 days free delivery. However i was then emailed to say due to spring festival it will be near 3 weeks untill delivery.
        Having read your review i cancelled the order and they immediately refunded me the full amount. Communication and customer service from them was superb.

        1. Steven

          Hello Matt,
          I’m glad I could help out. Racyme dolls are cheap and low quality but can be a good doll for beginners who want to learn the basics of owning a sex doll without spending too much. If you are serious about getting a sex doll, it’s better to spend more on an authentic top brand doll. They will look and feel so much better.
          As for the spring festival, that is actually true for most sellers, including the legitimate ones. 99% of sex dolls are manufactured in China, even top brand ones like WM Doll. China celebrates Spring Festival, also known as Chinese New Year, for several weeks and all factories and stores are closed during this time. Things should be back to normal some time in February, but until then, all sex doll orders during this period will be delayed.

          1. Matt

            Yeah im glad i had your review i would rather spend more and get the real deal to be fair. Im from the uk where would you recommend i purchase from for a quality doll what looks like the photos.

          2. Steven

            Hello Matt,
            I would highly recommend SiliconeLovers.
            They sell authentic dolls from top brands and they are also based in the UK. They are extremely responsive so be sure to email them or use their live chat. They will take good care of you. Good luck.

  34. Antonio

    Hey steve

    How about Basically silidoll

    1. Steven

      Hello Antonio,
      Asexdoll is the English website for the sex doll manufacturer, SiliDoll. They are a legitimate sex doll manufacturer and are TDF-approved. I haven’t ordered from them personally but I have heard good things about them. Their quality seems good and their prices are affordable. The only con is that their dolls are all pre-configured, meaning you can’t customize them, but they do ship fast because they have a USA warehouse. You can find their section on Doll Forum here to read some customer experiences: Good luck.

  35. Ryan

    Hi. I was wondering if you’ve heard about before? I think they look okay, but I’m not sure

    1. Steven

      Hello Ryan,
      I looked at their website, and I definitely would not order from them. Everything is wrong about their site. They have attractive photos, but you’re 100% not going to get what’s in the photos. Their descriptions are inconsistent. One doll title mentions “inflatable,” two descriptions says it’s a 12 inch figure, and all the descriptions are in a different font and style, which makes it look copy and pasted. They say they are a Japanese beauty company but their Facebook page shows their address in China. Bad grammar, lack of customization options, “12 inch figure” in the descriptions, unrealistic pricing, and major inconsistencies makes it a website I would avoid.

    1. Steven

      Hello Conor,
      Sorry for the late reply. Your comment was marked as spam. Mysiliconelovedoll is a legitimate, TDF-approved sex doll store. You will get a high quality, authentic doll if you order from them. Good luck.

  36. David

    Hi. What do you think of They seem to be legit, but I am new and just wondering the authenticity of all this now since I didn’t know you could just copy other manufacturers dolls. Thanks

    1. Steven

      Hello David,

      I took a look at their site and they could be legit. Their website is well-designed and the prices seem right. There are just a few things I noticed that could be red flags (or they were just being lazy).

      1. The doll description does not mention the brand of the doll (Legit sites make it clear what brand you are ordering, such as WM Doll, JY Doll, etc.)
      2. The customization options are the same for every doll including dolls of different brands. For example, the skin tone options for every doll uses the same Piper Doll skin tone photos. Brands like WM Doll and other brands do not have the same skin tone options as Piper Doll. Maybe they were just lazy or it could be a red flag.
      3. Their descriptions about themselves is very exaggerated (constantly saying they are the #1 seller in the U.S. but that is probably just be a sales tactic)

      I didn’t spend too much time on their site but I think it can go either way. I would rather go with one of the sites I trust, but it’s up to you. Good luck.

  37. Mr.T

    thanks for the replies steven, one more question, what do you think of

    1. Steven

      Hello Mr.T,
      Personally, I would not trust fullbodylovedoll for a few reasons.
      1. They do not mention the doll brand name (For example, they have Piper Doll’s Akira doll on the front page, but no mention of the brand).
      2. Their product names and descriptions have poor grammar and English.
      3. They mention that they have a manufacturing factory but most of their photos are of other brand’s dolls, like Piper Doll, Doll-forever, and JY Doll. This makes me suspect that they are making imitation dolls. I would probably choose a more trustworthy site.
      Good luck.

  38. Nonnix

    Hi, and congratulations for the work you are doing. I recently bought from yourdoll, with a 163cm WM doll (the famous Jasmine …. which weighs a bang), arrived in about a month. It looks fantastic to me, as shown in the photo, very soft and I have not found any defect. I wanted to ask you, since you have read some conflicting opinions on this seller, if there is a way to verify the authenticity of the product. Or if you can tell me some detail to observe to understand if it is a replica or not. Thanks and congratulations again.

  39. John

    Dear Steven, thanks for the replies. JoyLoveDolls seem to be the only ones that have the “Full body heating” option? Any idea why why the verified vendors you mentioned above don’t have it?

    1. Steven

      Hello John,
      Sorry for the very late reply. Most vendors do not offer the “Body heating” option for two reasons:
      1. Most top brands do not have a heating option.
      2. Internal body heating is unsafe and not recommended with TPE material. TPE has a lower melting point than silicone so it can potentially melt, and also increases the chance of mold growth. I know WM Doll has a heating system but from what I have heard, it is terrible (takes forever to heat up, and does not heat up the entire doll, just certain areas). This is the main reason why most vendors do not offer the heating option. It exists but isn’t recommended for TPE dolls.

    1. Steven

      Hello John,
      JoyLoveDolls is not a legitimate website. They sell counterfeit dolls of top brands. Also the heating option is not recommended for TPE dolls. They never work correctly, heat up slow, and don’t heat up the entire body. I don’t recommend ordering from that website or choosing the heating option on any other website.

    1. Steven

      Hello John,

      I took a look at their site and they are very clearly selling cheap, imitation dolls. For example, they have many photos of WM Dolls but they list them under the brand SEXDO, which I assume is their imitation brand name. Their prices are far too low for a high quality sex doll. You will get a doll, but it won’t be a good one. I would not recommend purchasing from their website.

  40. Mr.T

    what do you think of do you think they are legit?

    1. Steven

      Hello Mr.T,
      I do not have any experience with I took a look at their site and they seem to carry a variety of doll brands, some of which are smaller and lesser-known Chinese brands such as “3x.” I assume the quality won’t be that good for the price. I do not know whether or not the WM Dolls or other name brand dolls they sell are legit or not. I noticed that their SY Doll section has many photos of dolls from other brands so they looks a bit shady to me. I would rather go with a trusted website but the decision is up to you.

  41. Bob

    Is a good site

    1. Steven

      Hello Bob,
      I have not heard of Tebux before. After a quick glance at their site, it seems that they mostly sell JY Dolls (I recognize the doll photos). However, they do not mention the brand name of their dolls. This is a common red flag when a store does not mention the brand name of the doll. It usually means they manufacture imitations of the doll. I also noticed that in their “About” section, they mention their factory location in China, with no indication of JY Doll, which all their photos are from. Therefore, I personally would not trust their site, but I have no experience with them.

  42. Jason

    Hi. I’ve been looking at the website. Are they an approved vendor, and does anybody have experience with them? Thank you.

    1. Steven

      Hi Jason. I never heard of Fairdolls before but based on their website, they seem like a legitimate seller. The pricing, photos, doll brands, and specifications look correct to me. If you want to be fully safe, you can try finding the same doll from one of the trusted websites, but from a quick glance, Fairdolls seems legitimate. However, I have not found any reviews about their website.

      1. Rex

        I ordered my first doll from and it should be arriving in the next couple of days.

        I can give you a review once I get it, go I could use some tips on what to look for in terms of quality.

        1. Steven

          Thank you for letting me know. I’m looking forward to your review! Their website does look very professional. May I know which doll you ordered? Most trustworthy sites will send you factory photos before they ship the doll. I can usually tell if a doll is legitimate from the factory photo so you can send me the factory photos if you want, and I can take a look.

  43. Andreas Monberg

    What are your thouths about Can they be trusted?
    They only sell silicone dolls. Most at 6.000$ Is that overpriced for silicone dolls?

    1. Steven

      Hello Andreas. RealDoll is a legitimate company. They are a premium silicone sex doll manufacturer and their price is high due to their fame and all their dolls are manufactured in the USA. Their quality is really top notch and they have very realistic looking dolls, but yes, they are expensive compared to other silicone doll brands.

  44. And I paid $2,149 for the sex doll with the customized options they had on there they look legit but I just need to make sure

    1. Steven

      Hello Raymond. is a TDF-approved vendor (meaning they have been vetted and approved by the Doll Forum), but they are probably one of the more sketchy TDF-approved vendors in my opinion. I heard mixed reviews about them, some people received authentic dolls and some supposedly received counterfeits. I personally would go with a different store due to mixed reviews about Yourdoll, but it is up to you. I never shopped from them so I don’t know for sure if they are legit or not.

    2. TM

      Raymond, any luck with

      They appeared vetted, so I went with them for a first-time doll. I’ll post what my experience ends up being. I didn’t know of their “sketchy” reputation before I ordered.

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